Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 442 – Ten Thousand Dragon Marks, Ruthless Crushing

Chapter 442 – Ten Thousand Dragon Marks, Ruthless Crushing

Chapter 442 – Ten Thousand Dragon Marks, Ruthless Crus.h.i.+ng

“Haha, you old fools, do you really think you can kill me? This is truly funny!”

Jiang Chen burst into laughter, then he raised his Heavenly Saint Sword and charged over once again. He noticed that after the Third Emperor took out the King Weapon, resulting in his combat strength doubling, the pressure he felt became even heavier. The Dragon Transformation skill started circulating twice as fast as before, and new Dragon Marks were forming faster as well. If the situation continued like this, it wouldn’t take long before he broke through to the Mid Combat Soul realm.


Paying no attention to the Third Emperor and other men’s shocked expressions, Jiang Chen simply swung his Heavenly Saint Sword toward them with tremendous force.

The Third Emperor knew that Jiang Chen was using them and the pressure they exerted on him to improve his cultivation. However, they were now in a situation similar to riding on a wild tiger’s back, and they couldn’t just get off the tiger’s back. There was no way they could stop this situation, and the only thing they could do was fight with all their effort. Shangguan Sheng and the other men were gritting their teeth in anger, but they had to continue supporting the Nine Stars Killing Formation, giving them no way to attack him unless Jiang Chen arrived in front of them, because then they would just channel their energy to the person whom Jiang Chen arrived in front of. If they chose to attack Jiang Chen now, it would only serve to disperse the energy channeled to the Nine Stars Killing Formation, and that result was no better than the Third Emperor just attacking alone.


The Golden Spear once again collided with the Heavenly Saint Sword in a most brutal manner, and Jiang Chen was once again knocked back by the enormous force. However, in the following moment, Jiang Chen simply charged right back toward the Third Emperor like a lunatic, causing everyone to gnash their teeth in anger. This situation made them feel both frustrated and gloomy, as they were obviously stronger than Jiang Chen, and they were able to inflict injuries on him every single time. However, this guy just couldn’t be killed. Not only that, he became even stronger each time. This truly p.i.s.sed them off.

“Third Emperor, what should we do now?”

Tiangang Yi couldn’t help but ask.

“We have no solution for now. However, I don’t believe I can’t kill this guy! Everyone, just work harder! I have the King Weapon in hand, and I want to see just how much blood this guy can lose!”

The Third Emperor said in a ferocious tone. Faced with the current situation, they had no other choice but to keep fighting with Jiang Chen. The situation was now clear to everyone; Jiang Chen was using the pressure from the Nine Stars Killing Formation to temper himself; stimulating his potential and improving his cultivation.

The Third Emperor and the others were in a situation akin to riding on a tiger’s back, and they were forced to help Jiang Chen on this. Aside from fighting, they had no other alternative. If they retracted the Nine Stars Killing Formation now, with Jiang Chen’s ability, none of them would be able to defend themselves from his attack. At that point of time, all of them would become akin to sheep waiting to be slaughtered by Jiang Chen. Even the Third Emperor who had the King Weapon wouldn’t be able to defend himself from Jiang Chen.

Therefore, they had no choice but to continue fighting. They could only hope that Jiang Chen would eventually collapse after being continuously injured by the King Weapon. Although they had no idea what the chances of that working was, they had no other solution for now.

Right now, all these mighty warriors, including the Third Emperor, felt extremely regretful. If they knew that Jiang Chen had become so frightening, they would have informed the Imperial Emperor, even if it meant losing face. That way, the Imperial Emperor could have come to deal with Jiang Chen personally, and with that, they wouldn’t be stuck in such a frustrating situation.

Jiang Chen was acting extremely haughty as he roared out in laughter. He knew that the Third Emperor and the others were feeling frustrated right now. However, it was too late. These guys were destined to help him greatly, and once he broke through to the Mid Combat Soul realm, all of these people were going to meet their end.

In the far distance, Daoist Black and Guo Shan were both startled by what they saw. The situation was truly bizarre. Initially, it was the Third Emperor who was laughing, and now, although the Third Emperor was still in an advantageous position, and Jiang Chen was still getting hit and injured, it was Jiang Chen who was now laughing, while the expressions of the Third Emperor and the others were twisted.

“What is going on?”

Daoist Black was shocked. As he stood far away from the battle, he didn’t know about Jiang Chen’s transformation.

“This is Jiang Chen’s approach; I told you there must have been a reason for him fighting like that. Look at that, the expressions of those people from the Martial Saint Dynasty has started changing.”

A smile appeared on Guo Shan’s face. He knew that Jiang Chen would never fight an uncertain battle, even if the opponent was the Martial Saint Dynasty.

Within the Nine Stars Killing Formation, Jiang Chen was getting crazier and crazier, while the expressions of the Third Emperor and the others were getting uglier and uglier. Jiang Chen’s ferociousness was terrifying to them. The more the Third Emperor fought, the more scared he became.

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. He was on the very brink of going berserk, and the Dragon Transformation skill’s circulation doubled once again. The number of Dragon Marks in his body were increasing like crazy. Nine thousand four hundred, nine thousand six hundred, nine thousand seven hundred, nine thousand nine hundred…


Jiang Chen raised his head and let out a thunderous roar toward the sky. It seemed like he had gone completely berserk. Countless golden beams shot out from his body, causing him to look like a bright sun as he dazzled with endless radiance.

The last strike! Jiang Chen leapt toward his enemy without any consideration for his own safety.

“Fight with all our strength!”

The Third Emperor gnashed his teeth. He was shocked to see Jiang Chen entering such a berserk state. The Nine Stars Killing Formation begun circulating like crazy, and no one dared show any neglect now. The faces of all the Combat Soul warriors were covered in sweat. Countless bright killing beams shot out from the golden spear. The Third Emperor prepared to unleas.h.i.+ng his strongest strike at the same time.


The Heavenly Saint Sword and the golden spear collided once again. The two combat weapons were equally matched, however, to no one’s surprise, Jiang Chen was knocked back once again. And this time, he even spat out three mouthfuls of blood. The injury he got this time was much worse than the injuries he received the previous times.

This situation caused the eyes of the Third Emperor and the others to light up, as if they had just seen a new hope.

On the other side, after suffering from this heavy blow, the Dragon Transformation’s circulation speed had reached a maximum. One hundred new Dragon Marks were instantly formed. Right now, the total number of Dragon Marks in Jiang Chen’s body had finally reached 10,000.


Energy burst out from Jiang Chen’s body like a tsunami toward the sky. At this moment, Jiang Chen’s aura was constantly surging like the violent waves of a raging storm, and he was constantly taking out large amounts of Earth Restoration Pills and throwing them into his own mouth, as if they were worth nothing.

The Third Emperor and the others were completely stunned. Jiang Chen had actually broken through to the Mid Combat Soul realm in front of them.

Jiang Chen’s bones started producing cracking sounds, and all the injuries he had suffered from the battle just now had fully recovered in this instant; no traces of any injuries left behind. Jiang Chen’s aura became like a huge pillar capable of supporting the heavens as it shot into the thick clouds above his head. Now, with the 10,000 Dragon Marks in his body, Jiang Chen had truly broken through to the Mid Combat Soul realm.

The only blemish in this otherwise perfect moment was that the Dragon Transformation skill still hadn’t completed its second transformation. However, Jiang Chen who had successfully broken through to the Mid Combat Soul realm could no longer feel any pressure from the Third Emperor. In his eyes, all these existences in front of him were too weak.

Right now, Jiang Chen was capable of fighting an ordinary Combat King warrior. This was how frightening the Dragon Transformation skill was.

In the far distance, Daoist Black and Guo Shan finally understood Jiang Chen’s motive. Sensing the powerful energy erupting from his body, these two men felt as if their nerves had gone numb.

“Heavens, is it possible for a Mid Combat Soul warrior to have such powerful energy? How can he be so strong?”

Daoist Black felt his lips and mouth dry up. However, he was extremely happy and excited to witness Jiang Chen’s powerful transformation.

“This is Jiang Chen; a peerless monster! It’s impossible to know just how much potential he has.”

Guo Shan said with a sigh. He recalled the moment when he first met with Jiang Chen, and he felt as if it was an entire generation ago. Who could have thought that an outer circle disciple of the Black Sect could obtain such a frightening cultivation base in such a short amount of time? And who could have expected that a not well known young man would bring a storm to the entire Eastern Continent?

“Not good!”

The Third Emperor had a bad feeling about this. Right at this moment, everyone’s expressions were extremely unsightly. Although Jiang Chen had yet to attack, the Nine Stars Killing Formation was already trembling just because of the energy unleashed from his body, as if it was going to collapse at any time.


A cold light flickered in Jiang Chen’s eyes. He snorted and unleashed the True Dragon Palm, grabbing toward the s.p.a.ce in front of him.


The Nine Stars Killing Formation instantly collapsed. The solid formation couldn’t even withstand a casual strike from Jiang Chen; he was too strong! They were simply not on the same level. Right now, Jiang Chen was like a real Combat King warrior.


Miserable screams echoed throughout the scene, especially from those three hundred men who had been channeling their energy into the formation. All of them were now coughing up blood. The backlash they received when the Nine Stars Killing Formation collapsed was too big; they were simply unable to withstand it.


Not only them; even the nine Late Combat Soul warriors were forced to cough up blood. Their bodies swayed as they looked at Jiang Chen in shock.

“Third Emperor, you’ve been attacking me for a very long period of time. It’s my turn now.”

Right after Jiang Chen finished speaking, he immediately made the True Dragon Palm fly toward the Third Emperor while making a grabbing gesture. The Third Emperor was terrified, and he quickly counterattacked with the golden spear. However, since he had been wounded by the backlash just now, he was no longer able to unleash his full power. That, as well as the fact that there was a huge gap between himself and Jiang Chen; he was no longer a match for Jiang Chen.

“King Weapon, give it to me now!”

Jiang Chen stretched his arm forward and forcefully seized the golden spear from the Third Emperor’s grasp.

“Return my combat weapon!”

The Third Emperor’s expression changed dramatically. This combat weapon was given to him by the Old Emperor, and he couldn’t afford to lose it.

“You are about to lose your life, and you still want your combat weapon?”

Without saying much more, Jiang Chen suddenly attacked with his palm, destroying one of the Third Emperor’s arms.

“Jiang Chen, don’t you dare to kill me! The Imperial Emperor will never forgive you!”

The Third Emperor shrieked.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep your head. It will be part of my gift to the Imperial Emperor.”

This nutrition-less threat from the Third Emperor was useless against Jiang Chen. He waved his hand again, this time crus.h.i.+ng the Third Emperor’s body into a blood mist, leaving behind a head whose face was covered with fear. Jiang Chen took the head and stored it in his storage ring.

“Run now!”

The Fourth Emperor cried out. It wasn’t until now that everyone woke up from their shock. Without hesitating, everyone just turned around and started fleeing. They were no longer able to fight this battle, and if they didn’t flee right now, the only thing awaiting them would be certain death. This Jiang Chen was fiercer than the fiercest demon; even the Third Emperor who had a King Weapon was killed by him. They were just mere ants in front of Jiang Chen.

Everyone were completely terrified by Jiang Chen’s frightening strength; all their courage was gone. Although they were all men who had gone through a lot, they had not once met such a ferocious man.