Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 441 – The Undefeatable Cockroach

Chapter 441 – The Undefeatable Cockroach

Chapter 441 – The Undefeatable c.o.c.kroach

Underneath the Nine Stars Killing Formation, Jiang Chen acted like an ancient barbarian beast who had gone on a rampage, constantly unleas.h.i.+ng attacks without any consideration for own safety. As a result, he was constantly coughing up blood after getting hit by the Third Emperor. It was a frightening scene, and Jiang Chen was obviously in a disadvantageous position. It even looked like his life was at risk. However, neither the Third Emperor nor any of the other men felt happy about this.

“d.a.m.n it, just what exactly is that guy made of?! Why can he still fight in such high spirits after getting hurt so much? He’s just like a c.o.c.kroach who can never be killed! Are we looking at a ghost?”

The Third Emperor was feeling gloomy. He had never seen someone fight this crazily before. Jiang Chen was fighting as if his life was worthless; as if he was actually a crazy person. Although the Third Emperor had the strength of someone half a step away from the Combat King realm, and Jiang Chen was no match for him; the more the Third Emperor fought, the more nerve-wracking this fight became for him. He was able to inflict injuries upon Jiang Chen every time they exchanged attacks, but he was unable to kill Jiang Chen.

As for Jiang Chen, he was currently in a very mystical smite. His body was extremely powerful as a result of cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, and after having his body further tempered by the Heavenly Tribulation, his body had been further tempered to an unimaginable level. Therefore, the injuries he had suffered were purely superficial.

Little to the Third Emperor’s knowledge, Jiang Chen was actually not fighting right now. He was using the pressure to squeeze out his potential; using it to stimulate the transformation of the Dragon Transformation skill.

Right at this moment, the Dragon Transformation skill was circulated at great speed. It was circulating as if it would never stop. Each time Jiang Chen unleashed an attack, new Dragon Marks would form in his body. In just a very short amount of time, he had had managed to form another 500 Dragon Marks in his body. These Dragon Marks were formed from stimulating his potential, and their quality was much greater than those formed from absorbing demon souls. Forming Dragon Marks with this kind of method, no matter how many Dragon Marks he formed, Jiang Chen’s foundation wouldn’t be affected at all.

After experiencing the first transformation of the Dragon Transformation skill, Jiang Chen had gained some precious experiences. He knew how frightening the Dragon Transformation was when it transformed, and it would bring him unimaginable benefits. Putting aside the fact that he might obtain some new innate true dragon skills, just the Dragon Marks he obtained were of incredibly good benefit to his cultivation.

This time, the Dragon Transformation skill was on the verge of transforming for the second time. Of course, Jiang Chen wouldn’t let go of such a rare opportunity. Since the Nine Stars Killing Formation was concentrating the combat strength of all these people into one person, giving him the strength of a half step Combat King warrior, Jiang Chen would definitely maximize his gains.

Little to the Third Emperor and the other men’s knowledge, not only were their attacks not injuring Jiang Chen, they were actually pus.h.i.+ng Jiang Chen to a higher level.

“Haha, give me more…!”

Jiang Chen was laughing out loudly as he attacked with all his ability. He even had the Firethorn Combat Armor covering his body, and both his hands covered with blood red dragon scales. After that, he simply unleashed the True Dragon Palm toward the Third Emperor. Although Jiang Chen wanted to use the pressure from this intense battle to stimulate the Dragon Transformation skill, he had to fight with all his strength as well. If not, he might suffer some severe injuries.

Furthermore, using his combat skills under such intense pressure was also a way to train himself.

“I refuse to believe I can’t kill you! Overturning Heaven Seal!”

The Third Emperor’s eyes had turned red. Jiang Chen’s stubbornness really frustrated him. He didn’t believe he couldn’t kill this guy. Without hesitating, he unleashed one of the Martial Saint Dynasty’s most frightening combat skills; the Overturning Heaven Seal. This skill was much stronger than the Heavenly Imperial Finger, and with the Third Emperor’s cultivation base, he was now able to unleash the Overturning Heaven Seal at its maximum strength.


The atmosphere was trembling as a gigantic golden seal appeared in the sky. The seal looked like a treasure mountain, and it surface was covered with mystical symbols. When it appeared, it immediately descended toward Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Palm.

The ground and the nearby mountains were all shaking. Although the Nine Stars Killing Formation was still standing solid, the mountain range underneath it had been shattered by the tremendous force. Numerous mountains had turned into dust, leaving behind countless huge craters on the ground, and smoke constantly rising from them.

Jiang Chen once again coughed out a mouthful of blood after being hit by the Overturning Heaven Seal. However, it didn’t change his expression, it only made him seem crazier.

“Haha… let’s keep fighting!”

Jiang Chen’s laughter appeared similar to the roaring thunder of the Ninth Heavens. His black hair was dancing in the wind, and fresh blood was flowing down from his lips. His eyes were glowing with scorching heat, and his hands were fully covered with dragon scales, and his nails had turned into extremely frightening razor sharp dragon claws. At this moment, Jiang Chen seemed like a lunatic, an unparalleled lunatic. All that was left in his eyes was fighting spirit, a fighting spirit that was constantly rising toward the heavens, turning into a steaming flame that drove him forward.


A dragon’s cry emerged from Jiang Chen’s mouth. Following the continuously transforming Dragon Transformation skill, as well as the constant increment of Dragon Marks in his body, Jiang Chen’s dragon cry had started resembling the genuine might of a dragon.

“That lunatic, how can he be so difficult to defeat?”

Shangguan Sheng’s expression turned extremely ugly as well.

“d.a.m.n it, how can he be so strong?! Is he still a human?!”

The Crown Prince was gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth in anger. Although his hatred of Jiang Chen was enough to reach the heavens, and he felt a strong desire to just devour Jiang Chen, he had to admit that when compared to Jiang Chen, there was a huge gap between them, even though the Crown Prince had claimed to be the number one genius of the Eastern Continent.

“We need to kill this guy as soon as possible! If not, there will be no end to trouble in the future!”

Tiangang Yi was shocked. An unparalleled lunatic like this, if he hadn’t witnessed it himself, he wouldn’t have believed it even if he was beaten to death.

“Kill him, we must kill him, we have to avenge my dad!”

Wu Cong stood behind the Third Emperor and was constantly supplying his Yuan energy into the Nine Stars Killing Formation, supporting the operation of the formation with all his effort. Jiang Chen indeed a frightening existence. In their eyes, he was no longer a human, but a peerless monster.


Jiang Chen continued unleas.h.i.+ng attacks. Every time he attacked, he would be knocked back by the Third Emperor’s powerful counterattack, and he would be injured each time and forced to cough out some blood. However, it was as if he would never run out of blood, as if his combat strength would stay at his peak for all eternity. His entire body shone with a scorching hot light, causing him to look like a blazing sun that would never dim.

Right now, Jiang Chen had a total of 9,000 Dragon Marks in his body, only 1,000 away from the 10,000 mark. Jiang Chen was getting closer and closer to the Mid Combat Soul realm with each minute pa.s.sing by.

Jiang Chen’s face was filled with excitement. Currently, he only wished that the Third Emperor would not stop attacking, and let the Nine Stars Killing Formation keep running like this. With that, he would have the possibility of breaking through to the Mid Combat Soul realm. No, not possibility, he would certainly break through to the middle stage.

“What is Jiang Chen trying to do? What’s the point of fighting like this?”

Daoist Black said, his heart in his throat. He had never seen anyone fight like this before, and he had no idea what Jiang Chen was thinking. However, every time Jiang Chen coughed up blood after getting hit by an attack, cold sweat would appear on Daoist Black.

“If my guess is correct, he’s using the pressure from his opponents to stimulate his own potential.”

Guo Shan squinted his eyes and threw out his guess.

Within the Nine Stars Killing Formation, a frown was visible on Shangguan Sheng’s face as he stared at Jiang Chen. Suddenly, his eyes lit up, and his expression changed dramatically, as if he had just discovered something.

“Third Emperor, this guy is using the pressure to stimulate his own potential! Don’t delay any longer, we have to use the King Weapon and kill him as quickly as possible! If not, the consequences wil bee unimaginable!”

Shangguan Sheng quickly said with a loud voice. His words caused everyone including the Third Emperor to cry out in shock.


The Third Emperor did not dare neglect this. He immediately took out his King Weapon. The golden spear immediately let out a loud cry, then it unleashed its frightening King Weapon aura, and started vibrating, producing a constant buzzing sound. The Third Emperor was a peak Combat Soul warrior, and although he didn’t understand the Dimensional Laws and couldn’t fully unleash the strength of this King Weapon, it was still able to double his combat strength.

The Third Emperor did initially not plan on using the King Weapon. In his mind, just the Nine Stars Killing Formation alone was more than enough to kill Jiang Chen. The situation now was just like he had expected; Jiang Chen was no match for him. However, after being told by Shangguan Sheng, he finally realized that he had nearly been fooled by Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, you should take pride in being able to die under this King Weapon! Come face your death!”

The Third Emperor pierced the golden spear through the air, causing the spear tip reached Jiang Chen in the blink of an eye. The frightening king’s pressure coming from this spear could easily send a chill down anyone’s spine. It had locked down on Jiang Chen, causing Jiang Chen to have no way of avoiding it.

With the help of the King Weapon, the Third Emperor’s combat strength had been doubled. If Jiang Chen didn’t have any other powerful abilities to defend himself with, and just kept fighting like he had before, he would certainly be killed by this powerful spear.


However, the Third Emperor’s plan was unfortunately destined to fail. He did have a King Weapon, but Jiang Chen had his own Natal Weapon. Although the Heavenly Saint Sword was still cla.s.sified as a Peak Superior Weapon, it was more than enough to compare with any King Weapon after three pieces had been merged together.

The Heavenly Saint Sword let out a sharp cry. The huge golden sword immediately danced in the sky like a dragon. The True Dragon Flame and Heavenly Thunder Flame had merged, and was fully covering the surface of the Heavenly Saint Sword. With incredible speed, Jiang Chen raised the Heavenly Saint Sword high up into the sky and struck the Third Emperor’s King Weapon.


Fiery sparks shot into all directions, instantly forming an ocean of flames. The energy ripples that were produced from the collision of the two mighty weapons even damaged the void, causing a black stream of air that also carried freezing aura to leak out.

Tap, tap, tap…

Because of this intense collision, Jiang Chen was once again knocked back a few dozen steps. However, the King Weapon hadn’t killed Jiang Chen, like they had expected.


The Third Emperor cried out in shock. He was staring at the sword in Jiang Chen’s hand as if he was looking at a ghost. Only now did he remember than back in the Black Sect, it was this sword Jiang Chen had used to break the Crown Prince’s golden halberd into two. The Crown Prince’s combat weapon was considered one of the best weapons amongst all Superior Weapons, but it was shattered by Jiang Chen’s sword in an instant. Could this sword also be a King Weapon?

This sword was clearly not a King Weapon. However, when it hit the King Weapon just now, Jiang Chen’s sword actually unleashed a strength that was no weaker than that of the Golden Spear.

“How can this be possible?”

Shangguan Sheng was dumbfounded by what happened. They all knew Jiang Chen had an extremely powerful sword, but they didn’t know it was such a frightening weapon. The situation had returned to how it was before combat weapons were drawn. The Third Emperor had a King Weapon, while Jiang Chen also had a combat weapon that was comparable to King Weapons. The gap that was supposed to appear had disappeared, and it seemed like killing Jiang Chen was going to be much more difficult now.