Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 428 – Fury of the King (Part 1)

Chapter 428 – Fury of the King (Part 1)

Chapter 428 – Fury of the King (Part 1)

The news spread with incredible speed, as if someone was purposely controlling it from the back. In just a single day, the news spread across the entire Eastern Continent. It had become a huge sensation that everyone were talking about. Jiang Chen had been enjoying a widespread reputation long before this, and with the latest incident, he had once again been put in the teeth of the storm.

Within the city closest to the Martial Palace, Yu Zihan and the other two were furious upon learning the latest development.

“Slaughtering my entire family and all my friends?! f.u.c.k! The Imperial Emperor is actually using such a ruthless tactic! My entire family has been imprisoned by them, I need to save them!”

Yu Zihan’s eyes had already turned red.

“My family is facing the same situation as yours! I wonder how they’re doing right now. A man must bear the consequences for his own actions, and as the ultimate ruler of this land, how could the Imperial Emperor involves our families in this matter?! This is ridiculous!”

Guan Yiyun clenched his fist so tightly that cracking sounds could be heard. He was greatly distressed upon learning these news, and couldn’t keep calm any longer.

“d.a.m.n it! Let’s go back and deal with them! If my family gets killed because of me, I won’t be able to rest in peace even after I die!”

Although Tian Yishan had previously always been calm, he had also become furious now. No one could remain calm when faced with this situation; knowing that their family had been imprisoned and about to be slaughtered. It was like a sharp blade constantly cutting their hearts.

“Senior disciple Tian, senior disciple Guan; let’s work together and save our families!”

Yu Zihan said.

“Alright. Even if it’s a dragon’s pond or a tiger’s cave; we’ll still face it! If anything bad happens to my father; I’ll never forgive myself!”

Guan Yiyun strengthened his spirit.

“d.a.m.n it! If they want my head; I only have one! If they want my life; I also only have one! Let’s fight them!”

Tian Yishan gnashed his teeth as he spoke. The trio made up their minds in just a short moment, and were about to head out to save their families back in the Qi Province. There were always times where people would make impulsive decisions in their lives. These three men had been completely consumed by their fury and impulsive minds, so it was really difficult for them to think logically. None of them knew exactly what the situation in the Qi Province was like right now, and with their cultivations, if they really went to the Qi Province to try and save their families; they were basically guaranteed to fail.

Right as the trio was about to leave, two figures suddenly entered their secret courtyard. These two men were none other than Wu Lang and Han Yan.

“Are you crazy?! You’re seeking death!”

Han Yan immediately scolded them. He had obviously heard their conversation just now.

“Senior disciple Han, my family is being imprisoned right now, do you think I can still sit here and do nothing?”

Yu Zihan asked.

“Do you guys even know what the current situation in the Qi Province is like? Do you know who imprisoned the Black Sect?”

Han Yan continued scolding them with a loud voice. He and Wu Lang were hiding in the Imperial Capital before this, and as a prince himself, Wu Lang still had some trustworthy subordinates in the Imperial Capital. Therefore, the news he received were much more accurate than those that were floating around on the outside.

“Guys, take it easy. It’s the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect who are controlling the Qi Province now. Both of them have combined forces to completely control the Black Sect and your families. According to the information I’ve received, the Imperial Emperor is furious this time, and he truly plans on killing all related friends and family. Therefore, there are at least two Late Combat Soul warriors at each location, and the one who controls the Qi Province is the Myriad Sword Sect Chief and Shangguan Clan Chief, Shangguan Sheng and Tiangang Yi. They’ve teamed up in attempt to lure Jiang Chen out to face them. I know how you guys are feeling right now, because I feel the same way. My dad is imprisoned in the Heavenly Jail, and I have no idea what his situation is like. This time, we need to be patient.”

Wu Lang said.

“Senior disciple Tian, senior disciple Guan, Zihan, this is clearly a trap set by the Martial Saint Dynasty. With our strength, if we face them, not only will we not be able to save our families, we will be caught by them as well.”

Han Yan said.

After hearing what the two men said, the trio finally calmed down from their impulsive states. Although they were still panicking, they knew that Han Yan and Wu Lang’s words were true. With their current cultivation, going to the Qi Province would be no different than throwing their lives away.

“Brother Yan, what should we do now? We can’t just keep hiding like this, right?”

Guan Yiyun asked. Since Jiang Chen wasn’t around, Han Yan had become their leader.

“Wait, we need to wait for Little Chen.”

Han Yan said in a serious manner.

“Han Yan is right. You guys should know this; when the Imperial Decree saying that our families and friends are to be slaughtered was pa.s.sed down, it means that all people a.s.sociated with us are to be killed with no survivors left behind. But now, they’ve only imprisoned them, and haven’t killed them. What does this tell us? It simply means that the Imperial Emperor is worried about Jiang Chen taking revenge in the future. The reason why they haven’t started killing them yet is because they want to lure Jiang Chen out and kill them all at once. Everyone has seen how frightening Jiang Chen is, including the Imperial Emperor himself. If the Imperial Emperor simply slaughtered his entire family and all his friends at once, he’s scared Jiang Chen might hide himself for a couple of years before showing, and when Jiang Chen shows up, the Martial Saint Dynasty will meet its biggest crisis yet. Therefore, they won’t slaughter his friends or the families of his friends before he shows up. Their main goal is to eliminate this huge potential future threat; they want to kill the abnormal genius.”

Wu Lang stopped for a moment before continuing, “Furthermore, with the current situation that we are facing now and with our strength, do we have any other options than to wait for Jiang Chen to return?”

“That’s right, they are afraid of elder brother Jiang’s revenge, that’s why they’ve just imprisoned our families and not killed them yet. If we strike now, we’ll fall right into their trap.”

Yu Zihan nodded his head. He had finally recovered from his impulsive state.

“Agreed! We were too impulsive just now.”

Tian Yishan nodded his head as well.

“But, our enemy this time is the Martial Saint Dynasty; they are simply too powerful. Junior disciple Jiang has created many miracles, and I just hope he can do it again. If not, I just can’t imagine what kind of consequences we’ll have to face. Too many people have been dragged into this matter.”

Guan Yiyun said. Right now, Jiang Chen was their only hope. No matter what, it was still better than having nothing to hope for. Furthermore, they had been following Jiang Chen for quite some time, and it seemed like underneath this heaven, there was nothing Jiang Chen couldn’t achieve. All those people who had chosen to become Jiang Chen’s enemies had all faced miserable endings.

“Of course, we can’t just sit here and do nothing; we need to proceed to the Qi Province now. At least, we can find out more about the current situation there. We need to be extra careful when we arrived in the Qi Province; we can’t let them find us.”

Han Yan suggested.

“Well, finding out about the current situation is better than doing nothing. How about this; you proceed to the Qi Province while I continue hiding in the Imperial Capital. If any more news appears, I’ll inform you at once.”

Wu Lang said.

“Alright. Brother Wu, we’ll see you later!”

Han Yan cupped his fist toward Wu Lang. After that, he brought the trio with him and started sneaking their way toward the Qi Province.

“I wonder what Little Yu and Big Yellow will do upon finding out about this.”

While rus.h.i.+ng toward the Qi Province, Yu Zihan said in a worried manner.

“I was thinking the same. I believe the Yan family has been imprisoned as well. I just hope Little Yu doesn’t do anything silly.”

Guan Yiyun said.

“Don’t worry. Little Yu is no longer the same Little Yu that we knew, she has learned to face any crisis with a calm mind. If my guess is correct, Little Yu and Big Yellow are on their way to Mount Origin right now, or they’re already there. She and Big Yellow both have strong cultivations, so they shouldn’t face any trouble.”

Han Yan said. As long as Yan Chenyu was with Big Yellow, nothing bad would happen to her.

“Sigh… I wonder when elder brother Jiang will return?”

Yu Zihan let out a long sigh.

“Hmph! The day Little Chen returns is the day doomsday arrives for those evil guys! They dare touch Little Chen’s family and friends; they’re simply just courting death!”

Han Yan coldly harrumphed. He knew Jiang Chen very well, and he knew that the Imperial Emperor had touched Jiang Chen reverse dragon scale. It was a terrible mistake that could never be forgiven, and with Jiang Chen’s approach, it wasn’t difficult to imagine what kind of consequences they would have to face.

One day later, Yan Chenyu and Big Yellow secretly arrived at Mount Origin without alerting anyone. Yan Chenyu’s face was covered with a somber expression. After learning that the Yan family and Jiang family had been imprisoned, she had barely been able to remain calm.

“No way, I have to save them! I can’t let anything bad happen to either Yan family or the Jiang family! The Yan family was dragged into this matter because of me; I have to save them no matter what, and I also have to protect the Jiang family! If anything bad happens to father-in-law, Chen Gege’s fury will definitely sweep across the entire Eastern Continent!”

Yan Chenyu was extremely agitated, as her own family’s life was at risk.

“After everything the Imperial Emperor has done, it doesn’t matter if anything bad happens to Jiang Chen’s father or not; his fury will rain down upon the entire Eastern Continent no matter what! Little Yu, I know you can’t wait to save them, and I know you have the Ice Demon King to help you. However, before we do anything, we should gather more information about our enemies! There are no one around here, so you just wait for me here while I go and gather some information about the Jiang family and Yan family. After that, we’ll continue our discussion.”

Big Yellow said.

“It’s better that way. But, Big Yellow, be careful!”

Yan Chenyu nodded her head. She knew that launching a reckless attack without knowing anything about their enemies would bring serious consequences. When she and Big Yellow heard the news, they immediately rushed over here and didn’t meet up with Wu Lang. That’s why they had no idea who the enemies here were.

Big Yellow was an amazing and unpredictable being. Yan Chenyu was confident in him spying on the enemy situation.

“Don’t worry! If this master dog wants to hide; even a Combat King warrior won’t be able to find me!”

Big Yellow wiggled his head with a confident expression. After that, he simply disappeared.

Yan Chenyu threw her glance into the sky, and with tears in her eyes, she murmured, “Chen Gege, when are you coming back?”

In a different location, Jiang Chen who had been rus.h.i.+ng continuously for seven days, as if he had just heard Yan Chenyu’s calling, his calm heart suddenly trembled.

“Something must have happened.”

Jiang Chen’s mind instantly became somber. During his journey during the past few days, he had felt an uneasy feeling in his mind. For the once greatest Saint underneath the heavens, it was rare to feel this way, and now it had just happened again, even stronger than the previous time. This all gave Jiang Chen a really bad feeling.

“I don’t care who you are! Those who dare hurt my friends and family; prepare yourselves for my fury!”

Two cold and bright beams shot out from Jiang Chen’s eyes. He took out the Heavenly Saint Sword and stood on top of it, once again giving him a huge boost in speed.