Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 427 – The Uproar

Chapter 427 – The Uproar

Chapter 427 – The Uproar

Fragrant Sky City, Jiang family!

Since the crisis with the Dimensional Creature, many cities in this region were still being rebuilt, including Fragrant Sky City. As the ultimate leaders of all the people in this region, the Jiang family had contributed a lot. During this period of time, the Jiang family had brought people out from aftershock. Many cities were nearly fully rebuilt, and the Fragrant Sky City was that one that took the least amount of time to recover. Most of their buildings had been repaired or rebuilt, causing it to look much more luxurious than before.

As inhabitants of the Fragrant Sky City, everyone was grateful toward the Jiang family. All of these people felt thankful toward the Jiang family’s young master who was capable of achieving anything. For these people, the Jiang family had given them a new life; their lives had been saved by them. All these people represented the prosperity of the Jiang family, at least in this region. Jiang Chen had a great reputation, and the Jiang family chief, Jiang Zhenhai, he had become like a local emperor to these people.

Everything in the Jiang family was as usual. Jiang Zhenhai was cultivation the Profound Origin skill, as noon was the perfect time to cultivate this skill. He was now sitting quietly in his courtyard, circulating the Profound Origin skill and absorbing pure Yang energy from the sky.


Suddenly, a strong wind appeared, and powerful energies swept across the quiet sky. Numerous golden beams appeared in the sky, and soon, a few dozen formidable figures were revealed in the sky above the Jiang family.

Jiang Zhenhai immediately woke up from his cultivation upon sensing the tremendous pressure coming from the sky. The pressure was so powerful that he was forced to pant heavily. He opened his eyes and threw his glance over to those uninvited guests in the sky.

“What powerful auras!”

Jiang Zhenhai’s expression changed dramatically. Although he was a mighty Divine Core warrior, but when he sensed the auras of these people, he felt that even if he fought them with all his strength, he would still get crushed by them as if he was a tiny ant. He just didn’t have any ability to defend himself from them.

These mighty warriors were considered rare existences even in the eyes of some of the strongest provinces in the Eastern Continent, let alone this Red City region. Because of Mount Origin, this region was like an isolated land. Those clans and sects on the other side of Mount Origin would never put their hands on this place. So, why did so many mighty warriors come to the Jiang family today?

But Jiang Zhenhai was no idiot. He knew that with his ability, there was absolutely no way for him to attract so many mighty warriors to the Jiang family. Only his son, Jiang Chen had this ability.

Faced with this situation, Jiang Zhenhai showed no signs of panicking. Regardless of what the intentions of these people were, as long as it was related to his son, he wouldn’t show any fear.

“Listen up, people of the Jiang family! Jiang Chen has offended the Martial Saint Dynasty and committed a capital offense! The Imperial Emperor has given an Imperial Decree to kill all members of the Jiang family because of this! Therefore, every single member of the Jiang family will be imprisoned at once! If any one of you dares fight back, you’ll be killed on the spot!”

The Seventh Emperor’s words were like a clap of thunder that kept rocking in the sky. As the people here were relatively weaker than those in the Black Sect, none of them had ever seen a Combat Soul warrior before, let alone a Late Combat Soul warrior like the Seventh Emperor. Some of the weaker people nearly fainted upon hearing the voice.

The Jiang family was instantly struck with panic. This group of unexpected enemies and news had caught them off guard. The Martial Saint Dynasty, what kind of powerful existence was that? They had never even heard of it before. However, they did learn one thing from the Seventh Emperor’s words; their mischievous young master had offended the Martial Saint Dynasty, a very formidable enemy, bringing a huge crisis to the Jiang family. All of them were going to die because of that.

“We’re finished! A huge disaster has struck the once prosperous Jiang family! These guys are too strong; I can feel that with a glance from that guy, I’ll die immediately! We’re all going to die!”

“Don’t be afraid. Our lives were saved by young master Jiang Chen, and if we have to face death because of young master… well, just consider it us paying our lives back to him.”

“That’s right. Without young master, all of us would have been killed by those foul monsters! If we calculate like this, we’ve earned a few more days to live because of him; worth it!”


The people of the Jiang family had the most united spirits. Even when faced with this terrible crisis, it only brought a short moment of restlessness upon them. Once they learned it was because of Jiang Chen, they all accepted their fates with heroic and helpless expressions on their faces. None of them were crying or yelling because of this disaster.

Witnessing the calm att.i.tudes of those from the Jiang family, even the Seventh Emperor, Tenth Emperor, and all those Golden Guards were surprised. In their minds, these people in front of them were the lowest ranked civilians; the true mortals. They should be crying their lungs out after finding out that they would be killed because of what Jiang Chen did; be immersed in despair and even kneel down to beg for forgiveness. Instead, they kept their peaceful manner. This odd situation caused their sense of accomplishment to instantly disappear.

These people didn’t know Jiang Chen’s status and reputation in the Jiang family, or even in the entire Fragrant Sky City. All people here had been on the brink of death, and they were only still alive because of Jiang Chen. Some of them had even lost family members during the crisis. Because of that, these survivors had a calm att.i.tude toward death, and since this crisis was because of Jiang Chen, they had nothing to complain about.

“Who is Jiang Zhenhai?”

The Seventh Emperor shouted.

Jiang Zhenhai calmly walked out from his courtyard and came to an empty field. With both hands placed behind his back, he raised his head to look at those mighty warriors. Without any signs of being afraid on his face, he said, “I am.”

“Hmph! Jiang Zhenhai, why are you not kneeling down after seeing us Lord Emperors?”

The Seventh Emperor coldly harrumphed. In his mind, Jiang Zhenhai was just a small-fry, a tiny ant. However, this tiny ant had actually refused to kneel down before him; this was something he couldn’t accept.

“Kneel down? Even if I agreed, my son wouldn’t allow me to do it! You guys can’t defeat my son, so you actually use such a despicable method to attack his family instead! As mighty warriors of this generation; do you feel no shame?”

Jiang Zhenhai said with a sneer on his face. He was a wise man, and from what the Seventh Emperor had said, he knew they were here to imprison the Jiang family because they couldn’t find Jiang Chen. If they really wanted to slaughter all his family, they would have started slaughtering them after arriving, without talking so much trash. Furthermore, if they really wanted to annihilate a small family like the Jiang family, why would they send so many strong warriors here? The reason they didn’t kill anyone just now and wanted to imprison them instead was clearly because they wanted to lure Jiang Chen out.


The Tenth Emperor became extremely angry and prepared to attack Jiang Zhenhai, but the Seventh Emperor immediately stopped him. Jiang Zhenhai was their most important hostage, and if they accidentally killed him, they would have lost one of their biggest bargaining chips.

After hearing what Jiang Zhenhai said, the Seventh Emperor and Tenth Emperor’s faces became pale. His words were correct; using Jiang Chen’s family to threaten him when they couldn’t find him was extremely shameful. However, since Jiang Chen was a man with huge potential, and he was nowhere to be found, they had no choice but to use this shameful method.

“Kill me now if you dare! I’m sure my son will avenge me!”

Jiang Zhenhai said in an imposing manner, portraying the att.i.tude of a true man. As a father, no matter how big of a hole Jiang Chen poked in the sky; he would try his best to patch it up for him. Even if he was unable to do so, he would not make his son feel ashamed of him. He could withstand any consequences that were related to Jiang Chen, even at the cost of his own life.

“I never expected you to be such a tough man! Don’t worry, Jiang Chen will definitely show himself! At that point of time, I’ll let you both regroup and enter h.e.l.l together! Golden Guards, imprison them all at once!”

The Seventh Emperor ordered.

For these formidable Golden Guards, a small clan like the Jiang family were unable to withstand even a single blow from them. In just a couple of minutes, they imprisoned every single one of them.

“What are you looking at?! Are you seeking death?!”

A Golden Guard noticed a servant of the Jiang family was looking at him, so he simply slapped that servant’s face.


When the slap landed on the servant’s face, the head instantly exploded.

“d.a.m.n it, so weak.”

The Golden Guard cursed in a bored manner.

“Looks like I can’t beat these people as I wish. Any casual blow from me will instantly kill them.”

Another Golden Guard murmured. What happened caused the faces of all servants to turn pale. These enemies were too strong; any one of them could easily kill them all, and there was no way they could defend themselves.

Not long after the Jiang family was imprisoned, Deputy Commander Yuan Long came to the Fragrant Sky City with all the members of the Yan family and put both families together. The people of the Yan family clearly knew the root of this crisis, and since it was because of Yan Chenyu, there was nothing they could complain about. Yan Chenyu was their Yan family’s precious daughter. Therefore, they were willing to accept any punishment because of what she had done.

Within the Jiang family’s main hall, Jiang Zhenhai met with Yan Zhanyun. These two most important people were kept in captivity together. They exchanged glances and smiled at the same time.

“Brother Yan, do you have any regrets?”

Jiang Zhenhai asked.

“Why would I? Having a daughter and son-in-law like those are my greatest pride! Even if I were to die now, I would still be smiling in the underworld!”

Yan Zhanyun faced the situation with no fear at all.

“Seventh brother, these two men are the most important persons. In my opinion, we should ask Yuan Long to bring them to the Martial Saint Dynasty.”

The Tenth Emperor said.

“Alright. Yuan Long, you’ll bring these two men to the Martial Saint Dynasty and imprison them there.”

The Seventh Emperor told Yuan Long.


Yuan Long cupped his fist toward both emperors, then he waved his sleeve and disappeared from the scene together with Jiang Zhenhai and Yan Zhanyun.

Three days later, the Martial Saint Dynasty suddenly announced some news. The Imperial Emperor had personally ordered that all people a.s.sociated with Jiang Chen, Yan Chenyu, and their friends would face a death sentence. Everyone in the Black Sect had been imprisoned, as well as the families of all the others. There was another piece of special news as well; Jiang Chen’s hometown on the other side of the Mount Origin had been imprisoned as well.

These news instantly brought a huge storm to the entire Eastern Continent.

“Oh heavens, all their family members and friends are to be slaughtered to punish them?! What did Jiang Chen do this time? Why is the Imperial Emperor so angry?”

“So cruel! This is the first time the Martial Saint Dynasty has given an Imperial Decree to slaughter all the family members and friends of someone!”

“They say slaughter, but they just imprisoned all of them without killing them. It looks like they don’t know where Jiang Chen is; I think their motive is to lure Jiang Chen out.”