Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 397 – Killing the Hawk King

Chapter 397 – Killing the Hawk King

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Chapter 397 – (t.i.tle at the bottom of chapter)

After listening to Lian Haolong’s explanation, Jiang Chen finally had some understanding of the Demon Palace; it wasn’t just some weak demon power. There were three masters; the Lion King, the Wolf King, and the Hawk King.

The Demon Palace’s existence allowed Jiang Chen to understand more about how wild the demon beasts in the Southern Continent were. Back in the Eastern Continent, although demon beasts could be found everywhere as well, it was rare to see a mature power established by them. In other words, the entire Eastern Continent was ruled by humans.

But in the Southern Continent, the demon beasts had a quite mature colony, and they were much more terrifying. The battle between humans and demon beasts had reached a stage where they were like fire and water. There must also be more than one demon power like the Demon Palace in the Southern Continent.

“Do you know where this Demon Palace is located?”

Jiang Chen turned to Lian Haolong and asked.

Jiang Chen’s question surprised many of the people from Lianyun Castle. It looked like this young man was really going to destroy the Demon Palace, striking them all with both worry and joy. If Jiang Chen actually could eliminate the Demon Palace for them, that would be great news for all the human tribes in this mountain range.

Initially, the people from Lianyun Castle thought Jiang Chen was just making conversation with them, but judging from how he behaved now, it seemed like he was serious when he said he would destroy them, because after hearing about the strength of the Demon Palace’s three masters, no signs of nervousness could be seen on his face, he still maintained the same calm expression, and they could tell he wasn’t faking it. With that, they knew this young man had the ability to deal with the Demon Palace. Killing those men in black just now also helped them come to this conclusion.

Although the people from Lianyun Castle lived in a remote mountain range, they weren’t concealed from the outside events; they still knew what was going on outside. The Southern Continent was a vast land that produced many geniuses. For example, the Nangong family or Profound River Palace, many geniuses came from these superpowers and who had extraordinary abilities. Although the Demon Palace was a strong power as well, these geniuses wouldn’t take them seriously at all.

In the minds of these people, perhaps this young man whose origins were unknown was an incredible genius from one of those superpowers, and if this genius wanted to destroy the Demon Palace, it was highly possible that all those demon beasts in the Demon Palace would soon face their deaths.

“Young master Jiang, we don’t know where exactly the Demon Palace is located. All this time, they’ve just come here to bully us.”

Tribe Chief Lian Haolong shook his head and said. Poor things, they had been bullied by the Demon Palace for two years, but they still didn’t know where they came from. This was such a sad fact.

“Never mind. Lian Ming, throw these dead bodies away, throw them to a distinct location where their friends can find them. I believe it won’t be long before the Demon Palace comes here in a rage, so I’ll just wait for them here.”

Jiang Chen told Lian Ming.


Lian Ming replied. After witnessing Jiang Chen’s strength and his sister being saved, Jiang Chen had become a mighty existence in his mind. He could only look up to Jiang Chen, and obey his orders sincerely.

Without hesitating, Lian Ming called for help from a few other people from Lianyun Castle, then carried all dead bodies out of the tribe.

Within Lianyun Castle, with great hospitality from Lian Haolong, Jiang Chen was given a quiet place to rest. Within the courtyard, Jiang Chen simply pulled over a chair and sat down with his legs crossed, his appearance very relaxed.

Compared to Jiang Chen’s calm and relaxed appearance, no one from Lianyun Castle was able to remain calm, including their Tribe Chief, Lian Haolong. All of them were restless and uneasy, their minds troubled with all kinds of thoughts.

They knew what would come next for Lianyun Castle. They had become enemies of the Demon Palace, something that they never thought would happen even in their wildest dreams. For them, this was just insane.

Although they knew there was an incredible genius residing in their tribe right now, that wasn’t enough to calm their minds, because the Demon Palace had cast a powerful shadow in their hearts during the past two years. It was impossible for them to get rid of that dark shadow in such a short amount of time.

An hour later.

In the distant horizon, a thick black smoke suddenly appeared. It was moving quickly, and it was getting closer and closer to Lianyun Castle with each pa.s.sing second. While flying toward its destination, it unleashed explosive sounds.

“They’re fast.”

Jiang Chen casually threw his glance over to the black smoke. He could sense a powerful demonic aura hidden within. With that, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but sneer. It only took the Demon Palace an hour to react, much faster than Jiang Chen had expected.

“Look! Demon Palace is here!”

“Oh heavens, what a powerful energy! Is that pressure coming from a Combat Soul existence? Don’t tell me the master of the Demon Palace came here personally?”

“Where is that genius, Jiang Chen? Only he can defend us from the Demon Palace!”


Lianyun Castle was quickly struck with panic. Everyone watched the approaching black smoke, their breaths becoming increasingly heavier. The gap between their strength was too huge, and not only that, all demon beasts were cruel and brutal. The people of Lianyun Castle who had been bullied by them for two years just didn’t have any way to fight them; they hadn’t even thought about fighting back.


Finally, following an ear-splitting explosive sound, the black smoke had finally arrived above Lianyun Castle. After that, it exploded, revealing several hundred men dressed in black. All these men were in human form, meaning that the weakest among them were at least at the Heavenly Core realm.

Hundreds of demon beasts who could transform into human form and the weakest were at least in the Heavenly Core realm. There were many Divine Core demon beasts as well. The leading man was a thin man with an aquiline nose, and he had a pair of sharp eyes, making him seem very ruthless.

Just by standing there, he caused the people from Lianyun Castle to breath heavily. The beastly energy overflowing from his body was incredibly terrifying. This man with an aquiline nose looked like a thirty-year-old man, and he was none other than the Demon Palace’s third master, the Hawk King!

The Hawk King looked over at the people of Lianyun Castle with a cold gaze, then with a fierce voice, he said, “People of Lianyun Castle, you’re a bunch of daring b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! How dare you kill men from the Demon Palace?! It looks like you’re all tired of living in this world! Since that is the case, I will grant your wish today; I will personally kill every single man and woman here; I will leave no human alive!”

“Haha, kill all these men, but don’t kill the women! They can still be treats for third master’s birthday celebration tomorrow!”

A man standing next to the Hawk King burst into laughter. He felt no shame in flattering the Hawk King.

“You savage beasts, who gave you the audacity to attack the home of humans?! You all deserve to die miserable deaths!”

Right at this moment, a mysterious voice sounded out from Lianyun Castle. After that, a handsome young man appeared in the middle of the sky and stood opposite of the Hawk King.

“Who are you? Are you the one who killed our men?”

The Hawk King was startled for a moment upon seeing Jiang Chen. With his senses, he quickly found out that this young man in front of him was no ordinary man. Furthermore, he knew very much about Lianyun Castle. Based on the way Lianyun Castle handled matters in the past, they just didn’t have the courage to kill the Demon Palace’s men. So, this young man in white was obviously the one who killed his people.

“Who I am is not what is important. The important thing is that I killed those demon beasts, and since you are here, I will kill you as well, just like how I killed them.”

Jiang Chen said in a most casual manner.

Such boastful words immediately startled the ones from the Demon Palace, but they quickly recovered and burst into laughter.

“Haha, this is hysterical, where did this stupid guy come from? I wonder if his hair has fully grown down there! He truly said he is going to kill all of us?! He just doesn’t know what death is!”

“Brat, I’m sure there’s something wrong with your brain. I can see you have amazing talent, but don’t think you can look down on everything because of that! Our third master is a mighty warrior at the Early Combat Soul realm; he can easily kill with just a single hand!”

“Third master, let’s not waste our breath on him. This guy has killed our men, that’s a crime that can only be paid for with his death! Let’s kill him before slaughtering the Lianyun Tribe; then we’ll bring all the women back!”


All demon beasts from the Demon Palace were howling. No one took Jiang Chen seriously.

“Brat, if you kneel down before me and kowtow, then crawl underneath my legs, I might consider giving you a quick death.”

The Hawk King pointed at Jiang Chen and spoke with a prideful expression.

“Is that so? Let me see if your crotch is tough enough.”

Jiang Chen said with a sneer. Without seemingly moving, Jiang Chen disappeared from where he stood, and when he reappeared, he was standing right in front of the Hawk King.

“Not good!”

The Hawk King’s expression immediately changed, but it was too late. All he could feel was a strong breeze sweeping toward his crotch.


Jiang Chen had sent out a powerful kick right after reappearing. The kick was surrounded by waves of golden energy, and it struck the center of the Hawk King’s crotch. It was a kick containing almost all of Jiang Chen’s strength, and it could easily shatter a mountain peak.

Because of that, the Hawk King was like a kite with no string in the middle of a powerful storm. He was sent thousands of meters flying from this kick. He bent his body and held onto his crotch with both hands while letting out a miserable shriek.


Every single person who saw this scene couldn’t help but gasp. Many men felt a tight sensation in their crotch. A chill struck their bodies.

“He’s done for.”

Lian Cong shook his head. It looked like the s.e.x maniac would have no more opportunities to release his l.u.s.t.

“f.u.c.k, that kick was truly fierce!”

Many people felt pain for the Hawk King. Regardless of human or demon beast, that body part was the most vulnerable, and having it suffer from such a severe blow; even the formidable Hawk King would be unable to take it.


The Hawk King let out a miserable shriek from the top of his lungs, then his body swayed, and he transformed into his original form, a huge Black Hawk over 30 meters tall. He flapped his wings and pounced toward Jiang Chen with tremendous power.


Jiang Chen simply remained standing where he had always stood. Right as the Hawk King was about to hit him, he forcefully unleashed the True Dragon Palm.


The Hawk King was only at the Early Combat Soul realm, so he was no match for Jiang Chen, let alone Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Palm. Under this attack, the Hawk King’s enormous body exploded into an enormous b.l.o.o.d.y mist, and he died miserably with the chance to cry out.


Chapter 397 – Killing the Hawk King