Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 396 – Demon Palace

Chapter 396 – Demon Palace

Chapter 396 – Demon Palace

“Lian Ming, come back!”

Seeing this, Tribe Chief Lian Haolong immediately shouted out loudly. Although Lian Ming was a Late Heavenly Core warrior, there were a few Divine Core warriors among their opponents. Jumping into the enemy group with intentions to attack them was not any different from courting death.

But too bad, Lian Ming had gone mad, so he didn’t hear his Tribe Chief’s words. Since his sister had been captured by them, he had completely lost his mind. The Demon Palace’s third Palace Master was an infamous s.e.x maniac, and if these three young girls were sent to him, their lives would end for sure, as this third master would definitely torture them, eventually killing them.

“What a reckless guy!”

The leader of the men in black waved his hand, unleas.h.i.+ng an invisible force which crushed onto Lian Ming’s body like a powerful hammer.



Lian Ming who was das.h.i.+ng forward was instantly knocked back by the force, and was forced to cough out a huge amount of blood on his way back. Luckily, he was stopped by the Tribe Chief.

“Chief, I beg you, please save my sister!”

Lian Ming didn’t pay any attention to his own injuries, he simply grabbed the Tribe Chief’s arm tightly and begged him for help. He knew the strongest opponent here was only a Mid Divine Core warrior, whereas his Tribe Chief was a Late Divine Core warrior. His sister would be saved if his Tribe Chief could stand out and help.

“Lian Ming, I wish I could.”

Lian Haolong’s body was trembling violently. His desire to kill these d.a.m.n demon beasts was much stronger than that of anybody else, but he just couldn’t do it. As the Tribe Chief, he had to consider all the people in Lianyun Castle, and if he killed these demon beasts, it wouldn’t take long before the entire tribe was slaughtered by the Demon Palace.

“Old man, watch your own people! I was showing mercy by not killing him just now, but if Lianyun Castle continues disobeying the will of the Demon Palace, we will clean up your entire tribe, killing every single living being without any mercy!”

The leader of the men in black said in a vicious manner. In his eyes, he didn’t need to take these humans in front of him seriously. For them, humans were just their prey, and these girls were the toys that they could use to release their l.u.s.t. If they really wanted to do it, they could easily slaughter every single living human in this mountain range.

“Let’s go.”

The leader waved his hand and prepared to leave. The three girls were still screaming and crying, and their faces were still filled with despair. On the other side, the people from Lianyun Castle couldn’t help but tremble. The feeling they got when witnessing their own people being taken away by these foul monsters was really ugly. After the Demon Palace took control of this mountain range, they were forced to become tame sheep just waiting to be slaughtered. There was no way they could resist this ill fate.

“Leave those three girls behind.”

A ghostly voice could suddenly be heard from the scene behind them. After that, a young man in white appeared and blocked those men in black.

The sudden appearance of the young man startled everyone for a moment, as he had appeared in an empty place. There was nothing there, and that meant that this young man had appeared out of nowhere. No one had seen how he did so.

“Young man, who are you?!”

The leader of the men in black shouted.

“Let me repeat myself, leave those three girls behind.”

The young man in white threw his gaze onto the ground and spoke with an indifferent voice. He didn’t raise his head to look at those demon beasts who had transformed into human shapes, as if they weren’t worth his glance at all.

“Where did this ignorant kid come from? You’re courting death!”

A Heavenly Core demon unleashed his energy, then he stretched out his black claw and grabbed toward Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed. In an instant, the man in black who tried to attack Jiang Chen let out a miserable shriek and kneeled down onto the ground. After that, he was crushed into a pile of blood and flesh.


This sudden change truly frightened everyone, including those from Lianyun Castle. Everyone cried out in shock, and the way they looked at this young man in white had changed tremendously.

No one saw how this young man struck. With just a ‘humph’, he had killed a Heavenly Core demon. This was terrifying, if they hadn’t seen it themselves, none of them would ever believe it.

“Who the h.e.l.l are you?”

The leader of the men in black continued, “How dare you kill someone from the Demon Palace?! What a daring b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

“Looks like you don’t understand what I said.”

Jiang Chen suddenly raised his head, causing two bright beams to shoot out from his eyes. These beams were so sharp that those men in black turned pale from fright.


The young man in white who was in front of them had suddenly disappeared.

A split second later, the young man reappeared where he originally stood, as if he had never moved, as if he disappearing just now was just a mere illusion. However, what happened next truly shocked every single person from Lianyun Castle.

Plop… plop…

All the men in black fell onto the ground, blood pouring out from their bodies. In fact, they were all dead now, including those few Divine Core demons. None of them were able to escape this.


Witnessing this, the people from Lianyun Castle all gasped at the same time. No one knew where this young man in white came from, it was as if they were looking at a ghost.

Heavens! Just how strong was this young man? How did he do that? Why could none of them see what he did, even though they were standing so close to him?

Even more frightening was the fact that those men in black didn’t even let out a single cry before this young man killed them, let alone fighting back. In just a split second, they had all died. This didn’t mean that those cruel demon beasts were too weak, it simply meant that this young man was too strong.

The mouths of these three young girls were wide open, they were completely stunned. They had lost all hope just now and were getting ready to face death, but they had never thought that a handsome young man would suddenly come by and kill all the demon beasts, saving them from the ugly fate.

“Young master, thank you for saving our lives!”

A young girl finally responded. She quickly kneeled down before Jiang Chen and said.

“Young master, thank you for saving our lives!”

The other two young girls quickly kneeled down as well, and started kowtowing at Jiang Chen. In just short amount of time, this young man whose name and origins was still unknown had left a deep everlasting impression in their hearts.

“Stand up.”

Jiang Chen casually said. Then, he unleashed a gentle force from his body and lifted all three girls up. Since he happened to pa.s.s by this area and saw demon beasts bullying humans, he had to give them a helping hand.

“Little sister!”


The people of Lianyun Castle stormed up and surrounded all three girls.

“Thank you for saving my little sister, young master! Please accept my grat.i.tude.”

The severely injured Lian Ming immediately kneeled down before Jiang Chen.

“Stand up. You’re a man with courage, take this pill and heal yourself.”

Jiang Chen simply threw a healing pill to Lian Ming. Lian Ming’s knowledge was quite vast, so just by looking at the color of the pill, he immediately knew it was a priceless pill.

“Young master, this pill is too expensive, I can’t take it!”

Lian Ming couldn’t stay calm anymore.

“Just keep it.”

Jiang Chen gazed at Lian Ming and said. This young man was willing to sacrifice his own life to save his sister, Jiang Chen really liked people like this.

After that, Jiang Chen turned to Lian Haolong and asked, “You’re the Tribe Chief?”

“Yes, I’m Lian Haolong! Greetings, young master!”

Lian Haolong bowed deeply toward Jiang Chen. The formidable strength Jiang Chen portrayed just now caused him to not dare show any impoliteness. Furthermore, a man who could easily give out such a priceless pill must be someone extraordinary. At least, Lianyun Castle couldn’t afford to offend someone like this.

“You must be really worried now, because since I’ve killed those demon beasts, the Demon Palace will most likely come back for revenge.”

Jiang Chen could easily tell what Lian Haolong was thinking about. Of course, it was perfectly normal. As the Tribe Chief, this man had to constantly think about what was best for his tribe.

“Young master has killed men from the Demon Palace, they will net let this matter off easily. However, this matter was actually caused by Lianyun Castle. We’re really grateful for young master’s help, but this Demon Palace is really powerful, so I think young master should leave quickly.”

Lian Haolong let out a long sigh before he spoke. He knew that Lianyun Castle’s doomsday had finally come.

“I, Jiang Chen killed them to save people’s lives, not to harm you. Don’t worry, since I’ve involved myself in this, I’ll solve this problem once and for all. Tell me about the Demon Palace, I will help you eliminate them.”

Jiang Chen said. Jiang Chen’s purpose for coming out was to practice, and his target was to fight powerful demon beasts. Now, this Demon Palace that is bullying his fellow humans had become his target.


Many people cried out in shock. Eliminating the Demon Palace? Just hearing this made them all terrified.

“Young master Jiang, this Demon Palace is really powerful; you can’t afford to offend them!”

Lian Haolong said with a frown on his face.

“Looks like you guys don’t need my help. Alright, I’ll leave now then. Lianyun Castle can just face this alone.”

Jiang Chen glared at Lian Haolong and said. After that, he just turned around and prepared to leave.

“Young master, don’t go!”

All the people from Lianyun Castle immediately shouted, stopping Jiang Chen from leaving. If this young man really left, Lianyun Castle would certainly perish, and since this young man’s cultivation was so frightening, he might really be able to eliminate the Demon Palace. At least, he was much stronger than anyone from Lianyun Castle. This young man was also their only hope.

“Young master Jiang, this Demon Palace is a power established by demon beasts, and it’s really powerful! They have three masters, and all of them are Combat Soul demon beasts. The Lion King, the Wolf King, and the Hawk King. The Lion King is a Mid Combat Soul demon, a really terrifying being. The Demon Palace has been running wild in this mountain range, and all humans here has been badly bullied by them, and we’ve been unable to do anything to stop them. Tomorrow is the third master, the Hawk King’s birthday. The Hawk King is a s.e.x maniac, and we never thought he would actually send his men here to capture our girls. Luckily, young master saved them from this miserable fate!”

Lian Ming explained to Jiang Chen. When he mentioned the Demon Palace, fear and hatred could both be heard in his voice.

“Three Combat Soul demon beasts?”

Hearing that there were three Combat Soul demon beasts in charge of the Demon Palace, Jiang Chen’s eyes were immediately filled with excitement. He now only needed another 400 Dragon Marks to break through to the Combat Soul realm, and these three Combat Soul demon beasts were his key to the Combat Soul realm.