Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 394 – Guidance

Chapter 394 – Guidance

Chapter 394 - Guidance

Nangong Yunfan’s att.i.tude toward Jiang Chen had changed, and he even gave Jiang Chen treatment reserved only for special guests. However, no one felt strange about this, because they had no doubts about Nangong Wentian and Nangong Wenyang’s words. This man was a genius who had killed two Combat Soul warriors with just a Divine Core cultivation. Just this amazing talent alone made it worth it for the Nangong family to try and rope him in.

More importantly, for Nangong Yunfan, Jiang Chen had saved his son’s life. Just this alone was more than enough for him to change his att.i.tude.

“Thank you, Chief Nangong.”

Jiang Chen cupped his fist toward Nangong Yunfan, showing no signs of being nervous, then sat down on the chair together with Nangong Wentian and Wenyang with a calm look and a faint smile on his face.

Just this att.i.tude alone made many people silently nod their heads. This place was the most important place within the Nangong family, and even the geniuses from their own family would be overawed when seeing so many leaders gathered together. However, Jiang Chen had a perfectly calm att.i.tude, it was an indifferent behavior that came from his soul, one that was impossible to face.

“Jiang Chen, you’ve saved my son, and that means that I, Nangong Yunfan owe you a huge debt of grat.i.tude. Wentian, I think Wenyang has told you about the situation we’re facing right now, we only have fourteen days left before the duel, and with your current cultivation you’re no match for Nangong Wenyen.”

Nangong Yunfan switched the conversation to the most important topic; the major situation the Nangong family was facing right now, the duel that was going to be held in fourteen days, as this duel would decide the survival of the Nangong family. It wasn’t only Nangong Yunfan, the hearts of everyone here was filled with worry, even more so upon finding out about Nangong Wentian’s current cultivation level.

“According to a trusted source, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Nangong Yunzheng has roped in the Profound River Palace, and it’s highly possible that he has leaked the family secret to them, and used that as a bait to get the Profound River Palace involved.”

Thousandhand Butcher Tu Yi said with a frown on his face.

“In order to seize the Family Chief position, Nangong Yunzheng didn’t even hesitate to break the rule set down by brother Nangong, what a b.l.o.o.d.y fool!”

Liang Zhui was a hot tempered man. As one of the men who followed Nangong Wentian’s grandfather, he treated the Nangong family as his very own, just like Tu Yi. They both treated all descendants of the Nangong family as their own grandchildren, and they had even helped raised Nangong Wentian when he was young. They had given everything to this family, and their big brother was now gone; they now had the responsibility to protect the Nangong family’s empire, and they couldn’t just let it crumble down in front of them.

“The hundred year old Nangong family, the glory left behind by my dad, I can never allow it to fall into the hands of some bad guys. Therefore, we must win this battle!”

Nangong Yunfan clenched his fist tightly. If the Nangong family empire was destroyed while in his hands, he would feel shameful toward his father even in death.

“We have agreed to the three matches with Nangong Yunzheng. Wentian will fight with Wenyen, Yunfan will fight with Yunzheng; these two matches have been confirmed. As for the third match, I’m sure Nangong Yunzheng will invite a great warrior from the Profound River Palace, but for us, we still haven’t been able to fine any suitable helper.”

Someone said.

“Dad, just let Little Chen represent our family in the third match.”

Nangong Wentian said.


Nangong Yunfan scolded.

“Wentian, this is a battle that will decide the survival of our Nangong family, and although Jiang Chen possesses some amazing abilities, I don’t think he’s fit to fight in the third match. With Nangong Yunzheng’s character, I’m sure will invite a Late Combat Soul warrior. Don’t you think it’s nonsense to make Jiang Chen represent us?”

Liang Zhui added as all the other men were shaking their heads. Their opinions regarding this was the same, Nangong Wentian’s suggestion was simply childish. Asking a young Divine Core warrior to represent the Nangong family in the duel, this would just make their opponents roll down on the floor in laughter.

But as Nangong Wentian was about to say something else, he heard Jiang Chen tell him via his Divine Sense, “Brother Nan, say no more.”

Hearing what Jiang Chen told him, although Nangong Wentian still had an unsatisfied expression on his face, he stopped speaking. The current situation was clear, with the cultivation Jiang Chen had now, it was impossible for him to convince these leaders to let Jiang Chen represent their family.

Furthermore, Jiang Chen decided to wait and see how things went, and only planned to make a decision before the last moment.

“Nangong Yunzheng said we can only invite an outsider to help us. In my opinion, we can let Elder Tu partic.i.p.ate in this match. Although Elder Tu is a respectable Elder of our family, his surname isn’t Nangong, so I’m sure we won’t be breaking any rules.”

“That’s right, Elder Tu is a formidable warrior with a Late Combat Soul cultivation, and if Elder Tu can represent us, I’m sure we’ll have hope!”

Someone suggested, causing everyone to throw their glances at Elder Tu.

“I’m just an old man prepared to give everything I got to the Nangong family, but if we can come up with this idea, I’m sure Nangong Yunzheng has expected this as well. There are many mighty warriors in the Profound River Palace, and perhaps even I will have a difficult time defeating the man Nangong Yunzheng has invited.”

Tu Yi shook his head. With the nickname ‘Thousandhand Butcher’, he was clearly a mighty and a brutal man. However, since this match concerned the Nangong family’s survival, he too had to be very careful when making a decision.

Although Tu Yi was a formidable warrior, he hadn’t reached the stage where he could defeat every single warrior under the Combat King realm. Compared to Nangong Yunfan, his overall combat strength was much lower. In fact, the Profound River Palace was a place full of mighty warriors, and there were many of them who could easily defeat him. If the Profound River Palace was truly committed to help Nangong Yunzheng, they might even send one of those warriors who could easily defeat Tu Yi.

“Uncle Tu, if we are unable to find any better candidates, I hope you can help us.”

Nangong Yunfan cupped his fist toward Tu Yi as he spoke. Judging from the current situation, Tu Yi was the best candidate for the third match. At least, he would fight with all his effort.

“Rest a.s.sured, Yunfan, I’ll protect the Nangong family even at the cost of my own life! However, if we can win the first two matches, which would be the best scenario, we’ll be able to skip the third.”

Tu Yi said.

“My eldest brother and I are about equal in strength, and it isn’t easy for us to defeat each other. However, for the sake of our foundation, I will fight with everything I got! And, it won’t be easy for him to defeat me either! The key lies with Wentian now.”

Nangong Yunfan said. At this moment, everyone threw their glances at Nangong Wentian. All three matches were equally important, but Nangong Wentian’s match was the key.

“It’s really difficult, although Wentian has amazing talent, he’s only at the Peak Divine Core realm. Both he and Nangong Wenyen grew up together and received similar amounts of resources, and their talents are nearly identical. Now, Nangong Wenyen has broken through to the Combat Soul realm, and unless Wentian can break through to the Combat Soul realm before the battle, he will already have lost without the need to fight.”

Liang Zhui let out a long sigh as he spoke. He wasn’t looking down on Nangong Wentian, but it was a fact that there was a gap between the young men.

Breaking through to the Combat Soul realm from the Divine Core realm in fourteen days, it was something nearly impossible to do. Even if he was given precious pills, it would still be hard for him to break through this huge gap. Furthermore, breaking through with the help of an extern factor would give Nangong Wentian’s foundation a serious threat. Also, with the help of pills, his cultivation wouldn’t be stable, and then he would definitely be no match for Nangong Wenyen.

“Wentian, how are you progressing with you Ten Thousand Everlasting Elephants skill?”

Nangong Yunfan asked. Nangong Wentian had found this skill himself, it was not a skill that came from the Nangong family.

“I have reached a bottleneck, and I plan to enter secluded cultivation right away. Once I’ve broken through this bottleneck, I’ll be able to break through to the Combat Soul realm with ease.”

Nangong Wentian answered.

“En, Wentian, don’t push yourself too hard. The correct way to cultivate is to progress in an orderly way, step by step. Sometimes, it will be harder to break through the more you desire it. Just cultivation with peace at mind. You can leave now.”

Nangong Yunfan said with a soft voice. Although he had to face huge pressure right now, he didn’t want to pa.s.s this pressure to his own son. His wish for Nangong Wentian to break through to the Combat Soul realm before the duel was stronger than that of anyone else, but he also knew pressuring his son would far from help him in breaking through.

“Dad, don’t worry, I won’t disappoint you.”

Nangong Wentian stood up and bowed toward everyone in the palace, then turned around and left.

Jiang Chen cupped his fist toward Nangong Yunfan, then quickly followed after Nangong Wentian.


A lot of sighs could be heard from the palace. Actually, all these leaders knew one thing; by having such strength at his age, Nangong Wentian was in fact one of the elite amongst the younger generation. However, it just wasn’t enough for this situation.

Actually, Nangong Yunfan knew more than anyone else that the reason why Nangong Wentian still hadn’t broken through to the Combat Soul realm was because of the Ten Thousand Everlasting Elephants skill. This was indeed a powerful skill, but at the same time, it was really difficult to cultivate. The further Nangong Wentian cultivated this skill, the tougher it became, and he could be stuck in a bottleneck for a long time.

If Nangong Wentian was cultivating those ordinary skills from the Nangong family, with his talent, he would already have broken through to the Combat Soul realm, and would be much stronger than Nangong Wenyen.

But both Nangong Wentian and Nangong Yunfan knew that when cultivating the Ten Thousand Everlasting Elephants skill, Nangong Wentian’s future achievements would be extremely amazing. It was a skill that could make him super strong in an advanced stage, and judging from the current situation, Nangong Yunfan could only hope that Nangong Wentian could break through during these couple of days.

A quiet courtyard filled with beautiful flowers, this was the place where Nangong Wentian lived. Although he hadn’t been here for quite some time, the furniture and decorations were still the same. Every day, servants would come here to make sure the place stayed clean.


Nangong Wentian stood right in the middle of the courtyard and let out a heavy sigh. He knew what his problem was, but it wasn’t easy for him to break through his current bottleneck.

“Brother Nan, circulate your Ten Thousand Everlasting Elephants skill, let me see your bottleneck.”

Jiang Chen suddenly said.

Jiang Chen’s words caused Nangong Wentian’s eyes to light up. Only now did he realize that this men next to him was a man who could achieve everything. Although the man was only about 17 years old, he was a man who was an expert at everything. Cultivation skills, combat skills, formations, alchemy, combat weapons… it seemed like there was nothing this man hadn’t mastered.

This was a truly peerless monster. With Jiang Chen’s experience, perhaps he could provide some help to Nangong Wentian.