Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 393 – Nangong Yunfan

Chapter 393 – Nangong Yunfan

Chapter 393 – Nangong Yunfan

“Your family is really rich!”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but comment. Putting aside all the other incomes, just the entrance fee they collect daily was a figure large enough to drop many jaws. Even if they collected just one Mortal Restoration Pill per person, the amount was still incredible.

As one of the most prosperous cities in the Southern Continent, countless people visited Nangong City on a daily basis, and those cultivators who could live in this city were all people with status and mighty strength. It was really difficult for normal people to find a place to stay in Nangong City.

The Nangong family’s existence allowed Jiang Chen to witness what a local despot looked like. A humongous family like this was never short on resources. Because they had incredible strength, because they were the ultimate ruler of this region, they decided what worked here.

“Of course, no one dares refuse to pay the entrance fee. Let’s hurry up and return to my home.”

Nangong Wentian sped up his pace. The three men were running with great speed through Nangong City’s main street, bringing up strong wind wherever they pa.s.sed. Many people could feel a strong wind blowing toward them, causing them to stagger. They were barely able to see some men pa.s.sing by, but since they were so fast, no one could really see who they were.

The Nangong family’s residence was located in the center of Nangong City. It was a huge manor that covered over 50 kilometers of land. Just this Nangong family manor alone occupied nearly ten percent of the entire Nangong City.

Within the Nangong family’s residence, tall towers and finely built palaces could be seen everywhere. The entire place was filled with a luxurious and majestic atmosphere. This was a forbidden land within Nangong City, and no ordinary men were allowed to enter this place.

But now, the atmosphere within the biggest manor in Nangong City was pretty gloomy, because this Nangong family was no longer the same Nangong family. Since Nangong Yunzheng had left and divided the family, the overall strength had weakened, and there were constant internal conflicts every now and then. The upcoming conflict was even going to decide the future and survival of this huge family.

The news about the three duels proposed by Nangong Yunzheng had spread everywhere. Right now, the entire Nangong family was in low spirits. They were all waiting for their young master’s return, because for this duel, their young master was going to partic.i.p.ate in the most important match.

“Sigh… I wonder where the young master went, and it’s taking him so long to return.”

“Precisely! The duel is coming soon, and if young master can’t return in time, Nangong Yunzheng is going to seize the Family Chief position with a righteous reason.”

“Perhaps we’re still going to lose even with his return. The Nangong family is facing a real threat this time, Nangong Wenyen has even broken through to the Combat Soul realm. Unless young master has also broken through, he won’t be able to fight Nangong Wenyen.”


Everyone within the Nangong family were talking about their young master. Many of them still had no idea that the Profound River Palace was involved in this internal conflict, but since Nangong Yunzheng had made so much noise this time, he was clearly prepared and committed to get what he wanted. This made them all worry about the future of the Nangong family.

“Look, I think it’s the young master!”

Suddenly, someone shouted out in surprise. Many people immediately raised their heads and looked into the sky above the Nangong family. What they saw was three men flying toward the Nangong family’s main palace. One of them was Nangong Wenyang, whom many of the people here were familiar with. The man in the center was a young man in green clothes, he had a handsome face and a majestic body. Even if this man had been away from their family for quite a long time, they could still recognize him in an instant, because he was their young man, whom everyone had been waiting for.

“It really is young master! He came here in time! But, who is that young man in white clothes next to him? Why have I never seen that guy before?”

“I’m sure he’s young master’s friend, he must have met this guy when he was out traveling. But, this guy’s cultivation isn’t really that strong.”

“True, but young master’s cultivation is only at the Peak Divine Core realm, he hasn’t broken through to the Combat Soul realm yet. We are only fourteen days away from the duel, and if young master can’t break through to the Combat Soul realm by then, he will be no match for Nangong Wenyen!”

“However, it’s really difficult to break through to the Combat Soul realm in such a short period of time. Sigh… I believe our hope is really small right now.”


Nangong Wentian’s return raised the spirits of many people, but at the same time, his cultivation and strength made them downhearted. Even though they had expected this possibility, it still struck them with disappointment. Many of them had lost their hope in the match that was going to be fought in fourteen days.

Without being interrupted by anyone, Nangong Wentian arrived at the Nangong family’s main palace. Right now, there were dozens of people gathered within the palace. All of them were the Nangong family’s mighty warriors, and the weakest warriors qualified to partic.i.p.ate were Early Combat Soul warriors.

“Dad, I’m back!”

Upon entering the palace, Nangong Wentian immediately called out to a man with a tall and muscular body who sat at the front. This man looked to be in his forties, and he wore an embroidered robe. His hair was thick and unruly, and his eyes were sharp, just like his face, giving him an overbearing look.

This overbearing man was none other than the current Family Chief, Nangong Yunfan!

“Wentian, you’re finally back!”

Nangong Yunfan’s face lit up when he saw his son, while the tense expressions on the faces of the others became a little more relaxed. Regardless of matters, their young master had finally returned.

“Wentian, this is the Nangong family’s most important place, how could you bring a stranger here?”

An old man at the Mid Combat Soul realm suddenly asked. This old man look about 80 years old, and although he had a thin body, the aura leaking out from his body was really terrifying. His name was Liang Zhui, he was an old man who had followed Nangong Wentian’s grandfather while he was building the Nangong family empire. Although his surname wasn’t Nangong, he still had a really high position in the Nangong family. Even Nangong Yunfan had to give him face.

“Dad, uncles and elders, let me introduce you. This is my brother, I met him while I was traveling outside. His name is Jiang Chen, and he came here to help us.”

Nangong Wentian introduced Jiang Chen to them.

“Help us? Wentian, are you joking with me? Uncle Tu knows you’ve enjoyed joking around since you were young.”

Another old man said in a joking manner. This was an old man with grey hair and beard, and he sat there with a courtly appearance. His seat was parallel to Nangong Yunfan’s seat, and from this, one could tell what kind of position he held in the Nangong family. Furthermore, this old man had a really strong cultivation, he was a Late Combat Soul warrior.

“His name is Tu Yi, and his nickname is Thousandhand Butcher. He’s one of the old men who followed my grandfather when he was building his empire, this man has a very important position in our family.”

Nangong Wentian told Jiang Chen about this old man through his Divine Sense.

Jiang Chen quietly nodded his head. Although this man’s surname wasn’t Nangong, it was just like Nangong Wentian had said, his position in the family was really supreme.

“Wentian, you asked a Divine Core junior for help, don’t you think this is too childish? We can easily find thousands of men like him in our family.”

Liang Zhui said. His words carried a sarcastic tone. Actually, it wasn’t only him, all the other men at the scene were smiling at the same time. Clearly, they too felt that Nangong Wentian getting such a weak helper was a childish action.

Seeing what was happening, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but let out a sigh, as he had immediately become the center of attention upon arriving. He had no clue why this group of old men were behaving like this, their young master had just returned, so they should at least ask their young master about his journey. Why would they simply point their fingers at an outsider?

“Family Chief, elders, please don’t look down on brother Jiang Chen. During our way back, if not for brother Jiang Chen, brother Wentian and I would be dead meat by now.”

Nangong Wenyang quickly voiced out. Jiang Chen had saved his life, so he had to stand out and speak for him. Furthermore, Jiang Chen was a man with true abilities, not someone who possessed an unearned reputation.

“What happened?”

Nangong Yunfan’s expression changed, and he turned to Nangong Wenyang and asked.

“Family Chief, I think you know Zhang Feng and Li Gai, they both work for eldest uncle. After I fetched brother Wentian, we were stopped by them on our way back, they were sent by eldest uncle to kill brother Wentian, because as long as he’s dead, they can just cancel the duel.”

Nangong Wenyang dared not hide anything, and told them everything he knew.


His words caused everyone in the palace to cry out in surprise.

“Despicable! This Nangong Yunzheng is a truly despicable man! He is also from the Nangong family, so why does he use such despicable tactics?!”

“That b.a.s.t.a.r.d! We’ve already agreed to the duel, so why does he still want to deploy such an evil plot?! If Wentian is dead, we’d have to appoint a new young master, and only Nangong Wenyen is eligible to be the next young master. What a plan, what a vicious plan!”

“Looks like we were being too careless, we should have sent stronger warriors to fetch Wentian. But, we just didn’t expect Nangong Yunzheng to use such a despicable approach!”


Everyone in the palace were really made, they were furious because of what Nangong Yunzheng had done. They had already agreed to the three matches, but he still wanted to a.s.sa.s.sinate their young master! This was an incredibly dirty trick!

“And then?”

Nangong Yunfan continued his question. At the same time, he threw his glance over at Jiang Chen, as if he had guessed something.

“It was brother Jiang Chen who saved us, he killed Zhang Feng and Li Gai.”

Nangong Wenyang told everyone what happened.

“What you’re saying is, with his Late Divine Core cultivation, he killed those two Early Combat Soul warrior?”

Two bright beams shot out from Liang Zhui’s eyes. He wasn’t alone, the way everyone looked at Jiang Chen changed as well. If Jiang Chen really killed both Combat Soul warriors with his mere Divine Core cultivation, it would be an amazing achievement! Because, he didn’t only just defeat them, he killed them!

After breaking through to the Combat Soul realm, even if they were no match for their opponent, they should still be able to run away with ease. However, Zhang Feng and Li Gai didn’t have the chance to do so, and they were killed by a Divine Core junior. In fact, this didn’t mean that they were weak, it simply meant that this young man was incredibly strong.

Nangong Yunfan waved his sleeve, and within a split second, three big chair appeared in the palace.

“Dear nephew Jiang Chen, please have a seat.”

Nangong Yunfan stretched his arm out and performed a welcoming gesture. In the Nangong family’s main palace, being able to receive a seat given by the Family Chief himself was a great honor.