Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 39 – Causing Trouble at the Front Entrance

Chapter 39 – Causing Trouble at the Front Entrance

Chapter 39 – Causing Trouble at the Front Entrance

Yan Zhan Yun was extremely thrilled. He hadn’t experienced a single moment of happiness during these past eight years. Not long after Yan Chen Yu was born, her mother pa.s.sed away. Before she died, however, she had specifically asked Yan Zhan Yun to take good care of their daughter. All these years, he had treated her like a special princess, and her disease had always troubled him. But now, that disease was completely gone.

The gratefulness he felt towards Jiang Chen couldn’t be described with words. No matter what Jiang Chen wanted, he would give it to him.

Jiang Chen never left to rejuvenate. He was not tired at all, feeling energetic instead. The Soul Refining Pill and the Pure-Yang fruit combined with the Yang energy from Yan Chen Yu’s body had given him unimaginable benefits.

The room was frozen, the chilling cold unleashed from Yan Chen Yu’s body could be felt by every single person in the Yan family. Every one of them was shocked.

“Such an intense cold… Is the young lady’s disease striking up again?”

“I bet it is. Poor young lady, this time the disease is striking much harder than the previous times… I wonder if she will be able to make it.”

“If something happens to young lady, the chief will be very sad.”


Everyone in the Yan family had sad expressions on their faces. They didn’t know that Yan Chen Yu was actually undergoing a transformation that would make her significantly stronger.

Not long after that, a young man dressed in white came over with a panicked expression. He was handsome with a jade white facial complexion. He looked anxious when he saw that the room was frozen. His face immediately transformed into an awful look.

“What happened to Little Yu? Why did the disease strike with so much strength this time?”

The young man asked worriedly.

“Yan Yang, don’t worry, Yu’er is perfectly alright now!”

Yan Zhan Yun told him. The young man named Yan Yang was Yan Chen Yu’s cousin and the number one genius in the Yan family. He was only 21 years, and he had reached the late Qi Hai realm. He was the one with the highest chance of breaking through to the Mortal Core realm before turning 25.

Because the news of Jiang Chen healing the young lady had been contained, not many people knew. Not even Yan Yang was aware of this. Besides, Yan Yang was busy with cultivation and also managing the Misty Rain Tower, so he rarely paid any attention to these matters.

“Chief, what happened?”

Yan Yang asked with a puzzled expression. There was such an intense cold, yet the chief told him it would be perfectly alright?

“Here, let me introduce you.”

Yan Zhan Yun introduced Jiang Chen to Yan Yang, “This is Brother Jiang Chen, and he is the one who cured Yu’er! Yu’er was actually not sick, but she had a rare body condition called the Nine Yin Meridians. Now is a crucial time for the awakening of her nine Yin Meridians, and once it is awoken, we will see a peerless genius that can only be seen once a century in the Yan family.”

The Nine Yin Meridians? This was the first time Yan Yang had heard about it, but this doesn’t matter compared to the young man in front of him who had saved Yan Chen Yu. He was shocked that this young man who seemed to be younger than him had the ability to save his cousin.

“My name is Yan Yang, I’m Little Yu’s cousin. I want to thank Brother Jiang for saving Xiao Yu.”

Yan Yang held his fist and expressed his grat.i.tude towards Jiang Chen honestly.

“Don’t mention it brother Yan.”

Jiang Chen smiled, the first impression that Yan Yang gave him was not bad.

“Yan Yang, when you’re free, do spend some time with Brother Jiang Chen! Not only has he seen a lot and has great experience, he is also a genius alchemist. He is truly a genius amongst geniuses!”

Yan Zhan Yun never tired of praising Jiang Chen.

“Oh? Really?”

Yan Yang’s eyes lit up, he looked at Jiang Chen with even more respect than he did previously.

That same night, everyone was staying and guarding Yan Chen Yu. Jiang Chen was staying as well because this young lady who had called him Big Bro Jiang Chen had touched his heart.

The next morning when the sky started brightening, the front entrance to the Misty Rain Tower became noisy. Not long after that, many people gathered, making it congested.

“Oh no, oh no.”

Outside of the courtyard, Yan Xing ran with a panicked expression on his face while breathing rapidly.

“Yan Xing, what happened? Why are you panicking?”

Yan Zhan Yun asked.

Yan Xing gazed at Jiang Chen who was standing on the sidelines and said, “The men from the Lee family are here!”

“Lee family? Although we argue a lot with them, we haven’t really declared war with them… How dare they come to the front entrance of our Misty Rain Tower and start making trouble?! What does Lee Shan Yue actually want?”

Yan Yang became angry and asked.

“Lee Shan Yue came for Brother Jiang Chen! He brought his men, and they are now blocking the front entrance, demanding that Chief hands Brother Jiang Chen over to them. There are many people gathered there who wants to see what happens.”

Yan Xing explained.

Jiang Chen who was standing beside furrowed his brows. This Lee Shan Yue came here just for him.

“No one knows about Brother Jiang Chen staying here, so how could Lee Shan Yue know about that, hmph! Yan Xing, go tell Lee Shan Yue that Jiang Chen is an important guest of the Yan family. If he wants to hurt Jiang Chen, that is equal to declaring war with me!”

Yan Zhan Yun let out a cold humph and spoke in a cold manner.

“Chief, Lee Shan Yue caught w.a.n.g Ting and the other three men, they were the ones who followed our caravan that day. He said that if Brother Jiang Chen doesn’t show up, he will kill them in front of our Misty Rain Tower!”

Yan Xing said hurriedly. He had fought alongside w.a.n.g Ting and the others before. They had gone through life and death situations together. They were now caught by Lee Shan Yue, and that made him worried. If Jiang Chen didn’t want to go out, then Lee Shan Yue would kill them as that was something he would do.

Right after Yan Xing spoke, Jiang Chen started walking towards the outside.

“Brother Jiang Chen!”

Yan Zhan Yun called out to Jiang Chen. Everyone started following him immediately. Now they all knew why Lee Shan Yue was so sure that Jiang Chen was staying in the Yan family. Jiang Chen had never bothered hiding his real ident.i.ty before this. There were so many men from the Lee family killed in the mountain range, so the Lee family would definitely want to find out who did that. It was very easy for them to find out that Jiang Chen was the culprit. Now they had w.a.n.g Ting and the other three men in their hands.

Jiang Chen walked in front of the others. He looked calm, but a killing intent could be seen in his eyes. Never had anyone dared to threaten him; those who did would all have a miserable ending.

How dare Lee Shan Yue threaten him with Wan Ting and the other three men, this had made Jiang Chen really p.i.s.sed off. He was now enraged. He barely knew w.a.n.g Ting and the other three men, and he had never really developed a friends.h.i.+p with them, but he didn’t want anyone innocent to suffer because of him.

At the Misty Rain Tower’s front entrance, crowds were gathering. There were seven to eight men from the Lee family, and their leader was none other than the Chief of the Lee family, Lee Shan Yue. There were another two Mortal Core warriors behind him.

A sneer smile was covering Lee Shan Yue’s face, making the scar on his face look ferocious. The way he smiled was even more frightening. Beside him stood a young man in a yellow robe. The handsome young man looked like an educated man. His looks resembled Lee Chang Hong, and he was another son of Lee Shan Yue. He projected great energy that was not any weaker than Yan Yang, another genius in Red city.

Next to the Lee family group, four adults with their clothes torn apart had their hands and feet tied with a thick metal chain. Their faces were filled with blood stains, and their internal energy was a mess. All of them were wounded.

“Yan Zhan Yun, hurry up and hand over that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d! I’ll give you another 3 minutes, and if he is still not here then I will start killing someone!”

Lee Shan Yue’s voice was loud and could be heard from far.

“Who is this Jiang Chen? How come he made the Chief of the Lee family so angry that he would even come here personally to get him? I don’t think there’s anyone from the Misty Rain Tower named Jiang Chen?”

“You don’t know about this? I was told that not long before this, the third son of the Lee family, Lee Chang Hong, was killed in Fragrant Sky city. The killer is this Jiang Chen! The Chief of the Lee family went to Fragrant Sky city himself a few days ago, and I don’t know why, but he came back empty handed. No one would have thought that Jiang Chen would come to Red city and even stay in the Misty Rain Tower.”

“What the heck, this Jiang Chen really has guys. How dare he kill the son of the Lee family? Lee Shan Yue only had three sons, and he loved the youngest son the most… No wonder Lee Shan Yue is so angry.”

“This is going to be exciting.”


Everyone was whispering to each other. The news of Jiang Chen killing Lee Chang Hong had spread fast amongst them. Now everyone understood why Lee Shan Yue came to the Misty Rain Tower to cause trouble.

Soon, Yan Zhan Yun and the men came out from the Misty Rain Tower.

“Lee Shan Yue, how dare you cause trouble in front of our Misty Rain Tower? Do you think there’s no one who can fight you from the Yan family?”

Yan Zhan Yun was very aggressive as he expressed his domineering att.i.tude. He shouted out loud when he appeared.

“Hmph! Yan Zhan Yun, I am not looking to fight with you today. What I want is that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d Jiang Chen! Hand him over, now!”

Lee Shan Yue let out a cold humph. His snake like vision gazed at all the men from the Yan family until it finally landed on Jiang Chen. Both his eyes lit up and he said, “You are that Jiang Chen?”

“Lee Shan Yue, your life was spared last time at the Jiang family. Not only are you not grateful, but now you are disrespecting me? You’re not better than an animal.”

Jiang Chen said in an annoyed manner.

“Hmph! It really is you. You killed my son, so you will die today even if you have nine lives. Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, if you took good care of your life by staying in the Jiang family mansion, then maybe I would have let you live… But, I really didn’t think that you’d throw away your life by coming to Red city. You are just looking to meet death!”

Lee Shan Yue said while grinding his teeth. He wished he could just run forward and rip Jiang Chen into pieces.

“Lee Shan Yue, Jiang Chen is a very important guest of our Misty Rain Tower. He is not someone you can hurt as you wis.h.!.+ The Misty Rain Tower will protect Jiang Chen at all costs! If you want to kill him, then you better have the ability to defeat the Misty Rain Tower first!”

What Yan Zhan Yun said was very straightforward and loud, making sure that everyone could hear him clearly.

“I never heard of this Jiang Chen before. As a man who just came from Fragrant Sky city, how come he is backed by the Misty Rain Tower?”

“Listening to what Yan Zhan Yun said, he is going to use all of the Yan family’s power to protect Jiang Chen… I can tell that Jiang Chen is a genius, but I don’t think he’s worth enough to get such protection.”

“Yan Zhan Yun is not an idiot, there must be a reason why he is so protective towards Jiang Chen.”


Many people including Lee Shan Yue were clueless. They didn’t understand why Yan Zhan Yun wanted to protect Jiang Chen. Was it just because Jiang Chen had helped Yan Meng kill the men from the Lee family? That didn’t seem to be enough.

A sneer smile emerged on Lee Shan Yue’s face again. If Yan Zhan Yun really waned to protect Jiang Chen with all of the Yan family’s power, then there was no way he could hurt Jiang Chen. With the current strength of the Lee family, he didn’t dare declare war with the Misty Rain Tower.

But, Lee Shan Yue was prepared. He signaled a man who was standing beside him. The man saw the signal, and he pulled w.a.n.g Ting and the other men to the front of the crowd.