Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 38 – Big Bro Jiang Chen

Chapter 38 – Big Bro Jiang Chen

Chapter 38 – Big Bro Jiang Chen

Yan Zhan Yun was walking back and forth within the courtyard.He had an anxious and worried expression on his face, and he kept looking towards the door leading to the room where Yan Chan Yu was located.Every single second was filled with suffering for him.

“Chief, don’t worry.I’m sure Yu’er will recover and become the number one genius in the Yan family!”

Yan Hong Tai said in an attempt to try and comfort him.

“It all depends on Brother Jiang Chen.I just hope that Yu’er can overcome this challenge, if not…”

Yan Zhan Yun didn’t finish his words, but the bitter expression on his face clearly expressed that he was blaming himself.If something wrong happened to Yan Chen Yu, he wouldn’t be to forgive himself for the rest of his life.If anything happened to Yan Chen Yu now, then it could be considered his fault.

At the same time, within Red city’s Lee family!

Lee Shan Yue sat with a gloomy face in the meeting hall.The scary scar on his face was trembling.There were 5-6 men sitting on the left and right sides of the hall, and they were all Mortal Core warriors.

An old man who was at the late Qi Hai realm walked into the hall with a panicked look on his face.

“Have you obtained the information?Who the h.e.l.l killed Lee Long and the rest?”

Lee Shan Yue asked.A few days ago in the mountain range, all the men from the Lee family were killed on the spot, and most of them had died from just a single sword strike.The Lee family obviously didn’t believe that Yan Meng had such skills, and that was why they kept digging for the truth.

“Yes, we’ve already figured it out.There’s a very high possibility that the one who killed our men is a youngster!”

The old man said.

“A youngster?”

Everyone was startled.

“Yan Meng hired some mercenaries in the Mercenary Square, and I’ve checked the background of all the mercenaries.Their skills are average, but I couldn’t find anything about the youngster wearing the white robes who was the last person to join Yan Meng’s caravan.According to those who were at the Mercenary Square, this was the first time that the youngster had appeared in the Mercenary Square, and he didn’t even know what the purpose of the Mercenary Square was.Later on, he joined the caravan and followed them to Red city.Not only this, someone saw Yan Meng and his men entering the Misty Rain Tower, and Yan Meng’s att.i.tude towards this youngster was polite.That’s why I am guessing that this youngster is the one who killed our men.”

The old man said resolutely.

“A youngster with such skills became a mercenary?Have you found out where this youngster came from?”

A man asked with a frown on his face.

“Not yet, but that youngster hasn’t been seen since he entered the Yan family territory.”

The old man replied.

“A youngster with the ability to kill a late stage Qi Hai warrior, there’s only a few of those in the 28 cities.You guys should remember Jiang Chen from Fragrant Sky city?The little b.a.s.t.a.r.d who killed Hong’er!Someone told me that Mu Rong Hao was killed by this youngster as well, and since he was able to kill Mu Rong Hao, killing someone like Lee Long shouldn’t be an issue.I guess this youngster is probably Jiang Chen!”

Lee Shan Yue’s insidious eyes s.h.i.+ned with intelligence.

“What Chief said is right!The youngster is most likely to be Jiang Chen.From how Lee Long and the rest were wounded, the man must hate the Lee family greatly!If it was a normal mercenary, then he wouldn’t dare kill without any mercy.”

Another man said.

“Hmph!I will avenge Hong’er no matter what!There’s a hidden Heavenly Core warrior in the Jiang family, so there’s no way for us to do anything…But, this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d came to our city all by himself!He is just looking for death!”

Lee Shan Yue let out a cold hmph and continued, “But, I need to confirm this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s ident.i.ty.Send someone and catch those mercenaries who were following the Misty Rain Tower’s caravan immediately.”

“Yes sir.”

The old man bowed, turned around, and left.

Later in the evening!

It has been a day since Jiang Chen begun healing Yan Chen Yu.There were no sounds coming from this roof, and yet, Yan Zhan Yun was waiting impatiently in the courtyard.He kept rubbing both of his hands.

Inside the room, Jiang Chen was sitting opposite of Yan Chen Yu.His finger was touching Yan Chen Yu’s Spirit Gate.

Yan Chen Yu’s weak body was trembling violently.Her beautiful face was covered in sweat, and her clothes were wet and tightly attached to her body.This made her curvy body even more seductive, and if it was any other man, they wouldn’t have been able to withstand this kind of sight.But, Jiang Chen was once the greatest Saint in the world, there was nothing that can move his heart.

But the pain that Yan Chen Yu was feeling only made Jiang Chen pity her.This was a very painful process.Yan Chen Yu’s teeth were trembling, but she never made a single noise.Even men couldn’t compete with this level of endurance.


Streams of Yang energy flowed out of the Spirit Gate and was absorbed into Jiang Chen’s own body.After a whole day, the Cleansing Pill was still producing great results;it had forced all the hidden Yang energy in Yan Chen Yu’s body out, helping her get rid of the impurities in her body.The eight Yin meridians could now clearly be sensed.

By absorbing the Yang energy from Yan Chen Yu’s body into his own body, Jiang Chen could enjoy great benefits as well.Yan Chen Yu’s situation right now was just like his situation for all these years.She had consumed an abundance of Yang energy all these years, and it had been kept inside of her body.Now all of this energy had been absorbed by Jiang Chen, and with the help of the Dragon Transformation skill, he had turned that energy into his own.The fifth Dragon Mark could be clearly seen now;it was completely formed.

“Little Yu, the eight Yin meridians in your body have now been revealed, and later they will unleash an intensely chilling cold.With the collision of these eight Yin meridians, you will be able to construct the ninth Yin meridian.This is why I need to absorb all the Yang energy in your body faster.If not, when the chilling cold and the Yang energy collide, , the results will be severe.Now we’ve reached the last step, and it will be very painful.You will need to endure it!”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up as he reminded Yan Chen Yu.

“Big Bro Jiang Chen, I’m not scared…Can I call you Big Bro Jiang Chen?”

Yan Chen Yu asked softly in her dazed state.

This was how a young girl would normally behave.Jiang Chen was the first man she met, and also the first man she had physical contact with.Besides this, Jiang Chen was saving her life now.It was only natural that Jiang Chen had entered her heart.


Jiang Chen nodded his head.Hearing her call him Big Bro Jiang Chen made his heart warm.In his past life, although he was the greatest Saint, he was a cultivation addict who only focused on cultivation.His love life was a blank page, and in this life, he wanted to become a normal human with normal emotions and experiences.


Waves of chilling air surrounded them as the buzzing sound intensified.Jiang Chen was about to enter the last step.He was going to use the Dragon Transformation skill to absorb all the Yang energy in Yan Chen Yu’s body in one go.


Yan Chen Yu’s body trembled even more violently.The sudden eruption had a great impact on her Spirit Gate.She couldn’t bear with it anymore, and even with her tough endurance, she started screaming.


Yan Zhan Yun’s body started trembling.Yan Chen Yu’s scream was like a knife stabbing into his heart.He became like lion who had lost all sense and started walking towards the room.

Seeing this, Yan Hong Tai and the other men hurriedly tried to stop him, “Chief, you can’t go in there!Brother Jiang Chen told us that no matter what happens, we can’t enter this room!”

“Chief, we all know that Yu’er is suffering great amounts of pain right now, but hasn’t she been suffering all these years?She has gone through this pain all these years, and even if you enter that room, there is nothing you can do to help!And if Brother Jiang Chen is disturbed, then we will all start regretting it later!”

After listening to what his men told him, Yan Zhan Yun finally calmed down.

“I was being reckless.I have been hurting Yu’er for all this time.I can’t make the same mistake again at this critical time!”

Yan Zhan Yun took a deep breath and clenched his fists together tightly.Although he was still worried, he didn’t dare act recklessly anymore.

After another hour, Jiang Chen finally absorbed the last bit of Yang energy from Yan Chen Yu’s body.At the same time, an extreme chilling cold erupted from Yan Chen Yu’s body.

“Big Bro Jiang Chen, I’m going to construct the ninth Yin meridian now!”

Yan Chen Yu said.She could clearly feel that the Yin meridians in her body were crossing each other like bridges, all entering into her Dantian.

Right after Yan Chen Yu spoke, the chilling cold erupted from her body like frosty ice.

Jiang Chen was shocked, and he even started s.h.i.+vering.During the construction of the ninth Yin meridian, its chilling cold would be at its strongest.Jiang Chen didn’t want to feel that even with the protection of the Dragon Transformation skill.


Jiang Chen stood up immediately and kicked the door open, das.h.i.+ng out of the room like a lightning strike.The chilling cold covered everything in the room like a tidal wave right after he exited.


The room made some crackling sounds, and everything within 3 meters of Yan Chen Yu was completely frozen.An icy veil was formed on the door that had been kicked open.Everything in the room was covered by a silver frost.

The extreme cold had made Yan Zhan Yun and the rest s.h.i.+ver.They all immediately moved away at least 3 meters.

“This chilling cold is so extreme;it is at least 10 times colder than what it has been before!”

Yan Hong Tai said with his eyes wide open, and his face was that of a shocked man.

“The chilling cold will be at its strongest during the birth of the ninth Yin meridian.”

Jiang Chen said.

Yan Zhan Yun turned to Jiang Chen and asked, “Brother Jiang Chen, how is Yu’er?”

“Don’t worry, all the impurities in her body are gone, and the Yin meridians are awakening now.If it weren’t, where do you think this extreme cold would come from?Besides, because Little Yu has

gone through the painful process of constructing the previous eight Yin meridians, she won’t feel any pain during the awakening of the ninth Yin meridian.She will enter a special mental state, and the whole process will take at least three days.Chief, you can just relax and wait for the birth of a peerless genius seen only once every century.”

Jiang Chen said.

Hearing what Jiang Chen said, everyone from the Yan family started jumping in joy.Even Yan Zhan Yun was jumping around without any concern for his image.


Yan Zhan Yun started laughing out loud.He hugged Jiang Chen before he could react, “Brother Jiang Chen, thank you very much!You saved Yu’er!In the future, all of your problems will be my problems!”

Jiang Chen immediately pushed Yan Zhan Yun away with a frightened expression on his face.‘Come on, men aren’t supposed to be so intimate with each other, I can’t accept this hug of yours.Furthermore, I don’t like hugging other men.’

“Brother Jiang Chen really possesses a G.o.d given talent, you have my eternal respect!”

Yan Hong Tai said as he held his fist with his palm respectfully.

“Alright, from now on, no one is allowed to disturb Little Yu.She needs time to adjust to and learn how to control the Nine Yin Meridians.”

Jiang Chen told everyone.

“Don’t worry Brother Jiang Chen, I will guard her personally!”

Finis.h.i.+ng what he said, Yan Zhan Yun looked towards Yan Meng who stood beside him with a joyful look on his face, “Yan Meng, prepare another place for Brother Jiang Chen to stay!Let him have a good rest now.”