Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 367 – The Imperial Emperor’s Summon

Chapter 367 – The Imperial Emperor’s Summon

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Chapter 367 – The Imperial Emperor’s Summon

The group of six came here in an imposing manner, but they just ran into a stone wall. No matter how good their status was, Wu Jiu just wouldn’t give them any face. He simply brought Jiang Chen with him and left.

It was impossible for them to kill Jiang Chen unless they fought Wu Jiu in such a situation, but if that happened, the tune of the entire matter would change. The Martial Palace was the foundation built by the Martial Saint Dynasty, and no one had the courage to wreak havoc at this place. Furthermore, the Ninth Emperor’s status was very n.o.ble, he was part of the Imperial Family by blood, and if they fought him, not only was it possible to fail to kill Jiang Chen, there wouldn’t be any benefits either.

“Clan Chief, Sect Chief Tiangang, what should we do now?”

Shangguan Ying turned to Shangguan Sheng and Tiangang Yi while gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth in anger. He wanted to kill Jiang Chen more than anyone else, and although Jiang Chen was right in front of just now, he didn’t have any opportunities to kill him and avenge his grandson. This made him feel depressed.

“I never knew that Jiang Chen had such a close relations.h.i.+p with the Ninth Emperor, he even saved his life. Looks like it will be impossible for us to kill him here.”

Tiangang Yi furrowed his brows. Before they came here, he was thinking about pressuring Wu Jiu with both Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, making him hand Jiang Chen over to them and stay out of this matter. He had never expected to face such strong rejection from Wu Jiu, as if Jiang Chen’s problems were his own.

“I think we can only go to the Martial Saint Dynasty now.”

Shangguan Sheng said with a ghastly expression.

“Is it really necessary to go to the Martial Saint Dynasty? Troubling the Imperial Emperor just because of a young guy, I don’t think he would be happy with this.”

Shangguan Qingming asked worriedly.

“We have to go to the Imperial Emperor. If not, with the Ninth Emperor’s protection, we won’t have any chances to kill Jiang Chen, and once Jiang Chen has outgrown every single one of us, we’ll be the unlucky ones.”

Tiangang Yi said.

“He’s right. Let’s go find the Tenth Emperor and Seventh Emperor. Jiang Chen nearly killed Prince Wu Cong back on the Island of Ice, and he beat the Seventh Emperor’s son up yesterday. For the two emperors who are used to sitting above all else, this is clearly an insult to their dignity. I believe they too don’t want to let this Jiang Chen grow any further.”

Shangguan Sheng said with a sneer on his face.

“Let’s go, we’ll proceed straight to the Martial Saint Dynasty.”

After saying that, Tiangang Yi started flying toward the Martial Saint Dynasty. The other five immediately followed after, soon disappearing from the scene.

“Don’t tell me those six b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are really going to the Martial Saint Dynasty now?”

Looking at the direction those six mighty warriors disappearing into, Han Yan spoke with mixed emotions.

“Looks like they are determined to kill Little Chen, and they are going to get the Imperial Emperor’s help, since the Ninth Emperor won’t let them do it.”

Yu Zihan said as he furrowed his brows.

“If the Imperial Emperor really gets involved, does that mean Chen Gege will be in great danger?”

Yan Chenyu was worried as well.

“Enough, let’s not think so much about it right now, it’s pointless to do so. That guy won’t be defeated so easily. Furthermore, Wu Jiu will definitely help protect him.”

Big Yellow said.

“I think the Ninth Emperor’s position in the Martial Saint Dynasty is pretty high, at least higher than the other emperors. If not, he wouldn’t be the Martial Palace Chief.”

Nangong Wentian said. Now, they could only put all their hopes in Wu Jiu.

Within the Martial Palace’s inner region, Jiang Chen and Wu Jiu exchanged smiles. Xuan Ye was standing next to them, and he was now a Mid Combat Soul warrior, much stronger compared to when he was in Inferno h.e.l.l. Xuan Ye looked at Jiang Chen full of shock, and in the end, he could only shake his head. There were always miracles in this world, just like this young man in front of him.

“Brother Jiang Chen, I still remember when you were a young man who had just broken through to the Divine Core realm back in Inferno h.e.l.l, and in order to kill that Earth Devil, you had no other choice but to work with me. But now, you’ve actually grown to this level… You’ve truly made me speechless.”

It was Xuan Ye who suggested that Jiang Chen should check out the Blissful Island, but he had never thought Jiang Chen’s combat strength would exceed his after coming back from the ocean.

Although Xuan Ye had broken through to the Mid Combat Soul realm, but with his talent, he was actually much weaker than Shangguan Yiqing and Xuan Yuzi. Jiang Chen could kill both of them alone, let alone Xuan Ye.

“I want to thank brother Xuan for giving me guidance. If not, I wouldn’t have gone to the ocean.”

Jiang Chen cupped his fist toward Xuan Ye. His words of appreciation came from the bottom of his heart. Just like Wu Jiu, Xuan Ye had helped him a lot, and it was Xuan Ye who asked him to try his luck at the Blissful Island, and that’s why he met Nangong Wentian and obtained the Nine Solar Holy Water in the end. Without that, Yan Chenyu wouldn’t have been able to wake up.

“I know sister-in-law has fully recovered, that’s good news!”

Wu Jiu patted Jiang Chen on the shoulder. Although he didn’t show up yesterday when Jiang Chen arrived at the Martial Palace, he knew everything that had happened, including Yan Chenyu’s appearance.

“Come, it’s been a long time since we met, let’s drink today!”

Wu Jiu candidly said.

These three men started drinking and chit-chatting. They never mentioned anything about the Shangguan Clan or the Myriad Sword Sect, and as for the incident where Jiang Chen beat up the prince yesterday, Wu Jiu didn’t bring that up either. Because, in his mind, this was the Jiang Chen he knew. If Jiang Chen didn’t fight back when Wu Yan was bullying him, it wouldn’t be the same Jiang Chen he knew.

“Palace Chief, I think the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect has gone to the Martial Saint Dynasty. Do you think the Imperial Emperor will interfere in this matter?”

Xuan Ye finally brought up the topic, expressing his worry regarding Jiang Chen.

“Don’t worry. I’m here, so n.o.body can touch my, Wu Jiu’s brother!”

Wu Jiu drank a cup of wine himself and said in a carefree manner. He had publicly said he would stand in front of Jiang Chen even if a hole was poked through the sky.

“Haha, I’m sure that’s a fact. With Ninth Emperor’s status, keeping brother Jiang safe is just a piece of cake.”

Xuan Ye said with a smile.

“Brother Jiu, I do have one thing I need your help with.”

Jiang Chen suddenly said.

“Tell me, brother.”

Wu Jiu said.

“I’m sure the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect are going to collaborate with the Seventh Emperor and Tenth Emperor, and that will definitely alert the Imperial Emperor. With what I’ve done to them, perhaps it will be really difficult to handle even for brother Jiu. Therefore, you don’t need to protect me, I just hope you can provide shelter for those people I brought yesterday. As for myself, haha, this world is huge, and I can go anywhere I want. It will be really difficult for them to kill me.”

Jiang Chen told Wu Jiu about his request. This was his main reason for coming to the Martial Palace.

“Since they have come to the Martial Palace, they will be a part of this place in the future. I’ll get Xuan Ye to arrange their ident.i.ties as disciples later. As for you, you are part of the Martial Palace as well, and you’re also my sworn brother, so you don’t have to go anywhere. Just settle down here and continue with your cultivation, no one is going to touch you.”

Wu Jiu patted his chest and promised.


Jiang Chen furrowed his brows. He knew the matters weren’t as simply as Wu Jiu had said. The Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect were both very determined to kill him, and both superpowers were the Martial Saint Dynasty’s two biggest attendants. Therefore, even the Imperial Emperor himself would have to take them seriously.

“Brother Jiang, there is one thing you might not be aware of, the Ninth Emperor’s status is different from the other emperors. The weight of his words, the other emperors can’t compare.”

Xuan Ye said with a smile.


Jiang Chen was startled for a moment. When it came to matters regarding the Martial Saint Dynasty, he was in complete dark.

“A hundred years ago, there were two elite geniuses from the Martial Saint Dynasty. One is the current emperor, and the other is the Ninth Emperor. When the Island of Ice first appeared, no one had any idea what was in there, whether it was fortune or misfortune. Therefore, the Martial Saint Dynasty decided to choose one prince to check out the Island of Ice, and the Ninth Emperor was the number one candidate, because he was the most talented amongst the princes. But in the end, the current Imperial Emperor begged him for this chance, so, the Ninth Emperor gave him the opportunity to go. Because of that, the Imperial Emperor found his great fortune, and his cultivation surged, then he eventually became a Combat King warrior, and the current Imperial Emperor.”

Xuan Ye continued, “Therefore, the Imperial Emperor really appreciates the kindness Ninth Emperor gave him, and allowed him to manage the Martial Palace. That’s why in the heart of the Imperial Emperor, Ninth Emperor’s words weigh more compared to the other emperors.”

After listening to Xuan Ye’s explanation, Jiang Chen finally realized why Wu Jiu could be so domineering. It was all because of what happened a hundred years ago.

“What a pity. With brother Jiu’s talent, if he went to the Island of Ice a hundred years ago, he might be the current Imperial Emperor.”

Jiang Chen said with a laugh.

“You bet, the throne did initially belong to Lord Jiu.”

Xuan Ye too felt pity for Wu Jiu.

“That’s enough, Xuan Ye, you are talking too much tonight. I am not interested in becoming the Imperial Emperor.”

Wu Jiu waved his hand as he spoke. He didn’t want to talk about what happened a hundred years ago.

Jiang Chen and Wu Jiu spent the rest of the time drink, as well as the entire night. When the next morning came, a golden talisman suddenly came floating in the air, and fell into Wu Jiu’s hand.

Wu Jiu furrowed his brows when he saw the talisman. He snapped his finger, causing a bright beam to shoot out from his fingertip. The beam fell onto the talisman, then another bright beam shot out from the talisman into Wu Jiu’s head.

“I never thought the Imperial Emperor would really want to interfere in this matter.”

Wu Jiu said with a frown.

“Lord Jiu, what’s going on?”

Xuan Ye asked.

“The Imperial Emperor is summoning me, and he wants me to bring Jiang Chen over to the Martial Saint Dynasty. Looks like this matter has alerted him.”

Wu Jiu said with a frown.

“Lord Jiu, what should we do then? If we bring Jiang Chen to the Martial Saint Dynasty, won’t he be in danger?”

Xuan Ye worriedly asked.

“With me there, no one is going to hurt my brother. Since this matter has alerted the Imperial Emperor, we can use this opportunity to make everything come to a stop. Brother, follow me to the Martial Saint Dynasty.

Wu Jiu turned to Jiang Chen and said.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows. Honestly, he didn’t feel like going to the Martial Saint Dynasty, because he didn’t want to depend on others to solve his own problems. No matter how strong his enemies was, he would still have the ability to solve them himself. Even if he couldn’t solve the problems now, he would still be able to solve them in the future. Initially, he planned to leave this place and go somewhere else where no one could find him, and return when his cultivation had improved. But, he couldn’t just turn Wu Jiu’s kindness away.