Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 366 – The Mighty Ninth Emperor

Chapter 366 – The Mighty Ninth Emperor

Chapter 366 – The Mighty Ninth Emperor

These six men were all big shots, the existences that could make the entire Jian Province shake with just a stamp of their feet. Among them was the Shangguan Clan’s Great Elder, Shangguan Qingming. Also, besides Tiangang Yi, the other two men were the Myriad Sword Sect’s two other Late Combat Soul warriors.

Right now, all six men were hovering in the sky, portraying domineering att.i.tudes and powerful killing intent. Clearly, they were here to cause some trouble. Perhaps only the mightiest warriors from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect would have enough courage to unleash their killing intent outside the Martial Palace.

“Look, they are from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect! Even the Shangguan Clan Chief and Myriad Sword Sect Chief came here personally for Jiang Chen!”

“This Jiang Chen really knows how to attract trouble! Shangguan Sheng and Tiangang Yi are each other’s biggest enemies, but now, they’re actually working together because of a young man! If I wasn’t here to see it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it at all!”

“Since both big shots are now here, I think no one can save Jiang Chen. Even the Majestic Emperor has to give them face.”


Everyone were talking amongst themselves, no one could remain calm after seeing that lineup. Although there were only six of them, their force was tremendous.

“Where is Jiang Chen? Ask him to come out now and face his death!”

Tiangang Yi said in an imposing manner. Ever since Shangguan Sheng had come to meet him yesterday, he had realized the important of killing Jiang Chen was not something that could be delayed any longer. Therefore, he put aside his resentment with Shangguan Sheng and came here together with him. They were going to kill Jiang Chen no matter what!

“I’m right here.”

Jiang Chen came swaggeringly. Han Yan and the other didn’t follow him, but were watching from afar. This was something Jiang Chen had told them to do, because he didn’t want to drag them into this situation. No matter what debts he had to face, he would face them himself.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

Everyone immediately threw their glance onto Jiang Chen. This was the first time many of them had seen him. Honestly, there was a huge gap between how Jiang Chen looked in their imaginations, and real life. In their minds, even if a chaotic devil king like Jiang Chen didn’t have three heads and six arms, he should still at least have a tall and muscular body. No one had expected to see a young and handsome man.

“So he is Jiang Chen? He only looks about 17 years old, what a young genius!”

“Who would have thought that this harmless looking young man is actually a homicidal maniac?”

“Why did he come to the Martial Palace? Is it because someone here is actually supporting him from behind? However, coming out now is no different from seeking death.”


Many people were pointing and commenting at Jiang Chen.

“You are Jiang Chen?”

Shangguan Sheng turned toward Jiang Chen, throwing his sharp gaze onto Jiang Chen’s face. It seemed like he was about to slice Jiang Chen into a million pieces.

“That’s right, I’m Jiang Chen, is there anything I can help you with?”

Jiang Chen said with a calm att.i.tude, causing the crowd to really admire his courage and valor. His expression showed absolutely no panic, and his heart was beating like normal, even though he was facing six Late Combat Soul warriors. It was as if he was just facing six ordinary men. Just this att.i.tude alone deserved people’s respect.

“Good, so you’re Jiang Chen, come and face your death!”

Tiangang Yi didn’t say much, he just stretched his arm forward, unleas.h.i.+ng an illusionary palm covering toward Jiang Chen’s head.

The mighty energy of a Peak Combat Soul warriors spread across the scene, filling the entire sky above Mount Wufu with an invisible pressure, and causing people to start breathing heavily.

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes. He just stood there without moving a bit, because he knew someone was going to show up. Besides, with his current strength, even with the Heavenly Saint Sword, there was no way he could be a match for these Late Combat Soul warriors.

“Tiangang Yi, do you think it’s appropriate to try and kill someone in the Martial Palace?”

Right at this moment, a powerful voice resounded from within the Martial Palace. At the same time, a huge illusionary palm appeared and clashed with Tiangang Yi’s gigantic palm, preventing it from going further.

Following that, a figure suddenly appeared next to Jiang Chen in a ghostly manner. The way this man appeared was really weird, as if he was a phantom. No one could figure out how he did it.

The man was wearing a golden robe, and his hair was tied up in a bun. He looked to be in his forties, and a domineering expression could be seen on his face. He was none other than Wu Jiu!

“Brother Jiu.”

Jiang Chen smiled at Wu Jiu. He knew it, he knew Wu Jiu would definitely show up.

“Brother, you’ve really surprised me with your incredible growth, your brother is feeling very happy for you. However, you really know how to cause trouble.”

Wu Jiu spoke to Jiang Chen with a praising look in his eyes. He knew Jiang Chen was not an ordinary man ever since they met in Inferno h.e.l.l. Sooner or later, Jiang Chen was going truly blossom into an extraordinary warrior. However, judging from what he was now sensing, he had actually underestimated Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen’s speed of growth was simply put, insane.

Although he was delighted, but when he thought about all the things Jiang Chen had done, Wu Jiu couldn’t help but shake his head, as if he had a headache.

What? Brother Jiu? Brothers?

How the two men addressed each other simply messed up everyone’s mind. Who was that person? He was Wu Jiu! The Ninth Emperor! The Martial Palace’s Palace Chief! No matter which t.i.tle one picked, they were all supreme, and no one could get close to them. Across the entire Eastern Continent, only a handful of men could address Wu Jiu as brother!

“Oh Heavens, Jiang Chen is the Palace Chief’s brother? How could this be possible?”

“Awesome, this is f.u.c.king awesome! No wonder Jiang Chen is so arrogant, and didn’t show any signs of being scared when faced with Shangguan Sheng and Tiangang Yi, it’s all because he has the Palace Chief’s backing!”

“This is amazing, even the Palace Chief is here! But, with the pressure from both the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, I think it will be difficult to handle this matter, even for the Palace Chief himself.”


Everyone were shocked. Jiang Chen and the Palace Chief were addressing each other as brothers! If they hadn’t heard it themselves, they wouldn’t have believed it.

“d.a.m.n it, this is incredible!”

Not far behind, Yu Zihan couldn’t hold down his excitement any longer. He had been at the Martial Palace for so long, but this was the first time he had seen the legendary Palace Chief! And when he found out the Palace Chief himself was helping Jiang Chen, he and the group instantly felt relieved.

It seemed like Shangguan Sheng and Tiangang Yi were expecting to see Wu Jiu, so they didn’t act like they were surprised. In fact, they knew Wu Jiu was going to show up before they came here.

“Shangguan Sheng greets the Ninth Emperor.”

“Tiangang Yi greets the Ninth Emperor.”

Both Shangguan Sheng and Tiangang Yi cupped their fists toward Wu Jiu, showing their respect.

“No need for formalities, I know what your purpose here is. I won’t allow you to kill Jiang Chen.”

Wu Jiu went straight to the point, expression his att.i.tude regarding this matter.

“Ninth Emperor, this Jiang Chen has killed so many of our geniuses, and yesterday, he killed two of our top geniuses in the Jian Province! He has challenged the dignity of both superpowers, and we have to settle this debt with him!”

Shangguan Sheng’s att.i.tude was firm.

“I’ll pay for what Jiang Chen has done to you two. As for Jiang Chen, he is my sworn brother, you guys give up the idea of killing him.

What Wu Jiu said was very obvious, it was pretty much; ‘you guys go back home and sleep now.’

“Ninth Emperor, I think you better think twice before making any decision, don’t let this junior jeopardize our harmonious relations.h.i.+p. The things Jiang Chen have done can only be paid for with his life, the reason we came here is to kill him, and we hope Ninth Emperor doesn’t get in our way.”

Tiangang Yi said.

“Hmph! What if I don’t agree with you? What will you guys do? Don’t tell me you really have the guts to attack my brother in the Martial Palace?”

Wu Jiu coldly harrumphed. His life had been saved by Jiang Chen, and now someone was trying to kill his savior, a bunch of nonsense to him. Wu Jiu would never let that happen!

Shangguan Sheng and Tiangang Yi’s expressions turned ugly. They never expected Wu Jiu’s att.i.tude regarding this matter to be so firm. They were not daring enough to a.s.sault someone in the Martial Palace.

“We dare not fight with the Ninth Emperor, but regardless, we have to get justice for what Jiang Chen has done! If the Ninth Emperor insists on not letting us kill Jiang Chen, we can only proceed to the Martial Saint Dynasty and meet with the Majestic Emperor, we’ll requires him to bring us justice!”

Shangguan Sheng said with a loud voice.

“Fine, then you guys just go to the Majestic Emperor.”

Wu Jiu’s words startled both Shangguan Sheng and Tiangang Yi for a moment. They thought Wu Jiu would be frightened upon them mentioning the Majestic Emperor, but they never expected him to be so firm. It looked like it would be impossible for them to kill Jiang Chen today.

“Ninth Emperor, I suggest you think twice. I know this guys has also offended the Tenth Emperor’s son, and yesterday, he also beat up the Seventh Emperor’s son. If we bring all this to the Martial Saint Dynasty, I don’t think you can protect him either.”

Tiangang Yi was getting angry. If it wasn’t Wu Jiu he was talking to, he might have already struck by now, without wasting any more time.

“Hmph! Let me repeat myself; Jiang Chen is my sworn brother, he has saved daddy’s life before, and no one is allowed to kill him in front of daddy unless you kill me first! Not to mention, he only killed a few men. Even if he poked a hole through the skies, daddy would still stand in front of him; none of you can kill him in front of me! If you want to go to the Majestic Emperor, go now, and get the f.u.c.k outta my place!”

Wu Jiu coldly harrumphed. He was nowhere near polite even when facing Shangguan Sheng and Tiangang Yi, he just asked them to ‘get the f.u.c.k outta my place’.

“Brother, let’s go back and have a drink together!”

Wu Jiu grabbed Jiang Chen’s arm and flew back toward the Martial Palace, leaving behind those six angry men. Jiang Chen felt touched, Wu Jiu said he would stand in front of Jiang Chen even if he poked a hole through the skies, this really touched Jiang Chen’s heart. This was what a real brother would do!

“The f.u.c.k? The Palace Chief is such an amazing man!”

Yu Zihan felt as if a bomb had been dropped on him because of what he had heard.

“Haha, I never thought the Palace Chief would be a man with such character, I like him! No wonder Little Chen trusts him so much.”

Nangong Wentian burst into laughter. Wu Jiu’s behavior was indeed incredible, he gave absolutely no face to the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, he simply dragged Jiang Chen and left the place, leaving behind those six mighty warriors.

“Of course! Back in Inferno h.e.l.l, Little Chen and I saved Wu Jiu’s life. Without us, he would be dead meat back in that Poisonous Miasma s.p.a.ce. Since Little Chen is now in trouble, he has to stand out and save him.”

Big Yellow’s big tail swayed back and forth as he spoke. But honestly, he too didn’t expect Wu Jiu to be such an intensive man.