Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 358 – Crushed

Chapter 358 – Crushed

Chapter 358 - Crushed


The entire Mount Tianyuan had become an incredibly violent scene. The sand was flying, and the rocks were rolling around everywhere. The devastating energy tornado was wreaking havoc, destroying everything along its way. This scene looked like something straight out of doomsday! The faces of those watching from afar had turned pale from fright. It wasn’t difficult to imagine that if any one of them was dragged into the battlefield, they would perish in an instant.


A miserable shriek sounded out from a corner underneath Mount Tianyuan. It was a Late Divine Core genius who got hit by the energy which leaked out from the formation. His entire body turned into dust on the spot.

Right now, all those geniuses who came here because of Shangguan Yiqing and Xuan Yuzi’s calling had become lambs waiting to be slaughtered. Every one of them were suffering from severe injuries because of the previous backlash, and could only hide in a corner on Mount Tianyuan. However, since the battle between those three mighty warriors involved the entire Mount Tianyuan, they didn’t really have any place to hide. The devastating shockwaves from the battle was not something they could resist, and when someone got hit, he would instantly be killed.

“Brother Shangguan, please open up a small path so we can get out from here!”

Someone shouted toward Shangguan Yiqing from the sky. The entire Mount Tianyuan was completely locked up by him, and after these geniuses fell down from the sky previously, they had been trapped here before they could run away. When they found out that everything here was going to perish because of the battle’s devastating forces, they just wanted to get out from here before it was too late; before they all had the same endings as those shattered rocks.

However, Shangguan Yiqing was busy fighting Jiang Chen and Xuan Yuzi, he didn’t have the time to bother with the safety of these geniuses. It was also impossible for him to open a path for them to get out, as it had taken him a great amount of work to set up this formation in order to trap both Jiang Chen and Xuan Yuzi within. Once he opened it up, all his hard work would go to waste, and if he couldn’t borrow the Earth’s Force, Jiang Chen and Xuan Yuzi might immediately tear him to pieces.


Another miserable shriek was heard. As the battle was getting more and more intense, another genius was accidentally killed, and his body was completely ripped into pieces, smearing his blood and flesh all over the place. He died in a most miserable manner.

“Brother Shangguan, we were here to help you, please spare our lives!”

Someone shouted once again. No one wanted to die, especially not in such a meaningless way.

“Shangguan Yiqing, how can you just ignore our safety? You’re a heartless man!”

Someone couldn’t stand it any longer. If this continued, all of them were soon going to die, as they were all severely wounded. They just didn’t have the ability to withstand the battle’s devastating shockwaves.

Right now, many people were starting to feel regret. Only now did they understand Shangguan Yiqing’s true character; he was a man who was capable of scheming against his own ally, Xuan Yuzi! He was a cunning and wicked man, as well as an utterly selfish man! Now, in order to kill Jiang Chen and Xuan Yuzi, he just wouldn’t waste his time helping these geniuses out.

“d.a.m.n it! That b.a.s.t.a.r.d Shangguan Yiqing, he’s completely ignoring our safety!”

“I hate this! I shouldn’t have come to this Gather of Skynet! In the end, I just ended up trapped in this gigantic net!”

“Shangguan Yiqing, please, I beg you, spare our lives!”

“d.a.m.n you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Daddy won’t let you go even if I become a ghost!”


Helplessness and hopelessness filled the faces of these geniuses. Now that death was actually right in front of their faces, none of them were able to face it with a calm att.i.tude; none of them wanted to die, especially those who lived a life better others! They usually cherished their lives more than that of anything else.

But, reality was cruel. When death truly struck, none would be able to resist.


Another miserable shriek sounded out. Mount Tianyuan wasn’t a big place, so when the ripples of the battle swept across it, it simply meant a deadly disaster for all the living beings.

Devastating ripples from the battle kept ruining every single part of Mount Tianyuan. Without any question, after today’s battle, it would certainly become a land of ruin.

With the Heavenly Saint Sword in his hand, Jiang Chen hovered right in the center of the tornado. Most of Shangguan Yiqing’s attacks were focused on Jiang Chen, that’s why Xuan Yuzi could still remain. If Shangguan Yiqing had focused all of the Earth’s Force and attack Xuan Yuzi, he would now be a dead man.


Jiang Chen destroyed another Earth’s Force with his hand. Looking around at the energy waves surrounding him like a wall, he shook his head helplessly.

“Looks like even with my current combat strength, it is impossible for me to fight Shangguan Yiqing who has control over the Earth’s Force. Amongst this Earth’s Force there is a key which Shangguan Yiqing uses to control Mount Tianyuan. As long as I can destroy it, the Skynet Formation will be immediately broken.”

Jiang Chen thought to himself. After that, with a move of his body, he unleashed the Firethorn Combat Armor. At the same time, the Heavenly Saint Sword flew up by itself and started flying around Jiang Chen, creating a light barrier formed entirely from sword energy. With both the Firethorn Armor and the sword barrier, Jiang Chen would be able to temporarily not worry about the incoming attacks.

After setting up his defense, Jiang Chen started circulating the Great Soul Derivation skill, spreading his soul force across the place, and penetrating it into the different Earth’s Force, carefully checking out their internal structures.

“Shangguan Yiqing, you and I cannot exist together!”

Xuan Yuzi was still in the same violent rage as before. His combat strength was indeed formidable, and he continuously counter-attacked with his incredible sword skills. If it was any other ordinary man, he would already have been killed by Shangguan Yiqing.

“Hmph! Xuan Yuzi, I’ll just kill you first!”

Shangguan Yiqing coldly harrumphed. He waved his hand and threw a deadly tornado carrying countless rocks toward Xuan Yuzi. This tornado was a few times stronger than before.


Xuan Yuzi’s counter attack was instantly destroyed by it, and the longsword in his hand was nearly knocked out from his hand. In this split second, a deadly feeling rose from the bottom of his heart. Xuan Yuzi was pale with fright, and he immediately fell back. However, even with such quick response, he was still hit by the attack, and was badly wounded. One of his arms nearly shattered, and blood was pouring out from his wounds.

“Xuan Yuzi, those who choose to become my enemy will only meet one ending; death! Now, I have trapped Jiang Chen, and after I kill you, he’ll be next, and his sword will be mine!”

Shangguan Yiqing portrayed an utmost arrogant att.i.tude. He was surrounded by countless long dragon formed by the Earth’s Forces, and wherever he pa.s.sed, this devastating army of dragons would destroy everything.

Together with these armies of tornadoes, Shangguan Yiqing simply flooded Xuan Yuzi with deadly attacks. When the tornadoes disappeared, one of Xuan Yuzi’s arms had completely vanished, and his entire body was covered with blood. Even his white hair had become completely blood red because of his own blood. The longsword in his hand was gone, while cuts and wounds could be seen all over his body. Xuan Yuzi repeatedly coughed out blood, and at this point of time, he was like an arrow at the end of its flight.

The number one genius from the Myriad Sword Sect had lost all his ability to fight. All that was left was resentfulness and a wicked look in his eyes.


Shangguan Yiqing burst into laughter. It wasn’t hard to imagine how happy he was from the sound of his laughter. For him, today was a great day, and what he had been dreaming about had finally come true! All this time, Xuan Yuzi had been his biggest rival, and they had fought each other countless times for the past ten years. Every time, they just wanted to kill each other, but, they would always end up in a draw. Finally, Shangguan Yiqing’s dream came true, he was going to kill Xuan Yuzi now!

As for the fact that he had been used some despicable methods in order to reach this point, Shangguan Yiqing didn’t feel bad about this. Both of them were his lifetime rivals, and sooner or later this day was going to come; either he or Xuan Yuzi would be killed in the end, and history was written by the winner. No matter how dishonorable the tactics used were, no one would really care. At least, Shangguan Yiqing didn’t care.

Not far from the scene, Jiang Chen was working the Great Soul Derivation skill to its full strength. With its help, he could clearly see a beam of light that was emitting a glow darker than the others behind Shangguan Yiqing.

This Earth’s Force is obviously much stronger than the rest, it contains a much stronger Earth’s Force, and its aura was pretty much identical to Mount Tianyuan’s aura.

“That’s the one!”

Jiang Chen suddenly opened up his eyes. He reached his hand toward the Heavenly Saint Sword, grabbed it, and slashed the tornado with it. Then, he sprinted toward Shangguan Yiqing. Because Shangguan Yiqing had used most of his energy to attack Xuan Yuzi, Jiang Chen could easily break the tornado that was surrounding him.

“Jiang Chen, you’re next!”

When Shangguan Yiqing found Jiang Chen rus.h.i.+ng toward him, he immediately let loose a loud cry and strengthened his energy. In such a situation, he didn’t really take Jiang Chen seriously. With just a single thought, Jiang Chen would be trapped once again, then he would easily be able to kill him.

However, before Shangguan Yiqing could have the time to control the Earth’s Force, nine identical Jiang Chens suddenly appeared right in front of him. The exact scene that happened before had once again shown up. It was such an odd and miraculous movement skill, and it simply caused him to feel a headache.

Jiang Chen’s fighting experience was simply too vast. Once he decided to strike, he usually wouldn’t give his opponent too much time to react. The Nine Phantom Wolves skill was not the most terrifying part of his a.s.sault, the real deal here was the Dimensional s.h.i.+ft.

The Dimensional s.h.i.+ft could also be called the Void s.h.i.+ft. It was a skill that could only be used efficiently by Combat King warriors, and it allowed one to walk through the void, and s.h.i.+ft five thousand kilometers in an instant. In Jiang Chen’s previous life, it was his favorite movement skill. Although he was far from the Combat King realm, but when using it together with the Nine Phantom Wolves, it could still surprise his opponent.

Just like right now, as Shangguan Yiqing was finally able to react, the real Jiang Chen had arrived behind his back, and only at this moment did Shangguan Yiqing realize that there was only one Jiang Chen left.

But, it was too late! When Jiang Chen moved, he never gave anyone the chance to hesitate, even if only for a split second.


The Heavenly Saint Sword produced a deafening loud cry. The invincible like sword slashed through the beam of light right in the center. With a slas.h.i.+ng sound, the beam of light instantly broke into two pieces.

Right at the moment when this beam of light was destroyed, the restless Earth’s Forces suddenly fell back like ocean waves, rolling back into the ground with lightning speed. The once restless Mount Tianyuan had once again become quiet.


A mouthful of blood shot out from the arrogant Shangguan Yiqing’s mouth. His energy instantly weakened, and his mighty look was all gone.

This was the real backlash, and it was much deadlier than what those geniuses who suffered when the previous Skynet Formation was broken had suffered. For Shangguan Yiqing, a backlash like this was definitely deadly.