Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 357 – Earth’s Force

Chapter 357 – Earth’s Force

Chapter 357 – Earth’s Force


When part of the formation was broken, the entire formation was destined to be completely destroyed. Cracking sounds started sounding out from the huge light barrier, and in just a short amount of time, cracks could be seen everywhere. After that, the formation completely shattered with a loud explosive sound.

Blergh! …

Arghh! ...

Miserable shrieks could be heard everywhere. Those geniuses who were stationed in different positions were uncontrollably throwing up blood, and falling down from the sky one after the other. Some with faster reflexes could still stabilize themselves, but none were spared from being severely injured.

Before this, they had all merged their attention into the formation. In other words, all these geniuses had merged themselves with the Skynet Formation. They were considered bound together with it, for the good and the bad.

Now, since the Skynet Formation had been completely destroyed by Jiang Chen, these geniuses would naturally have to suffer the ma.s.sive backlash. This backlash was truly devastating, and they could be considered really lucky for not dying on the spot. Of course, they had lost all ability to fight now, and it would take them at least 2-3 months of recovery before they could get back to normal.

Even Xuan Yuzi who stood not far away had suffered a backlash. He was knocked back, and could only regain control over his body after flying about 40 meters back. However, surprisingly, Shangguan Yiqing who was at the center of the formation didn’t seem to be affected at all. He still wore a calm expression on his face.

“Nothing actually happened to you?”

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes and threw a look of disbelief at Shangguan Yiqing. The Skynet Formation was created by Shangguan Yiqing himself, and it was based on him as the center point. If it was destroyed, he would be the one to suffer the biggest backlash. But now, all the others had suffered a huge backlash, but not him. This was really unusual.

“Jiang Chen, I hate to admit this, but your formidable cultivation is really beyond my imagination. But, did you really think this was the only thing I had prepared for you?”

Shangguan Yiqing said with a sneer.

“It looks like the Skynet Formation has been divided into two parts by you. They I destroyed just now wasn’t the real Skynet Formation.”

Jiang Chen said.

“You’re really smart! Let me tell you, the real Skynet Formation is right here!”

Shangguan Yiqing flipped his palm and retrieved another golden talisman. It was hovering up and down within his palm, and it looked mystical.

“Jiang Chen, I’ll let you witness my real mightiness now!”

Shangguan Yiqing let out a cold laugh. With a powerful squeeze, he shattered the talisman, causing it to turn into golden lights which merged into his body. Within a split second, a loud bang was heard, and the entire Mount Tianyuan started trembling.


Beams of yellow earth lights rose from the surroundings of Mount Tianyuan, instantly covering the entire Mount Tianyuan and completely locking it down.

“Earth’s Force.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes shook. To his surprise, these beams of light were actually the Earth’s Source Force. The fact that Shangguan Yiqing was able to communicate with the Earth and borrow its force really shocked Jiang Chen.

“Haha, Jiang Chen, are you afraid right now? Let me tell you, this is the real Skynet Formation! I found Mount Tianyuan’s main earth vein before coming here, and I have set up an advanced formation with it! Now, I can borrow the Earth’s Force from the entire Mount Tianyuan! Even a Late Combat Soul warrior would be killed by me with this incredible force, not just you!”

Shangguan Yiqing burst into laughter. Right after he finished speaking, beams of light immediately shot toward him and merged into a body. In the blink of an eye, his combat strength had increased to be at least three times more than what it was before. However, this wasn’t the frightening part. The face that he was able to control the force of this mountain range was something really devastating!

“Shangguan Yiqing, if my guess is correct, this was a surprise prepared specially for Xuan Yuzi, so that you could kill two birds with one stone. I have to say, this is a brilliant strategy! You are truly a ruthless and wicked man!”

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone.

Jiang Chen’s words instantly caused Xuan Yuzi’s expression to change. He immediately threw his glance at Shangguan Yiqing, as if he was throwing some sharp blades at him. Jiang Chen’s words were indeed a knock onto his head. After all this turmoil, this hidden Skynet Formation was not prepared for Jiang Chen, but for him, Xuan Yuzi.

What was happening right now had become clear. According to the original plan, the previous Skynet Formation was more than enough to kill Jiang Chen, so there was obviously no need for Shangguan Yiqing to prepare more than that. However, he did actually carefully prepare something else, and his motived was very obvious. Once they killed Jiang Chen, Shangguan Yiqing would utilize the mountain range’s force and kill Xuan Yuzi. With that, he would be able to kill two birds with one stone, and he would also be able to obtain all of Jiang Chen’s wealth. It was a truly crafty plan!

“Alright, Shangguan Yiqing, I never thought your plot would include me. I’m truly blind to have joined forces with you!”

Xuan Yuzi couldn’t hide the extreme anger on his face. The feeling of betrayal caused him to feel sullen.

“Xuan Yuzi, don’t listen to that Jiang Chen! This is a backup plan I prepared for him!”

Shangguan Yiqing tried to explain.

“What a joke! If you did prepare this as a backup plan, why didn’t you tell me earlier? Don’t tell me it was for my own good… or, are you really so smart that you could foretell that Jiang Chen would be able to defeat the first formation?”

Xuan Yuzi was furious right now. Although he should be standing together with Shangguan Yiqing and fight Jiang Chen, he was feeling a strong desire to kill Shangguan Yiqing right now. It wasn’t difficult to imagine that if Jiang Chen was killed now, it would be his turn the next moment. This wicked plot caused Xuan Yuzi’s hatred of Shangguan Yiqing to become stronger than his hatred for Jiang Chen.

“Haha, Xuan Yuzi, since you’ve learned everything, I’ll admit it. Correct, the second Skynet Formation was indeed specifically prepared for you. This was such a good opportunity, how could I let go of this rare chance to kill my two biggest enemies in one go? However, not being able to kill Jiang Chen just now was really out of my expectations; especially him breaking my formation. But never mind that, it won’t change anything! I control the entire mountain range’s force, and both of you are going to die here! Everything here has been completely locked down by me, and none of are going to run away from me!”

Shangguan Yiqing let out a victorious laughter. He had been preparing to kill both Jiang Chen and Xuan Yuzi today.

“Xuan Yuzi, did you hear that? Shangguan Yiqing would never organize this Gathering of Skynet with the sole intent of killing me, because he wouldn’t know if I would show up or not. Judging from what he said just now, even if I didn’t show up, his preparations would still not go to waste, because he could still use them to kill you.”

Jiang Chen’s voice was loud and clear as he spoke. He really wished to see how this genius from the Myriad Sword Sect would react when he was furious. Provoking his enemies and making them attack each other gave Jiang Chen a pleasant feeling.

“Slash of Dawn!”

Xuan Yuzi shouted out loudly. His voice was filled with the explosive fury within his heart. He frenziedly swung the sword in his hand, but this time, his target was no longer Jiang Chen, but his so called ally, Shangguan Yiqing!

Xuan Yuzi was completely furious. Not once in his life had he been so angry! This plan was actually mainly designed for him!


A gigantic net made from countless sword arrived in front of Shangguan Yiqing in the blink of an eye. However, Shangguan Yiqing felt no fear, he just casually pointed his finger, unleas.h.i.+ng an energy beam that looked like a long dragon toward Xuan Yuzi.


The Earth’s Force collided with Xuan Yuzi’s Slash of Dawn, producing a deafening loud explosive sound. One of the mountain peaks underneath them was instantly shattered by this tremendous force. However, those broken stone were instantly controlled by Shangguan Yiqing. He turned them into a violent tornado which crashed toward Xuan Yuzi.

The Earth’s Force was simply too powerful, it almost control the entire mountain range’s force! Xuan Yuzi turned pale with fright. He continuously swung the longsword in his hand, using all the strength in his body to defend himself from this attack. However, his expression was extremely ugly.

“Haha, Xuan Yuzi, as long as we’re within Mount Tianyuan’s area, I am the absolutely master of everything! You are going to die here today, and so are you, Jiang Chen! Both of you will become stepping stones on my path to the top, you two are just cannon fodder! I am the true number one genius amongst the entire Eastern Continent’s younger generation!”

Shangguan Yiqing’s black hair was dancing in the wind, and his entire body was portraying an extremely arrogant att.i.tude. The ability to control the Earth’s Force made him feel like some kind of ultimate master. This feeling of invincibility truly infatuated him.

“Heavens, what is going on right now? Why did Shangguan Yiqing suddenly become so powerful?”

“This is terrifying! Shangguan Yiqing is such a crafty and unrevealing man, he was actually scheming against his own ally! He is also an expert in formations! With his knowledge, he has the ability to control the entire Mount Tianyuan’s force and borrow the Earth’s Force, this is incredible! Looks like Jiang Chen won’t be the only one, even Xuan Yuzi is going to die here today!”

“Precisely! I never thought Shangguan Yiqing was such a ruthless man! Having a friend like him is something really dangerous!”


Those who stood outside Mount Tianyuan all had mixed emotions. No one had expected the battle would turn out like this. The allies had suddenly become enemies, and now, the situation had become much messier.

“The Earth’s Force? Too bad, this place is only a desolate mountain range, even if you can borrow its force, with your strength, you can’t control it too much.”

Jiang Chen sneered.

“My control over is more than enough to kill you.”

Shangguan Yiqing waved his palm and unleashed a figure of a dragon with the Earth’s Force. It then produced a deafening sound, and thrust toward Jiang Chen. Whenever it pa.s.sed a mountain, the peak would shatter, and all the gravel would rise up and turn into a violent tornado.

“Come here!”

No signs of fear could be found on Jiang Chen’s face. The Heavenly Saint Sword was vibrating violently in his hand, as if it was really excited to welcome the enemy. Numerous Dragon Marks were covering it, and with Jiang Chen’s control, the Heavenly Saint Sword expanded and became more than 40 meters long. Then, its energy flared up, and it slashed forward.


The Heavenly Saint Sword instantly caused the Earth’s Force to perish, but just a split second later, Shangguan Yiqing had formed a few other Earth’s Forces and forcefully thrown them toward Jiang Chen. On the other side, Xuan Yuzi had struck once again, but his attack was blocked off by the Earth’s Force as well.

Jiang Chen and Xuan Yuzi who were once enemies were now working together in attempts to kill Shangguan Yiqing. The sudden turn caused many people to feel really confused.

“Haha, you two are going to die today!”

Shangguan Yiqing looked very mighty at this moment. With just a thought, he was able to control the Earth’s Force. In the current situation where he had to fight two men at once, he was still on the advantageous side, and Jiang Chen was currently trapped by the tornado.