Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 341 – Black Altar

Chapter 341 – Black Altar

Chapter 341 – Black Altar

During the next two day, all the Early Combat Soul warriors would come out from the magma pool every hour, regulate their breath and energy, then dive right back into the pool. They were very determined to find Jiang Chen and kill him.

“d.a.m.n it, what exactly is that Jiang Chen made of? He’s too insane! It has been two days since he entered the magma pool, but I have yet to see him come out. Perhaps he died in there?”

“Impossible! If he couldn’t withstand it, I’m sure he would have come out! But, two days is a long time, and even the two Mid Combat Soul princes has come out five times during these two days.”

“He’s a monster, but Wu Cong and the men from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect are determined to kill him, and I’m sure they won’t give up easily.”


Many people discussed the events amongst each other. Since it wasn’t time for the exit to appear yet, none of them would be able to leave. Therefore, they could only spectate from an audience’s point of view. They all watched with mixed emotions as those Combat Soul warriors jumped in and out from the magma pool, and yet, none of them were able to find out where Jiang Chen was.

As for those Combat Soul warriors, after two days of searching, they had almost gone through every single inch of the entire magma pool, but they hadn’t been able to find a single trace of Jiang Chen.

“f.u.c.k, could this guy really have disappeared into nowhere? Don’t tell me he’s really staying at the bottom of the magma pool?”

Shangguan Yilong said in a depressed manner.

“Impossible! This magma pool is more than 300 meters deep, the temperature at the bottom is incredibly high, and the pressure is enough to crush any one of us! Even the two princes can’t go down there, let alone Jiang Chen who is only a Divine Core warrior!”

“I think Jiang Chen perhaps died in there, and his body has already been burned to ashes. If not, I don’t see how he could possibly stay in there for more than two days.”

All the Combat Soul warriors were feeling gloomy. They had restlessly spent two days searching for Jiang Chen, and they had almost searched every single inch of the magma pool. But, not only Jiang Chen, they hadn’t even found the Magma’s Heart that they were all longing for.


Suddenly, a magma pillar erupted from the surface of the magma pool. It was Wu Cong, who had just leapt out. His expression was even uglier compared to two days ago, and although he had found some good things during his trip to the Island of Ice, he had basically lost all his face because of Jiang Chen. And now, after restlessly searching for two days, he had yet to discover Jiang Chen’s whereabouts. It made him really angry.

“Prince, since we still can’t find that Jiang Chen, what should we do now?”

Yang Yun asked.

“Hmph! It’s highly possible that Jiang Chen died down there. But, just in case, we’ll just wait here.”

Wu Cong coldly harrumphed and said, “The Majestic Emperor said this before, the Island of Ice will only remain open for seven days. After that, the exit will appear, and we only have one more day until the exit appears. Since this place is the center of the Island of Ice, we’ll just wait here. If that Jiang Chen still doesn’t come out from the magma pool after one day, we’ll leave the Island of Ice.”

“Prince, what if Jiang Chen is still alive?”

Shangguan Yilong asked.

“Hmph! I’ll kill him no matter what! When the exit appears, I’ll stay there until it’s almost completely shut, and if he appears, I’ll kill him in an instant! If he doesn’t come out, that means he died in the magma pool. The Island of Ice only appears once every hundred years, I don’t believe he will risk getting trapped in here for 100 years.”

Wu Cong coldly harrumphed once again. No matter what, he was not going to let Jiang Chen slip away easily.

“Not only Jiang Chen, also that big yellow dog and those other two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! We need to kill them all, break their bones, and burn them into ashes!”

Ling Du gnashed his teeth in anger.

“Prince, we’ve searched for two days, but we still haven’t found the Magma’s Heart. It looks like it isn’t fully formed yet.”

Shangguan Yihong said.

“The Magma’s Heart is the hottest part of the entire magma pool. Even if there really is one, it can only be found at the deepest depth within the magma pool, and with our abilities, we can’t reach that depth. That’s why we’re unable to find it.”

Wu Lang said.

“Wu Lang, you’ve been helping that Jiang Chen all this time against me! I hope you don’t get in my way the next time, otherwise I’m going to fight you to the death!”

Wu Cong warned Wu Lang.

“Wu Cong, don’t threaten me, I don’t need you to tell me what to do.”

Wu Lang replied with a sneer, giving absolutely no face to Wu Cong.


At the same time, at the bottom of the magma pool, Jiang Chen had completely transformed. After two days, the entire Magma’s Heart had been completely absorbed by him, and the benefits it brought was enormous!

Explosive sounds could be heard from Jiang Chen’s body. There were countless blood red dragons flying around his body. Within his Qi Sea, he had now formed 4,500 Dragon Marks! The Magma’s Heart had given Jiang Chen 1,500 new Dragon Marks, and not only did that make him become a Late Divine Core warrior, it had also stabilized his cultivation at the Peak Late Divine Core realm, just one step away from the Combat Soul realm!

In order to break through from the Divine Core realm into the Combat Soul realm, Jiang Chen would need a total of 5,000 Dragon Marks. That meant, Jiang Chen was only 500 Dragon Marks away from the Combat Soul realm. However, obtaining another 500 Dragon Marks was no easy task.


Jiang Chen clenched his fist tightly, causing it to produce cracking sounds. After breaking through, he felt like his body possessed endless amounts of strength. Just how strong was he now that he had 4,500 Dragon Marks? Only Jiang Chen himself knew.

“With my current combat strength, I don’t think Wu Cong is my match any longer. If I successfully give birth to a new Heavenly Saint Sword, I can even kill him within a second.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes shone brightly. It was a feeling of having an incredibly strong cultivation. Being able to kill a Mid Combat Soul warriors with just a Peak Late Divine Core cultivation, and it was not an ordinary Combat Soul warrior, but a genius… Perhaps Jiang Chen was the only person in the Saint Origin Realm capable of such a feat.

In fact, with Jiang Chen’s current combat strength, he could easily kill any ordinary Mid Combat Soul warrior, but against a genius like Wu Cong, well, the difference between them was small. However, if the Heavenly Saint Sword was successfully reborn, it would be a completely different story. With that sword in his hand, Jiang Chen’s combat strength would easily be doubled.

“My cultivation has experienced a great increase this time, and not only was my foundation not affected, the Magma’s Heart also tempered my body and made it even stronger. Now, it is time for the Heavenly Saint Sword’s revival using the environment here.”

Jiang Chen thought to himself. This trip to the Island of Ice had given him an enormous amount of benefits, it was something he had never dreamed about. Since his cultivation was taken care of, it was time for him to focus on the Heavenly Saint Sword.

With a flip of his palm, Jiang Chen retrieve two broken parts of the Heavenly Saint Sword. After that, he also took out every single Combat Weapon within his storage ring.

The appearance of several hundred Combat Weapons, just the auras released by them caused the magma to react violently. Some Low-Ranked Combat Weapons were even showing signs of melting upon being covered by the magma.

“I’m going to melt every single one of you!”

Jiang Chen shouted. After that, he immediately unleashed the True Dragon Flame and adjusted its temperature to match the magma, then he formed it into a gigantic flame net which covered every single Combat Weapon.

There was actually not a huge difference between concocting pills and making Combat Weapons, the process was pretty similar. Jiang Chen as the previously greatest Saint underneath the Heavens, not only was he an alchemy expert, he was also a master at making Combat Weapons.

Perfect-Ranked Combat Weapons were difficult to melt, but since Jiang Chen had the help of this unique environment, as well as the Heavenly Saint Sword’s help, the melting process became really simple.

The magma was flowing around these Combat Weapons, and together with the True Dragon Flame’s intense temperature, many Combat Weapons slowly started melting. On the other side, the two broken sword parts were the easiest to merge together, as they belong to a single sword before this. Also, with the existence of Jiang Chen’s aura, merging the two pieces was just a piece of cake.

“Judging from these two broken parts, it looks like the Heavenly Saint Sword broke into seven parts. I wonder where I can find the other five parts. But, no matter what, I’m really lucky I have two parts with me right now. With them, I can easily make a true ultimate weapon. As for the other five parts, I’ll just have to find them in the future.”

Jiang Chen knew the Heavenly Saint Sword really well, that’s why he could easily make the conclusion that it had broken into seven parts. He had found two right now, and as for the rest, he had to find them in the future.

Within the bottom of the magma pool, Jiang Chen had thrown all his attention into making the brand new Heavenly Saint Sword, causing him to completely lose track of time. Soon, one day pa.s.sed by. Wu Cong and the other Combat Soul warriors were still waiting for him outside the magma pool. It had been three days since Jiang Chen dived in, but he was still nowhere to be seen. The situation made all their expressions turn extremely ugly.

“It’s been three days, that guy still hasn’t come out.”

“I guess he must have died within the magma pool and turned into ashes.”

“With his cultivation, it’s impossible for him to stay down there for more than three days. But, killing himself down there, at least he won’t have to suffer from Wu Cong’s hands.”


The men from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect really hated Jiang Chen. They really wished they could eat his flesh, that’s why they felt Jiang Chen was really lucky to have died in the magma pool.

“It’s been seven days, I think the Island of Ice’s exit is going to emerge soon.”

Right after Wu Cong finished speaking, an explosive sound immediately sounded out from far into the distance. At the same time, a huge amount of black smoke rose up into the sky about 5 km away from where he sat, causing the place to look like a scene straight out of doomsday.


Within a split second, an ancient looking black altar suddenly appeared right in front of the crowd. Above the altar, a black gate slowly opened up. There was an ancient teleportation formation right next to the black gate, leading to an unknown location.

“The Island of Ice’s exit is finally here, let’s hurry up and leave!”

Someone said.

“The exit has finally appeared! I’ve found some good stuff here, once I leave this place, I’ll immediately enter secluded cultivation and break through to a higher stage!”

“Let’s go! Don’t waste any more time here, I think that Jiang Chen died down in the magma pool, there doesn’t seem to be any more shows for us to watch.”

At the moment, the people in the crowd started flying toward the black altar.

“Prince, what should we do now? We have no idea what Jiang Chen’s situation is like, and there’s also those two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds and that dog who have gone missing as well.”

Shangguan Yihong asked.

“Let’s leave this place. I’ll guard the exit, I don’t believe that trio will continue hiding.”

Wu Cong threw one last glance at the magma pool underneath. After that, he flew toward the altar.