Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 340 – Late Divine Core Realm

Chapter 340 – Late Divine Core Realm

Chapter 340 – Late Divine Core Realm

The scorching magma was furiously boiling within the magma pool. As the Combat Soul warriors dived deeper, they started feeling uncomfortable, and their Qi and Blood was being severely agitated. Even breathing became hard for them.

“Can’t do it, this magma pool is too deep, my Divine Sense can’t even reach its bottom. The deeper I go, the higher the pressure and temperature becomes; I’m approaching my limit!”

Although there was a Yuan energy barrier protecting Shangguan Yilong’s body, he was sweating all over while rapidly panting.

The other peoples’ conditions weren’t any good either. Except for Wu Lang and Wu Cong who could still remain calm, all of them were in states similar to Shangguan Yilong.

“Can’t go any deeper, this is my limit! My body is going to be severely injured if I go any further. I wonder where Jiang Chen actually is… Never mind, I’ll just search for the Magma’s Heart at this depth, if I am lucky enough to find it; it will be my greatest fortune!”

Ling Du from the Myriad Sword Sect thought to himself. He quickly stopped diving deeper, and instead started searching from the Magma’s Heart at the depth where he currently stood.

On the other side, Wu Cong continued diving deeper. Not only did he want to find the Magma’s Heart, he also wanted to find out where Jiang Chen was, and kill him.

None of these Combat Soul geniuses could use their Divine Sense within the magma, so they could only search a small area at a time. However, with the Great Soul Derivation skill, Jiang Chen could clearly see what these people were doing. When he found out what they were up to, a sneer immediately emerged onto his face.

“What a bunch of morons! The Magma’s Heart is the hottest part of the magma, the place it stays is the place with the highest temperature. These guys can’t even reach the bottom of this magma pool, and they still dream about finding it; what a joke!”

Jiang Chen wore a ridiculing expression. Not only was he staying at the warmest place, it was also the place where the pressure was the greatest. Within this magma pool, the high temperature wasn’t the only threat, even more frightening than the temperature was the pressure coming from the heavy magma. It carried an intense temperature that was more than enough to kill any living beings in an instant. Under such tremendous pressure, only Jiang Chen who had a strong body tempered by the Dragon Transformation Skill could stay for a long time. The two Mid Combat Soul warriors, Wu Cong and Wu Lang couldn’t do it at all.

Firmly believing that he wouldn’t be disturbed at this spot, Jiang Chen finally felt relieved. With his legs crossed, Jiang Chen sat down on the bottom of the magma pools. Countless fiery dragons were flying around his body, and on top of his head, the Magma’s Heart was rotating by itself.

“Magma’s Heart, I’m going to absorb you right now. Where I land within the Late Divine Core realm is all up to you.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes shone brightly. Under the Dragon Transformation skill’s circulation, the Magma’s Heart started slowly melting. It turned into fiery red beams and entered Jiang Chen’s body from the top of his head.


Right when the Magma’s Heart entered Jiang Chen’s body, a heat wave suddenly exploded out from within his body. It was very sudden, and very powerful! If it was any other person, his internal organs might have already been burned to crisps.

But since Jiang Chen had quite a few different flames within his body, as well as the mighty True Dragon Flame, he had a certain degree of immunity toward all flames, and it was also the reason why after the Magma’s Heart entered his body, all its scorching energy was immediately absorbed by the Dragon Transformation skill.


Right after the Magma’s Heart was absorbed, buzzing sounds immediately started sounding out from Jiang Chen’s body. It was the sound that only appeared whenever new Dragon Marks were formed. The Magma’s Heart carried the essence of the entire magma pool, and the energy it contained was extremely powerful. It made Jiang Chen feel like yelling out because of the pleasant feeling it gave him.

“What a powerful energy! 3,200 Dragon Marks, I’m going to break through!”

Jiang Chen was really excited. Only two minutes had pa.s.sed by, and he was about to break through to the Late Divine Core realm. The required 3,200 Dragon Marks had all been fully formed, and with that, the Divine Core floating in his Qi Sea started violently trembling. Jiang Chen knew he needed an enormous amount of energy when breaking through, so he dared not hesitate. He immediately retrieved an enormous amount of Mortal Restoration Pills and swallowed them all like they held absolutely no value. Right at this moment, he had once again become a bottomless hole, and this hole could only be filled by an enormous amount of energy.

“My breakthrough is going to cause powerful fluctuations. If that Wu Cong finds out where I am, he will definitely come to stop me."

Jiang Chen’s expression became serious. Without hesitating, he unleashed numerous mystical defense mechanisms, then he fused them together, turning them into a formations. After that, he placed the formations around him, perfectly hiding his aura so that no one could discover him.

If this formation was created outside the magma pool, anyone would easily be able to find it with their Divine Sense. However, the magma pool’s harsh environment prevent anyone from using their Divine Sense. Therefore, Jiang Chen was safe here.

Within the magma pool, Wu Cong swam around like an extremely fast fish. But too bad, not only could he not find out where Jiang Chen was, he didn’t even find any signs of the Magma’s Heart.

“d.a.m.n it! Even I can’t hold on for too long at this depth, that Jiang Chen surely can’t do it either! I don’t believe he has the ability to go any deeper!”

Sweat poured down from Wu Cong’s forehead. Obviously, even he couldn’t get used to this depth. If he dived any deeper, the magma’s pressure and temperature would kill him.

“d.a.m.n it, he must be hiding somewhere! I’m going to dig you out and tear you to pieces!”

Wu Cong said while gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth in anger. He turned around and continued searching in another direction. But, he was still searching at the same depth, not daring to dive any deeper. Yet, trying to find Jiang Chen at that depth was just fat chance.

“The Yuan energy here is consumed too fast, my Qi and Blood is in an awful state, I need to leave!”

Ling Du from the Myriad Sword Sect couldn’t hold on any longer. With a leaping motion, he immediately jumped out from the magma pool. At the same time, all the other Combat Soul warriors left the pool one after the other. When they came out of the magma pool, everyone single one of them were panting, and their bodies were soaked in sweat.

“I can’t stay any longer, if I don’t leave as soon as possible, I feel like I’m going to explode at any moment!

Yang Yun panted while saying that. The temperature and pressure within the magma pool was too powerful!

Suddenly, Shangguan Yilong felt that something wasn’t right. He immediately turned around and looked into the distance, and what he saw was a few dead bodies piled up in a pool of blood. When he saw the clothes on those dead bodies, an indescribable anger immediately erupted within his heart.


Shangguan Yilong furiously shouted out. He took a step forward, instantly arriving next to the dead bodies. Right at this moment, all the other Combat Soul warriors had also seen the dead bodies. They too flew to the scene, fury erupting within their hearts.

“Who did this?!”

Ling Du growled. The majority of these dead warriors were from the Myriad Sword Sect.

“Who did this?! Who are daring enough to do this?!”

Xu Shuang became completely furious as well. This was a plain challenge, no one had even done this to any disciple of the Myriad Sword Sect! All those who came to the Island of Ice were geniuses from the Myriad Sword Sect, each and every single one of them were extraordinary talents! All of them were pretty much guaranteed to become Combat Soul warriors in the future, but now, all of them had been mercilessly killed by someone!


Shangguan Yihong threw his glance at a man nearby. With just a glance, that man immediately began trembling, as if he had just fallen into an ice cold cave.

“It’s Big Yellow, Han Yan, and that other guy!”

The man said without delaying even a split second. He dared not hide anything from them.

“After all of you dived into the magma pool, that trio walked up to them. After that, the trio just killed them… killed them all.”

The man continued speaking in a hesitating manner.

“Arghh! Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! We were so focused on entering the magma pool that we forgot about those three b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!”

Shangguan Yilong furiously growled.

“d.a.m.n it! We should have killed those three b.a.s.t.a.r.ds before entering the magma pool! If we killed them, this would have never happened!”

Ling Du was furious as well. There was no way he couldn’t be angry.

“Which direction did those three b.a.s.t.a.r.ds run away to?”

Yang Yun asked.

“They went that way, but they left quite some time ago, I don’t think you guys can find them.”

A warrior said.

“Hmph! They can’t run away! The Island of Ice’s exit hasn’t emerged yet, and once the time comes, all of us will have to leave this place, and I’m sure they will come back here at that point of time.”

Shangguan Yilong coldly harrumphed.

“Hack them into a thousand pieces! I’m doing to do so when I see them!”

Fury! This was a completely unprecedented fury! As disciples from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, their positions had always been prominent, no one had ever dared do anything like this!

“We have to settle this score no matter what, and we need to kill that Jiang Chen right now! Shangguan Yihong, let’s work together for now; we’ll find that Jiang Chen in the magma pool and kill him, what do you think?”

Yang Yun turned to Shangguan Yihong and asked.


Without hesitating, Shangguan Yihong agreed to the proposal. For the first time in history, the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect were working together, and it was all because of Jiang Chen! All of them knew how formidable Jiang Chen was, and it was extremely difficult to defeat him one versus one. But, if they worked together, it would be a completely different story. They also had the Combat Soul warrior from the Qingyi Sect to help them. A Divine Core warrior would never be able to withstand six Combat Soul warriors’ attack.

The group of Combat Soul warriors who left the magma pool just a moment ago, extremely furious, jumped into the magma pool once again. This time, their primary goal was to kill Jiang Chen.

At the bottom of the magma pool, Jiang Chen’s cultivation had completely stabilized at the Late Divine Core realm. But, new Dragon Marks were still constantly forming. Only a small part of the Magma’s Heart had been used.

“I’ve broken through to the Late Divine Core Realm, an in order to break through to the Combat Soul Realm, I will need a total of 5,000 Dragon Marks. The Magma’s Heart is enough to make me reach the Peak Late Divine Core Realm.”

Jiang Chen was surprised by this. Previously, the amount of Dragon Marks required to break through to the next stage/realm was always the double of the previous, but this time, he only needed another 1,800 Dragon Marks in order to break through to the Combat Soul Realm. This also meant he only needed a total of 5,000 Dragon Marks.

Jiang Chen had no idea what the requirement to break through to the late stage of the Dragon Transformation skill was. What he knew was that in order to reach the peak stage of the Dragon Transformation skill, he would need 100,000 Dragon Marks. As for the requirements between that, he only found out whenever he broke through to another stage/realm.

Just like now, he just broke through to the Late Divine Core realm, and he immediately found out how many Dragon Marks he needed in order to break through to the Early Combat Soul Realm.

Of course, the Dragon Transformation skill was a supreme skill! The further Jiang Chen’s cultivation progressed, the more difficult it became for him to break through to the next stage and realm. Each new Dragon Mark also contained more energy than the previously formed Dragon Mark, so it also required more energy to form. Jiang Chen didn’t really care about the pattern, all he cared about was breaking through to the next stage.