Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 338 – Magma’s Heart

Chapter 338 – Magma’s Heart

Chapter 338 – Magma’s Heart

The sound the sword was emitting didn’t seem to stop sounding out. The red flames were rolling around the sword and jumping into the sky like gigantic dragons. Within the Island of Ice, a lot of men were increasing the speed. They were all like trails of light as they rushed toward the place where the sudden change had occurred.

Jiang Chen couldn’t restrain the excitement within his heart. He was really surprised that he was able to obtain the first broken sword part, but the appearance of the second part was just as surprising. He could sense the excitement coming from the second broken sword part, because it had sensed Jiang Chen.

“Old buddy, it has been a hundred years; we’ve finally reunited.”

A pleasant smile emerged onto Jiang Chen’s face. He was incredibly happy right now! The two broken sword parts were the two most valuable things he had gotten on this Island of Ice! No one could understand how deep his relations.h.i.+p with the Heavenly Saint Sword was.

The two princes, as well as the Combat Soul geniuses from the Martial Palace, Shangguan Clan, and Myriad Sword Sect were the fastest group of people. They flew forwards like shooting stars, and soon entered the lead.

What they saw was a shocking scene.

About 6-7 kilometers in front of them there was a land of red magma. Thick smoke constantly rose from the magma, red colored smoke! And even from this far away, the crowd could feel the intense heat coming from the magma! It was so hot that every single man within the crowd was terrified!


Right at this moment, the entire magma land started boiling. The red magma started shooting into the sky like gigantic dragons, and when the magma reached its maximum height, it would fall back into the magma pool, pounding into the magma surface with incredible force, causing the scorching hot magma to splash everywhere. It was a terrifying scene to witness!

“Oh Heavens, who would expect to see such a huge magma land here! Look at those magma pillars, they looked like countless flaming dragons! Their heat is incredible! I think that if a Divine Core warrior is. .h.i.t by these magma pillars, he will burn to ashes in an instant!”

“This is too frightening! Truly a dangerous spot! Guys, look! There is a broken sword on top of the magma pillar!”

“Such a huge broken sword! I think it’s at least 30 meters tall! The loud sword cry we heard just now came from this broken sword!”


The people in the crowd stared at the raging magma pillars, terrified. This was a dangerous spot, even a Combat Soul warrior would die if he jumped right into it!

Right now, every single person watched the broken sword hovering on top of the magma pillars. The broken sword was letting out loud cries as it emitted dazzling lights. The most shocking thing was, this broken sword was over 30 meters tall, and the energy overflowing from it caused those who looked at it to feel palpitations.

“It’s just a broken sword, but it can still produce such a mighty force, and even cause the magma to boil!”

“I’m certain this broken sword is an extremely rare treasure!”

Even the Combat Soul geniuses were shocked by what they saw.

“I was lucky enough to witness the Majestic Emperor’s King Weapon, but the aura leaking from this broken sword makes me feel as I’m looking at something superior to everything else, even King Weapons! Don’t tell me it’s actually an Emperor Weapon?”

Wu Cong stared at the broken sword, and he couldn’t but feel terrified. He had completely forgotten his intention to kill Jiang Chen, who stood not far away from him.

“What?! An Emperor Weapons?! That’s a weapon used by Combat Emperor warriors! We don’t even have a single Combat Emperor warrior in the entire Eastern Continent, I’ve heard they only exist in the Divine Continent far away from us; only there can you find such mighty warriors!”

“The Divine Continent is the center of the Saint Origin Realm, it is a land filled with countless geniuses and great warriors; you can even find Saint Warriors there! In no way can the Eastern Continent compared with the Divine Continent! Remember the legend? The greatest Saint underneath the heavens swung his sword and sliced open the gate leading to the Realm of Immortals! That story always makes my blood boil!”

“If this truly is an Emperor Weapon, even if it’s just a broken part of it, it’s still an unimaginably mighty treasure!”


No one could remain calm! An Emperor Weapon, even if it was a broken part of a whole, it was still enough to astonish all those who saw it.

Little did they know, they were underestimating this broken sword! In front of them was actually the number one Saint Weapon underneath the Heavens! Of course, a Saint Weapon was just too far away from them, it was so far that they couldn’t even imagine that this broken sword was one! But, even though it was just an Emperor Weapon, it was still enough to make them daydream.

“Haha, this Emperor Weapon is mind! If I submit this broken sword to the Majestic Emperor, I’m sure he will reward me greatly!”

Wu Cong let out a hearty laugh. He took a step forward, then he immediately started flying toward the top of the magma pillars.

Seeing this, although all the other people were tempted to do the same, none of them took a step forward. No one was daring enough to fight with the prince over an item.

“With the prince’s ability, I’m sure he’ll have no problems resisting the magma’s high temperature. The broken sword will be his.”

“I’m so envious! That is a broken part of an Emperor Weapon!”

“Once Wu Cong obtains the broken sword and submits it to the Majestic Emperor, I’m sure he’ll be rewarded greatly. At that point of time, his status and position is going to move up another level.”


Everyone wore the same envious expression on their face. But, Jiang Chen was actually grinning! The Heavenly Saint Sword was a sentient weapon, and underneath the Heavens, no one other than him could control it!

Wu Cong unleashed a barrier made from Yuan energy around his body in order to resist the magma’s intense heat. Soon after, he got close to the broken sword.

“Haha, the Emperor Weapon, it is mine now!”

Wu Cong let out another hearty laugh. He stretched out his hand and grabbed toward the broken sword. Within a split second, he had completely grabbed the broken sword with his palm.

Hsss! The broken sword cried out and started violently trembling, as if it was calling for something, or someone.

“Hmph! Trying to take my Heavenly Saint Sword? You’re not fit for it!”

Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed. He took a step forward and immediately appeared above the magma pillars. With the protection of the True Dragon Flame, the intense heat coming was nothing but a great supplement to him!


Jiang Chen softly shouted. Sensing the calling, the broken sword instantly escaped from Wu Cong’s grip and fell into Jiang Chen’s palm. In the blink of an eye, the sword that was original over 30 meters tall shrunk down into the size of a normal sword and laid down on Jiang Chen’s palm without moving a bit, as if it had entered its deepest slumber.


Wu Cong cried out in disbelief. He looked at Jiang Chen with a shocked expression.

“Jiang Chen, you again?! Give me back my Emperor Weapon!!”

Wu Cong felt like he was about to throw up a mouthful of blood.

“Haha, you want the sword? Come with me!”

Jiang Chen burst into laughter. He stored the broken sword into his storage ring, then he unleashed some flaming dragons and made them circulate around his body. After that, under the shocked eyes of the crowd, he immediately dived into the magma pool underneath him.

The magma immediately covered Jiang Chen, and he was suddenly nowhere to be found. Since the broken sword had been taken by Jiang Chen, all the magma pillars had finally fallen back into the magma pool, and everything became calm afterwards. However, the magma’s intense heat was still there, and it stopped everyone from coming further.

“What happened just now? How did Jiang Chen take away that Emperor Weapon?”

“The f.u.c.k, Jiang Chen again?! This guy is truly amazing, even the Emperor Weapon was taken by him! He just jumped into the magma pool in order to escape from Wu Cong, I wonder if he can withstand the deadly temperature?”

“The magma’s temperature is deadly, it’s not something anyone resist, only those Combat Soul warriors can do so, and I don’t think they can last for a long period of time.”

Everyone were shocked by what just happened; it had just happened too quickly. Just when the crowd thought Wu Cong was going to get the Emperor Weapon, Jiang Chen moved and took away the broken sword. After that, he just immediately dived into the magma in order to run away from Wu Cong.

Of course, it was the crowd’s opinion that Jiang Chen was trying to run away from Wu Cong, but only Jiang Chen himself knew the real reason for why he jumped into the magma pool.

Swoosh… swoosh… swoosh…

All the Combat Soul warriors flew over and hovered above the magma pool. A Yuan energy barrier existed around all these warriors. While staring at the rumbling magma, they all wore ugly expressions.

“Prince, the magma’s temperature is extremely high, even we can’t stay in it for too long, so I think Jiang Chen will come out soon.”

Yang Yun said.

“I’m definitely going to kill him!”

Wu Cong’s hatred toward Jiang Chen reached new heights.

“Look, whirlpools are starting to emerge in the magma, it’s as if flaming dragon are swimming around within! The temperature is incredibly high, so the magma pool has obviously existed for a long time. If my prediction is correct, the magma pool has produced a Magma’s Heart!”

Someone said.

“Magma’s Heart?”

Hearing those words, looks of excitement immediately emerged on the faces of the Combat Soul warriors.

“The Magma’s Heart is indeed a rare treasure! If anyone can absorb it, not only can it help quench the body, it will also allow the person to control Fire Source, as well as give a great cultivation boost!”

Shangguan Yihong explained.

“Prince, it would be bad news for us if that Jiang Chen finds the Magma’s Heart! He already has the Emperor Weapon, and if he truly finds the Magma’s Heart, he will have benefited the most from this trip to the Island of Ice.”

Ling Du told Wu Cong.

“Hmph! I won’t let him find it, he’s still going to die by my hands, even if he hides within the magma! I’m going to kill him right now!”

Wu Cong coldly harrumphed. He took a step forward and dived into the magma pool, like a falling star.

After Wu Cong jumped into the magma pool, the other Combat Soul warriors immediately followed him. The Magma’s Heart was a rare opportunity for everyone, no one would let go of such a great opportunity.

In the blink of an eye, all the Combat Soul warriors had dived into the magma pool. As for the Divine Core warriors, they could only watch, as the temperature was simply too high. For them, diving in was no different from committing suicide. Although the Magma’s Heart was extremely valuable, their lives were still more important.

“Big Yellow, why did Little Chen dive into the magma? Is it really because he wants to run away from Wu Cong?”

Nangong Wentian asked, puzzled.

“Impossible, Little Chen doesn’t fear the Wu Cong, I’m sure he has his own reasons. The broken sword is such a mystical item, but Little Chen managed to obtain it so easily, as if that sword originally belonged to him… This is truly hard to understand.”

Big Yellow shook his head. He couldn’t find the exact reason behind this.