Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 337 – Second Broken Sword Piece

Chapter 337 – Second Broken Sword Piece

Chapter 337 – Second Broken Sword Piece

The entire area of palaces was seethed with excitement. Those who had come here had broken the defense mechanisms of some palaces and entered the treasure vaults, and started grabbing everything there like crazy.

“Treasures! These are the real treasures! There are so many pills here!”

“This place is filled with all kinds of rare treasures, I’ll grab as many of them as I can! Once I leave this Island of Ice, I’ll definitely see remarkable progress in my cultivation!”

“Hurry up, we need to be faster! If the men from the Martial Palace, Shangguan Clan, and Myriad Sword Sect get here, they will definitely stop us from getting anything here!”


Everyone had become crazy! None could remain calm when facing such enormous amounts of treasures! There were countless pills, numerous rare treasures, and a huge collection of skills! If any single group were to obtain all the treasures here, they would definitely become a superpower in the Eastern Continent within ten years!

Of course, they could only become a superpower like the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, it was still very difficult to match the Martial Saint Dynasty. It wasn’t easy to break through to the Combat King realm, after all.

Not long after that, Wu Cong finally arrived with the men from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect. He was so furious that the flames of fury within his heart was about to become real flames. After they arrived inside the ancient paG.o.da, Wu Cong turned to the men around him and said, “Find that Jiang Chen! Remember, his life belongs to me!”

“Yes, prince!”

The men from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect shouted at the same time. After that, they turned into trails of light and flew toward the palaces. Their bodies were covered with powerful energies, and flames of fury burned within their hearts as well. Their hatred toward Jiang Chen was not any weaker than Wu Cong’s hatred. If they failed to kill Jiang Chen on this Island of Ice, all their face would disappear down the drain.

But soon after, their anger toward Jiang Chen had started dimming down because of the treasure vaults’ tremendous attraction. Even Wu Cong was attracted, and started plundering the palaces.

In their eyes, Jiang Chen was dead meat, and they were going to kill him sooner or later, but these treasures couldn’t wait. If they didn’t get as much as possible right now, they wouldn’t be able to find any treasures in the future. These treasures were also simply irresistible.

One day later, all the palaces had been swept clean, and the group of four proceeded further into the ancient paG.o.da, greatly delighted.

“Wakaka, what a great harvest! This master dog can’t even remember how many natural treasures I ate!”

“Haha, all those palaces were filled with treasures! Although some of them were empty, most of them were just amazing! I completely lost count on how many Mortal and Earth Restoration Pills we found; we don’t have to worry about lacking cultivation resources any longer!”

“If we were to give all these resources to the Black Sect, it would become a real superpower within just a few years, and Sect Chief would be able to break through to the Combat Soul realm!”

The amount of treasures these few guys had obtained was huge, and Jiang Chen was the one who gained the most! The amount of treasures and resources he had right now was simply unimaginable! This trip to the Island of Ice was definitely not a waste of time!

“Jiang Chen, die!”

Right at this moment, a world-shaking shout suddenly sounded out from behind their backs. The group of four immediately turned around and saw Wu Cong flying toward them with intense killing intent.

“d.a.m.n it, that prince has finally caught up with us! It looks like he’s going to skin us alive!”

Big Yellow said in a gloomy manner.

“Wu Cong has reached the Mid Combat Soul realm, and he’s also a prince of the Martial Saint Dynasty; I’m sure he has some really powerful skills. We’re no match for him.”

Han Yan furrowed his brows.

“Little Chen, should we run away from him?”

Nangong Wentian asked.

“Run where? We still haven’t found the exit, so there’s no way we can get out from here. You guys just stand aside, let me deal with him.”

Killing intent could be found in Jiang Chen’s eyes. If he was pushed too far, he would just use the Ice Demon King and kill Wu Cong. Jiang Chen wasn’t afraid to kill this prince; he was daring enough poke a hole in the Heavens, let alone kill some tiny prince.

Wu Cong came toward him with incredible speed. In just the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of Jiang Chen. Behind him was the men from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, they were here as well with extreme anger. They were looking to kill Jiang Chen on the spot.

“Jiang Chen, kneel down right now!”

Wu Cong pointed his finger at Jiang Chen and ordered, acting as if he was superior to everyone else.


Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed, then he suddenly unleashed the True Dragon Palm toward Wu Cong and the group. When dealing with this kind of man, speaking would only be a waste of time.

“Fine, fine! You’re just a tiny ant, but you still try to attack me, what a reckless guys! Let me teach you the true meaning of death! By offending me, a prince, you are destined to end in a miserable way!”

Wu Cong simply counter-attacked with a bright beam. The beam hit the True Dragon Palm, causing it to shatter in an instant.

This was the huge gap between them! No matter how strong Jiang Chen was, there was no way he could compensate for the large gap between the Peak Mid Divine Core realm and the Mid Combat Soul realm.

Unless Jiang Chen broke through to the Late Divine Core realm, he wouldn’t be able to fight a Mid Combat Soul warrior, and when his opponent was a Mid Combat Soul genius like Wu Cong, Jiang Chen had to at least reach the Peak Late Divine Core realm in order to fight him.

“You’re just a tiny any in my eyes, I can easily squeeze and kill you! Since you don’t want to kneel down before me, I’ll crush your knees!”

Wu Cong’s dark hair fluttered in the wind. He stretched his palm forward with tremendous force and pushed it toward Jiang Chen.

“So strong!”

Nangong Wentian’s expression changed. A genius like Wu Cong was incredibly powerful; they could only fight with him after breaking through to the Combat Soul realm.

Nonetheless, an existence like Wu Cong gave both Han Yan and Nangong Wentian tremendous pressure, and a powerful fighting will. They felt like they needed to break through to the Combat Soul realm as soon as possible.

Many people watched what was happening from far. Some of them couldn’t help but let out pitying sighs. In the end, Jiang Chen couldn’t escape from Wu Cong. With this strike, what awaited Jiang Chen was certain death. Unless a miracle appeared, there was no way Jiang Chen would be able to defend against Wu Cong’s attack.

Facing Wu Cong’s formidable attack, Jiang Chen just stood still without moving at all. A cold killing intent could be seen within his eyes. He had just communicated with the Ice Demon King through his Divine Sense, and since Wu Cong was seeking death, Jiang Chen wouldn’t be courteous to him any longer.


Right at this moment, Wu Lang appeared once again. He unleashed a golden beam which collided with Wu Cong’s gigantic palm, shattering it.

“Wu Lang, you again!”

Wu Cong was really angry this time. This interruption did make him forget the cold aura he sensed just now. Right after Wu Lang stopped him, the cold aura had suddenly disappeared.

In Wu Cong’s mind, Wu Lang had just saved Jiang Chen. But, little did he know, Wu Lang had actually just saved his life! That cold aura came from the Ice Demon King, and if Wu Long was only just a little bit slower, Jiang Chen would have unleashed the Ice Demon King. With the Ice Demon King’s formidable strength, there was no way Wu Cong could defend against its attack.

“Wu Cong, you’re a prince, why do you want to kill a Divine Core warrior? This is too embarra.s.sing!”

Wu Lang arrived at the scene and positioned himself in front of Jiang Chen.

The fact that Wu Lang had helped Jiang Chen once again made Jiang Chen feel that he must be related to Wu Jiu, and had been instructed by Wu Jiu to take care of Jiang Chen in here. If not, this prince of the Martial Saint Dynasty would definitely not be so helpful to an outsider.

“Move away!”

Wu Cong shouted loudly toward Wu Lang. A longsword as thins as a cicada’s wing suddenly appeared in his hand. Judging from how Wu Cong was behaving, if Wu Lang really didn’t want to move aside, he would immediately strike.

“If I say no?”

Wu Lang was just as overbearing as Wu Cong was. Both of them were Mid Combat Soul warriors, and he had no fear of Wu Cong.

“Then, you shall die together with him!”

Wu Cong’s eyes turned extremely red. Never in his life had he been so angry at someone. In an instant, the longsword in his hand shot out countless sword energy which weaved into a gigantic web, and slashed toward Wu Lang with a second delay.


Wu Lang shouted. He stretched both palms forwards and unleashed a thick and heavy seal, then he threw it toward the gigantic sword web.


It was a tremendous collision between the attacks of two Mid Combat Soul geniuses! The shockwaves were incredibly devastating, and nearly shattered the void!


Right at this moment, another loud banging sound was heard. It was so loud that even the ground started shaking.

This loud sound did not come from the collision between the two princes’ attacks, it came from somewhere else within this Island of Ice. The people in the crowd immediately threw their glance into the far distance. What they saw was flaming waves soaring into the skies.


At the same time, a ‘swoosh’ sound could be heard from the center of the flaming waves. It was the sound of a sword, a sound filled with joyful emotions. It was as if a sentient sword that had been keeping silent for too long had just found its master once again!

Hearing this sound, Jiang Chen’s expression changed dramatically! He was really familiar with this sound! As if having sensed something, the quiet broken sword within his storage ring suddenly jumped up in joy.

It was another broken sword part!

It was the sound produced by a broken part of the Heavenly Saint Sword! It had sensed Jiang Chen’s aura, that’s why it was so happy.

Jiang Chen was unable to suppress the excitement in his heart! Without saying anything, he immediately flew toward the broken sword part.

“A treasure is revealing itself, it is definitely a peerless treasure!”

“Let’s go check it out! The sound was so loud, I’m sure it’s an extraordinary treasure!”


Many people were shocked and started yelling around. Within this Island of Ice, the most exciting thing was when a treasure was revealed.

Therefore, the huge crowd immediately flew toward the direction of the sound. Of course, such turmoil immediately attracted both princes.

“Wu Cong, something good is coming, are you going to kill Jiang Chen now or get that treasure? Decide yourself!”

Wu Lang retracted his energy, turned around, and flew toward the sound as well.

“Hmph! I’ll get that treasure first then kill Jiang Chen later! Wu Lang, if you keep stopping me, don’t blame me for getting angry with you! I will kill that Jiang Chen today no matter what!”

Wu Cong coldly harrumphed. He put away the longsword and flew forwards with incredible speed. He quickly pa.s.sed the crowd, and continued flying toward the source of the sound.

Even the men from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect started flying toward the treasure. The chaotic scene was now left with two men and one dog.

“Why did Little Chen react in such a big way?”

Nangong Wentian was startled.

“Let’s go check it out.”

Big Yellow said. After that, the trio started flying toward the same place as the rest.