Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 33 – Undeniably Beautiful

Chapter 33 – Undeniably Beautiful

Chapter 33 – Undeniably Beautiful

Yan Meng’s eyes opened wide upon hearing what Jiang Chen said. He looked at the young man in front of him with an excited expression on his face, seeing the confidence on the face of this young man. Thinking back to how strong Jiang Chen was before this, he was obviously someone who was not ordinary. Besides, he didn’t really look like someone who told lies, perhaps he truly knew how to heal her.

“Uncle Yan, Brother Jiang Chen is an amazing man! We cannot predict his abilities using common sense. Those so called grandmasters couldn’t help, but I bet Brother Jiang Chen can help!”

w.a.n.g Ting exclaimed. After the recent life and death battle, Yan Meng had started treating everyone here like one of their own. In addition, since the Pure-Yang fruit had been exposed, there was no need to hide it anymore. Furthermore, the young lady’s disease was not a secret.

“Fantastic, this is fantastic! If Brother Jiang Chen really can save the life of my young lady, the Yan family won’t ever forget what you have done for us! The chief will reward Brother Jiang Chen handsomely!”

As if he had seen a slight hope, Yan Men knew very well about the young lady’s condition. The Pure-Yang fruit was only capable of suppressing the chill in the young lady’s body, but it wouldn’t be able to cure the root of the disease. At most, it would just prolong the young lady’s life.

What the young lady had was a rare disease, and none of the grandmasters in Red city had any clue about it. There had never been anyone who had dared to say they could heal the young lady. Therefore, Yan Meng was doubtful about what Jiang Chen said. All these years of trying to deal with the young lady’s disease had taught them all a lesson: the more you hope for something, the greater your disappointment.

However, as long as there was hope it would be better to try it out then to wait for death to come. Moreover, the young man had really shown them how incredible he was, perhaps he truly did possess some special skills.

“Don’t mention it.”

Jiang Chen waved the folded fan in his hands and spoke casually. The promised rewards from the Yan family was something he clearly would not reject. Of course, just saving Yan Meng and the Pure-Yang fruit wouldn’t allow him to ask for a huge reward, but if he could heal the young lady, not only would he be accomplis.h.i.+ng a good deed, he would also establish a good relations.h.i.+p with the Misty Rain Tower. And when that happened, the Misty Rain Tower would try their best to find whatever it was he was searching for.

The Misty Rain Tower was the biggest trade power in Red city. They ran many different kinds of trading businesses, including a pill shop. The pill shop was the Yan family’s only property, therefore, whenever the Misty Rain Tower was mentioned, it would be the same as mentioning the Yan family. The Misty Rain Tower was the biggest representation of the Yan family.

Red city was huge and cannot be compared with Fragrant Sky city or Crowded Sky city. If one stood on a mountain a few miles away, they would discover that Red city was a few hundred square miles of land with beautifully built buildings. The whole city was filled with a magnificent atmosphere, and even when it was midnight, the city would still be illuminated with lights. The city noises could be heard even from the outside.

“Brother Jiang Chen, do you see the tallest building in the city? That is the Misty Rain Tower!”

Yan Meng pointed towards a tall building in the city. The tower was over 100 meters tall. Lights could be seen from every single level, and there was a large pavilion on the rooftop. It was an incredibly stylish building.

“No wonder Red city is the strongest amongst all 28 cities, just the atmosphere itself is superior all others.”

Jiang Chen nodded his head in approval, speaking from his heart. As for Red city’s size, he never thought much about it. Compared to those huge cities in the Divine Continent which covered at least a few thousand square miles each, Red city was just a tiny city.

Those ancient cities in the Divine Continent were covered by special barriers made by great warriors. They would gather energy from the surroundings and create precious lands for any warrior to cultivate. Red city was nowhere close to being at their level.

However, it would take a lot of time for Jiang Chen to return to the Divine Continent. With his currently level, if he wanted to go to the Divine continent, it would take him more than a few hundred years.

“Let’s go enter the city.”

After surviving the dangerous situation, Yan Men seemed quite happy. They left the carriage behind, sped up their pace, and entered Red city.

The Misty Rain Tower!

The Misty Rain Tower looked different from a close proximity. When standing near the front entrance and looking at the golden entrance, a feeling of wealth and fame could be felt.

w.a.n.g Ting and the rest were looking around. Although this was not the first time they had come here, they were still impressed by how grand the Misty Rain Tower was.

“Yan Xing, show w.a.n.g Ting and the rest the surroundings. Treat them nicely, and be polite to them.”

Yan Meng told an old man beside him.

“Don’t worry.”

Yan Xing nodded his head. As one of the members from the Yan family, he didn’t care too much about w.a.n.g Ting and the others, but now everything had changed. They had become friends who had gone through thick and thin together and went through a life and death situation. They fought together and almost died together. He now treated them like friends, Yan Meng didn’t even need to ask him to do that.

“Brother Jiang Chen, let’s go and meet the chief of the Yan family.”

Yan Meng looked at Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen nodded his head. This decisions fitted his wishes as he did not want to delay.

“Let’s go.”

While saying that, Yan Meng started walking towards the Misty Rain Tower.

Jiang Chen was startled and asked, “Are we not going to the Yan family directly?”

“There’s something you need to know. The Misty Rain Tower and the Yan family are right next to each other, and behind the tower is the Yan family’s s.p.a.ce. Essentially, the Misty Rain Tower is the entrance to the main entrance of the Yan family, and only when an honorable guest is here will they be brought in from the main entrance. Normal guests would have to enter from the back door.”

Yan Meng explained while smiling.

“Now I understand.”

Jiang Chen realized that he was the honorable guest of the Yan family.

They entered the brightly lit Misty Rain Tower. Even during night time, the Misty Rain Tower would need to run its business. The first floor was a trading s.p.a.ce with small shops built within. These shop were not run by the Yan family. They were spots rented out, and the Yan family would only collect rental payment from them.

Yan Meng told Jiang Chen about everything the Misty Rain Tower did, but when he discovered that Jiang Chen had lost his interest after looking around for a bit, he stopped explaining. Looking at how Jiang Chen behaved, Yan Meng had a feeling that this young man in front of him didn’t really appreciate the Misty Rain Tower. The appreciation did not come from the heart, but it was not faked either.

That was a look he had seen a lot, and he couldn’t understand why Jiang Chen was like this, making Yan Meng feel weird. How could a young man from Fragrant Sky city have seen someone as grand as this before?

There was a mile-long corridor leading to the back door. Yan Meng led Jiang Chen across the corridor and reached the main s.p.a.ce of the Yan family.

The Yan family’s main s.p.a.ce had a completely different style. Cla.s.sic and glamorous, water fountains and ponds were abundant. Birds sang in the air, and flowers emitted a sweet fragrance. The person who designed this place must truly know how to enjoy life.

“Uncle Yan, you’re back?”

At the front door, two guards smiled politely towards Yan Meng. It was obvious that Yan Meng was someone with an solid status in the Yan family. He was already a late stage Qi Hai warrior, and there was a very high chance he could break through to the Mortal Core realm.


Yan Meng nodded his head casually, leading Jiang Chen into the inner s.p.a.ce of the Yan family.

Within the grand meeting hall of the Yan family.

“Brother Jiang Chen, please have some tea here while I’ll call upon the chief.”

Yan Meng said with a smile.


Jiang Chen sat down neatly and waved his folded fan. It didn’t look like he wanted to taste the tea.

Not long after that, Yan Meng came back together with 6 men. Jiang Chen scanned these men with his Divine Sense and found out that they were all warriors at the Mortal Core realm. The strength of the Yan family was truly strong. No wonder they were one of the strongest families in Red city.

The man who was leading the others looked like he was in his forties. He wore a white robe, and his face was sharp. His eyebrows were shaped like a sword, and his eyes sparkled like stars. He projected an image of natural dignity and power, making anyone who saw him pay their respects. This man was the chief of the Yan family, Yan Zhan Yun. As for the rest of the Mortal Core warriors, they were all core members of the family. All the Mortal Core warriors from the Yan family were here, which only demonstrated that they were taking the matters regarding the young lady seriously.

As one of the big families in Red city, the Yan family had a powerful network. They were a lot of geniuses from the family, and they also had lots of Qi Hai warriors. However, because it was now midnight, the Yan family was very quiet. Besides that, the Yan family’s meeting room was not a place where anyone could freely enter.

When Yan Zhan Yun arrived, he immediately took a look at Jiang Chen. When he found out that Jiang Chen was just a handsome young man, he furrowed his brows.

“Little brother Jiang Chen, first of all I would like to thank you for saving Yan Meng and protecting the Pure-Yang fruit. We will definitely reward you handsomely… But, are you really able to heal my daughter?”

Yan Zhan Yun went straight to the point. He showed his politeness towards Jiang Chen even though he was unsure if Jiang Chen really could cure his daughter. Just by saving Yan Meng and killing the men from the Lee family alone, he would have to show some grat.i.tude towards Jiang Chen.

Also, he can’t really ignore a young man with such powerful strength.

“Of course.”

Jiang Chen said casually.

“Being proud is good for a young man like you. You have saved Yan Meng, and we would treat you as the Yan family’s friend. But little brother, please don’t lie to us. The disease Yu’er is suffering from has made many of the grandmasters clueless.”

An old man said. It was obvious he didn’t believe that Jiang Chen could have the ability to cure the young lady’s disease.

“Since none of you believe in me, then I shall leave now. There’s no need to thank me for whatever I’ve done.”

Jiang Chen said before he stood up and started walking towards the hall’s exit.

Seeing that he was about to leave without even saying anything, everyone present was startled.

“Hold on little brother!”

Yan Zhan Yun immediately stopped Jiang Chen. The rest of the men furrowed their brows. If it was any other young man who dared to be so rude in front of them, they would have slapped him. But, this young man had helped their Yan family, and they had to admit that he looked different from the other youngsters.

“Can you please tell us how you are going to heal my daughter?”

Yan Zhan Yun asked.

“I need to examine the disease of the young lady with my own eyes, but you didn’t even ask the young lady to be here, telling me that you don’t believe in me. I shall take my leave.”

Jiang Chen silently expressed his anger before continuing his walk towards the exit.

“Brother Jiang Chen please don’t get mad!”

Yan Meng stopped Jiang Chen.

“Please don’t get mad, Brother Jiang Chen! Yang Men, please go get Yu’er.”

Yan Zhan Yun smiled apologetically. This was the first time he had behaved so obediently in front of a youngster at the Qi Hai realm. He couldn’t really see through this young man, so perhaps he did have some special tricks up his sleeves. He was willing to take a risk and let this young man try.

Not long after that, Yan Meng came back again, and behind him was a young girl. When Jiang Chen saw this young girl, even for someone who had experienced and seen as much as he had, his eyes lit up upon seeing this young girl.

Beautiful, undeniably beautiful!

The young girl was wearing a long white skirt with a purple silk belt tied around her waist. She had a perfectly curved body. Her hair was silky smooth, falling down to her shoulder. She had a pair of bright eyes and pure white teeth. Her lips were perfect, and even without any makeup, her appearance didn’t have a single flaw. But, what made her undeniably beautiful was not only her appearance. Her eyes were as crystal clear as the purest water; she was just like a clean white sheet of paper, absolutely flawless.