Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 32 – I Can Heal

Chapter 32 – I Can Heal

Chapter 32 – I Can Heal

Silent, dead silent!

The intense scene quieted down suddenly. Even the three late stage Qi Hai warriors stopped their attacks. Everyone was staring at the young man in the white robe.

The air was permeated with the stench of blood. There were corpses and heads everywhere. It was horrifying.

One minute! In just one minute, the young man had swung his sword nine times, killing nine people. Everyone had been killed in a single strike, and none of them were still alive.

“How did he do it?”

A shocked mercenary mumbled to himself.

Every individual present was a Qi Hai warrior. The young man in front of them was only at the early stage of the Qi Hai realm, but he had incredible skills! He killed the other Qi Hai warriors as easily as killing dogs. Even a late stage Qi Hai warrior couldn’t kill nine people in a single minute.

A cruel man with a cruel sword. Everyone’s good impressions of this young innocent man had changed. In fact, along the journey no one had really taken Jiang Chen seriously. In their minds, he was just a young man from some rich family who simply wanted to experience life.

But now they realized just how ignorant they had been.

“Who are you?”

Lee Long’s expression had changed. He looked at Jiang Chen, asking with a trembling voice.

“A mercenary.”

Jiang Chen said indifferently.

Yan Meng looked excited as if he had seen the light for the first time. He felt lucky that he had hired Jiang Chen.

“This is a matter between the Lee family and the Misty Rain Tower, I hope you don’t get involved. If you leave now, I will forgive you for killing so many of our men.”

Lee Long said. He did not know why, but this young man gave him a dangerous feeling.

“Brother Jiang Chen, if you can help us this time, then I will give you 100 mortal restoration pills! And the Misty Rain Tower will owe you a favor!”

Yan Meng immediately said. Even an idiot could see Jiang Chen’s ability. Although he looked young, he was cruel and incredibly strong. He had become the key presence here. If Jiang Chen turned around and left, then the Misty Rain Tower would have a hard time dealing with the remaining 2 enemies. This was because those two people were at the late stage Qi Hai realm.

“Alright, you will owe me one favor.”

Jiang Chen nodded his head.

Hearing that Jiang Chen promised to help them, Yan Meng and the others immediately felt thrilled. But, no matter what, even without the Misty Rain Tower, if Jiang Chen met anyone from the Lee family… He would not let them get away easily.

“Kill him!”

Lee Long looked ferocious as he spoke to the other late stage Qi Hai warrior.

“Alright, let me see what this young man is capable of.”

The old man released his power, the blade in his hand made a bright curve in the middle of the air, approaching Jiang Chen in a seemingly unavoidable manner.

“Be careful brother Jiang Chen!”

Yan Meng who was standing on the sidelines along with Lee Long reminded Jiang Chen.


The old man’s blade released a loud sound; this was a very powerful blade skill. He hadn’t held back in the slightest, and once he used this skill, just the force itself would frighten the enemy.

It appeared like the old man had used all of his strength with this attack.

Looking at this, Jiang Chen didn’t panic at all. His expression was still calm. Although this old man was a late stage Qi Hai warrior, he was still weak when compared to Mu Rong Zhan. Jiang Chen was already much stronger than Mu Rong Zhan, so this old man was not someone he had to worry about.

Jiang Chen’s soul was wounded, but his combat skill was still in his top condition.


Jiang Chen pointed his finger out as fast as a lightning strike. He unleashed a bright beam from his fingers like a ray of light that could brighten the dark night, and it collided with the old man’s blade.



The Single Solar Finger collided with the blade, making a sound of something being crushed. The blade immediately cracked and broke into pieces.

Under such an intense impact, the old man took a few steps back and vomited some blood.


Without giving the old man any chance to respond, Jiang Chen advanced again. He moved fast, like a tiger. The sword in his hand whistled out, and in just a split second he had managed to approach the old man.


The old man gasped for air, Jiang Chen’s sword just an inch away from his throat. The hairs on his skin all stood up, and a s.h.i.+ver was sent down his spine. This feeling of doom enveloped him, he never thought that a young man could be so horrifying.

“No, please don’t kill me!”

The old man started to feel terrified, his voice trembling.


Too bad, his begging didn’t bring him the response he wanted. Jiang Chen’s sword pierced his throat and took away his life.

“Heavens, where did this demon come from?”

w.a.n.g Ting was so shocked that even his mouth was wide open.

“Such a cruel man, killing men like killing chickens. As a mercenary I have seen many people die, and I’ve gone through countless life and death situations, but I still can’t compare with him.”

“I teased him when we were at the Mercenary Square, I am such a fool.”

Everyone were shocked and breathing rapidly. Jiang Chen’s actions had a huge impact on them, even a late stage Qi Hai warrior was easily killed by him. The thing was, he didn’t even blink his eyes when he killed.

“Haha, Lee Long, you’re good at planning, but I bet you never thought that I would have such a strong a.s.sistant!”

Yan Meng said as he laughed out loud.

Lee Long’s face was ghastly pale. He had been smoothly planning for days, all for today. If everything went according to plan, then Yan Meng would be dead by now, and he would have the Pure-Yang fruit. The young lady of the Yan family would thus die, throwing the Yan family into chaos and depression. When that happened, the Lee family would finally have an advantage, and they would easily be able to defeat them.

He never would have thought that someone would appear from nowhere and change all of this with such ease.

“Young man, I’ll remember you! You will suffer now that you have offended the Lee family!”

Lee Long said in a ferociously as he turned around and prepared to escape.

“Lee Long, you can’t run today.”

Yan Men shouted out loudly. Just as he was ready to start chasing, a white figure had already pa.s.sed him.


The white figure was Jiang Chen. His speed was so great that in the blink of an eye, he had blocked the path of Lee Long.

“Still thinking about leaving?”

Jiang Chen said with a grim smile.

“Young man! You have nothing to do with the matters between our families, why do you want to become our enemy?”

Lee Long asked loudly.

“Because you’re from Lee family, that’s why you have to die.”

Jiang Chen said casually. Immediately after saying this, he pointed his finger out. The powerful Single Solar Finger locked down Lee Long and smashed into him violently. This attack was backed by a tremendous amount of force.


Lee Long couldn’t defend himself from the Single Solar Finger. Although he tried very hard, he was still sent flying by the impact of the attack. He smashed his back onto a huge rock, destroying it. When his body finally stopped flying, he landed onto the ground and started coughing up blood.

“This is so frightening!”

Everyone were terrified as they looked at Jiang Chen with horrified looks.

Jiang Chen took out a mortal restoration pill and swallowed it. After releasing two strikes of the Single Solar Finger, he had already used a lot of his energy.

After that, under everyone’s eyes, Jiang Chen threw his sword into the air and kicked it with his leg. He had kicked the handle of the sword, instantly sending it towards Lee Long. The sword penetrated Lee Long’s skull, leaving only the handle visible. This demonstrated how much force was applied to it.

Yan Meng took a deep breath. Looking at how Lee Long was killed, he felt like Jiang Chen had a deep grudge against the Lee family. Once he attacked, he would show no mercy.

“This young man is courageous and ruthless. He was calm and killed like it was nothing, I was wrong about him.”

Yan Meng let out a silent sigh. He recalled saying that Jiang Chen was a growing flower in a greenroom who had never experienced the actual world. He was regretting those words now.

“Yan Meng failed to see Brother Jiang Chen’s true abilities, I never expected Brother Jiang Chen hid them so deeply. Without your help, today we would have all died here today.”

Yan Meng said sincerely.

“Don’t mention it uncle Yan. I was paid to solve the problems, don’t forget to pay me those 100 mortal restoration pills.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. He took out a folded fan and turned back into the young man from a rich family again, drastically different from how he looked just a minute ago when he was killing like a demon lord.

“Brother Jiang Chen has saved us all today, we’re unable to repay this huge kindness.”

w.a.n.g Ting and the rest came forward, speaking while holding their fists respectfully. Everyone was thankful that he saved them from certain death. Their gratefulness towards Jiang Chen came from the bottom of their hearts. Without Jiang Chen, they would all be dead by now.

“Brother Jiang Chen, when we reach Red city, I would like to invite you to come visit the Misty Rain Tower. I’ll let the chief know about what happened today, and I am sure that the chief will be very grateful as well.”

Yan Meng said with a polite tone.

“It’s very nice of you to say that.”

Jiang Chen said without any hesitation. The Misty Rain Tower was his target, and it was possible that the things he needed were available there.

“Let’s go everyone, I’ll treat you all once we reach the Misty Rain Tower!”

Yan Meng told all the mercenaries. He had never felt better than he did now that the dangers were gone. Everyone was relaxed as they continued their journey towards Red city.

“Uncle Yan, I heard that the young lady from the Yan family is sick. Can I know what the actual situation is?”

Along the way, Jiang Chen asked.

“Sigh… Brother Jiang Chen knows nothing about it. Our young lady was a brilliant child ever since she was a kid, she was talented and she reached the ninth Qi Jing level when she was just six. She was a genius amongst genii… It’s just too terrible.”

When mentioning the young lady of the Yan family, Yan Meng expressed his pity.

“Please let me know what her symptoms are, I might have a way to heal her.”

Jiang Chen said.

“You have a way?”

Yan Meng’s eyes immediately lit up, but they darkened shortly afterwards. “Impossible, there’s no way to cure her, the young lady’s sickness has made it so that she cannot live past 15. Even the Pure-Yang fruit won’t be able to save her. The sickness would strike her once every year, and this has happened since she was seven. When it strikes her, her body will be ice cold, and that coldness will enter her bones. You can’t imagine how much pain the young lady is suffering from. Every time the sickness strikes, it is like a matter of life and death. Now the young lady has turned 14. The sickness has already struck 8 times, and it is increasing in severity every time. Our Yan family has hired all of the famous physicians and alchemists in Red city, and all of them had concluded that the young lady won’t be able to live past 15.”

“Icy coldness that enters her bones? Strikes once every year?”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were slightly closed as if he had thought of something.

“I can heal your young lady’s disease.”

Jiang Chen said.

“What? Brother Jiang Chen, are you joking?”

Yan Meng asked with a surprised expression.

“But, I need to examine your young lady personally and decide after looking at the actual situation.”

Jiang Chen said.