Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 326 – Run Like Crazy!

Chapter 326 – Run Like Crazy!

Chapter 326 – Run Like Crazy!


It was an endless stretch of glaciers. Right now, in this breathtaking world of glaciers, the rawest slaughter was playing out.

Explosive sounds repeatedly sounded out. Even though it was a battle where only pure body strength was being used, it was still a terrifying fight. Shockwaves from the battlefield spread across the area, destroying some glaciers along its way.

Jiang Chen fought mightily. He moved to the middle of the Ice Demons in a ghostly manner, as if he was das.h.i.+ng through a blossoming garden without getting touched by a single petal. Every time he struck, an Ice Demon would die.


Roars repeatedly sounded out from the battlefield. The fight had lasted for more than 10 minutes now. In the beginning, there were hundreds of Ice Demons, but now, there were only about thirty of them.

Jiang Chen’s harvest was quite rich, he had obtained dozens of Demon Souls right now. As for the remaining Ice Demons, they were still das.h.i.+ng toward Jiang Chen without any consideration for their own lives, as they were determined to rip Jiang Chen apart.

Although these Ice Demons had strong attacks, Jiang Chen knew they didn’t have any intellect. Or, put it this way, these Ice Demons were just some killing machines. Their lives were dominated by this single thought; kill!

“It’s better that you guys don’t want to run away, I can just kill you all one by one. I won’t let any of you run away from me!”

With a grin on his face, Jiang Chen continued attacking in a brutal manner. In just a few minutes, all the Ice Demons were dead; none of them had survived Jiang Chen’s attack.

Roar! …

After killing all these Ice Demons, before Jiang Chen could feel happy about it, the furious roars of Ice Demons once again sounded out from in front of him. To Jiang Chen’s surprise, white figures started popping up everywhere, but this time, the number had double. What really made Jiang Chen widen his eyes was that there were three Combat Soul Ice Demons this time!

“This glacier dimension is really amazing, it can even give birth to Combat Soul creatures!”

Jiang Chen had mixed feelings about this. Although the Demon Souls of the Ice Demons was something good, he didn’t want to spend too much time here. The only reason why he came here was to find out what that mysterious calling force was.

But, Jiang Chen couldn’t back off right now, he needed to keep marching forward, because the mysterious calling force was right in front of him. In order to find out what it was, he needed to cross these glaciers, and to do that, he was forced to fight with these Ice Demons.

The scene in front of him made Jiang Chen recall the scene when he arrived in the Devil Cave. Those endless waves of Evil Devils were like a nightmare to him. The amount of Ice Demons here was way higher than the amount of Evil Devils in the Devil Cave.

This was because of the environment here. The Ice Demons must be born in this special environment. Right now, Jiang Chen only wished there weren’t any Ice Demons too strong here.

As for the three Early Combat Soul Ice Demons in front of him, Jiang Chen didn’t worry about them, He had a strong body and a rich source of qi and blood. Also, with the help of the 3,100 Dragon Marks, he was able to kill any genius similar to Shangguan Yilei. Therefore, he had no problems killing these Early Combat Soul Ice Demons in front of him.

“Come! Let me enjoy the slaughter this day!”

His energy rose, and he unleashed the Firethorn Combat Armor. With the protection of the Firethorn Combat Armor, Jiang Chen could simply ignore the attacks coming from those Divine Core Ice Demons. These Ice Demons couldn’t even break his defense, and with the help of the Firethorn Combat Armor, Jiang Chen could just kill them by slamming his own body into them. All he needed to do now was focus on killing those three Combat Soul Ice Demons.


Jiang Chen shook his palm and retrieved the Golden Spear. He covered it with a layer of his flame. The flame moved like a flaming dragon as it coiled itself around the spear.


The army of Ice Demons quickly caught up to Jiang Chen. The leading Ice Demon’s roar was even harsher than that of the others, causing Jiang Chen to feel very frustrated. Jiang Chen remained calm however, as his mind was so strong that few things could affect it.


The golden spear started producing a buzzing sound. The True Dragon Flames coiling around the spear could really hurt those Ice Demons, as ice and fire can never get together. The True Dragon Flames was the king of all beast flames, the most unique flame underneath the Heavens. On the other side, the Ice Demons were made from freezing ice, so the True Dragon Flames was naturally its enemy.

Under Jiang Chen’s control, the golden spear thrust forward like a flaming dragon, reaching the Early Combat Soul Ice Demon in the blink of an eye.

The Combat Soul Ice Demon clearly had some intellect. When it sensed the incredible heat coming from the True Dragon Flames, it staggered a little, as if it was scared of the heat.

But then, the Ice Demon roared out, and forcefully threw its fist toward the golden spear. These Ice Demons didn’t have any weapons, their bodies was were their weapons.


Jiang Chen was extremely powerful, none of these Ice Demons could withstand a single hit, even without the True Dragon Flames. Right as the Ice Demon’s fist collided with the golden spear, its entire arm shattered.

The golden spear moved like a vicious dragon, it didn’t slow down, it just kept drilling into the Ice Demon’s body, penetrating it in an instant. Jiang Chen shook the golden spear, causing the Ice Demon’s body to explode, and pieces of ice to fly out in all directions.

The invisible Demon Soul was unceasingly pulsating. Without giving it any chance to revive, Jiang Chen directly grabbed it with his hand and burned its mind with the True Dragon Flames. Finally, Jiang Chen had gotten his first Combat Soul Demon Soul!

After that, with the golden spear in hand, and the protection of the Firethorn Combat Armor, he ran into the army of Ice Demons like a majestic barbaric elephant.

Bang, bang, bang…!

These Ice Demons with powerful bodies were too weak in front of Jiang Chen. Ordinary Ice Demons would die instantly just by hitting the Firethorn Combat Armor. But, the situation was extremely chaotic. Even with Jiang Chen’s amazing senses, it was really difficult for him to harvest these Ice Demons’ Demon Souls, so they were therefore able to instantly revive.

Of course, Jiang Chen wasn’t bothered by it. In his eyes, these ordinary Ice Demons were harmless. The Firethorn Combat Armor was more than enough to kill him. His main focus was the two last Combat Soul Ice Demons.


The golden spear was extremely sharp and powerful. Once again, it pierced through another Combat Soul Ice Demon, shattering it into pieces.

As if having sensed how terrifying the human in front of it was, the last Combat Soul Ice Demon simply turned around and fled with extremely great speed.

“Wish to run?”

Using his golden spear, Jiang Chen cleared a path in the army of Ice Demons and chased after the Combat Soul Ice Demon. The value of a Combat Soul Demon Soul was much higher than that of those ordinary Demon Souls, Jiang Chen wouldn’t let it go so easily.

Two figures flickered through the glaciers. The reflection of the glaciers shone onto their bodies, causing the scene to look as if it was coming out of some fantasy.

Of course, these two figures were the fleeing Ice Demon and the pursuing Jiang Chen.

It was worth mentioning that the Ice Demons had an exclusive advantage in this glacier s.p.a.ce. Their auras could perfectly match the aura of the s.p.a.ce, giving a huge boost to their speed.

“d.a.m.n it, how come this Ice Demon is so fast?! I can’t catch up to it even with the Nine Phantom Wolves and Dimensional s.h.i.+ft!”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but cursed. This was the first time he had felt defeated in terms of speed, even though it was all because of the environment.


When the Ice Demon found out Jiang Chen wouldn’t give up chasing, it started roaring towards the skies. However, its voice was different this time. Although it was still harsh as before, it was much clearer now, and very rhythmic, as if it was sending out a message.

“Calling for your friends? It would be better if more Early Combat Soul Ice Demons came, I can just harvest more Demon Souls. As long as you don’t call for Mid Combat Soul Ice Demons, that is.”

Jiang Chen smiled, he didn’t mind at all. With his current abilities, he was able to kill any Early Combat Soul warriors. However, he was still no match for those Mid Combat Soul existences.


Suddenly, one of the tallest glaciers in front of him exploded together with a world-shaking roar. After that, a ma.s.sive body simply leapt out from the shattered glacier.

It was an incredibly powerful Ice Demon. Its body was 30 meters tall, and none of the Ice Demons Jiang Chen had previously seen could compare to it. When this Ice Demon appeared, it immediately thumped its own chest and stamped its feet. Although it had no facial features, it still furiously roared towards the skies. This harsh sound was extremely awful, and anyone who heard it would feel their heads going numb.

Extremely cold air was being emitted from the Ice Demon’s body, and the light reflected from the glaciers shone onto its body. If there was any sunlight here, the light reflected from its body would be incomparably dazzling.


Jiang Chen immediately cursed upon seeing this Ice Demon. Without daring to hesitate, he immediately turned around and ran. But, since there was a large army of Ice Demons chasing behind him, Jiang Chen was forced to simply pick another direction and run like crazy.

Because, the Ice Demon who emerged just now was considered the king of all Ice Demons here, and it wasn’t an Early Combat Soul demon, or even a Mid Combat Soul one; it was a Late Combat Soul Ice Demon!

Initially, Jiang Chen thought he would at most have to fight an Early Combat Soul Ice Demon, but to his surprise, there was a really big, powerful demon here. There was no way he could possibly fight this monster! With Jiang Chen’s current cultivating, fighting any Late Combat Soul existences was no different than committing suicide!

Jiang Chen had a clear understanding of his own strength and abilities. No matter how hard he fought, there was no way he could be a match for a Late Combat Soul opponent. The Great Illusion Realm was useless here. If he used it on someone with a greater cultivation than himself, the result would be reversed.

Besides, the Great Illusion Realm could only affect those with dreams or powerful desires. This Ice Demon King was a creature with little intellect, it didn’t even desire to leave this glacier s.p.a.ce. Therefore, what desire or dream could it possibly have?


When the Ice Demon King sensed Jiang Chen’s position, it immediately roared out in anger and chased after him. With a sway of its majestic body, the Ice Demon King chased after Jiang Chen like an arrow leaving its string. It was catching up to Jiang Chen with incredible speed.

“These Ice Demons don’t possess incredible speed by themselves, it’s all because of the environment here that they can have such terrifying speed. With my speed, I just can’t escape from this Late Combat Soul Ice Demon. d.a.m.n it! This is going to be bad!”

Jiang Chen’s expression was gloomy. However, he wasn’t someone who would give up so easily. The True Dragon Flames transformed into a flaming dragon and swirled around his body. Because of the restriction between the opposite elements, the True Dragon Flames could pose a huge threat to the Ice Demons. With this, he could at least somewhat reduce the gap between their strength.

Of course, just the True Dragon Flames alone was far from enough.