Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 325 – Ice Demon

Chapter 325 – Ice Demon

Chapter 325 – Ice Demon

Jiang Chen was floating in the middle of the sky, gazing at the white world of glaciers. At the moment, he had no idea which direction he should go.

“This place looks like an isolated dimension. It also seems like someone designed these glaciers, they are so amazingly crafted! I just came through the Gate of Void, I wonder what kinds of dangers I am going to face.”

Jiang Chen threw his glance over at the glaciers stretching out endlessly in front of him. He couldn’t help but comment with mixed feelings. The scene in front of him was magnificent, it was a breathtaking world of glaciers.

“If Little Yu is able to come here, her cultivation will definitely improve significantly. Here Nine Yin Meridians were simply created for this place.”

Jiang Chen thought of Yan Chenyu. After his trip to the Island of Ice, he would return and save Yan Chenyu with the Nine Solar Holy Water. But, at that point of time, the Island of Ice would have disappeared, and Yan Chenyu would not be able to come here to cultivate.

“I have no idea where to go now. Let’s try find out where that calling comes from.”

Jiang Chen unleashed his soul energy and spread it out. He focused hard and examined every inch of this place. He dared not run around with no idea of what he was doing. He came to this land because of the calling, and right now, he needed to find out where that calling came from.

Not long after that, Jiang Chen suddenly opened his eyes. He took a step forward and began flying toward the inner parts of this glacier world.


Suddenly, a glacier in front of him exploded, producing a loud noise. A huge monster jumped out from where the glacier was, blocking Jiang Chen’s path.

Jiang Chen’s body trembled for a moment. He threw his glance at the monster in front of him, and he furrowed his brows as he looked at it.

The monster had a milky white body, and it was completely made from hard ice. Its 3 meter tall body was constantly emitting freezing white fog. The monster had a pair of arms and legs, and on its back there was a long big tail. The tail was made entirely of solid ice as well.

The monster’s body was incredibly majestic, but what surprised Jiang Chen was that this monster had no facial features. When it turned its face toward Jiang Chen, a s.h.i.+ver ran down his spine. Its featureless face had a pair of eyes which stared at him viciously like a deadly poisonous snake. It was a very eerie feeling.

“Ice Demon.”

Jiang Chen was shocked by this monster. Even with his vast experience, he had never seen any monster like this. But, since its body was made entirely from solid ice, Jiang Chen just called it Ice Demon.


The Ice Demon had no mouth, but a deep roar sounded out from it. The roar was capable of causing anyone’s ears to feel pain. Hearing this nasty roar, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but feel somewhat frustrated.


The Ice Demon let out another loud roar. After that, it leapt at Jiang Chen and attacked.

“Hmph! You’re just an Ice Demon equal to those Mid Divine Core warriors, and you still want to hurt me? You’re simply courting death.”

Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed, then he instantly countered with a powerful punch. The tremendous force carried with this punch was more than enough to shatter the peak of a huge mountain. When it hit the Ice Demon, a loud cracking sound was heard. Following that, the 3 meter tall body was shattered into an icy dust in an instant.

But, something weird happened! In the blink of an eye, the Ice Demon who was just killed by Jiang Chen once again dashed toward Jiang Chen from another direction, continuing its attack.


Jiang Chen cried out. The Ice Demon was instantly revived after being killed! Jiang Chen was familiar with this kind of situation, but he was still shocked by it. After all, it was rare to find a creature who had this ability underneath the Heavens. The Nine Life Crystal Beast he encountered in Inferno h.e.l.l was one, and now, he had encountered another monster with the same ability!

“Fine, let me see how many lives you have!”

Jiang Chen strengthened his energy, instantly killing the Ice Demon with yet another punch. He a.s.sumed this Ice Demon had the same ability as the Nine Life Crystal Beast, they were given a few lives when they were born into the world. As long as he killed it a certain amount of times, they would be completely dead.

But this time, Jiang Chen was wrong! Within just one minute, Jiang Chen had killed this Ice Demon more than 15 times, but the Ice Demon was still able to instantly revive, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy just like before.

“d.a.m.n it! Don’t tell me this Ice Demon has 100 lives?!”

Jiang Chen felt really gloomy. Although his strength was incredibly formidable, he was still entangled in the fight with this Ice Demon!

After killing the Ice Demon another couple of time, Jiang Chen immediately felt the difference.

“No, this Ice Demon is different from the Nine Life Crystal Beast. The Heavens wouldn’t allow a creature that can defy the will of the Heavens to exist. If it really had so many lives, the Heavens would have already sent down its punishment. Let me find out what exactly makes it so difficult to kill.”

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows. He unleashed the Great Soul Derivation skill completely and spread his soul energy out and had it penetrate into all s.p.a.ce. Soon, when the Ice Demon appeared again, Jiang Chen once again killed it with a powerful punch.

With help from the Great Soul Derivation skill, nothing could hide from Jiang Chen’s senses. Finally, Jiang Chen discovered the secret behind why this Ice Demon could constantly revive. Underneath the amazing senses of his soul energy, Jiang Chen discovered that a fist size ice cube jumped out from the Ice Demon’s body whenever it was killed, and it seemed like this fist sized ice cube could hide itself. There was no way he could find it without the help of the Great Soul Derivation skill.

“Haha, now I know, this Ice Demon has a Demon Soul! Furthermore, its Demon Soul is able to hide itself, and with the help of the environment here, it’s able to revive infinitely!”

Jiang Chen laughed heartily. He finally understood the exact reason behind the endless revival of the Ice Demon. He had no idea how this Ice Demon war born, but it was given a special characteristic; it could its Demon Soul incredibly well. Of course, the environment here was the perfect habitat for them! With its help, the Ice Demon was able to revive infinitely, and that was what Jiang Chen had been facing before.

“With the incredible senses the Great Soul Derivation skill give me, nothing can hide from me! Come over here!”

Jiang Chen stretched his arm forward and grabbed the Demon Soul. While in his palm, Jiang Chen could clearly feel it violently struggling and trying to run away.

“True Dragon Flames!”

Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed, then his True Dragon Flames penetrated into the Demon Soul, instantly destroying the mind of the Ice Demon. After losing its mind, the Demon Soul immediately became quiet.

Jiang Chen examined the Demon Soul in his hand, and he couldn’t help but feel amazed. “This world is full of amazing things. This Demon Soul is freezing cold, ordinary people wouldn’t be able to use it at all, but if it was obtained by those warriors with cold physiques, or those who cultivate cold attribute skills, it would be a magnificent item! I need to store this and give it to Little Yu.”

While laughing, Jiang Chen stored the Demon Soul into his storage ring. He knew how tremendous Yan Chenyu’s potential was, the true mightiness of her Nine Yin Meridians had yet to awaken. In fact, for Yan Chenyu, her current injury was an opportunity for her to be reborn. When she wakes up from her come, she will experience an overwhelming transformation, and after that, she will become another abnormal monster.

Roar… Roar…

As if having sensed the death of their comrade, terrifying roars started sounding out from the glaciers up front. Before Jiang Chen could take a short break, he immediately saw numerous white figures viciously das.h.i.+ng towards him.

“d.a.m.n it, so many Ice Demons!”

Jiang Chen had a strong desire to curse at someone. There were hundreds of Ice Demons in front of him, and each of them had huge majestic bodies. Some were 3 meters tall, some were 6 meters tall, and some were even 9 meters tall.

Obviously, the bigger an Ice Demon was, the stronger it was. Jiang Chen had no doubts about that.

These Ice Demons had no eyes, but were able to discover Jiang Chen. In an instant, they surrounded Jiang Chen.

Seeing this, Jiang Chen’s gloomy expression turned into an excited one. If it was someone else who came here, these Ice Demons who could revive infinitely would be a deadly threat, but for Jiang Chen, they were all treasures waiting to be harvested.

The Demon Souls of these Ice Demons contained the purest cold attribute, it was a really valuable treasure. Not only could Yan Chenyu put them to good use, there are many people who would rush to buy it if Jiang Chen sold them.

“All these Ice Demons are at the Divine Core realm, but their bodies are really strong. Alright, I can use them to train my punch!”

Jiang Chen suddenly shouted, then he struck before any of the Ice Demons could respond. In an instant, he destroyed the Ice Demon who stood closest to him with a punch. With the powerful senses given to him by the Great Soul Derivation skill, its Demon Soul was unable to hide, and was grabbed by Jiang Chen. He unleashed the True Dragon Flames and eliminated the mind hidden within the Demon Soul.

All the Ice Demons were momentarily stunned upon seeing this happen. They knew very well what they were capable of, that’s why they never expected to a human killing one of their kind in an instant. In their minds, this was something unbelievable.


However, this didn’t stop the Ice Demons from launching their attacks, it just made them become even more ferocious. Each of them furiously growled as they charged at Jiang Chen.

Luckily, it was Jiang Chen who stood in the middle of the pack of Ice Demons. If it was any other warrior, just the nasty roars alone would be enough to seriously distract their minds, and they might just lose the ability to fight.

“You’re all here to give me treasures!”

In an incredibly domineering manner, Jiang Chen unceasingly bombarded the Ice Demons with his fists so quickly that they looked like phantom fists.

Bang, bang, bang…!

Jiang Chen was incredibly fast, and no matter how strong these Ice Demons were, none of them could withstand a single punch from him. With his current strength, Jiang Chen was able to kill a Combat Soul genius like Shangguan Yilei, let alone these Divine Core Ice Demons.

If anyone was here and witnessed this scene, that person would definitely be shocked to the absolute limit. Why? It was because Jiang Chen wasn’t using his Yuan energy at all, he was purely using his body’s strength. How fast was he currently? He was so fast that he could kill these Ice Demons faster than a sudden lightning strike, and he didn’t let a single Demon Soul escape!

Such incredible reflexes and speed, how many people were even close to his level?

This was raw slaughter! With Jiang Chen’s invincible fists and pure body strength, the number of Ice Demons were quickly being reduced. Even those Late Divine Core Ice Demons had no chance to revive, all of their Demon Soul were captured by Jiang Chen, and their minds were eliminated by the True Dragon Flames.


Jiang Chen was heartily laughing as he slaughtered the Ice Demons. With each Demon Soul stored into his storage ring, his wealth increased.