Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 311 – A Major Event is coming

Chapter 311 – A Major Event is coming

Chapter 311 – A Major Event is coming

There was a ferocious tiger in front of them, and there was no way to flee. This was a situation where only certain death awaited them. These mighty Combat Soul warriors had no way of escaping from Jiang Chen, the devil’s clutch.

The crowds couldn’t help but sigh. Before they came to the Island of Ice, Jiang Chen had been trapped in a situation where only certain death awaited… multiple times. But, in the end, he was able to survive the threat, and once they entered the Island of Ice, the tables had completely turned.

With Jiang Chen’s character, he wouldn’t give any opportunities for life to these Combat Soul warriors. The people in the crowds had all witnessed Jiang Chen’s approaches; he was a fierce and brutal man. Furthermore, Jiang Chen had already proved his fierce reputation when he slaughtered the countless Divine Core warriors back in Inferno h.e.l.l.

Even the men from the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan were killed, let alone the remaining Combat Soul warriors. When facing Jiang Chen, these mighty warriors simply had no ability to fight back.

“Let’s attack him together! We’re all Early Mortal Core warriors right now, I refuse to believe he can defy the Heavenly Order!”

“Precisely! Let’s attack him all together! Since we’re all at the same cultivation level, with so many of us attacking him alone, we should be able to kill him!”

Two Combat Soul warriors shouted out as their eyes turned red. Their words touched the Divine Core warriors, especially the core disciples from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect. All of them joined forces in order to kill Jiang Chen. In the blink of an eye, more than forty warriors had grouped together, and they stood opposite of Jiang Chen with killing intent spreading into every single direction.

These people finally realized the fact; only by unitedly attacking Jiang Chen would they have a chance to survive. Since all of them were Early Mortal Core warriors now, no matter how strong Jiang Chen’s abilities was; there was no way he could defeat so many united, mighty warriors.

Those core disciples from the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan clearly hated Jiang Chen to their core. Furthermore, they knew one thing; once all these Combat Soul warriors were killed by Jiang Chen, with his character, they would become his next target. Every single Divine Core warrior who joined the force had the same thoughts. Before they entered the Island of Ice, they had grouped together and attacked Jiang Chen, and the enmity between them had been set. There was no way to return other than group together once again. Only through unity would they have a chance to survive!

“Jiang Chen, if you know what you’re going to face, there is still time for you to run away from here!”

A Combat Soul warrior shouted at Jiang Chen.

“Looks like you’ve truly wasted all the years you lived, why can you still not get a clear grip on the current situation? Why do you still wear that same superior expression on your face? Do you really think that with this group of people, you can kill me, Jiang Chen?”

With an indifferent expression, Jiang Chen threw his glance at the warriors. After that, he turned to the rest of the warriors who stood next to him and asked, “Are there any more who wants to kill me? I’ll give you a chance, stand out right now.”

Jiang Chen never showed those who tried to kill him any mercy. When the group of men in front of him made up their minds and decided to kill Jiang Chen, their destinies had been determined. Jiang Chen always behaved cruelly and brutally in front of his enemies, mainly because he didn’t want to leave behind any potential future threats.

Commotion erupted amongst the crowds, but no one dared stand out. Those warriors who wanted to kill Jiang Chen were all hiding within the crowds, and dared not speak a single word. Most of these warriors were actually quite smart, and they could easily tell how ruthless Jiang Chen was. Becoming Jiang Chen’s enemy was definitely not a wise decision! Therefore, it was better for them to just keep low, and not gamble their lives here.

“No one?”

Jiang Chen put his glance back onto the group standing opposite of him. His eyes were so sharp that it caused the group to feel as if a blade was sc.r.a.ping their faces. Jiang Chen slowly raised the longsword in his hand. The cold reflection of the sword seemed so frightening, as if it could devour the souls of those who stared at it.

“Let’s kill him…!”

The leading Combat Soul warrior let loose a furious shout, and he became the first one to turn into a trail of light and dash toward Jiang Chen.

“All of you are going to die.”

The corners of Jiang Chen’s mouth rose upwards, causing an indifferent grin to emerge on his face. His body sway, then in an instant, nine identical Jiang Chens appeared, immediately confusing his opponents.

After that!


Sad and shrill screams resounded throughout the opponent’s group. Blood was spilled everywhere, and broken limbs were flying all over the place. Jiang Chen could be seen everywhere amongst the opponent’s group, and he was moving so fast that he looked like a ghost that could appear anywhere; anytime. His opponents didn’t even have the slightest opportunity to fight back. Or, put it this way, they simply couldn’t tell how Jiang Chen appeared in front of them, before they died.



The longsword in Jiang Chen’s hand was like a deadly poisonous snake, and death would claim life whenever it struck, including the lives of those Combat Soul warriors. None of them were able to withstand even just a single strike from Jiang Chen!

Blood and flesh flew around, and the crowds who were watching this from a spectator’s standpoint couldn’t restrain fear from engulfing their hearts. The slaughter made their faces turn pale. In just approximately thirty seconds, the scene became deadly silent.

It was completely silent. Although there was a crowd with more than ten thousand warriors here; not even the sound of breathing could be heard at this point of time; it was deadly silent! Everyone were just staring at the h.e.l.lish scene in front of them.

In less than just one minute, over forty warriors had been completely slaughtered; none of them had survived. The place had turned into a blood pool, and the pungent smell of blood was constantly emitting, causing those who smelled it to feel like vomiting.

Eight Combat Soul warriors, all core disciples of the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan, as well as the other Divine Core warriors; they were all dead! Blood dripped down from Jiang Chen’s longsword, and whenever a drop of blood hit the ground, it sound like a huge hammer slamming into the souls of all those watching.

Right at this moment, the way Jiang Chen was looked upon by the crowds had completely changed. The innocent looking young man was a truly ruthless devil king! He didn’t even blink his eyes as he killed these warriors!

“Ruthless! Extremely ruthless!”

“He didn’t even blink while killing the warriors! I think it’s best if we keep a distance from him in the future!”

“I swear to the Heavens; I will NEVER offend this devil king, no matter what!”


Every single person amongst the crowds made a decision; they would keep a safe distance from Jiang Chen, and under absolutely no circ.u.mstance would they become Jiang Chen’s enemy! The scene they just witnessed what simply too brutal!

Those who previously joined forces to attack Jiang Chen, but didn’t stand out just now felt incredibly lucky! If they didn’t restrain themselves from jumping out just now, they would be lying on the ground, dead like the ones who had. None would be alive right now.

There were still a dozen Combat Soul warriors in the desert, including Old Man Ling Shan and Golden Lion, and all of them wore the same shocked expression. They stared at Jiang Chen, and their hearts couldn’t help but tremble in fear. At the same time, they felt lucky they didn’t become Jiang Chen’s enemy! If they had, their destinies would be no better than that of these men lying on the ground! Although Jiang Chen’s cultivation was weaker than theirs, but while trapped in this desert, he was invincible!

“Big Yellow!”

Jiang Chen slowly put away the longsword in his hand, then he shouted at Big Yellow. Big Yellow immediately understood what Jiang Chen wanted to tell him, and he immediately dashed to the bodies on the ground with incredible speed, then he took away all their storage rings, as well as their Combat Weapons.

This once again made the crowds jealous. The combined wealth of all these dead warriors was enormous, it was an astronomical figure! Furthermore, many of the treasures seen in the auction were won by these warriors, and now, they all belonged to Jiang Chen!

For Jiang Chen, there was no reason to negotiate with his enemies, and the crowds were simply just jealous about the loot he got. If he didn’t take away all this wealth, the crowds would do it for him; this was the cruel reality.

“Little Chen, our loot this time is huge! Much more than what we got back in Inferno h.e.l.l!”

Big Yellow’s smile was so big that he could barely open his eyes.

“Come, let’s proceed further into the Island of Ice.”

Jiang Chen smiled, and didn’t even pay any attention to the crowds. He started walking toward the inner parts of the desert. Since he actually didn’t want to fight these superpowers, he had hidden his real ident.i.ty when he came to the Blissful Island, but fate had pushed him into all of this. However, Jiang Chen had no fear at all; different situations called for different measures. As the once greatest Saint underneath the heavens, Jiang Chen’s path towards the top would always be filled with powerful enemies and huge pressure.


After Jiang Chen left, the crowds finally breathed out in relief. The pressure they felt when standing in the same area as a devil king like Jiang Chen was too huge! Those who wanted to kill Jiang Chen really desired to place their palms together and chant out Amitābha, as if their lives had just been saved. [1]

“So many people were killed, this matter is going to become huge!”

Someone said.

“True. Most of those Combat Soul warriors had significant backgrounds, especially the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan; they will definitely not let this matter go easily! Jiang Chen killed a lot of great warriors today, and the consequences for doing so will be much more serious compared to what he did in Inferno h.e.l.l.”

“The Island of Ice appearing has inevitably drawn a lot of attention, I’m sure those superpowers in the Eastern Continent have learned about this. Perhaps they’re in the middle of sending people over here right now? Even the Martial Saint Dynasty and Martial Palace might come here. If they see what we’re looking at right now, the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan will definitely become furious. Also, those superpowers from the other powerful provinces will most likely come here as well, and none of them are going to let Jiang Chen off the hook easily. This is going to be fun!”

“Precisely, Jiang Chen is going to face a situation where there are enemies in absolutely all directions! I wonder if he resist the fury of all these superpowers!”


Everyone present had mixed emotions regarding this matter. Just one or two days later, all the superpowers will have sent their men to the island. According to the previous opening of the Island of Ice a hundred years ago, it took seven days before the entrance shut down completely, and those who entered would have to find a new exit by themselves. In the next days, more and more great warriors would arrive at the Island of Ice, and at that point of time, the situation would truly become chaotic. In other words, the fight between Jiang Chen and the superpowers had just begun.

“Let’s go! We have to proceed further into this Island of Ice, let’s hurry up and leave this desert; daddy doesn’t feel safe at all when staying here.”

“You’re right. Our cultivations are restricted, I don’t feel safe either. Once we leave this desert, our cultivations will be restored to their original state.”

“Right! Also, we can’t move these dead bodies either, just leave them here. Once those great warriors from the various superpowers arrive, something huge is definitely going to happen!”


Many people threw their glances at the dead bodies scattered all around. After that, they just turned around and continue running toward the inner parts of the desert. As warriors of the Heavenly Core and Divine Core realm, they had gotten used to flying around, and it had been a long time since they had to travel around on foot. The restriction to their cultivations made them panic, and they desired to leave this desert as quickly as possible, so that their cultivations could be restored.



1 – Chanting word for Buddhist’s, similar to ‘May G.o.d have mercy upon our souls’