Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 310 – Controller of Life and Death

Chapter 310 – Controller of Life and Death

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Chapter 310 – Controller of Life and Death


Without giving Ye Xiao any chance to respond, Jiang Chen simply slapped his fast. The mighty Combat Soul Elder from the Myriad Sword Sect couldn’t even resist this slap, and he was instantly thrown onto the ground. All his teeth were knocked out by the slap’s tremendous force.

Or put it this way, Ye Xiao did try to fight back, he had tried with all his effort, but Jiang Chen’s strength was simply too much for him. His hard effort resembled an ant fighting against a human; absolutely useless!

Because of the ancient force’s suppression, Jiang Chen was like the absolute ruler of this desert. All living beings had to kneel down before him, regardless if it was a formidable person in outside world; he had to coil down if he was a dragon, and he had to crouch if he was a tiger.

“Stop! You can’t kill Sect Elder Ye!”

The genius from the Myriad Sword Sect, Lin Anying shouted out. With great speed, he took out a razor sharp longsword, and swung it at Jiang Chen like a poisonous snake.


Although Lin Anying was quite fast, but in Jiang Chen’s eyes, it was like he was moving in slow motion. Jiang Chen casually struck back. n.o.body could see how he did it, but the longsword in Lin Anying’s hand had mysteriously fallen into his hand. Without looking at Lin Anying, Jiang Chen swung the longsword and sliced off his head, causing blood to spout from his neck like a fountain. It was a truly magnificent scene!

“Senior disciple Lin!”

The female disciple from the Myriad Sword Sect cried out in fear. She covered her mouth while looking at Lin Anying’s head, and her eyes were wide open, as if her eyeb.a.l.l.s were going to jump out at any time.

“From the moment you wanted to kill me, you should have expected this to happen. Don’t always wear such a superior expression on your face, don’t think you can act regardless of the law and of natural morality just because you’re from the Myriad Sword Sect. Only you are allowed to kill others, but not the other way around? That means bulls.h.i.+t to me! The Myriad Sword Sect is nothing but a fart in front of me!”

Jiang Chen spoke in a cruel tone, and gazed at all the disciples from the Myriad Sword Sect with a sharp gaze, causing them all to feel extremely frightened. Although they hated Jiang Chen to the core, none of them dared say a word.

Finally, they realized that this young man in front of them was not someone bound by the natural laws. He was a real mad man, and those who offended him; he would kill one by one, regardless of their background. Some people even suspected, if the Emperor of the Martial Saint Dynasty was here, and offended Jiang Chen; he would kill him as well!

The Myriad Sword Sect was but a fart! Underneath the heavens, perhaps only Jiang Chen was daring enough to give such a bold statement. But, no one found it laughable, Jiang Chen was quite fierce right now.

The crowds filled with over ten thousand people were completely silent, no one dared speak a word! Those warriors who claimed they wanted to kill Jiang Chen before this were extremely frightened right now. In this desert, since everyone’s cultivations were suppressed to the same level, none of them were any match for Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen could kill them all if he wanted.


A disharmonious laughter broke the silence. Big Yellow was bouncing around, excited. He had perfectly shown the crowds what someone without any restraints looked like.

In fact, Big Yellow, Han Yan, and Nangong Wentian; all of them felt extremely thrilled right now. Finally, they could finally get rid of the depression they felt earlier.

“Jiang Chen, you’re going to pay a serious price for what you did today!”

Underneath Jiang Chen’s feet, Ye Xiao said while gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth in anger.

“That’s not something you need to worry about.”

Without hesitation, Jiang Chen pushed the longsword in his hand forwards, impaling Ye Xiao’s neck and killing him on the spot.

The pungent smell of blood started filling the desert. Three Combat Soul warriors were killed by Jiang Chen, as well as a genius from the Myriad Sword Sect. Such monstrous actions, perhaps only the ruthless Jiang Chen could do it.

“Extremely fierce! Even the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan couldn’t scare him at all!”

“In my opinion, I don’t think Jiang Chen went too far. Don’t forget what these people did to Jiang Chen before this! If not for Jiang Chen being so abnormally strong, he might have been ripped into a thousand pieces by them by now. If their cultivations hadn’t been suppressed within this desert, they wouldn’t let Jiang Chen go so easily; this is their destiny.”

“That’s right, both sides have an unresolved debt. If one really wants to blame something, you can only blame their unlucky destiny for making them end up in this strange desert together with Jiang Chen. But, if Jiang Chen really kills all those Combat Soul warriors, he will be in huge trouble; the entire Eastern Continent will be in a huge uproar!”


Mixed emotions filled the minds of the people in the crowds. No one could have predicted this, the table had turned in such a short amount of time. The game of cat and mouse, the sides had switch, Jiang Chen who was the mouse within the game had now turned into the formidable cat, and he was going to kill all the Combat Soul warriors, the mice.

After killing Ye Xiao, Jiang Chen immediately looked at Mao Sheng, then he said, “Since you wanted to avenge Mao Fang, I’ll give you a chance to attack me right now.”

Jiang Chen’s words caused Mao Sheng’s heart to sink into an abyss. Indeed, he really wished he could devour Jiang Chen alive, but the situation was clear; he was absolutely no match for Jiang Chen! If he attacked Jiang Chen, his destiny would be no better than that of Ye Xiao and Shangguan Chong.

“Jiang Chen, I’ve just decided, I won’t look to avenge Mao Fang, and I’ve given up on getting revenge for the Qingyi Sect as well! I, Mao Sheng vow on my life, from now on, the Qingyi Sect won’t look for any trouble with you! What do you think?”

Mao Sheng’s words were like a subtle way of begging for forgiveness. He had no other choice right now. If he attacked, only certain death would await him; he would die in vain.

“A vow? Do you think I am a three year old kid? I know you’re afraid of me, but that is pointless; I won’t give you any chance to leave this desert! Three have died, you’ll be fourth.”

Jiang Chen raised the longsword in his hand, and pointed the cold steel toward Mao Sheng who stood opposite of him.

“Jiang Chen, don’t go too far!”

Mao Sheng shouted.

“Haha, who is the one who has gone too far? You, a mighty Combat Soul warrior, publicly attacked me, a Divine Core warrior! Is this not considered going too far? Not only that, you did it with a dozen other Combat Soul warriors! All of you attacked me with the intent to kill me, did you ever think you were going too far while doing that? So, tell me, am I really going too far right now?”

Jiang Chen let out a belly laugh. He took a step forward, then he rushed forward like the wind. He arrived in front of Mao Sheng in just the blink of an eye, then he thrust his longsword forwards like a poisonous snake, impaling Mao Sheng’s chest.


A razor sharp sword energy exploded out within Mao Sheng’s body, opening up a big hole on his chest.

“You-, you, Qingyi Sect… will definitely not… you go…”

Mao Sheng’s body slowly fell onto the ground; the fourth Combat Soul warrior had fallen.

Once again, a ma.s.sive storm swept through the minds of the people in the crowds. The remaining Combat Soul warriors who had offended Jiang Chen all had extremely pale faces, and all of them were clenching their fists tightly, and depression emerged within their hearts. As mighty Combat Soul warriors, their lives were in the palm of a young man, and none of them had any ability to do anything about it. Compared to what happened outside the Island of Ice, this was such an ironic scene.

“This group of men must be feeling extremely regretful right now.”

Old Man Ling Shan stood far away, and his arms were crossed in front of his chest as he spoke in an indifferent tone.

“They must be regretting becoming Jiang Chen’s enemies.”

Golden Lion nodded his head in approval next to Old Man Ling Shan.

“No, they must be regretting not killing Jiang Chen with everything they got when they had the chance. Under that situation, if they hadn’t been greedy for the Island of Ice’s treasures, Jiang Chen would have been dead by now, and none of this would have happened.”

Old Man Ling Shan explained with a smile on his face. He had an expression of one who rejoiced in the misfortune of others. At the same time, he felt really lucky for not becoming Jiang Chen’s enemy.

After killing Mao Sheng, Jiang Chen didn’t stop. He turned around and continued walking toward the rest of the Combat Soul warriors. All of these mighty warriors were his enemies, the most formidable enemies, so leaving them behind would be a huge risk for Jiang Chen, and it would be a tremendous threat.

“You have lost the opportunity to kneel down and beg for forgiveness, and your destinies have been determined; no different from those four before you.”

Jiang Chen said as he continued walking toward these great warriors. He looked like a Judge of h.e.l.l walking through the mortal realm, judging who gets to live and who gets to die with his words.


Right at this moment, a man suddenly flew up in to skies. On his back there was a pair of golden colored wings. The wings were made entirely from Yuan energy, and they repeatedly flapped up and down. Clearly, it was a miraculous movement skill.

“Haha, Jiang Chen, I don’t think you expected this! Even with a Mortal Core cultivation base, daddy can still fly! Once I leave this desert, and my cultivation base is restored to its original state; death will rain down upon you!”

The man burst into laughter. With a flap of his wings, he turned into a trail of light and dashed toward the inner parts of the desert.

Looking at the man, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but shake his head. He didn’t even take a second look at the warrior who just flew away. He knew it was useless even if the warrior could fly; he was dead for sure!

“Showing off your flying ability in front of this master dog, you’re really overconfident!”

Big Yellow let out a belly laugh. In an instant, a pair of wings appeared on his back, and his majestic body turned into a trail of light as well. In just the blink of an eye, he had caught up with the warrior who had flown far away, and blocked his path.

“With this speed you’re trying to run away from us?”

Big Yellow said in an impolite manner.

The man’s expression changed, he didn’t expect that someone else could fly just like him as well, and this someone was actually a dog! But, his fear of Big Yellow came nowhere close to his fear of Jiang Chen.

“d.a.m.n dog, f.u.c.k off!”

The man raised the huge broadsword in his hand, and chopped it toward Big Yellow.


Big Yellow’s figure was chopped in half by the man. But, before the man could let out an excited laughter, he realized that what he just chopped was Big Yellow’s shadow, and Big Yellow had appeared right in front of his face.

“Kaka, go to h.e.l.l!”

With a tremendous force, Big Yellow slammed his head right into the man’s chest. Underneath the terrified eyes of the crowds, the Combat Soul warrior let out a blood-curdling screech, and was knocked back to where he came from. He was slammed into where he original stood before he tried fleeing, and after effortlessly struggling for a bit, he completely stopped moving.

Many people gasped in fear. A large area of the Combat Soul warrior’s chest had caved in, and all his viscera had shattered. This caused the crowds to feel even more fear of Big Yellow.

“The f.u.c.k!? How can this dog’s head be so powerful?!”

Nangong Wentian stared at Big Yellow with eyes wide open, in shock. This was the first time in his entire life he had witnessed such a frightening dog head.

A shadow was cast in the hearts’ of the remaining Combat Soul warriors. They tried fleeing from here by leaving the island, but the entrance to the Island of Ice was a one-way entrance. Once they entered, they couldn’t see the illusionary entrance any longer; this land was a completely isolated realm.