Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 308 – Ancient Force

Chapter 308 – Ancient Force

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Chapter 308 – Ancient Force


After burning both Combat Soul warriors to a crisp, the Fiery Magma Dragon let out a wild roar, and continued flying across the ocean. Its energy was only depleted after flying nearly 500 kilometers. Finally, it fell down from the sky and crashed onto the ocean surface, instantly melting the frozen ice. A huge explosion was seen where it crashed, and ice was sent all over the place, as well as a huge amount of smoke. The terrifying vibrations caused the hearts of all those who watched it to tremble.


Many people gasped after witnessing what just happened. Everyone stared at the worn down kettle in Jiang Chen’s hand as if they looking at the most dreadful item underneath the heavens. Two Combat Soul warriors were just burned to ashes by it, it was incredibly terrifying!

“Oh heavens, what exactly is that item? It’s incredibly powerful, two Combat Soul warriors just vanished because of it!”

“Extremely frightening, it just killed two Combat Soul warriors in an instant!”

“With this treasure in Jiang Chen’s hand, who can kill him now?”


Everyone were shocked by it, and no one could control their emotions any longer. What happened was extremely frightening! A worn down kettle just made two Combat Soul warriors vanis.h.!.+ A scene like this, if one didn’t see it for himself, he wouldn’t believe it even if he was beaten to death!

“d.a.m.n it! So brutal!”

Han Yan’s eyeb.a.l.l.s nearly popped out of their sockets.

“d.a.m.n it! What exactly is that item? Don’t you think it’s too brutal?”

Nangong Wentian was terrified by it as well! Actually, not only he, even Jiang Chen was stunned by it! He lowered his head and looked at the worn down kettle in his hand; a bright glow suddenly emerged in his eyes.

“Good treasure!”

Jiang Chen sighed. With his experience, he could tell it was only a magma flame that shot out from the kettle. Furthermore, it was just some ordinary magma. Although it was high temperature, it was from enough to make two Combat Soul warriors vanish. Its mystical power came from the kettle itself! It was the kettle that had given the magma such devastating power!

Shangguan Chong and the others were startled by this terrifying scene. Those Combat Soul warriors who gnashed their teeth in anger and swore to kill Jiang Chen now only had frightened expressions on their faces, and they had started falling back, scared that Jiang Chen would point the kettle toward them. Fear lingered within them after witnessing the scene.

Ye Xiao and the others were both scared and angry. At the same time, they regretted being so slow. If not, this treasure would belong to them right now, and Jiang Chen would be the one killed by the fiery magma.

“Haha, come!”

Jiang Chen burst into laughter as he waved the worn down kettle at his opponents, causing those Combat Soul warriors to fall back out of fear. After witnessing the kettle’s terrifying ability, who would stand out and fight Jiang Chen now?

“Come! Weren’t you all trying to kill me just now?”

Jiang Chen was challenging multiple Combat Soul warriors by himself, portraying an overbearing image from his entire body. The way he challenged them all made the crowds admire him even more than previously.

“Jiang Chen, don’t be so arrogant! I don’t believe that worn down kettle can be used to attack once again!”

Ye Xiao shouted. His words made the frightened Combat Soul warriors’ eyes light up.

That’s right! The flaming magma erupted from the worn down kettle itself, it wasn’t controlled by Jiang Chen! And the kettle seemed quiet now, didn’t that mean it couldn’t unleash a second attack?

The smile on Jiang Chen’s face became thicker; he was pretending to be calm. But in his mind, he had started cursing. Aside from the few hundred kilos of weight, which was the actual weight of the kettle itself, there was nothing else in the kettle. After the flaming magma erupted from the kettle, the temperature of the kettle started dropping. Or, perhaps it was because of the Island of Ice, but Jiang Chen could start feeling the cold even though he was holding the kettle.

“Haha, my guess is correct! The worn down kettle can only be used once! Everyone, we don’t have to be afraid of him now!”

Ye Xiao burst into laughter.

“Precisely! If it could be used multiple times, with this guy’s approach, he would have already killed us!”

Shangguan Chong added.

Finally, everyone realized what was going on after being reminded by Ye Xiao, and they also discovered the changes to the kettle. The worn down kettle now looked ordinary with a rough surface, as if it was an unwanted kettle left on the street side. The formidable energy it carried when it shot out from the Island of Ice was long gone! This told them one thing; Jiang Chen was just pretending!

“What the f.u.c.k…”

Jiang Chen was speechless, then he simply tossed the worn down kettle away. Since his opponents had found out the truth, there was no need for him to continue pretending.


Right as Jiang Chen threw the worn down kettle away, a figure suddenly appeared underneath him and caught it; it was Big Yellow!

“d.a.m.n you, what a spoiled kid! This thing is a real treasure!”

Big Yellow held onto the worn down kettle tightly, as if it was a rare treasure.

Now, Jiang Chen had lost his mighty weapon. Just when everyone thought Jiang Chen was dead meat, another sudden change occurred.

A dazzling light rushed out from the Island of Ice, lighting up all directions. After that, a huge hole appeared on one side of the Island of Ice. Although the hole looked illusory, it was actually an entrance to the island!

“Look, the Island of Ice has opened up!”

“Haha, the Island of Ice has finally opened! Let’s enter it quickly; there must be some good stuff on the island!”

“Let’s go! I have to find an opportunity on the island!”


The people went crazy once again. The Island of Ice was too attractive! So many valuable treasures had appeared before the island was opened, so it wasn’t difficult to imagine that there would be more treasures on the island itself!

“Little Chen, let’s enter the Island of Ice!”

Nangong Wentian shouted at Jiang Chen. Without any hesitation, he immediately flew toward the entrance. On the other side, Han Yan and Big Yellow also flew toward the entrance together with the crowds.


Of course, Jiang Chen wouldn’t hesitate either. There were too many enemies outside, and only by entering the island would he have the opportunity to escape from these Combat Soul warriors! Furthermore, after the Island of Ice opened, the mysterious beckoning became even clearer!

With a flap of his blood wings, together with the Dimensional s.h.i.+ft skill’s help, Jiang Chen moved incredibly quickly. He was much closer to the entrance than Ye Xiao and the others were, so it was impossible for Ye Xiao and all other opponents to stop Jiang Chen from entering the Island of Ice.

“Jiang Chen, don’t you run away from us!”

“Hurry up and enter the Island of Ice, we have to kill Jiang Chen!”

Ye Xiao and Shangguan Chong both shouted out loudly. Dozens of Combat Soul warriors were rus.h.i.+ng toward the entrance as well. For them, entering the island and killing Jiang Chen were both equally important.

At this moment, the scene within the Island of Ice was completely different from what they had imagined.

Plop… plop…

Ouch… ouch…

After pa.s.sing through the entrance and entering the Island of Ice, every single warrior immediately fell down from the sky, and were lying on the ground. They were all caught off guard, and felt dizzy because of the hard fall.

Jiang Chen rushed through the entrance, entering the Island of Ice’s boundary. But, in an instant, a tremendous pressure pushed him down from above. Jiang Chen couldn’t control his body at all, and just like all the other warriors, he was knocked down onto the ground, creating a huge crater where he landed. None of the warriors were spared from this fate, all of them were thrown downwards by the tremendous force, and no one could fly like they used to do.

“What happened? Why can’t I fly now? Something’s wrong here, my cultivation is limited! Oh heavens, I’m only an Early Mortal Core warrior now! What happened?!”

“Me too, I’m also an Early Mortal Core warrior just like you; I can’t fly at all, and I can’t even use my combat skill! It seems like I’ve returned to the early stages of my cultivation, and my Yuan energy is limited as well!”

“What’s going on? I thought there were precious treasures on this island, a once in a lifetime opportunity? So why are our cultivation bases limited here?”


Many people became panicked! Something really frightening just happened; a mysterious force had completely limited their cultivation bases! No matter what cultivation realm and stage they previously were at, all of them were now at the Early Mortal Core realm!

Many faces turned pale! For mighty Divine Core warriors, they had long ago forgotten what being an Early Mortal Core warrior was like! When they were forced back to this realm, they immediately felt how weak they were right now.

The crowds found out they were in the middle of a desert, and there were no plants around them; a truly desolate area. Perhaps it was because of that mysterious force, but there wasn’t even any wind in this area! It was a ghastly silent place!

Plop… plop…

“What happened?”

“Why did I fall down from the sky? I am a Combat Soul warrior, I can fly whenever I want, so why can’t I fly here?! My cultivation?!! What?!! Mortal Core realm?! What’s wrong with this place?!”

“My Yuan energy is quickly reducing, and I’m only at the Early Mortal Core realm right now?! Just what is this place? Where are the treasures? Why is there only a desert here?”

Everyone who entered the island felt shocked. The treasures they expected to see was nowhere to be found, and they were in the middle of a desert. Every single warrior’s cultivation was limited, and no matter what their previous cultivation was, they were now all at the same cultivation; Early Mortal Core realm! And that included the Combat Soul warriors, none were spared from this fate!

Big Yellow walked up to Jiang Chen. Nangong Wentian and Han Yan walked up to him as well. All of them wore the same startled expressions.

“Little Chen, do you know why our cultivations are limited here?”

Han Yan asked.

“The Island of Ice has its own dimension, and the scenery in here is completely different from that in the outside world. This place is a parallel dimension, a world different from the one we came from. I can sense a mysterious force here; it’s an ancient force that can suppress our cultivations, and it’s also the reason why we’re suppressed to the Early Mortal Core realm.”

Jiang Chen explained.

“This is a boundless desert, where is the treasure?”

Nangong Wentian felt speechless.

“Brother Nan, this Island of Ice appeared once a hundred years ago, and although the scene might be different from then, I’m sure there are treasures on this island. I can feel that the mysterious force only works in this desert, so as long as we leave this desert, we won’t be affect by it anymore, and our cultivation bases will be restored to their original form.”

Jiang Chen said.

“If that is the case, let’s leave this desert as soon as possible.”

Nangong Wentian said.

“Why the rush? The show has just begun! Don’t you want to see a bunch of Combat Soul warriors crying for their grandpas while getting beaten?”

Jiang Chen’s lips curved upwards, and a bright smile blossomed on Jiang Chen’s face. He threw his glance over at Shangguan Chong, Ye Xiao, and all the other Combat Soul warriors who came with them.

Big Yellow’s ears instantly stood up, and an evil smile emerged onto his face. A good show was going to play out soon!