Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 307 – Frightening Kettle

Chapter 307 – Frightening Kettle

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Chapter 307 – Frightening Kettle

Two Perfect-Ranked Combat Weapons violently collided! The energy ripples were incredibly devastating, and they frightened everyone nearby. Some warriors who stood close to the battlefield were even injured by the ma.s.sive force! A warrior let out a blood-curdling screech, as one of his arms had shattered because of the devastating force!

Jiang Chen’s strength was incredibly mighty. With the Perfect-Ranked Combat Weapon in his hand, he had no disadvantage when fighting Shangguan Chong who was a Combat Soul warrior. It was really difficult to imagine how a Mid Divine Core warrior’s combat strength could be so powerful.

“This brat is really strong, let’s kill him together!”

Ye Xiao roared. At this moment, four Combat Soul warriors attacked Jiang Chen at the same time. The Combat Soul warriors were all elders from different powers in the Eastern Continent, and each of them had vast experience; that’s the reason why they were so shocked. They had seen countless geniuses in their lives, but not once had they met someone like Jiang Chen.

It wasn’t hard to imagine, if this young man was allowed to grow, sooner or later, they wouldn’t be able to defeat him even with the strength of their entire sect. And, the best way to limit his growth was to kill him before he could grow.

Jiang Chen’s performance frightened a lot of people! It wasn’t the present Jiang Chen they were scared of, it was the future Jiang Chen they feared! Therefore, they had to kill Jiang Chen here no matter what!


The simultaneous attacks from four Combat Soul warriors shook both heaven and earth. The energy ripples shattered the frozen ice, sending it flying all over the place. At the same time, there were still treasures shooting out from the Island of Ice. Therefore, the group who were trying to kill Jiang Chen on the Blissful Island didn’t gather again. But, these four Combat Soul warriors were still a frightening combination.

The energies at the scene were simply too strong! Many people were watching, trying to figure out how Jiang Chen was going to survive after the combined attack of four Combat Soul warriors.


Jiang Chen only replied with a cold harrumph. No signs of panic could be found on his face. Actually, his fighting intent was incredibly powerful. 2,200 Dragon Marks had given him huge confidence, so even when he was facing the combined attacks of four Combat Soul warriors, Jiang Chen still wanted to counter them face to face; he wanted to figure out just how powerful his current combat strength was!


The spear in his hand was producing a frightening buzzing sound. Under Jiang Chen’s control, the violently shaking spear looked like a poisonous snake. Endless amounts of Yuan energy was constantly flowing into the spear from Jiang Chen’s hand, and there were even some blood red Dragon Marks that started appearing on the surface of the spear, giving it a mystical aura.


The Combat Spear produced a loud explosive noise. With Jiang Chen’s control, it pierced forwards with a tremendous force. There were energy storms in all directions. These energy storms were born from the combined attacks of the four Combat Soul warriors, and most ordinary people would die horrible deaths just by getting close to these storms.


The Combat Spear produced a dazzling light. It looked like a gigantic pillar the held the heavens up as it collided with the energy storms. Violent and destructive energy ripples started rolling around. With just this collision, the scene immediately started looking like a doomsday. The devastating energy ripples made a bottomless hole appear in the frozen ocean, causing ocean water to shoot out from the hole. But, in just a split second, the hole was frozen once again.

Because of the Island of Ice, the ocean’s temperature had dropped far below the freezing level. Water would instantly freeze upon emerging.

Boom! Boom! Boom! …

Because of the ma.s.sive collision, Jiang Chen was forced back a dozen steps before he regained control of his body. While stepping back within the skies, each step he took would produce a loud boom sound, which sounded like the sound that came when once hit a drum.

Cracking sounds could bear heard from the Combat Spear in his hand, and Jiang Chen’s face looked pale for a moment. But soon after, he returned to normal. Currently, Jiang Chen still couldn’t fight four Combat Soul warriors alone, but since his body was really strong, he could actually withstand such a ma.s.sive backlas.h.!.+ Therefore, even with the combined attack of four Combat Soul warriors, he wasn’t hurt.

“How can this be possible? Is this guy made from iron?”

“He has a strong body, the combined attacks didn’t hurt him at all!”

“Let’s take out our Combat Weapons and attack together, we have to kill this guy today, don’t let him survive!”

“That’s right! Leaving him alive would be a disaster for us!”


All those Combat Soul warriors who wanted to kill Jiang Chen gnashed their teeth in anger. The more strength Jiang Chen showed, the more they wanted to kill him! Jiang Chen’s potential was frightening them a lot! With just a Mid Divine Core cultivation base, he was able to fight them like this! Didn’t that mean he would be able to kill them if he broke through to the Late Divine Core realm?

In a split second, a few more Combat Soul warriors joined the battlefield. Once again, they surrounded Jiang Chen. Each of them had drawn their most powerful Combat Weapons, and most of those were Perfect-Ranked Combat Weapons. Some rogue warriors didn’t have a lot of resources, so they could only use High-Ranked Combat Weapons. But, each of them were peak High-Ranked Combat Weapons, so they were still quite powerful.

“Oh heavens! I think Jiang Chen is doomed this time! With so many Combat Soul warriors surrounding him, and all of them carrying Combat Weapons; how is he going to fight them?”

“Sigh! Jiang Chen should’ve just ran away from here during the chaotic situation just now, but he actually stayed back because of his greed for treasures. Now, he’s going to pay with his mistake with his own life… truly not worth it.”

“So many great warriors are trying to kill him, and Master Blissful isn’t here, so no one will be able to protect him anymore. He’s in a certain death situation right now. The appearance of the Island of Ice attracted everyone’s attention, and since the eruption of treasures has almost ended, it’s time for all these great warriors to kill him.”


Many people felt pity for Jiang Chen. In their minds, Jiang Chen was an amazing man. No matter where it was, Inferno h.e.l.l of the Blissful Island, what he did was incredible! Just his courage alone made many people admire him. If Jiang Chen could survive this, he would definitely become a mighty hero in the future; a supreme person!

“So many of you are attacking one person, do you really put your face in your pants?”

Nangong Wentian was really p.i.s.sed off. With the gigantic ruler in hand, he flew toward Jiang Chen. But, two Combat Soul warriors blocked his path, and the two immediately engaged in a fierce fight with Nangong Wentian. On the other side, Big Yellow was also blocked off by a Combat Soul warrior.

Luckily, there was only one Combat Soul warrior fighting Big Yellow. These Combat Soul warriors still valued their face, so they didn’t attack a dog with multiple people.

“Jiang Chen, you’re dead!”

Mao Sheng roared.


Right after Mao Sheng finished roaring, something happened once again. A deep explosive sound could be heard from the Island of Ice once again, and in the next second, a flaming object erupted from the island.

Everyone knew about the legend of the Island of Ice. Therefore, anything that came from the Island of Ice would immediately attract their attention. Right at this moment, when the object shot out, it instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

Big Yellow was the first to see what this object was, and his eyes immediately lit up. In an instant, he shouted, “Little Chen, go get that thing!!

Jiang Chen’s expression changed upon hearing Big Yellow’s words. Without any hesitation, he started flying toward the object with speed great as lightning. Any item worthy of Big Yellow’s attention must be something extraordinary, Jiang Chen had no doubts about that.

“That thing belongs to me!”

Shangguan Chong also flew toward the item with great speed. He swung his sword at Jiang Chen as he flew toward the item, and all the other Combat Soul warriors started moving as well; trying to s.n.a.t.c.h the item before anyone else.

“Get lost!”

Jiang Chen roared as he ferociously thrust his Combat Spear at Shangguan Chong. At the same time, a pair of blood red wings appeared on his back, and his feet trembled as he unleashed the Dimensional s.h.i.+ft skill! He didn’t stop there, nine identical Jiang Chens appeared in a split second, the Nine Phantom Wolves! He used it to distract his opponents’ visions. Even if it only delayed them for just a split second, with his current speed, it was more than enough.

Jiang Chen was extremely fast! When all the phantom Jiang Chens disappeared, the treasure that had erupted from the Island of Ice fell into his hand.

The item was scorching hot, as if it was hot steel that just came out from a fire pit. Ordinary warriors wouldn’t be able to touch it, only Jiang Chen who had such an incredible body could grab it with his hand.

Jiang Chen took a look at the item in his hand; it was actually a kettle! That’s right, this item looked exactly like a kettle! There was a hand only its side, and a fist sized mouth on top of it. The mouth was sealed shut with a lid. The high temperature came from the content within the kettle.

Jiang Chen knew it wasn’t water in this kettle, because no water could reach such a high temperature. With this temperature, the water would be vaporized in less than a second! But, with Jiang Chen’s experience, he actually couldn’t tell what this item was! The kettle had a rough surface, and some symbols were carved onto it.

“These are symbols of the ancient era, don’t tell me this kettle is from the ancient era?”

Jiang Chen was startled.

“Jiang Chen, hand over the treasure!”

Right at this moment, two Combat Soul warriors flew toward Jiang Chen from another direction. At the same time, the kettle in Jiang Chen’s hand started violently trembling, as if it was going to explode at any time.

Jiang Chen had no time to think, he simply pulled the lid off the kettle’s mouth. Right as he pulled off the lid, an extremely dangerous aura leaked out from the kettle, as if a tremendous devastating energy was hidden within the kettle.


The kettle was agitated when the lid was pulled off, and it entire body’s color changed into a fiery one. Red smoke erupted from the kettle, and countless wild roars sounded out from within the kettle, as if there were numerous ancient barbaric beasts roaring at the same time. Jiang Chen could clearly feel that something was going to shoot out from the kettle. But, time wasn’t on his side, so he just aimed the kettle toward the two Combat Soul warriors who were flying toward him.


A frightening scene played out. A Fiery Dragon formed entirely from magma rushed out from the kettle. The extremely high temperature instantly burned the air. However, compared to this high temperature, what was even more dreadful was the devastating energy that came from the Magma Dragon.

“Not good!”

Both Combat Soul warriors felt their hearts tremble. They could clearly feel the dangerous aura coming from the Fiery Magma Dragon, and the danger was life threatening. Without any hesitation, both of them immediately fled far away from it.

But too bad, the Fiery Magma Dragon was too fast. In just an instant, it completely engulfed both men.


Two blood-curdling screeches sounded out within the Fiery Magma Dragon, and just a split second afterwards, the screams came to a complete stop. With great speed, the Fiery Magma Dragon pa.s.sed both men and continued flying forward, leaving bits of ashes in the air. Both Combat Soul warriors had completely vanished!