Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 298 – Uproar

Chapter 298 – Uproar

Chapter 298 - Uproar

Ye Xiao and Shangguan Chong’s expressions changed slightly. Jiang Chen really being an alchemist was not something that had expected, so they were somewhat surprised. But, they didn’t panic at all. After all, being an alchemist and being able to concoct the Nine Soul Restoration Pill was two completely different concepts.

Within the isolated room in the auction hall, both Master Blissful and the man in black stared at Jiang Chen without blinking their eyes, especially the man in black. A nervous expression could be seen on his face. Only he knew how important the Nine Soul Restoration Pill was to him.

On the auction stage, Jiang Chen opened his mouth and spat out the dazzling True Dragon Flame. The scorching flames immediately turned into an ocean of flames, which covered all the ingredients within.


In an instant, the sound of the ingredients melting could be heard from the ocean of flames. The flames were burning at an incredibly high temperature, causing the temperature in the entire auction hall to increase.

“What?! He’s melting and purifying so many herbs at the same time? Is he courting death?”

A shocked man exclaimed. He was a respectable alchemist himself, and although he wasn’t amazing when it came to pill concoction, his knowledge within the field was not something any ordinary people could compare with. He knew very well how difficult it was to concoct a pill, and in order to concoct an advanced pill such as the Nine Soul Restoration Pill, the alchemist couldn’t afford to make a single mistake during the entire concoction process.

But for Jiang Chen, not only was he melting and purifying all the ingredients at the same time, he was actually going to concoct all 3 Nine Soul Restoration Pills at the same time! This was ridiculous!

“Haha, what a dumba.s.s! With this method, if he really succeeded, I would eat dog s.h.i.+t immediately!”

Shangguan Chong immediately burst into laughter. When he saw how Jiang Chen was concocting the pills, his confidence was immediately boosted. He knew he had won the bet. In his mind, the method Jiang Chen used to concoct the pills was basically a way of giving up.

Master Blissful and the man in black also furrowed their brows. Although they weren’t alchemists, but as great warriors, they did have some knowledge regarding alchemy. The method Jiang Chen used to concoct pills wouldn’t result in the pills being good, let alone any pills at all. This method was just a waste of ingredients. Jiang Chen’s actions made Master Blissful and the man in black disappointed. They really thought that this young man was just messing around.

On the auction stage, a grin emerged on Jiang Chen’s face. He never paid any attention to those mocking gazes. In the field of alchemy, he was a grandmaster. No one could understand his extraordinary concoction skills.

Not only the Nine Soul Restoration Pill, with the help of the Great Soul Derivation Skill, even those pills that were ten times more difficult to concoct he would be able to concoct without any problems.


The flames were dancing within the air, constantly making whoos.h.i.+ng and hissing sounds. While controlling the flames, Jiang Chen only wore a calm expression on his face.

When concocting a pill, just having strong soul force and a soul cultivation skill wasn’t enough, one would also need incredible flames. If it was in the past, Jiang Chen might have faced some difficult when concocting this Nine Soul Restoration Pill, but with the amazing True Dragon Flames, he was able to burn anything down quickly. Together with the True Dragon Flames and Great Soul Derivation skill, every single herb was quickly melted down.

Pill concoction was a boring process, but none of the people in the auction hall felt the time pa.s.sing slowly. It had been two hours since Jiang Chen started concocting the pills, and the purifying was still going on with no problems.

Now, no one dared underestimate Jiang Chen anymore. Two hours was more than enough for them to have a brief understanding of Jiang Chen’s ability. Some guys with sight as good as an eagle’s had found out that with Jiang Chen’s control, the essence of those herbs were being extracted bit by bit, and none of it went to waste.

Continuously doing this for two hours, if it was any other ordinary alchemist, they might have already depleted their soul force. Furthermore, extracting the essence of hundreds of herbs from different characteristics at the same time, this require precise control from the alchemist; it was not something any ordinary alchemist could do.

But, Jiang Chen did it! At least, up until now. Nothing had gone wrong so far, and no signs of panicking could be found on his face. He still wore the same calm expression, and his soul force and Yuan energy was still stable.

“I didn’t expect this Chen Jiang to be so amazing, his precision when controlling the purification of the herbs is incredible!”

“Precisely! I believe most alchemists won’t be able to do this.”

“Let’s continue watching, the purification has yet to finish. Furthermore, the most difficult part is the merging stage.”


Many people stared with shocked expressions. No one had noticed how much time had gone by.

In the blink of an eye, another two hours had pa.s.sed. At this moment, Jiang Chen had completely extracted every single herb. The audience could clearly see all different kinds of herb essences floating within the ocean of flames, circulating around like countless tiny crystals. They looked pure without any impurities.

“My heavens! A few hundred herbs, and he only used four hours to extract all of them! I would need at least twenty days to do that!”

“This is amazing, did you guys see that? The essence of each herb was perfectly extracted, none of it went to waste! No impurities can be found either! If they are successfully merged, it will become a 100% effectiveness pill! This Chen Jiang is really terrifying!”

“I’ve finally witnessed what a real genius is today! Not only does this man have great talent and powerful combat strength, he’s even a grandmaster of alchemy! If I hadn’t witnessed this myself, I wouldn’t have believed it at all!”

“Let’s continue watching, he is going to merge all the ingredients into the pills, this is the most difficult stage of the entire concoction process! Because each herb has different characteristics, they will repel each other, and if he loses control of this, everything will explode in an instant, and all the herb essences will turn into ashes!”


The expressions of the spectators changed once again. Putting aside the question whether or not Jiang Chen really was able to concoct the pill, just the fact that he had perfectly extracted a few hundred herbs in four hours was more than enough to shake both heaven and earth!

In the private rooms on the second floor, Ye Xiao and Shangguan Chong’s faces turned really ugly. When they thought about the ridiculous bet with Jiang Chen, both of their hearts started violently trembling.

“Senior disciple Lin, do you think that Chen Jiang will successfully concoct the Nine Soul Restoration Pills?”

The female disciple from the Myriad Sword Sect carefully asked.

“Don’t worry, that’s absolutely impossible! The most difficult part isn’t purification and extraction, but merging them together, creating the pill. With his Divine Core cultivation base, he can’t do it at all!”

Lin Anying said with the utmost confidence.

“Precisely, that guys is too arrogant! I’ll let him know the real meaning of death!”

Ye Xiao said in a cold tone. It wasn’t hard to see that he wasn’t as calm as he previously was.

On the other side, Master Blissful and the man in black wore surprised expressions on their faces. Their opinion toward Jiang Chen changed once again.

“Smah! Never thought Little Chen would be able to do all this!”

Han Yan felt really surprised as he watched Jiang Chen. Back in the Black Sect, the most amazing alchemist he knew was Guo Shan. But, when he saw Jiang Chen concocting the pill today, he realized Guo Shan couldn’t compare with him at all.

“Don’t talk to me, I’m brewing right now.”

After saying that, a fart escaped from Big Yellow, instantly stunning Han Yan on the spot.


Han Yan threw up.

“d.a.m.n it! Couldn’t you just tell me earlier?! Puh! It stinks!”

Han Yan’s face instantly turned pale, and he hurriedly moved far away from Big Yellow. Only now did he realize, the reason Big Yellow had kept so quiet during these last four hours was because he was brewing his s.h.i.+t.


Han Yan let out a long sigh. Suddenly, he felt a tremendous pity for Ye Xiao and Shangguan Chong. Big Yellow’s fart was so powerful, and if he really p.o.o.ped, the power would be more than enough to destroy their spirits.

On the auction stage, no emotions could be seen on Jiang Chen’s face, he still wore the same calm look. After all the herbs had been purified, he was getting ready to merge them into the final three pills.

This step was indeed the most difficult part in the entire concoction process, but for Jiang Chen, it was nothing.

The audience watching him with shocked expressions. The saw Jiang Chen’s palms beginning to wiggle, then, as if summoned or instructed by something, all the herb essences in the ocean of flames started gathering.

The ocean of flames had been divided into three areas, and each area contained hundreds of herb essences. Jiang Chen was going to merge all three Nine Soul Restoration Pills together now.


The herb essences started knocking into each other and producing hissing sounds. This was the most difficult step, and it required very strict control from the alchemist; he needed to be as precise as he could.

Right at this moment, panic struck every single person who was watching. The three most panicked spectators were Ye Xiao, Shangguan Chong, and the man in black who was sitting together with Master Blissful. Whether or not Jiang Chen could successfully concoct the Nine Soul Restoration Pills was directly related to them.

The tense atmosphere remained as it was for another two hours. Witnessing the herb essences in the ocean of flames perfectly merging together, without showing any signs of self-destruction, sweat finally began appearing on Ye Xiao and Shangguan Chong’s faces. They couldn’t remain in their seats any longer.

“Don’t tell me this Chen Jiang is going to succeed?”

“Looks like he is on the last step, this is unbelievable!”

“Let’s see if he can make it through the last step.”

Everyone were incredibly tense. If Jiang Chen really succeeded, they would be witnessing the birth of a miracle.

Another hour later.


Jiang Chen suddenly let out a loud shout. The ocean of flames was violently dancing around, and the temperature within the entire auction hall rose once again. Following Jiang Chen’s loud shout, three thunderous sounds could be heard from the ocean of flames.

After that, three golden beams dashed out from the flames, and started flying around above the auction stage.

Right at this moment, everyone stood up with their mouths wide open and stared at those three golden pills that were flying around in the air.

“Nine Soul Restoration Pill!”

Within the auction hall’s isolated room, the man in black suddenly stood up from his seat and shouted.

“All three pills can fly in the air themselves, they are sentient pills! These are 100% effectiveness Nine Soul Restoration Pills!”

“Oh heavens, what did I just witness?! He really concocted the Nine Soul Restoration Pills, and all three of them at the same time!! This is enough to shake both heaven and earth!”

“Monster! No one will be able to believe this unless they witnessed it themselves!”

Everyone were shocked. Jiang Chen’s actions once again a ma.s.sive uproar amongst the entire audience.