Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 289 – Snatching Food from a Dog’s Mouth? No Way!

Chapter 289 – Snatching Food from a Dog’s Mouth? No Way!

Chapter 289 – s.n.a.t.c.hing Food from a Dog’s Mouth? No Way!

Jiang Chen went through all the belongings in his storage put, and put all demon and devil souls together. He had so many of them that they simply piled up like a small hill. Most of them were demon and devil souls, and some were crystal cores.

Jiang Chen could use the crystal cores in the future. Now, he wanted to absorb the demon souls while he had a rock solid foundation.

Scanning with his divine sense, Jiang Chen instantly figured out how many demon souls and devil souls he had. He didn’t have many Late Divine Core demon souls right now. Before he met the Flood Dragon, he had absorbed quite a number of them, and what remained was mostly Early and Mid Divine Core souls, and a huge amount of Heavenly Core demon souls.

“With my current strength, these Mid Divine Core demon souls can barely provide me any benefits, and the Early Divine Core demon souls are even worse. As for those Heavenly Core demon souls, they’re just worthless, absorbing one of those is like a tiger eating an ant; worthless. But, since I can’t find any way to use them, I might as well just absorb them all.”

Jiang Chen estimated that with the number of demon souls he has right now, he can at most only form another 600 Dragon Marks. The further he cultivated with the Dragon Transformation skill, the more energy he would need to use in order to form new Dragon Marks. It was completely incomparable to the initial stage.

Whenever Jiang Chen absorbed a huge amount of demon souls and restoration pills, he deeply felt that cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill was something that required enormous effort and a lot of energies. It was a path that devoured all energies, a bottomless hole to fill, and it was also a path that defied all natural orders.

Currently, he was still far away from reaching his goal of having 100,000 Dragon Marks. But, he could only look forward.

Jiang Chen adjusted himself to his best cultivation condition. With the circulation of the Dragon Transformation skill, Jiang Chen began absorbing the demon souls. The demon souls and devil souls that were piled up like a small hill within his storage ring started diminis.h.i.+ng at an incredible speed.

The way Jiang Chen devoured the souls was like a ma.s.sive whale drinking water, it was just incredible. If anyone saw how he cultivation, that person would definitely faint out of fear. Energy consumption like this was not something any ordinary people could imagine. Jiang Chen was truly the king of energy consumption.

One could only understand why Jiang Chen was so formidable by witnessing how frightening Jiang Chen’s cultivation method was. Compared to other warriors, the amount of energies he needed to level up was several times more than it was for them. This led to a completely different foundation, and the super abnormal monster, Jiang Chen.

Soon, another day pa.s.sed, and the morning of the third day arrived. Jiang Chen had finally absorbed all the demon and devil souls he had, and just as he had expected, he had formed another 600 Dragon Marks. What did another 600 Dragon Marks really mean? It meant another 6,000,000 Jin of strength!

But if this incredible amount of strength was used by Jiang Chen, the result it would cause was far greater, because the strength provided by the Dragon Marks could be multiplied!

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. Bone cracking sounds could repeatedly be heard from his body. With every single new Dragon Mark formed, his body would be tempered. The strength of his body could actually be compared to a High-Ranked Combat Weapon.

“Now I have a total of 2,200 Dragon Marks, and the new ones have given me an incredible increase to my combat strength. I finally have the ability to fight that Mao Sheng!”

A confident look emerged on Jiang Chen’s face. With his current combat strength, although he wasn’t confident in killing any Combat Soul warrior, he had the ability to fight an Early Combat Soul warrior, as a Mid Divine Core warrior! This situation was pretty insane.

Jiang Chen opened the door and walked out from his room. Immediately, he saw a man and a dog staring at each other within the courtyard. A lively look emerged in their eyes when they saw Jiang Chen emerging from his room.

“Little Chen, you’re finally out! We’re d.a.m.n bored! Today is the last day of the trade fair, if you still hadn’t come out, me and Big Yellow would start walking around in the square.”

Han Yan said. He and Big Yellow had special bloodlines, so ordinary secluded cultivation was useless for them, as they might just break through at any time.

“There is nothing to see in the trade fair.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. He had no interest in the trade fair.

“Buddy, I guess more people have come to the square in the last two days; we might be able to find something new. Let’s go have some fun, staying in this courtyard the entire day is boring.”

Big Yellow clearly couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Alright, let’s just take a walk then.”

Jiang Chen casually shrugged his shoulders. Since it was the trade fair’s last day, he didn’t mind taking a walk.

The trio walked out from the courtyard and proceeded over to the square. When they arrived, it was still packed with an ocean of faces. The number of people here not only hadn’t reduced, it had actually increased by a lot! It seemed like more people had arrived at the island.

“I sense a familiar aura.”

Big Yellow’s ears stood up. He threw his glance toward the source of the smell and said, “There, look over there!”

A look of excitement immediately emerged on Jiang Chen’s face. It looked like Big Yellow had just found some precious treasure. Anything that could be sensed by Big Yellow was definitely something extraordinary.

Soon, Jiang Chen and his group came to a stall. There were already a few men standing around it. The owner of the stall was an old man in his fifties, and on his stall, there was a golden demon soul weakly glowing.

“This is a Flaming Stallion’s demon soul, a Mid Divine Core Flaming Stallion. This dog wanted to come here because of this.”

Jiang Chen immediately sensed the origin of this demon soul, and he finally understood why Big Yellow said he had sensed a familiar aura. The Flaming Stallion was a superior existence amongst the horse species, it was an extremely rare and n.o.ble species. Big Yellow was a Dragon Horse, a species born from a Dragon and Golden Stallion. If Big Yellow could absorb this demon soul, he would be able to gain huge benefits.

“Old man, how much for this demon soul?”

Big Yellow impatiently asked.

“500 Earth Restoration Pills.”

The old man glanced at Jiang Chen and spoke with an indifferent tone. Clearly, he was a newcomer who didn’t know who Jiang Chen.

“Although a Flaming Stallion is rare, I don’t think its demon soul is worth 500 Earth Restoration Pills; that’s equal to 5,000,000 Mortal Restoration Pills! Old man, your price is really expensive.”

Someone said.

“500 Earth Restoration Pills, no discount.”

The old man didn’t even look at the person, he just indifferently repeated his word. He knew that if someone didn’t want this demon soul, he would still consider one Earth Restoration Pill to expensive. But for those who really wanted it, they would buy it even if it cost 500 Earth Restoration Pills.”

“500 Earth Restoration Pills, I’ll buy it.”

Jiang Chen took out a storage bag and tossed it onto the stall. The crowd threw their glance over at the young man, and when they saw it was Jiang Chen, they all inwardly sighed.

“Him again! This Chen Jiang is a filthy rich man! 500 Earth Restoration Pills, he didn’t even make a frown when tossing it over.”

“Yea… I heard he exchanged a High-Ranked Combat Weapon for a sc.r.a.p metal a few days ago, and he also bought a broken bronze plate for 500,000 Mortal Restoration Pills.”

“What a rich spendthrift!”


The crowd started whispering amongst each other, but Jiang Chen just kept smiling. He didn’t mind what other people said about him. As long as it could be useful for Big Yellow, he would spend everything he got for him.

The old man’s eyes lit up when he saw the storage bag with 500 Earth Restoration Pills, and the way he looked at Jiang Chen changed as well. He immediately said, “Little brother, here you go!”

The old man handed over the Flaming Stallion demon soul.

“Hold on.”

Right at this moment, a voice sounded out from behind them. Three people wearing white clothes, each of them held a longsword and were walking toward them. They were two young men and a girl. They wore prideful expressions on their faces, and they walked in an arrogant manner.

“d.a.m.n it, this master dog hates those who look like someone owes them money!”

Big Yellow said in a ferocious manner.

“They’re from the Myriad Sword Sect.”

“That man looks like Lin Anying from the Myriad Sword Sect. I heard is a rare genius core disciple, and he has obtained a spot in the Martial Palace.”

“Those from the Myriad Sword Sect are not someone we can afford to offend, let’s make way for them. This Lin Anying has reached the peak Divine Core realm, and there’s a great chance of him soon breaking through to the Combat Soul realm. He is one of the strongest warriors in the younger generation.”

Many people looked at Lin Anying in awe and veneration. In the Eastern Continent, besides the Martial Saint Dynasty, super powers like the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan were feared and respected by almost all. No one dared offend a core disciple form the Myriad Sword Sect.

“I saw this demon soul before you did; I want it now.”

Lin Anying walked in front of the stall and spoke.

“d.a.m.n you! Get the f.u.c.k outta this master dog’s face!”

Big Yellow couldn’t stand it any longer. d.a.m.n it! He had never seen anyone so shameless! Jiang Chen had for it, so it didn’t matter whether or not Lin Anying saw it first.

“Where did this d.a.m.n dog come from? How dare you talk like that to senior disciple Lin? Are you seeking death?”

The girl shouted at Big Yellow.

“f.u.c.k off, b.i.t.c.h! Your face looks like a shoe, don’t show it off and scare people! Get the f.u.c.k outta here, and stop making people vomit!”

Big Yellow was furious! He didn’t care who these three people were, he couldn’t stand anyone who tries to s.n.a.t.c.h away something he wanted, even if they were from the Myriad Sword Sect!

“d.a.m.n dog!”

The girl was extremely furious. No girl who took great care of their appearance could stand these kinds of words. She was instantly enraged, and a strong desire to kill Big Yellow with a slap emerged in her mind. However, Lin Anying stopped her. This place was after all inside the Blissful Manor, and no fighting was allowed during the trade fair.

“Brother Chen Jiang, I’m Lin Anying from the Myriad Sword Sect. I have a Ferghana Horse, and this Flaming Stallion demon soul would provide my Ferghana Horse huge benefits. I hope Brother Chen Jiang can give this demon soul to me?”

Lin Anying told Jiang Chen. He was at the scene when Jiang Chen killed those disciples from the Qingyi Sect, so he knew Jiang Chen was a ruthless man. That’s why he tried speaking with a rather polite tone. However, his words left no room for negotiation. He spoke as if the demon soul belonged to him.