Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 288 – Xiao Wei

Chapter 288 – Xiao Wei

Chapter 288 – Xiao Wei

The trade fair was bustling with noise and excitement. An ocean of people packed the entire square, causing it to look like a food market. Every single person here was a great warrior, and the weakest was at least a Late Heavenly Core warrior. Divine Core warriors could be found in every corner of the square.

For the Fragrant Sky City, any of the people here was someone they would have to admire. This showed the difference between territories. Each place had its own way of supporting its own inhabitants, there were numerous territories in the Saint Origin Realm, and the thickness of the natural Yuan energy differed a lot in each one. This was the main reason why those from one place had higher a cultivation level than those from another.

The first day pa.s.sed, it was a free and unconstrained day for Jiang Chen, Han Yan and Big Yellow. Aside from the broken King Weapon and the broken bronze plate, they didn’t find anything interesting.

Even at night time, everyone in the square were still busy, and the trading between warriors was still ongoing. Since the people here were all great warriors, none of them had any problems with their eyesight. That’s why they could see all the items clearly, even though it was dark.

“Little Chen, everything here is just trash. We’ve wandered around for an entire day, but nothing special caught our eyes.”

Han Yan was not in a good mood.

“What do you expect? The real treasures can only be found in the auction in two days. Look, none of the people from the Blissful Manor are here to maintain the trade fair’s order.”

Big Yellow said.

“Precisely. The Blissful Manor doesn’t even put the trade fair in the square in their mind. Master Blissful is only focusing on the auction. An auction of such an enormous scale will definitely bring unimaginable profit for Master Blissful.”

Jiang Chen nodded his head in approval. Master Blissful was a smart man, he would never waste his time on a trade fair like this.

“Little Chen, do you think we can find the Nine Solar Holy Water in the auction that comes in two days?”

Han Yan asked.

“I have no idea.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. The Nine Solar Holy Water was his main purpose for coming here, and he was much more impatient regarding that than Han Yan was.

“So what should we do now? We can’t just monkey around here all day, right?”

Big Yellow said. He was bored.

“Let’s go to the manor, we’ll find a place to rest and just wait for the auction in two days.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen turned around and started walking toward the manor. There was nothing to see in this trade fair which looked like a food market. Ordinary treasures couldn’t catch Jiang Chen’s interest, and if anyone possesses real precious treasures, they wouldn’t sell it here, they would auction it away in two days.

Jiang Chen also wanted to use these two days to improve his cultivation. After absorbing the Flood Dragon’s blood essence, his Dragon Transformation skill had evolved, and it also gave him a total of 1,600 Dragon Marks, which allowed him to break through to the Mid Divine Core realm. He wanted to spend these two days on absorbing more demon souls and strengthen his cultivation base.

His conflict with Mao Sheng made Jiang Chen realize a fact; with his current combat strength, he was still no match for a Combat Soul warrior. Since he had offended the Qingyi Sect, once the trade fair ended in two days, Mao Sheng would definitely attack him.

Although Old Man Ling Shan was willing to help him, Jiang Chen didn’t like putting his face in the hands of someone else. Furthermore, the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan were both his enemies as well. He was potentially under fire from all directions. Therefore, increasing his combat strength was the number one priority right now.

The Blissful Manor was a gigantic place, it nearly occupied the entire center region of the island. The gigantic manor was brilliantly illuminated throughout the night, and rows of luxuriously decorated courtyards could be seen everywhere.

With both hands behind his back, Jiang Chen walked toward the Blissful Manor’s main gate. There were four gates leading to the manor, and the gate Jiang Chen was approaching was the one closest to the square. No guards were in sight.

“Not a single guard here?”

Han Yan said.

“During the trade fair, they don’t need to put any guards out here. Furthermore, no one is dumb enough to cause trouble in the Blissful Manor.”

Jiang Chen replied with a smile. After that, he continued walking toward the manor.

After walking a few steps, Jiang Chen and Han Yan saw a beautiful girl gracefully walking toward them. The girl had a soft and curvy body, and her face was very seductive. This was the pretty mermaid who had earlier appeared outside the Blissful Island.

She wasn’t in her usual mermaid form right now, she looked like a perfectly normal human. When the girl saw Jiang Chen, she quickly walked in front of him, and a smile blossomed onto her face.

“Young master Chen Jiang.”

The girl slightly bowed toward Jiang Chen, then she said, “My name is Xiao Wei. I wonder if there’s anything I can do for young master Chen Jiang?”

Clearly, Xiao Wei was showing some interest in this handsome young man. As a demon beast herself, she loved a man with a wild nature. Jiang Chen’s behavior yesterday was not only wild, it was also incredibly fierce. When he struck, he killed. Xiao Wei had never seen such a resolute characteristic on any young genius, this had made her impression of Jiang Chen really good.

“Miss Xiao Wei, while waiting for the auction to begin in two days, we need to find a quiet place to cultivate. I wonder, could Miss Xiao Wei help us with this? Just let me know how many Earth Restoration Pills I need to pay.”

Jiang Chen straightforwardly said.

“For any other person, it would cost ten Earth Restoration Pills to stay a night here. But, young master Chen Jiang is special. Not only does Xiao Wei like you, even Master Blissful likes you. Therefore, no matter how long young master Chen Jiang wants to stay here, we won’t take a single pill from you. Please follow Xiao Wei, Xiao Wei will bring young master Chen Jiang to a quiet place.”

Xiao Wei replied with a smile. After that, she turned around and began walking toward the inner area of the manor.

“Kaka! Little Chen, this girl has her eyes on you.”

Big Yellow laughed out heartily, then he started blabbering. Xiao Wei heard what he said, but she didn’t show any reaction, as if she didn’t really mind at all.

Jiang Chen and Han Yan both glared at Big Yellow at the same time. They really wished they could stich this dog’s lips together. No matter what happened, this dog could twist it to another meaning.

The group walked along a path within the manor. Magnificent hills could be seen around them, it was a place with a really splendid landscape. Along the path were rows of independent courtyards, and each of them were labeled with a number.

Under Xiao Wei’s lead, Jiang Chen and Han Yan came to a street. The floor was made from s.h.i.+ny black stones. Along the way, they saw many warriors walking by. Some of them had pleasant smiles on their faces, and some of them looked panicked.

“Most of these people have good items they want to sell in the auction, and they need to register themselves in advance. Also, some are just like you; they have no interest in the trade fair outside, so they just come here to rest until the auction begins.”

Xiao Wei explained.

Jiang Chen and Han Yan nodded their heads. Those who came here, regardless of whether they were staying here until the auction began, or to sell their items; none of them were poor.

“Miss Xiao Wei, are all the items sold at the auction entrusted by outsiders?”

Han Yan asked.

“Of course not! We, the Blissful Manor have many good treasures as well. Usually, the final item will be from us, and we won’t change the order unless someone can take out something even more precious than what we have.”

Xiao Wei said.

Jiang Chen and Han Yan nodded their heads again. They didn’t doubt Xiao Wei’s words, it was expected that the Blissful Manor had a lot of good treasures. It wouldn’t make any sense if Master Blissful didn’t have something good himself, and still wanted to hold the trade fair.

“Miss Xiao Wei, do you have any idea if we can find Nine Solar Holy Water during the auction?”

Jiang Chen probed.

“Young master Chen Jiang, Nine Solar Holy Water is an item of pure Yang; it’s an extremely rare item. I have no idea if it will appear. Since I don’t holy a prominent position in the manor, what I know is limited. Furthermore, those strange cultivators from the ocean and rogue cultivators from the continent might have something unexpected, but they usually keep that secret to the public. I’m sorry I couldn’t answer your question.”

Xiao Wei was really helpful. She tried to answer all of Jiang Chen’s questions, but she really had no idea about the Nine Solar Holy Water. In fact, her words were spoken merely to comfort Jiang Chen. In her opinion, although it was a major auction, it would be incredibly difficult to find Nine Solar Holy Water. After all, if someone really possessed such a rare and precious item, who would want to sell it? Perhaps an idiot?

“Thank you, Xiao Wei.”

Jiang Chen replied with a smile. Regardless, this girl left a pretty good impression on him.

“Don’t mention it, young master Chen Jiang. Alright, we’re here. There is a hill behind this courtyard, and it’s considered a quiet place. I wonder, is young master Chen Jiang satisfied with this?”

Xiao Wei brought Jiang Chen and Han Yan to a courtyard. The door to the courtyard was opened. There were three buildings within the courtyard, and it had an elegant landscape with a green hill behind.

“I like this place. Miss Xiao Wei, this is a High-Ranked Combat Weapon, it’s yours now.”

Jiang Chen casually waved his hand. In an instant, a bright light appeared in his hand, then a razor sharp longsword emerged in Xiao Wei’s eyes. Xiao Wei’s expression slightly changed. The longsword was as thin as a cicada’s wing, and it reflected light like a crystal would. Clearly, it was an extraordinary weapon.

“Young master Chen Jiang, this…”

Xiao Wei looked at Jiang Chen with an expression of disbelief.

“It’s yours.”

Jiang Chen walked past Xiao Wei and went straight into the courtyard. Jiang Chen wasn’t a stingy man. Furthermore, using a High-Ranked Combat Weapon to build a good relations.h.i.+p with someone from the Blissful Manor was a good deal.

“Thank you young master Chen Jiang, for giving me this sword.”

While holding the longsword in her hand, a joyful expression emerged on Xiao Wei’s face. Although she was an Early Divine Core warrior, she was only using a Middle-Ranked Combat Weapon. She never expected Jiang Chen to be such a generous man. By giving her a High-Ranked Combat Weapon, Jiang Chen’s image in Xiao Wei’s mind had once again improved.

After Jiang Chen and Han Yan walked into the courtyard, Xiao Wei hurried up and closed the door for them. After that, extremely joyful, she left the place.

“Brother Yan, I’m going to enter secluded cultivation and improve cultivation. You and Big Yellow carry on with your cultivation, just don’t forget about the auction two days later.”

Jiang Chen said to Han Yan and Big Yellow.


Han Yan nodded his head.

A courtyard with three rooms, it was perfect for the trio. After Jiang Chen entered his room, he didn’t pay any attention to the decoration, he immediately sat down.

“If I want to break through to the Late Divine Core realm, I’ll need twice as much as I needed for the Mid Divine Core realm, 3,200 Dragon Marks. With my currently rock solid foundation, I can absorb souls without any worries. Although I have a lot of souls, only a handful of them are Late Divine Core souls…”

Jiang Chen thought to himself.