Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 286 – Fish and Dragons Mixed in Together [1]

Chapter 286 – Fish and Dragons Mixed in Together [1]

Chapter 286 – Fish and Dragons Mixed in Together [1]

“f.u.c.k, do you think we’re all idiots? The Yellow Spirit Plant is only a High Mortal Rank herb, it’s not even close to approaching the Earth Rank! It also only has one usage in pill concoction, and you’re actually selling them for ten Earth Restoration Pills? Why don’t you just go rob someone? I’ll buy it for one Earth Restoration Pill, will you sell it?”

“Alright, I can see you’re a straightforward man. I’ll sell them to you for an Earth Restoration Pill. Here’s your one hundred Yellow Spirit Plants.”

On the other side!

“Old man, is your Mind Concentration Pearl real?”

“Of course it’s real! I’ll give you ten of these if you found out its fake! Also, this is a Mind Concentration Pearl from the ocean with great age, it is a must have item for concentrating your mind, a divine cultivation item! I’ll sell it for only 10 Earth Restoration Pills, really affordable!”

With a self-flattering smile, the old white-bearded man held a fist-sized pearl in his hand. The pearl was glowing like a crystal.

“Ten pills are too expensive… I’ll buy if you sell it for five pills!”

“Friend, do you think I’m selling vegetables? Go away if you don’t want to buy it, stop blocking the way for others who might want it. I’m sure someone will appreciate this Mind Concentration Pearl.”

“f.u.c.k, why are you so impatient? Old man… fine, ten pills, sell it to daddy!”

The adult warrior took out ten Earth Restoration Pills and handed them over to the old man. The Mind Concentration Peal had a great effect on ordinary cultivators, it could help them focus their mind quickly and enter a state of cultivation.

Both deals were witnessed by Jiang Chen and Han Yan. They exchanged glances, and couldn’t help but start smiling.

“Little Chen, what kind of trade fair is this? It’s no different from a bazaar! This is the first time I’ve witnessed such negotiations.”

Han Yan sighed.

“All these people are smart, no one wants to suffer any losses.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“Boring, everything being sold here is cheap stuff, nothing interesting. Why don’t we just find a place within this Blissful Manor and sleep for three days, then we’ll just join the auction afterwards.”

A bored expression could be found on Big Yellow’s face.

“Big Yellow, you’re wrong. Just like the great tides was.h.i.+ng away the sand, something good might emerged in a place like this. Since we’re here, we should just go around and have a look, we might b.u.mp into something really good. You never know when luck will strike.”

Jiang Chen patted Big Yellow’s head. After that, the trio started walking around in the square.

With more people coming to the place, business was getting hotter. All sorts of rare and strange items began showing up, and the entire place became very lively.

“Hurry up, have a look here! Ancient Golden Mammoth, a young one! Although it looks weak right now, if you put in your effort and raise it properly, it will grow into a real Golden Mammoth! Think about it, having a Golden Mammoth as your pet, that’s something to be proud about!”

Not far away, a robust man wearing hemp clothes was hold a tiny creature in his hand. The creature was about the same size as the current Big Yellow. Its fur was pure white, and it had a pair of big ears and a long trunk. The robust man kept waving it around, showing it to the people.

“f.u.c.k, do you really think we’re all idiots? That’s just a pig!”

“d.a.m.n it, this guy must be an idiot to try and fool us with a pig! If a Golden Mammoth really looks like that, daddy would rather transform into a pig!”

Many people nearly started coughing blood. The robust man really knew how to bulls.h.i.+t! He really considered everyone idiots by trying to say that the pig he held was a Golden Mammoth cub.

“You guys know nothing, none of you have good senses with judging a precious creature!”

The robust man impatiently said.

Jiang Chen who stood not far away shook his head, “Fishes and dragons are truly mixed in together here. You can find all sorts of people here.”

“Little Chen, do you think that pig is a real Golden Mammoth?”

Han Yan asked in a serious manner.

“f.u.c.k! Brother Yan, I never knew you were an idiot! That’s just a pig, and it’s the most ordinary pig you can find! The intelligence of that guy who’s selling it, amazing!”

Big Yellow threw a look of despise at Han Yan.

“It is just a pig, let’s go.”

Jiang Chen looked at Han Yan with a smile. After that, he continued walking toward the other end of square.

“Ten thousand year old Ginseng, take one and you’ll stay young forever!”

“Heaven Rank Glorious Lotus King, there is only one left in this world!”

“Luminous Pearl from the deep sea, it can help you awaken your third eye!”


All kinds of hawking could be heard. Each person was yelling with all their effort, and the words they used to describe their items made black line appear on Jiang Chen’s forehead.

“d.a.m.n it, all these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are complete liars! Look at that thing, it looks exactly like a carrot! Can you call that a thousand-year-old Ginseng? Isn’t this daylight robbery? And that Glorious Lotus King, can that thing really be considered a Lots King? Although I’ve seen a Lotus King before, I’m sure it doesn’t look like a chrysanthemum! And that item, awakening the third eye with just a Luminous Eye? f.u.c.k!”

Han Yan felt like he was going to go crazy soon. All these sellers were truly wicked, they could simply claim they had the most valuable treasure in the world. All of them were just blunt cheaters.

“Brother Yan, you really don’t know about this? Although they are cheat, there are still people who will fall for it. In this world, a normal looking item might be a rare treasure, and that’s how they’re manipulating the mentality of a possible victim.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

There were simply too many people in this trade fair. Inevitably, there would also be many cheaters mixed in. But, there were also a lot of people who were genuinely selling treasures. Everyone were taking whatever the needed, some would exchange for pills, some wanted combat weapons, and some wanted combat skills and cultivation skills.

“Little Chen, there is a huge group gathering in front of us. Let’s go have a look.”

Han Yan looked at the crowd in front of him. There were many people gathering there.

The trio walked forward and entered the crowd. The saw an old white-bearded man with a stall in front of him. On top of the stall, there was a rusty sc.r.a.p metal. Clearly, it was part of a broken sword, and it looked really old. It was similar to the broken sword piece Big Yellow found back in the Whirling Sun City. But, it clearly didn’t have the same origin as the broken sword Big Yellow had found. If it did, with Big Yellow ability, he would have sensed it by now.

“Old man, who are you trying to fool? Claiming that this sc.r.a.p metal is a broken piece of a saint weapon… you’re nuts!”

“Yea! This sc.r.a.p metal looks normal, you should show us something special even if you really want to cheat us.”

“Haha, perhaps this old man is a relative of this the guy who was selling that pig just now. They both came to the Blissful Island for fun.”


The crowd burst out into laughter.

“You guys know nothing! Although this broken sword looks terrible, it’s really a precious treasure! You guys simply don’t have enough knowledge!”

The old man wore torn clothes, but his cultivation base was quite decent. He was at the peak Early Divine Core realm.

“Nah. I’m an expert at evaluation treasures, let me see what’s so special about this broken sword.”

An adult man bent down and grabbed the broken sword with his hand. After some careful examination, he simply threw it back and said, “Sc.r.a.p metal.”

“Get lost, you know nothing!”

The old man impatiently waved his hand.

“Haha, old man, how much are you selling this sc.r.a.p metal for?”

Someone mockingly said.

“I’ll sell it for High-Ranked Combat Weapon.”

The old man said.

“f.u.c.k! A High-Ranked Combat Weapon? You’re too greedy!”

“This old man is delusional! Trying to exchange a piece of sc.r.a.p metal for a High-Ranked Combat Weapon? His head must have been squeezed by a door before, or perhaps a pig bit him!”

The old man’s words caused the crowd to burst into laughter once again. It was really funny, trying to exchange a High-Ranked Combat Weapon with just a mere sc.r.a.p metal. Although a Combat Weapon was worth nothing for those disciples and elders from big sects, it was really valuable in the eyes of those rogue cultivators who had limited resources. They had to depend on themselves with their cultivation, that’s the reason why this old who was a peak Early Divine Core warrior still didn’t have any Combat Weapons that fit his style.

“I want this broken sword.”

A voice sounded out from within the crowd, instantly stopping all laughter. Everyone threw their glance at the young man in white. When they saw the face of this young man, they immediately swallowed their mocking words. Because, this young man in white was none other than Jiang Chen!

“f.u.c.k, who is this foolish youngs-”

Someone covered his mouth before the man could finish speaking. This man must have arrive pretty late, which explains why he didn’t witness how Jiang Chen slaughtered those Qingyi Sect disciples.

“Are you courting death?”

Someone gazed at the warrior. Then, he explained to him who this young man was and what he had done to the warrior who just spoke through his divine sense. In an instant, the face of that warrior turned extremely pale, and he didn’t dare open his mouth again.

“Hehe, young master Chen Jiang surely knows the value of this treasure! You’re not going to suffer any losses by trading a High-Ranked Combat Weapon for it.”

When the old man saw that it was Jiang Chen who wanted to buy his broken sword, a flattering smile immediately emerged on his face. He knew Jiang Chen had an incredible cultivation base, so he already thought of him as someone filthy rich.

“Young master Chen Jiang, this is clearly just sc.r.a.p metal.”

“That’s right! Young master Chen Jiang, this old man is a cheater, don’t be fooled by him.”

Someone tried helping.

Jiang Chen didn’t say anything. With a flip of his palm, he retrieved a longsword from his storage ring and tossed it to the old man. Looking at the longsword, the old man’s eyes instantly lit up. It was a razor sharp longsword, and it was constantly producing a buzzing sound. Clearly, it was a High-Ranked Combat Weapon.

“Young master Chen Jiang is indeed a straightforward man. This treasure belongs to you now.”

The old man respectfully handed the broken sword to Jiang Chen, but he was laughing in his mind, “What a rich idiot, daddy can’t see anything special about this broken sword, but it still let me earn a High-Ranked Combat Weapon! Wahaha, I’m so clever!”

“Sigh! This young man has no experience, he is so easy to fool…”

“Yea… We just can’t understand how rich people think, a High-Ranked Combat Weapon is nothing in their eyes… Lavishly spending like this just tell us he is a spoiled rich kid.”

“d.a.m.n it, I should get a sc.r.a.p metal and sell it as well. I might be able to find some idiots.”

The crowds muttered. Although none of them dared speak louder, the way they looked at Jiang Chen changed, as if they were looking at an idiot.

“Little Chen, why did you exchange the High-Ranked Combat Weapon for a sc.r.a.p metal?”

Han Yan was puzzled. He asked Jiang Chen through his divine sense.



1 – Honest and dishonest people, mixed in together.