Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 285 – The Trade Fair Begins

Chapter 285 – The Trade Fair Begins

Chapter 285 – The Trade Fair Begins

Old Man Ling Shan patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder. With a bright smile, he said, “An old man like me really likes someone as daring as you. The Qingyi sect is nothing! Daddy hates seeing those big sects bullying people! They always wear those superior expressions on their faces, disgusting!”

“Haha, what senior said is absolutely right. Why is the Qingyi Sect allowed to kill us, but we aren’t allowed to kill them? That’s ridiculous!”

Han Yan said with a laugh. Both Jiang Chen and Han Yan had good impressions toward this Old Man Ling Shan. He had just saved them, after all.

“Little brother Chen Jiang, the trade fair is soon starting. You guys just go ahead and have fun, and don’t worry. If that Mao Sheng tries to pick on you, this old man won’t let him easily!”

After Old Man Ling Shan said that, he just turned around and left.

“That old man is a nice man, this master dog likes him. If he could be my human p- mph… buddy, why are you covering my mouth?”

Big Yellow struggled, as his mouth was covered by Jiang Chen’s hand.

“d.a.m.n dog, why are you still here?”

Han Yan felt really speechless toward this dog.

The conflict with the Qingyi Sect had come to a temporary stop. Jiang Chen and Han Yan brought Big Yellow and flew toward the center of the Blissful Island. They had the paid the entrance fee, so they were eligible to enter the Blissful Manor.

Jiang Chen and Han Yan were flying at a low alt.i.tude, so low they almost touch the mountain peak while admiring the island’s splendid scenery. The entire island’s landscape caused them to feel extremely relaxed. The more they saw, the more they felt that this Master Blissful was someone who truly knew how to enjoy life.

Outside the Blissful Island, one after another warrior paid an Earth Restoration Pill and entered the island. After entering, they all proceeded toward the Blissful Manor. When they saw Jiang Chen and Han Yan along the way, they would all give Jiang Chen a smile. The warrior who previously had a minor conflict with Jiang Chen even bowed toward him while showing a flattering smile.

After witnessing Jiang Chen’s ruthless approach, this warrior slapped himself twice while thanking the heavens he was lucky enough to not get attacked by Jiang Chen. If he had been, his end would be the same as those from the Qingyi Sect. A man who was daring enough to kill the Qingyi Sect’s core disciples would definitely not mind killing a mere rogue cultivator.

“Since this is brother Chen Jiang’s first time coming to the Blissful Island, I’m sure you’re not familiar with how the trade fair works, right?”

Three warriors approached Jiang Chen with smiles on their faces and asked. One of them was the warrior who scolded Jiang Chen and Big Yellow as fools earlier.

“Correct, we have no idea how it works.”

Jiang Chen replied with a smile. He looked really friendly to them right now. It was really difficult to relate this innocent looking young man to the fierce and ruthless maniac just earlier.

“Since there are so many people partic.i.p.ating in this trade fair, I’m sure there will be a lot of rare and unique treasures. But, how is the trade fair being run?”

Han Yan asked.

“Brother Chen Jiang, this trade fair is divided into two parts, and it will last for three days. There is a huge square within the Blissful Manor, and it can hold over ten thousand men at any point of time. The first part of the trade fair is held within this square, and many people will be putting out treasures with hopes of selling them. Some will sell for pills, and some want to exchange items for something they need. Usually, nothing rare or precious will be found there.”

The warrior said.

“What about the second part?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“The second part is the auction that’s held within the Blissful Manor, and it’s usually held on the last day of the trade fair. Many people who possess precious treasures will entrust them to the Blissful Manor, and auction them off on the last day. Of course, the Blissful Manor will take a small cut if this treasure is successfully sold. In other words, you’ll only find good treasures in the auction on the last day of the trade fair.”

“However, those who partic.i.p.ate in the auction are all wealthy men, and their treasures is not something ordinary people can afford.”

Both warriors explained the trade fair to Jiang Chen, clearly showing their thorough understanding of the trade fair. Actually, the reason why they were so enthusiastic to explain was to offer apologies, and leave a good impression for Jiang Chen. They did after all offend Jiang Chen earlier.

“I see. I do wonder, can I find the Nine Solar Holy Water during the auction?”

Jiang Chen probed.

“Nine Solar Holy Water? That’s the ultimate holy water, and it’s worth a fortune! I’m afraid it’ll be difficult to find here. You must know, a Saint Rank item like the Nine Solar Holy Water is considered a priceless treasure for all cultivators, who would auction it away? It would be much better to keep it for themselves.”

One of the warriors shook his head. The Nine Solar Holy Water was incredibly precious, it was a Saint Rank item with a pure Yang element. If was so rare that it was considered a rare treasure even in the Divine Continent.

Just a single drop of the Nine Solar Holy Water could completely improve a person’s potential. Without exaggerating, if a pig was fed with a single drop of the Nine Solar Holy Water, that pig’s potential would completely improve. It would be born anew and become a demon pig.

“Thank you for telling us.”

Jiang Chen cupped his fist toward the three warriors.

“Don’t mention it. Brother Chen Jiang, if there is anything you need our help with in the future, just let us know.”

The warrior trio cupped their fists toward Jiang Chen at the same time, then they continued flying toward the Blissful Manor.

“Master Blissful is going to earn a fortune from the trade fair alone. Looks like the entrance fee is worth nothing, the auction is where the fortune lies.”

Han Yan said with a sigh.

“Yea. There are so many people partic.i.p.ating in this trade fair, I’m sure all kinds of rare and unique treasures will show up. Those who owns a real precious item will want their treasure to be sold for a good price. Putting it up at the auction is the best option. With that, the final cut earned by the Blissful Manor will be enormous.”

Jiang Chen nodded his head.

“Buddy, with the fortune you have right now, let alone those ordinary people, even some super powers can’t compare with you. When the auction starts, let’s buy every single treasure!”

Big Yellow said wagging his head.

“I just hope we can find the Nine Solar Holy Water. With that, our trip won’t be in vain.”

Jiang Chen took a deep breath. The reason he came here was to find the Nine Solar Holy Water so he could save Yan Chenyu.

The trio followed the crowd and entered the Blissful Manor. It was a manor with enormous s.p.a.ce. Looking ahead, they could find rows of finely built buildings, green hills, and clear water almost everywhere. There was even a waterfall there.

In the Blissful Manor’s outer area, there was indeed a huge and empty square. The Whirling Sun Square that held the Qi Province compet.i.tion was big, but compared to this square in front of them, it could only be considered a small square.

“d.a.m.n! Such a huge square, it is at least ten times bigger than the Whirling Sun Square!”

Han Yan sighed. He had finally seen something extraordinary. Furthermore, there was no way he could see so many Divine Core warriors gathering at the same spot in the Qi Province.

“Don’t miss this, come closer and have a look! First-rate Mind Concentration Pearl from the ocean, a must have item for all cultivators! It can make you enter a cultivation mode in just one second!”

“Come check this out, 100 Yellow Spirit Plants in a bundle! It only cost 10 Earth Restoration Pills, and you can’t find it anywhere else!”


Not long after they arrived at the square, peddlers could be heard bawling everywhere. Many warriors had taken out their items and started peddling.