Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 283 – Extremely Daring

Chapter 283 – Extremely Daring

Chapter 283 – Extremely Daring

A fight was on the verge of breaking out. Even the girl and the warriors behind her threw their glances over. From the crowds discussions’, they learnt what was happening. The girl had her eyes on Jiang Chen, curious to know how Jiang Chen was going to handle the situation.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I don’t think you ever thought about me! I was actually hiding somewhere when you killed our men! But, you really surprised me! Not only did you not run as far away as you could after killing our men, you still came to the Blissful Island! You’re just courting...”

The Dark Eagle suddenly stopped talking. Someone saw a bright beam shoot out from Jiang Chen’s body, he immediately slashed through the Dark Eagle’s body.


The arrogant Dark Eagle was sliced in half by the bright beam. It was separated into two parts, then it fell into the ocean, staining the surrounding water with blood.

“Although I didn’t kill you that day, I can still kill you today.”

Jiang Chen said in a cruel tone. He had just killed an eagle from the Qingyi Sect, and there was no change to his expression. Just this att.i.tude alone was something few people could compare with.

Jiang Chen’s actions immediately aroused a storm. No one expected this would happen. Jiang Chen was brave enough to kill a man from the Qingyi Sect on the spot. In their minds, Jiang Chen should be apologizing to them right now, because not only was he outnumbered, there was also a Combat Soul warrior from the Qingyi Sect as well.

“d.a.m.n it, this guy is completely ruthless, where did he come from? He just killed someone without even saying anything, he doesn’t take the Qingyi Sect seriously at all!”

“I heard that Mao Fang was a rare genius from the Qingyi Sect, and his cultivation base was at the Late Divine Core realm. If this young man really killed him; that tells us how strong he is. But, what really surprises me is his daring att.i.tude! He just killed a demon lord from the Qingyi Sect, he’s considered completely offending them.”

“Let’s see how those Qingyi Disciples plan to deal with this. I’m sure none of them are a match for this young man, but they will definitely not let go off this matter easily. I’m just curious, will this young man really kill all these disciples?”

“You must be joking! He won’t do it unless he’s a maniac!”


The sound of people talking could be heard everywhere. At this moment, everyone were looking at Jiang Chen. As for those Qingyi Sect disciples, gloomy expressions could be seen on their faces. Although they were angrily staring at Jiang Chen, and had intense killing intents, none of them dared to attack. They might be arrogant, but they knew one thing for sure; Mao Fang was killed by this young man, and none of them were a match for Mao Fang.

“You got great nerves, who gave you the audacity to kill someone from the Qingyi Sect?!”

A disciple shouted at Jiang Chen.

“f.u.c.k off! Don’t get in my way unless you want to die! I’m here to partic.i.p.ate in the trade fair.”

Jiang Chen said in a cruel tone.

“Hmph! Inform Sect Elder Mao Sheng, he will definitely kill these two brats!”

Another man coldly harrumphed. However, right as he finished speaking, Jiang Chen attacked once again. A longsword suddenly appeared in his hand, and with a casual fling, the sword pierced forward with lightning speed. It swept through the disciple’s throat, and in the next second, his head left his body and flew high into the sky.


The disciples shouted out in disbelief. Their expressions changed dramatically in an instant. No one could have thought that this young man was such a daring maniac.

“Sect Elder, we found the murderer!”

A peak Mid Divine Core disciple shouted out loudly toward the Blissful Island. With his cultivation, shouting with his Yuan energy could send his voice very far. Also, since Mao Sheng was a Combat Soul warrior, his senses and hearing was extremely sensitive. There was no doubt he heard what the disciple just shouted.

“You’re courting death! Makes no difference whether I kill one or all! All of you, prepare do die!”

A ferocious look emerged in Jiang Chen’s eyes. A cold killing intent erupted from his body and swept across the scene. With a sway of his body, he rammed into the group of Qingyi Sect disciples like a ghost. He swung the longsword in his hand like a poisonous dragon. Although all these Qingyi disciples tried to fight back with their full strength, none of them was a match for Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was like a tiger who had just leapt into a group of tame sheep.

Aaahhh!!! …

Accompanied by some blood-curdling screeches, in just a few breaths of time, every single Qingyi Sect disciple were killed by Jiang Chen. Their bodies fell into the water, and slowly sunk to the bottom of the ocean. The water was stained with their blood.

“My heavens!”

“What did I just see?! Is this young man a mighty demon? He just killed those men like he was killing some ants!”

“What a daring man, he is extremely daring! The Qingyi Sect has suffered a huge loss this time, all their core disciples were killed even before the trade fair begun. I’m sure Mao Sheng is going to be furious.”

“Good, I admire this little brother’s boldness! If I were him, I would definitely do the same! He had already offended them by killing that Mao Fang, and because of that, Mao Sheng would definitely not let go off him no matter what. Furthermore, all these disciples from the Qingyi Sect were trying to kill him. Since that was the case, I see no reason for why he should be nice to them. Even if he is destined to get killed by a Combat Soul warrior, he has already earned something back by killing so many of their disciples.”


Everyone were shocked by what just happened. A storm swept across the crowd. No one thought they would witness something like this before the trade fair began. All core disciples of the fifth strongest sect in the Eastern Continent, the Qingyi Sect, had been slaughtered.


Right at this moment, a loud explosive sound that came from someone erupting with anger could be heard from the island. A tremendous aura shot up into the sky. Hearing this, Jiang Chen shouted at those in front of him, “Everyone, move aside!”

This loud shot shook the crowds and caused their souls to tremble. In everyone’s mind, this young man was an overbearing and merciless maniac. No one had the courage to get in his way.

With extremely great speed, Jiang Chen and Han Yan arrived in front of the girl. Without hesitation, he took out three Earth Restoration Pills from his storage ring and said, “We’ve come here for the trade fair. Here are three Earth Restoration Pills, we want to enter the island now.”

Now, the crowds finally understood what Jiang Chen was up to. After killing everyone from the Qingyi Sect, he had successfully attracted the Combat Soul warrior’s attention. At this point of time, it was impossible for him to run away, because one he was caught, certain death was destined to fall upon him. Therefore, the only escape route was to step onto the Blissful Island before the Combat Soul warrior came. Everyone knew that the Blissful Island was the Master Blissful’s territory, and no one was allowed to fight on the island after the trade fair had begun. This was the rule set down by the Master Blissful, and even the Combat Soul warriors had to obey the rule.

Without hesitation, the girl took the Earth Restoration Pills from Jiang Chen and said, “Young master, welcome!”


The air around the Blissful Island started twisting; Mao Sheng had finally arrived.

“Let’s go!”

Jiang Chen and Han Yan dared not delay even a single second. They turned into two trails of light and dashed toward the Blissful Island. The pretty mermaid stared at Jiang Chen’s back, an amazed look emerged in her eyes, “Ruthless, decisive, extremely daring; I’m sure teacher will love a man like this.”

The girl smiled.

Right after Jiang Chen and Han Yan stepped onto the Blissful Island, Mao Sheng immediately dashed out from the island. Many Combat Soul warriors could be seen following him. All of them had sensed what was happening outside the island. No matter what, the Qingyi Sect was a super power, and this was a major incident where all their disciples were killed outside the Blissful Island, that’s why all these Combat Soul warriors followed. They wanted to see how this incident would end.

When Mao Sheng arrived, he immediately stared at the spot where all the Qingyi disciples were killed. He could still see blood floating on the surface of the water, and some of the dead bodies sinking to the bottom of the ocean. The eagle’s body had also resurfaced from the bottom of the ocean. Looking at all this, he became extremely furious.


With a pair of red eyes, Mao Sheng threw his glance at Jiang Chen and Han Yan, it seemed as if he was going to devour both of them alive.

“Brat, you did all this?”

Mao Sheng asked with a loud voice.

“That’s right. They tried to kill me, so I fought back and killed them. Is there something wrong?”

Jiang Chen casually shrugged his shoulders with an unconcerned expression on his face. Even though he was facing a Combat Soul warrior, no signs of being nervous could be found on his face, because he had already landed on the Blissful Island.

“You also killed my grandson, Mao Fang?”

Mao Sheng felt his heart pounding faster and faster. He was so mad it felt like his lungs were going to explode soon.

“Mao Fang tried to kill me, so I killed him.”

Jiang Chen indifferently said.

“Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, die now!”

Mao Sheng was completely furious. With intense killing intent, he struck out with his palm toward Jiang Chen. When a Combat Soul warrior attack, the surrounding air would immediately ignite into flames. The mighty strength of the attack swept across like a gigantic wave as it pushed toward Jiang Chen.

“Brother Yan, Big Yellow, move aside!”

Jiang Chen shouted. Mao Sheng was completely furious right now, he was completely ignoring the rules of the Blissful Island; he just wanted to kill Jiang Chen. However, Jiang Chen believed that the rules of the Blissful Island wouldn’t be broken by Mao Sheng.

Han Yan and Big Yellow had long ago prepared for this moment. The immediately moved aside.

“Nine Murdering Flood Dragons!”

Jiang Chen loudly shouted. In an instant, three silver white Flood Dragons emerged from his body and flew toward Mao Sheng’s incoming attack.


The ma.s.sive power behind these attacks caused all the air to violently sweep across the scene, and the entire Blissful Island to shake. Under such tremendous force, Jiang Chen was knocked back nearly 30 meters before he could regain control of his body. However, it caused his qi and blood to start circulating in a messy way, causing him to feel unwell.


Mao Sheng was shocked. Not only him, all those Combat Soul warriors who followed him were shocked as well. All of them had sensed Jiang Chen’s cultivation level, he was only a Mid Divine Core warrior, and he had just fought with a Combat Soul warrior without getting killed. Not only that, he didn’t even seem to be wounded. It was only as if he had just been shaken a little by the backlash from the impact.

“Where did this abnormal monster come from? Why is he so strong? Don’t tell me he’s from the Martial Palace?”

“I don’t think you can find such an abnormal monster in the Martial Palace, or even the Martial Saint Dynasty. He’s actually fighting a Combat Soul warrior with a mere Mid Divine Core cultivation base.”

Many people were astonished by what they had just witnessed. It wasn’t because Jiang Chen had withstood the Combat Soul warrior’s attack, there were actually some abnormal geniuses from the Martial Palace who could fight Early Combat Soul warriors with cultivation bases at the peak Divine Core realm. However, the young man in front of them was only a Mid Divine Core warrior, the difference was simply too huge.

“What you unleashed just now was Fang’er’s Nine Murdering Flood Dragons! Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I’m going to kill you today!”

Mao Sheng was really furious right now. A ma.s.sive amount of energy was rolling around his body. He was preparing to attack with all his strength; he wanted to kill this young man in front of him in an instant!