Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 282 – Discovered

Chapter 282 – Discovered

Chapter 282 - Discovered

The Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan were both gigantic existences in the Eastern Continent. Aside from the Martial Saint Dynasty, no one dared offend them. This group of people from the Shangguan Clan were also being led by a Combat Soul warrior.

“Shangguan Chong, never thought I’d see you here.”

Seeing the coming men, the Combat Soul Sect Elder from the Myriad Sword Sect who was about to step onto the Blissful Island stopped and spoke.

“Why? Don’t tell me that only you, Ye Xiao is allowed to come here?”

Shangguan Chong said in a cold tone. The atmosphere immediately became heated upon the two men meeting. It clearly showed that their relations.h.i.+p wasn’t good. But, it wasn’t something unexpected. There was a saying that two tigers couldn’t live on the same mountain. The Myriad Sword Sect and the Shangguan Clan were both super powers from the Jiang Province. Naturally, they opposed each other with equal harshness. This was just like the relations.h.i.+p between the four big sects in the Qi Province.


Ye Xiao coldly harrumphed. He didn’t bother with Shangguan Chong anymore, and just continued walking toward the Blissful Island. On the other side, Shangguan Chong was also walking toward the Blissful Island with an imposing aura.

“Little Chen, the Myriad Sword Sect and the Shangguan Clan are both here. Together with the Qing Province’s Qingyi Sect, all your powerful enemies are here at the same time. If your ident.i.ty is exposed… Well, that would be really exciting!”

Han Yan teased Jiang Chen through his divine sense.

“Why do I only feel my head going numb?”

Jiang Chen gazed at Han Yan. He felt really speechless after hearing Han Yan’s words. If his real ident.i.ty was exposed in such a grand situation, well… he wouldn’t have to worry anymore, as he would probably be killed without even knowing what happened.

“Do you guys see that? Those whose cultivation levels are below the Combat Soul realm are not allowed to step onto the Blissful Island in advance. Even those from the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan aren’t excluded from this rule, even they do not dare break the rule.”

“Of course, the Manor Master is a supreme demon from the ocean, even the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan have to give him face. After all, this place isn’t on the Eastern Continent.”

“Furthermore, I’ve heard that the Manor Master has a mighty cultivation base. No one dares break the rules set by him.”


Everyone were discussing amongst themselves. Even super powers like the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan weren’t excluded from the island’s rules. None of the warriors below the Combat Soul realm were allowed to step onto the Blissful Island in advance, they had to stay outside the island and wait for the trade fair to start, just like everyone else.

There was only one day until the trade fair started. More and more people were gathering around the Blissful Island. But for Jiang Chen and Han Yan, this day was a gloomy day. The Dark Eagle’s gaze was simply too sharp, it was as if it had discovered some familiar auras. It continued scanning the crowds with its eyes, and if this continued, they would be discovered sooner or later.

Nonetheless, Jiang Chen and Han Yan were better at hiding themselves than others. If they weren’t, they might have already been found by the eagle.

“d.a.m.n it, that Dark Eagle is really troublesome. It will find us sooner or later.”

Han Yan said in a gloomy tone.

“That’s right. Buddy, don’t tell me you want this master dog to keep staying under your clothes? You’re going to need this master dog in the trade fair.”

Big Yellow was the gloomiest of the three, he had been hiding underneath Jiang Chen’s clothes for an entire day; he was soon going to become crazy.

“Looks like it will soon find us. The trade fair is starting soon, so we just need to do our best to hide from that Dark Eagle. Once we step onto the island, we’ll be safe even if it discovers us. After all, no one is allowed to fight on the island, and I believe those people from the Qingyi Sect won’t dare break that rule.”

A fierce look emerged in Jiang Chen’s eyes. He wasn’t someone who was afraid of trouble. Furthermore, facing the Qingyi Sect alone was much better than his real ident.i.ty being exposed.

On the third day, when the sky got brighter, a loud explosive sound could be heard from the Blissful Island. Then, beams of lights shot out from the island and stopped outside the island. The leading person was the beautiful mermaid who came out to greet the Golden Lion.

Many warriors could barely restrain themselves when they saw this girl. The deadly seductive attraction that came from this demon beast was far greater than that of ordinary humans.

Of course, even if these warriors had some evil intentions in their mind, they could only lock them up in their minds. No one were brave enough to offend, or even touch someone from the Blissful Manor. If they really did so, they would have to pay with their lives.

Dozens of men wearing golden armors followed the girl. All of them had imposing auras, and although their cultivation bases weren’t powerful, they were at least at the peak Heavenly Core realm. The leading man was a Divine Core warrior.

They were warriors from the Blissful Manor. Not all of them were demons from the ocean, there were actually quite a number of humans amongst them.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the annual trade fair is going to begin soon. If you want to partic.i.p.ate, you’ll have to obey the rules set down by our master. Starting from now, the island and manor will open for everyone. Those who wants to enter the manor and partic.i.p.ate in the trade fair will have to pay one Earth Restoration Pill!”

The girl spoke with a crystal clear voice, making sure that every single warrior here could hear what she said.

“What, an Earth Restoration Pill per person? This is ridiculous! I remember it only cost 1,000 Mortal Restoration Pills last years, why did the price go up by ten times?”

“Yea! An Earth Restoration Pill is equal to ten thousand Mortal Restoration Pills, why do we need to pay so much just to enter the manor?”

“f.u.c.k, there are so many people here! One Earth Restoration Pill per person, doesn’t that mean the Manor Master is going to be come filthy rich?”


Just as the girl finished speaking, a storm immediately erupted amongst the crowds. The entrance fee being ten times higher than usual, many people simply couldn’t take it. The difference in Earth Restoration Pills and Mortal Restoration Pills was not just in terms of numbers, there was also a huge difference between the level of energy within, and quality.

For example, there was no one who would want to exchange an Earth Restoration Pill with ten thousand Mortal Restoration Pills.

An Earth Restoration Pill was really expensive, only Divine Core warriors had the ability to absorb one. For some powerful Divine Core warriors, an Earth Restoration Pill might not be worth a lot, but for those Late Heavenly Core warriors, paying an Earth Restoration Pill was like slicing a chunk of meat from their bodies.

“This is the new rule set by our master. If you aren’t willing to pay, you can just leave now. We won’t force you to do it.”

The girl spoke once more.

“Haha, it’s just an Earth Restoration Pill per person, that’s not too much. We, the Myriad Sword Sect will be the first ones to pay. Pretty girl, here are seven Earth Restoration Pills for us seven.”

A Divine Core disciple from the Myriad Sword Sect said with a laugh. He led all the disciples from the Myriad Sword Sect to the girl, then he casually tossed seven Earth Restoration Pills to the girl.

“We welcome the Myriad Sword Sect to the trade fair. I wish you have an enjoyable time in the trade fair.”

The girl signaled a warrior behind her to store the Earth Restoration Pills. After that, she replied to the Myriad Sword Sect disciples with a smile on her face.

“The Myriad Sword Sect is filthy rich, all their core disciples are rich as well; of course they have all the pills they need.”

Someone muttered. Compared to those super powers like the Myriad Sword Sect, they were just too inferior.

“Just an Earth Restoration Pills. Since I’ve come here, I can’t just go back empty handed. The trade fair is only held once a year, even if I can’t get anything, it’s still worth paying an Earth Restoration Pill to gain experience.”

A rogue cultivator casually walked over and handed an Earth Restoration Pill over to the girl. After that, he stepped onto the Blissful Island.

Afterwards, more and more people started paying the entrance fee. Although the Manor Master increasing the price was somewhat shady, the majority of the people didn’t really mind that much, as it was just an Earth Restoration Pill. Those who genuinely came here to get some rare and unique treasures were all rich and wealthy men, even those who felt pain regarding the price also paid and stepped onto the island. After all, they had traveled far to get here, and no one wanted to return empty handed.

“Little Chen, let’s go.”

Han Yan said.


Jiang Chen nodded his head. The two men started walking, they wanted to enter the island before the men from the Qingyi Sect discovered them.

“Stop right there!”

Just as Jiang Chen and Han Yan started walking, a loud shout immediately sounded out behind their backs.

Jiang Chen and Han Yan’s expressions turned cold. In the end, they were still discovered. The Dark Eagle moved its body and arrived in front of Jiang Chen and Han Yan, and his expression immediately changed upon seeing their faces.

“They are the ones!”

The Dark Eagle pointed his finger at Jiang Chen and Han Yan. Without any hesitation, he let out a loud shout. The disturbance immediately alerted many of the people around. Numerous eyes looked to the source of the shout, and were wonder what the cause of the conflict was.

“Dark Eagle, what’s going on?”

All six core disciples from the Qingyi Sect came forth and threw their glances at Jiang Chen and Han Yan.

“They are the ones who killed Mao Fang and the others! They were all killed by them!”

The Dark Eagle’s words caused the scene to ignite. Many people here came from the Qing Province, and the news about Mao Fang’s death had been spread across the entire Qing Province. Everyone really wanted to know who was brave enough to kill the Qingyi Sect’s biggest genius.

“d.a.m.n it!! In the end, we were still discovered! Daddy is going to suffocate soon!”

Big Yellow leapt out from Jiang Chen’s clothes and landed on his shoulder.

“That’s right, they are the ones! That d.a.m.n dog as well!”

The Dark Eagle was even more certain when he saw Big Yellow. During the last two days, he had sensed a familiar aura lingering within the air. But, because there were too many people around, as well as the fact that Jiang Chen and Han Yan were hiding their auras, he couldn’t discover them. But, since the crowds started moving, he immediately discovered Jiang Chen and Han Yan.

“How dare you? It was you who did it! You’re really brave to kill the men from the Qingyi Sect!”

“You’re courting death! Even if you have ten thousand lives, you’re still going to die

“Brat, who gave you the audacity to kill the men from the Qingyi Sect?!”

The disciples from the Qingyi Sect were angry, and their killing intent was soaring. They immediately surrounded Jiang Chen. With great fury, it seemed like they were going to tear Jiang Chen apart.

“Something big is happening, this guy is really brave to be able to kill disciples from the Qingyi Sect. Since he was discovered, he is finished!”

“He is complete done for! The Qingyi Sect is not a sect one can easily mess with, and since they haven’t yet stepped onto the Blissful Island, killing is still allowed here, and they are going to kill him for sure! There’s also a Combat Soul warrior from the Qingyi Sect here.”

“I heard that Mao Fang who was killed is actually Mao Sheng’s grandson. Since they were discovered, Mao Sheng definitely won’t let them go easily. It’s impossible for them to die easily now.”