Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 276 – An Emaciated Camel is Still Bigger than a Horse

Chapter 276 – An Emaciated Camel is Still Bigger than a Horse

Chapter 276 – An Emaciated Camel is Still Bigger than a Horse

The thunder rumbled within the skies, and the dark clouds became denser. The mighty Heavenly Pressure pushed itself down towards the giant serpent, and its ma.s.sive force was wreaking havoc in the Serpent’s Great Mountain Stream underneath, causing the water pond lying below to explode. The explosive sound caused those who heard it to feel as if their ears were exploding.

Soon after, the third lightning bolt had been fully condensed. This was the last bolt in the Minor Three Tribulation. Once the giant serpent succeeded, it would successfully have evolved.

But the last tribulation bolt was the most difficult to survive, it carried a force greater than the previous two tribulation bolts combined.


A black thunder dragon exploded out from the dark clouds while furiously roaring. It directly collided with the giant serpent’s body.


The giant serpent let out a blood-curdling screech. The scales on its body were falling off, and were scattered all around the ground. It flesh was torn, and its blood was raining down from the sky. In an instant, the giant serpent was knocked away from the sky, and fell into the Serpent’s Great Mountain Stream.

After this strike, the dark clouds in the sky began slowly dispersing. In just a few breaths time, the clear and bright sky had returned as if nothing had happened. But for those who had witnessed the occurrence of the Heavenly Tribulation, a breathless feeling possessed them, and their hearts were filled with extreme shock.

“The Heavenly Tribulation is really terrifying! Even when we were so far away, we could still feel the mighty Heavenly Pressure! If I had to face the Heavenly Pressure directly, perhaps I wouldn’t even be able to gather my will to fight back.”

“Only those with powerful bodies like the giant serpent can withstand the Heavenly Tribulation. If it was someone else, I’m sure he would be killed by the first lightning bolt.”

“That giant serpent has survived the Heavenly Tribulation, it has now evolved into a Flood Dragon. Soon, its cultivation will break through to the Combat Soul realm. I wonder what its current condition is like.”

A few of the disciples from the Qingyi Sect had mixed emotions. After witnessing the real power of the Heavenly Tribulation, a permanent shadow had been cast in their hearts.

“Get ready to attack. The Flood Dragon is in its weakest condition, and it’s in the middle of preparing to break through to the Combat Soul realm, this is the perfect time for us to kill it. It will fully recover once it breaks through to the Combat Soul realm, and if that really happens, killing it will be impossible.”

Mao Fang unleashed his aura and was first to start flying towards the Serpent’s Great Mountain Stream. The rest of the group took out their respective combat weapons without any hesitation, and followed behind him. Even though they knew that the Flood Dragon was currently weakened, after having witnessed how strong it was when facing the Heavenly Tribulation, none of them had any confidence in dealing with it.

On the other side, Jiang Chen and Han Yan exchanged a glance, “Let’s go!”

Both men started moving. Without any hesitation, they flew toward the Serpent’s Great Mountain Stream.

Right at this moment, over at the Serpent’s Great Mountain Stream, the giant serpent was soaking its entire body underneath the water, leaving only its huge head above the surface of the water. Blood could be seen everywhere in the water. The giant serpent’s eyes were shut, and it was resting. On its head, a golden light was blinking, and a pointy dragon horn could be found right in the middle of its brows. This was a symbol that appeared after its evolution; the giant serpent was now a real Flood Dragon, and it possessed the n.o.ble bloodline of a dragon.

The Flood Dragon was currently in a weakened state, but at the same time, the Flood Dragon’s bloodline was healing its severely injured body. It wouldn’t take long before this Flood Dragon could break through to the Combat Soul realm and become a truly mighty demon lord.

“Let’s do this!”

Mao Fang suddenly shouted. An excited look covered his face. While staring at the Flood Dragon underneath the mountain stream, he struck out with his palm in a most formidable manner.

With an explosive sound, Mao Fang completely unleashed his aura of a Late Divine Core warrior. A dazzling palm appeared, it crashed toward the Flood Dragon like a mountain with its violent energy.

Sensing the sudden attack, the Flood Dragon who was focusing on its recovery instantly opened up its eyes. Its fury transformed into raging flames and burst out from its eyes.


The Flood Dragon was furious. It couldn’t accept the fact that some humans were trying to kill it while it was weakened.

Even though the Flood Dragon was currently weakened, it still had formidable strength. A powerful silver white energy beam shot out from its mouth, destroying Mao Fang’s incoming attack.


The Flood Dragon let out another furious roar, then it leapt out from the water. Its gigantic body hovered within the sky, and its body was bleeding, while its torn flesh could be seen everywhere. It stared at the humans in front of it with a pair of big eyes like a poisonous snake.

“Petty humans, how despicable are you?! How dare you launch a sneak attack while I am in a weakened condition?!”

The Flood Dragon spoke in human tongue. Its voice was so loud that it sounded like raging thunder.

“Haha, Flood Dragon, you are extremely weakened right now, you are no match for us right now. I suggest you give up all resistance, and let us kill you; this will guarantee you’ll be able to die a pleasant death.”

Mao Fan burst into laughter. He was going to get this Flood Dragon’s demon soul and blood essence no matter what. Also, since he had a strong cultivation base, he didn’t take this Flood Dragon seriously at all.

“Petty humans, I’ll definitely eat all of you!”

The Flood Dragon violently roared. After that, it turned its gigantic body around and fled far into the distance. It was in the middle of a critical moment, that’s why it didn’t want to fight these humans right now.

“Trying to run?”

How could Mao Fan give this Flood Dragon the opportunity to escape? He had been prepared for this moment! Just as the Flood Dragon turned around, Mao Fang attacked.

With great speed, Mao Fang appeared right in front of the Flood Dragon. With an imposing aura, he shouted, “Nine Murdering Flood Dragons, die now!”

Mao Fang’s arm suddenly expanded into an enormous size, as if it was transformed by his yuan energy. His arm transformed into a phantom Flood Dragon, and it attacked the real Flood Dragon in front of him.

“You’re courting death!”

The Flood Dragon was extremely angry. It swung its gigantic tail forcefully onto Mao Fang’s arms, sending violent energy ripples out that even shattered a mountain peak far underneath them.

There was a saying: an emaciated camel is still bigger than a horse. The Flood Dragon was no longer the giant serpent, it now possessed the bloodline of a Flood Dragon, which gave it a complete thorough transformation. That combined with its formidable cultivation, it wasn’t something that anyone could kill, even if it was in a weakened condition.

Obviously, Mao Fang had expected this. That’s why he had called upon his junior disciples for help.


Mao Fang struck once again. He unleashed a giant energy web, and figures of Flood Dragons could be found all over the web. This was an incredibly strong combat skill, and if he could obtain the blood essence of a real Flood Dragon, and study how a Flood Dragon fought, his combat skill would see a significant improvement.

The Flood Dragon was extremely brutal. The Flood Dragon unceasingly attacked with its gigantic body, and was locked in a fierce fight with Mao Fang. It was only locked in a fierce fight because it was weakened. If it was in top shape, Mao Fang would be no match for it.

“d.a.m.n it!”

The Flood Dragon cursed. It had broken through the energy’s captivity, and continued fleeing far into the distance.

“Stop the Flood Dragon!”

Mao Fang shouted. At the same time, the other six disciple disciples from the Qingyi Sect moved.

“Qingyi Grand Formation!”

The female disciple shouted. With combat weapons in their hands blowing, they worked together and unleashed a giant energy web, locking the entire area down, giving the Flood Dragon no chance to escape.

All of the Qingyi disciples were at the Divine Core realm, and they were all geniuses from the younger generation. This meant their strength was not something any ordinary Divine Core warriors could compare with. And because they were all from the same sect, they had pretty decent synergy.

“Looks like this group of people is pretty strong. Little Chen, are we going to attack?”

Han Yan asked.

“Let’s be patient; watching two tigers fighting from a hilltop is much better. I’m sure that the Flood Dragon has some other powerful abilities it can use to survive.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face. He had a bad impression toward those people from the Qingyi Sect. Just now, if the Flood Dragon wasn’t facing the Heavenly Tribulation, perhaps they would have attacked Jiang Chen by now.

“Die now!”

Mao Fang took out a longsword as thing as a cicada’s wings from his storage ring. Not only was it a high-ranked combat weapon, it was a high-ranked combat weapon of the highest quality. With both hands tightly clenching onto the longsword, he slashed at the Flood Dragon.


When the longsword hit the Flood Dragon’s body, it immediately drew a huge wound on its already torn up body. It pulled its flesh out, and caused its blood to rain down from the sky.


When the Flood Dragon suffered from such severe injuries, it was like the last nerve in its body had been provoked. This caused its eyes to instantly turn blood red, and fury could be seen bursting out from its eyes.

“Petty humans! I’m going to kill you all! I will kill you all!”

The Flood Dragon had become furious. On top of its head, the newly grown dragon horn started s.h.i.+ning, and as the horn became brighter and brighter, the Flood Dragon’s aggressiveness became stronger and stronger, giving those from the Qingyi Sect an extreme feeling of danger.


In the next second, an energy beam that looked like a dragon shout out from the dragon horn. It seemed like an invincible blade as it pierced toward where Mao Fang stood.

There was a disciple of the Qingyi Sect stood in front of Mao Fang.


The energy beam’s speed was too fast. It was so fast that the disciple couldn’t even react before the energy beam pierced through his body. A huge hole instantly appeared right in the middle of his body. He died on the spot, and he didn’t even have the chance to cry out.

The energy beam didn’t seem to be slowing down after killing the man. In an instant, it arrived right in front of Mao Fang.

“Not good!”

Mao Fang felt the danger. He never thought that a desperate attack from the Flood Dragon could be so terrifying. Without hesitation, he raised the longsword in his hand and swung it toward the energy beam.


Two ma.s.sive forces clashed into each other. Mao Fang was instantly knocked back, and he was only able to stabilize his body after flying nearly 400 meters away. Impacted by the enormous energy, Mao Fang threw up a mouthful of blood on the spot, and he even had two b.l.o.o.d.y scars on his trembling palm.


The Flood Dragon once again let out a wild roar. It slammed its gigantic tail onto one of the Qingyi disciples. The disciple let out a blood-curdling screech right before he instantly exploded into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist.

The Flood Dragon’s condition had become even worse, it was extremely weak right now, and the light on its dragon horn was completely gone.

Without bothering with the rest of the people from the Qingyi Sect, the Flood Dragon immediately flew far into the distance. It didn’t even have any thoughts about killing the remaining disciples.

“Hurry up, it’s running away!”

Big Yellow urged them.

“Don’t worry, it can’t escape from me.”

In a flash, Jiang Chen appeared in front of the Flood Dragon and stopped it from flying. Without saying anything, Jiang Chen instantly unleashed the True Dragon Palm. A huge blood red dragon claw appeared in the skies and pushed down toward the Flood Dragon.

The Flood Dragon’s expression changed dramatically. It had used up all its strength in its last desperate attack, there was absolutely no way it could defend itself from Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Palm.