Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 275 – Minor Three Tribulation

Chapter 275 – Minor Three Tribulation

Chapter 275 – Minor Three Tribulation

Layers of dark clouds descended from the skies and condensed themselves far above in the skies. This Heavenly Tribulation didn’t seem to be aggressive, it obviously wasn’t a terrifying Heavenly Tribulation. Also, it occurred at a remote and deserted place. If not, it would definitely have attracted the attention of a lot of people.

“Daddy hasn’t seen what a Heavenly Tribulation looks like. My knowledge of this world will increase today.”

Han Yan spoke with a shocked expression as he followed Jiang Chen.

“Country b.u.mpkin.”

Big Yellow threw his gaze at Han Yan.

“f.u.c.k, have you seen any Heavenly Tribulations before this?”

Han Yan looked at Big Yellow and asked.


Big Yellow turned his head away.


Han Yan became speechless.

“However, I do know that a Heavenly Tribulation won’t easily appear. When something is going to defy the natural order and isn’t accept by the heavens, at that point of time, the Heavenly Tribulation will appear as punishment and destroy that thing.”

Big Yellow said.

“What are the things that can be considered to defy the natural order?”

Han Yan curiously asked.

“You really are a country b.u.mpkin. Things that defies the natural order isn’t known. For example, the Saint Origin realm is an independent realm, and anything that has strength greater than what this realm can contain will be considered something that defies the natural order, and it will not be accepted by this realm. Therefore, a Heavenly Tribulation will appear to eliminate them. The serpent belongs to the snake category, and it’s now going to evolve into a more advanced life form. Although it’s just going to transform into a Flood Dragon, and not a True Dragon, its bloodline will still experience a tremendous evolution, and it will become a n.o.ble existence. That’s the reason why a Heavenly Tribulation has appeared, its purpose is to punish this serpent. If this serpent can withstand the punishment, it will transform into a dragon and become a n.o.ble existence. If it can’t survive the tribulation, it will turn into ashes and die on the spot.”

Big Yellow Dog explained.

“What Big Yellow said is correct. It’s the same for humans. When we break through to the Saint realm, we have to withstand the punishment of the heavens. If we can survive it, we’ll successfully break through to the Saint Realm. If we don’t, we will perish and turn into ash. Cruelty is nature of cultivation.”

Jiang Chen said. In his previous life, he had gone through two Heavenly Tribulations. The first appeared when he was breaking through to the Minor Saint realm, and the second when he broke through to the Great Saint realm. Therefore, he knew very well how terrifying it was. Compared to what he had gone through, the tribulation the giant serpent was facing right now was nothing. The only regret Jiang Chen had was not being able to go through the Immortal Tribulation. If he did, he would be able to evolve into an immortal, and break through into the Immortal Realm.

“A Saint’s tribulation, I wonder what that will look like…”

Han Yan said with mixed emotions. For him, a Saint was someone supreme that he couldn’t even imagine. In the Eastern Continent, even a Combat King warrior was a rare existence, let alone the even more powerful Saint. Han Yan was born in the small Qi Province, and although he had great talent and was a peak Mid Divine Core warrior, in his mind, the Saint realm was still just a legend in his eyes.

“Little Chen is a man who defies the natural order, I can guarantee that when he starts forming his Combat Soul, the Heavenly Tribulation will be attracted. If you don’t believe me, just wait and see.”

Big Yellow was an excellent judge of character, he always had accurate judgment of people. With Jiang Chen’s degree of defiance towards the natural order, this realm would soon lose its tolerance, and the moment Jiang Chen breaks through to the Combat Soul realm, he would being going through endless Heavenly Tribulations.

“You’re right. Little Chen is just an abnormal monster. He’s only an Early Divine Core warrior, but I can’t think of anyone in the same stage as him who can be so strong.”

Han Yan nodded his head. He had no doubts about what Big Yellow said. Jiang Chen’s insanely abnormal strength was obvious.

A smile appeared on Jiang Chen’s face, and his eyes became brighter. He had no fear toward the Heavenly Tribulation. In this life, he was going to walk a path that defied the heavenly order.


The thunder was furiously roaring in the skies. Rainbow colored lightning started appearing in the dark clouds. The lightning swiftly jumped around in the skies like snakes. Although the scene looked beautiful, the energy contained within these clouds were beyond anyone’s imagination.

Flying at their top speed, the trio soon approached the Serpent’s Great Mountain Stream. Being so close, the pressure from the Heavenly Tribulation clouds could make one’s soul tremble.

Seven people were standing right in front of them. All of them looked to be young, and they wore the same green clothes. Solemn expressions could be found on their faces, and they were all staring into the direction pointing towards the Serpent’s Great Mountain Stream. Jiang Chen had previously met six of them, and the eagle those six rode was nowhere to be seen. In front of their group, a man firmly stood.

This man had a handsome face, and fair skin complexion. His body was full of power and grandeur, and his brows were aggressively curved. The aura of a great warrior could be sensed from his entire body.

The man seemed like he was in his mid-twenties, but his cultivation base was extremely strong, it was at the Late Divine Core realm. Having such an incredible cultivation base at his age proved that this man had extraordinary talent.

“Hey, those two guys followed us here.”

When the young man who had a conflict with Jiang Chen just now saw them, his expression instantly became cold.

“What are you looking at? Stupid b.i.t.c.h!”

Big Yellow was squatting down on Jiang Chen’s shoulder. He was baring his teeth while letting out some provoking words.

“f.u.c.k you!”

The young man couldn’t hold his anger any longer. He was a respected man with his status back in his sect, but this dog kept provoking him and cursing him as a stupid b.i.t.c.h. He just couldn’t stand it any longer.

“What’s wrong?”

The leading man threw his gaze at Jiang Chen and Han Yan while furrowing his brows. A look of hostility could be found in his eyes.

“Senior disciple Mao, I don’t know where these two guys came from. They had a conflict with junior disciple w.a.n.g just now, and that puppy is abominable, it has a disgusting mouth!”

A female disciple said. From the way she talked, one could easily tell how must respect and admiration she had toward this senior disciple Mao.

“Hmph! Kill them all.”

The senior disciple Mao coldly harrumphed as he prepared to attack Jiang Chen.


Right at this moment, a roar so powerful the ground started shaking sounded out from the Serpent’s Great Mountain Stream. After that, a thirty meter long silver-white giant serpent flew out from the Serpent’s Great Mountain Stream. It flew into the sky and coiled its body underneath the dark clouds.

This giant serpent had a huge body. Scales the size of a human’s palm fully covered its body. On both sides of its body, two huge claws could be seen emitting a metal radiance. On top of its head there were two long silver white horns that shone brightly. It had a ferocious look in its eyes, causing those who stared into them to feel as if they had been dragged into h.e.l.l.

“Look, senior disciple Mao, that giant serpent has come out to meet its Heavenly Tribulation!”

That female disciple shouted out with great fear.

“Hmph! Let’s leave those two guys alone for now. They better not cause any trouble for me! If they do, I’ll make sure they die in the most miserable way possible.”

Senior disciple Mao retracted his energy, temporarily giving up on attacking Jiang Chen. His name was actually Mao Fang, and he was the chief core disciple of the Qing Province’s Qingyi Sect. He had a formidable cultivation.

“Senior disciple Mao has spent a long time preparing to kill this giant serpent. Those who dares disturb him will be killed by us!”

The disciple named w.a.n.g said with a cruel tone.

“Keep quiet for now, don’t let that giant serpent find out we’re here. The Heavenly Tribulation is coming. This giant serpent is extremely fierce, I’m sure it’ll be able to withstand the Heavenly Tribulation and evolved into a Flood Dragon. After doing so, it will enter a weakened state temporarily, then we’ll immediately strike and kill it. Once I obtain its demon soul and blood essence, my Nine Murdering Flood Dragons will see a complete evolution, and I’ll break through to the Combat Soul realm and become one of the peerless geniuses. That will be my time to fight with those geniuses from the Martial Palace.”

A bright glow blossomed in Mao Fang’s eyes, as if he could already see his own bright future. He had spent a lot of time and effort in order to kill this Flood Dragon, and not only had he estimated the exact time for this giant serpent’s evolution, he had also arrived here early and hidden. He had also gotten help from his junior disciples.

“Look, the Heavenly Tribulation is here!”

The female disciple exclaimed.


The sound of thunder roared out from the dark clouds. In an instant, a thick blood red lightning bolt struck down onto the giant serpent’s head.


The giant serpent let out a wild roar. Beams of light shot out from its body and flew toward the lightning bolt.


The Heavenly Tribulation’s power was incredible. In just a blink of an eye, the entire giant serpent had been covered with fierce lightning. Cracking sounds could be heard from all over its body. The serpent angrily roared out multiple times, and there was also a feeling of misery in its roars.

When the lightning disappeared, the giant serpent’s body began emitting a dark smoke, and it became weaker.


Thunder and lightning rumbled within the sky. A much stronger pressure covered the scene, and the second thunder bolt was currently condensing itself.

“This is the weakest form of the Heavenly Tribulation, it’s called the Minor Three Tribulation, and there will only be three lightning bolts altogether, and its power will only get stronger with each consecutive bolt. One will succeed the tribulation as long as one can withstand all three lightning bolts. However, compared to the Intermediate Six Tribulation and the Major Nine Tribulation, it’s still considered pretty weak. With this giant serpent’s ability, I think it’ll be able to succeed this Minor Three Tribulation, but it will definitely become weakened after that. These people are here for this serpent.”

Jiang Chen explained. He knew about the Heavenly Tribulation better than anyone else.

“Little Chen, after this giant serpent succeeds this Minor Three Tribulation, it will evolve into a Flood Dragon, and that will give it a small amount of a dragon’s bloodline. If you can get its demon soul and blood essence, the benefits you’ll receive will be boundless!”

Big Yellow’s eyes were twinkling with brilliance. He had begun having some understanding regarding the skill Jiang Chen was cultivating.

“You’re right. If I can obtain the demon soul and blood essence of a Flood Dragon, my Dragon Transformation skill will evolve once again, and that will give me a much stronger foundation. My cultivation will improve as well. Today’s luck is indeed good.”

A faint smile emerged on Jiang Chen’s face.

“But, I don’t think those people will give up so easily.”

Han Yan threw his glance at Mao Fang and his group.

“If they don’t provoke me, we’ll just continue our journey after we kill the Flood Dragon, but if they do provoke me… hmph!”

Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed. This Flood Dragon was his huge stroke of luck, there would only be one ending for those who tried to stop him.

When you were covered in lice, you wouldn’t feel itchy any longer; when you were up to your ears in debt, you would stop worrying. Jiang Chen had too many enemies, he had already offended the Myriad Sword Sect and the Shangguan Clan, that's why he didn’t mind offending another big sect.


The rumbling thunder grew louder and louder, and the dark clouds in the sky continued pus.h.i.+ng down. Followed by another explosive roar, a red lightning bolt as thick as a dragon’s body struck onto the giant serpent. The valiant lightning appeared similar to gigantic waves as it struck toward the giant serpent’s body.


The giant serpent let out a sharp blood-curdling screech. The formidable power was not the only terrifying part of the Heavenly Tribulation. What was even more shocking was the powerful Heavenly Pressure. Under the Heavenly Pressure, all existences would feel tiny, and their souls would tremble.

After the second lightning bolt descended, the giant serpent had become completely weakened. Its ma.s.sive body was floating around in the sky, many of its scales had been ripped away, and blood was dripping down.