Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 263 – Immortal Spirit Body

Chapter 263 – Immortal Spirit Body

Chapter 263 – Immortal Spirit Body


Thunderous sounds kept coming from both auras. Two bright beams shot right into the heavens above; they looked like two gigantic pillars that supported the heavens, and they dazzled the ones who were watching the battle.

All the men who were watching the fight had their eyes wide open as they stared into the heavens above. This was an unusual battle, there were no sparks caused by collisions between energies. This fight between auras was much riskier than a normal fight, because each of them had merged their mind, and even soul energy into the auras. It even carried their pride that came from the bottom of their hearts. Neither of them were willing to admit defeat. Once a man’s aura was completely surpa.s.sed, he would suffer a tremendous backlash, and the injury he suffered would be much greater than one that came from face to face collision.

Both men’s auras were like the most violent ocean waves; wave after wave, climbing higher and higher. Whenever Nanbei Chao’s aura climbed higher, Jiang Chen’s aura would follow. The battle between the two was reaching its climax.

“I can feel a supreme aura from Nanbei Chao’s body support him, it makes me feel that he doesn’t belong to a mortal realm. It’s impossible for a mortal cultivating the Imperious Ruler skill to have such a n.o.ble aura.”

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes. The n.o.bility in Nanbei Chao’s aura had surprised him. If he wasn’t the reincarnation of a Great Saint, the once most supreme existence that sat high above all with the aura of a true king, he might have been defeated by Nanbei Chao’s n.o.ble aura in an instant.

Compared to Jiang Chen’s surprise, the shock in Nanbei Chao had reached the absolute maximum level, “What is happening?!! I was born from the Immortal Spirit, and I have a real Immortal Spirit Body, which means I am not a mere mortal! My aura is the n.o.blest aura that can be found in this mortal realm, there is no way these mortals can compare with me! But it seems like this Jiang Chen was born a true king, his invisible supreme aura is even stronger than mine! My aura was born with me, and it comes from my source, but this Jiang Chen, not only does he have a n.o.ble aura, he’s also giving me the impression that he is a true king who was walked step by step to his throne that lays above all else!”

Nanbei Chao couldn’t imagine how the n.o.ble aura on a man could give him two different feelings, this caused him to feel really bad in his heart. He knew very well about his origin, as a man with an Immortal Spirit Body, he had an aura of n.o.bility that surpa.s.sed every single being in this realm. But now, he had a feeling that he was surpa.s.sed by Jiang Chen.

“Nanbei Chao, you lose!”

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen’s voice sounded out in Nanbei Chao’s ear. His voice was like a sudden clap of thunder that exploded into the skies. Only Nanbei Chao could hear him, because he used the Great Soul Derivation skill.

“Bulls.h.i.+t, I won’t be defeated by you! I am a born n.o.ble, what are you? You are merely an ant in front of me!”

Nanbei Chao let out a cold snort. He transmitted his message to Jiang Chen through his divine sense.

“Nanbei Chao, no matter how n.o.ble you are, you just can’t compare with me. I am the real king, and let me tell you what a real king is. A real king relies on 30% of his talent, and 70% of his relentless effort. You can at most be considered a genius, but in order to become a real supreme existence, you still have a long way to go. As for me, I long ago stood on top of this realm.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen suddenly shouted, “I am the true king!”

These five words were like sudden claps of thunders within the clear sky. It was so loud that even the air started vibrating. The powerful sound waves turned into ripples that swirled around in the air. When Jiang Chen shouted out these five words, the Great Soul Derivation skill had immediately shaken Nanbei Chao’s mind. At the same time, Jiang Chen had completely unleashed the aura that came from his source. Right at this moment, he felt like he had returned to the Saint Cliff a hundred years ago; the aura of a supreme Great Saint was completely unleashed.


The aura containing the Saint’s aura disappeared after just a split second, but it had caused all the people witnessing this scene to enter deep fantasy. Even if it only lasted for a very short amount of time, it had completely destroyed Nanbei Chao’s aura.

The golden light beam above Nanbei Chao’s head cracked in an instant, causing Nanbei Chao to suffer a tremendous backlash. He could only hear a constant buzzing sound in his head, and he couldn’t help but throw up a mouthful of blood.

Nanbei Chao had an Immortal Spirit Body, and he came from the Realm of Immortals, a real that sat high above all other realms. This was the reason why he was born with n.o.bility. But there was one thing he didn’t realize, this place was the Saint Origin realm, it was a completely independent realm, and it had its own system that was completely different from the Realm of Immortals.

Jiang Chen had reached the top of this realm a hundred years ago, he was the real king of this realm. There was a saying that a strong dragon would never try to pressure the local snake. No matter how n.o.ble Nanbei Chao’s origin was, he just couldn’t defeat Jiang Chen. When Jiang Chen unleashed his Saint’s aura for a split second, all of Nanbei Chao’s n.o.ble aura had been shattered into pieces.

“Look! Nanbei Chao was defeated! He is hurt, his aura was completely shattered by senior disciple Jiang!”

“Heavens! What did I just see?! The Early Divine Core Jiang Chen just defeated the Mid Divine Core Nanbei Chao! Just now, I actually fell into a huge illusion because of senior disciple Jiang, and in that moment, it was as if senior disciple Jiang was no longer a mortal, but a supreme Saint that sat high up above all!”

“Amongst all strong, there is always someone stronger; amongst all tall mountains, there is always one taller! Nanbei Chao believes himself to be the strongest, he thought he was the number one genius underneath the heavens, but he never thought an abnormal monster like senior disciple Jiang actually existed! Senior disciple Jiang defeated Nanbei Chao, he is real juvenile king!”


All the disciples immediately jumped up and started cheering. The ending was one they had thirsted for, and were hoping to witness with their own eyes. Although Nanbei Chao wasn’t severely injured, in a battle like this with Jiang Chen, being injured meant being defeated. Once his combat strength was weakened, he would soon be killed by Jiang Chen. No one doubted that.

“Impossible! This is impossible! How could my aura collapse?! Jiang Chen, you can never surpa.s.s me!”

Nanbei Chao was completely panicked. He felt like had had just suffered the biggest glow to his face. The situation caused him to feel like he was in a bad dream.

“Hmph! Your pride is nothing in front of me. Nanbei Chao, since you’re now injured, there is no way you can be my match, your hands are tied and you’re just waiting to be killed!”

Jiang Chen let out a cold snort. He took a step forwards, then he once again unleashed the True Dragon Palm toward Nanbei Chao. At this moment, the dragon shaped aura above his head was still there.

Right at this moment, Jiang Chen behaved in the mightiest way possible. It was as if was a G.o.d of war who had just descended from the heavens to kill all enemies.

“I will not lose!”

Nanbei Chao shouted, then he suddenly unleashed the Intelligent King Fist.


Too bad, the current Nanbei Chao was no longer fit to fight with Jiang Chen. The Intelligent King Fist couldn’t match the True Dragon Palm, and it was instantly destroyed. It knocked Nanbei Chao 350 meters back.

“Nanbei Chao, once the aura of a person has collapsed, there is no way he can make it rise again. I have cast a permanent shadow in your heart. I’ll kill you today and help you get rid of this shadow.”

Jiang Chen was extremely ruthless. He walked in midair, and in just a second, he arrived in front of Nanbei Chao. Once again, he unleashed the True Dragon Palm.

Bang… bang… bang…

In the sky above, the terrifying blood red dragon claw kept appearing. Each strike would knock Nanbei Chao hundreds of meters away. Jiang Chen was like the fiercest tiger as he relentlessly bombarded Nanbei Chao with a seemingly endless amount of attacks.

“So ferocious! Senior disciple Jiang is indeed the mightiest man!”

Everyone from the Black Sect and Valley of Happiness were incredibly excited. w.a.n.g Yun and the other disciples who had become Jiang Chen’s followers were even jumping on their feet. Everyone could tell that Nanbei Chao was done for.


On Guo Shan’s mountain, Yu Zihan was laughing out loudly. With one foot stepping on the seriously injured Fan Zhongtang’s face, he rudely said, “Old fool, do you see that?! How dare you offend Jiang Chen, this is the result of doing so! You really thought Nanbei Chao is the strongest man underneath the heavens? Do you see that? He was beaten by Jiang Chen like a dog who doesn’t even have the ability to fight back!”

Fan Zhongtang’s face became pale white; he knew he had lost, a complete defeat. He hated himself for not killing Jiang Chen while he was still weak, and allowed him to become their biggest threat.

Huo Yuner who stood far away had a faint smile on his face. He finally realized; choosing to become Jiang Chen’s enemy was a complete mistake! They were not men at the same level.


Whenever Nanbei Chao was dealt a heavy blow by Jiang Chen, he would throw up a mouthful of blood. Both his eyes turned red, and his heart was suffering from a huge grievance that couldn’t be released. He had the same feeling as Fan Zhongtang, he was regretting not killing Jiang Chen with a slap during the Qi Province compet.i.tion.

“Nanbei Chao, this is the end! Nine Phantom Wolves!”

With an imposing aura, Jiang Chen’s body swayed, and nine identical Jiang Chens appeared at the same time, surrounding Nanbei Chao. If he was still in his top condition, Nanbei Chao would surely be able to find out which one the real Jiang Chen was. But now, his mind was completely messed up.


A razor sharp longsword appeared in Jiang Chen’s hand. Nine Jiang Chen raised their longsword high up into the air at the same time, then they all slashed toward Nanbei Chao in a formidable manner.

Nanbei Chao’s still responded pretty quickly. He had finally found out which one the real Jiang Chen was, but he had run out of time to fight back. What he could do was move his body and try his best to dodge Jiang Chen’s longsword.


It was too late, blood was already splas.h.i.+ng around. Jiang Chen had sliced off one of Nanbei Chao’s arms.

“Jiang Chen, I’ll never forget today’s events!”

Nanbei Chao furiously roared out. After that, he turned around and began crazily fleeing.

“Still trying to run away?”

Jiang Chen wouldn’t let Nanbei Chao go easily. The True Dragon Palm turned into a huge blood red cage as it fell down from the sky above, completely imprisoning Nanbei Chao. Followed by a cracking sound, Nanbei Chao’s other arm had been completely crushed.


Nanbei Chao let out a miserable shriek. Then, an invisible light shot out from Nanbei Chao’s body, and completely covered his seriously injured body. With help of this light, Nanbei Chao turned into a silver white beam and slipped out from the gap between the True Dragon Palm, instantly disappearing from everyone’s sight.

“What was that light?”

Jiang Chen was stunned. The silver white light just now gave him a familiar feeling. Jiang Chen’s expression change soon after.

“When I cut open the gate to the Immortal Realm a hundred years ago, I saw an immortal light dash out from the Realm of Immortals right before I died. The light just now had the same aura as that immortal light! Nanbei Chao isn’t mortal, he was born from that immortal light!”

Jiang Chen’s face darkened. He had always wondered where Nanbei Chao’s aura came from, and now he finally understood.