Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 262 – Who is the Juvenile King?

Chapter 262 – Who is the Juvenile King?

Chapter 262 – Who is the Juvenile King?

Waves of energies swept across the sky. Everyone were holding their breath, because they knew Jiang Chen and Nanbei Chao were going to have an all-out battle. The upcoming battle was going to be more intense and violent than anything they had seen before.

This was a fight that arrived ahead of schedule, a battle of life and death. Both men would try their best to kill their opponent, because they knew, the man standing opposite of them were the biggest rival of their lifetime. If they didn’t get rid of each other, their future troubles would be grand.

“Intelligent King Fist!”

Nanbei Chao’s golden hair was violently fluttering. The loud shout that came from his mouth shook the skies, and dispersed the dark clouds hovering above him. Bright lights were projected from his fist, and it carried a sense of intelligence. In a most formidable way, he unleashed the attack.


An explosion as loud as a clap of thunder sounded out throughout the entire scene. A gigantic fist big as a huge mountain appeared. Together with a lifelike feeling and extreme speed; it crashed towards Jiang Chen.

“So strong!”

Granny Feng exclaimed with mixed emotions.

“What an incredible fist skill from Nanbei Chao! The Intelligent King Fist, you can sense intelligence from the fist unleashed by him! Once it locks down on a target, the target won’t have any chance to escape, because no matter where you go, the fist will follow you. This is why it’s named the Intelligent King Fist. This fist contains Nanbei Chao’s full strength, Jiang Chen will have to face it up front.”

Daoist Black’s eyes were flickering. The fist skill used by Nanbei Chao was really rare, and extremely terrifying. Most attacks allowed the opponent to dodge if he was quick enough, but the Intelligent King Fist had its own intelligence. No matter how much one tried to dodge it, one would still have to bear its full power in the end.

“What an extraordinary skill. Since you’ve attacked me with such a powerful skill, I’ll destroy it with an even more powerful skill.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were clear, no signs of fear could be found on his face. He didn’t even have any intention to dodge the Intelligent King Fist unleashed by Nanbei Chao.

“Six Profound Solar Fingers!”

Bright golden lights emerged on Jiang Chen’s fingertips. He pointed his fingers forwards, and in an instant, six huge fingers resembling six gigantic pillars appeared.

The Six Profound Solar Fingers came from the Nine Profound Solar Fingers, which was the strongest combat skill derived from the Nine Celestial Solar Energies. No ordinary combat skills could compare with its strength. Now, Jiang Chen had mastered the Six Profound Solar Fingers, and he was able to unleash it with an amazingly formidable force that was no weaker than Nanbei Chao’s Intelligent King Fist. If Jiang Chen was a Mid Divine Core warriors like Nanbei Chao, perhaps Nanbei Chao wouldn’t even be his match, and the Intelligent King Fist would be shattered by the Six Profound Solar Fingers in an instant.

Six huge fingers merged into a single gigantic finger, and crashed into the Intelligent King Fist like a gigantic mountain.


Both sky and earth was shaking. The energy ripples produced by the ma.s.sive collision had messed up the entire void. The ground underneath them was trembling, and ever far away from the battle, many people could feel their minds shaking. Some weaker warriors nearly lost their minds, and had a very difficult time breathing.

“So powerful! Are these two men still humans?”

“We are all similar age, but why is the gap between us so huge? If I could have 10% of senior disciple Jiang’s ability, my dream would come true!”

“Then just keep dreaming! Compared to senior disciple Jiang, we are a disgrace to the word genius. It only took him half a year to break through from the Early Mortal Core realm to the Early Divine Core realm, and now he can even fight with Nanbei Chao who is a Mid Divine Core warriors. There are none underneath the heavens who can compare to his incredible talent.”


Everyone were immersed in deep shock. In the hearts of all disciples and elders from both the Black Sect and the Valley of Happiness, Jiang Chen’s image kept growing taller. He had become the idol of all younger generation disciples, especially those young and pretty disciples from the Valley of Happiness. All of them stared at Jiang Chen like nymphos, and flames nearly shot out from their eyes.

“He is so handsome, I’m willing to give everything to Jiang Chen, including my body!”

One of the female disciples from the Valley of Happiness showed of her nympho side.

“Wake up little sister. Although you have a pretty face, senior disciple Jiang will never like you. Why don’t you just give everything to me? Of course, that includes your body! I promise I’ll be gentle!”

A disciple from the Black Sect teased.

“Get lost!”

The female disciple glared at the guy who spoke to her. After that, she turned around and continue looking at Jiang Chen.

“Triple Intelligent Fists!”

Like a mighty emperor, Nanbei Chao punched out another three times at the same time. Three gigantic fists appeared in midair and flew toward Jiang Chen in a seemingly unavoidable manner. The Triple Intelligent Fists was the most advanced version of the Intelligent King Fist, and it allowed Nanbei Chao to unleash three fists at the same time, each of them identical, which meant that the power behind this attack had increased tremendously.

“Hmph! Firethorn Combat Armor!”

Jiang Chen let out a cold snort. In the next second, a golden armor appeared and covered his entire body. Countless sharp thorns could be seen on the armor, and with Jiang Chen’s control, numerous golden beams that hid the sky and covered the earth shot out from these thorns like sharp swords, and pierced towards the three fists.

“True Dragon Palm!”

At the same time, Jiang Chen unleashed his True Dragon Palm. With the combination of the Firethorn Combat Armor and the True Dragon Palm, Jiang Chen leaped forwards, throwing himself directly into the three incoming Intelligent King Fists.


The True Dragon Palm slapped right onto one of the fists, crus.h.i.+ng it in an instant. Jiang Chen responded extremely quickly to this. Without any hesitation, he unleashed another True Dragon Palm and crushed the second fist. As for the last fist, Jiang Chen’s method to deal with it was even more brutal, it completely stunned every single person at the scene.

Under the shocked gazes from the surrounding people, with the protection of the Firethorn Combat Armor, Jiang Chen crashed into the last fist with his own body.


Right as the last fist collided with Jiang Chen’s body, his body suddenly became the only source of light at the scene. Beams of golden lights were unleashed from his body, and were weaved into a gigantic net. Then, all the golden lights transformed into seemingly indestructible swords, and pierced into the last Intelligent King Fist. After that, with his own terrifying body strength, Jiang Chen rammed into the fist himself.


The air violently trembled because of the tremendous force. The defense of the Firethorn Combat Armor was incredible armor. It was an armor that combined both attack and defense. Jiang Chen suffered no injuries after shattering the Intelligent King Fist. With a thought in his mind, he retracted the Firethorn Combat Armor. He stood hovering above in this sky with a grim face.

“Nanbei Chao, if that was your strongest attack… Really disappointing.”

Jiang Chen pointed his finger at Nanbei Chao, showing his ultimate domineering att.i.tude. He was like a real king overlooking all mortals.

Nanbei Chao was a man who was extremely proud of himself, there was no way he could bear the look of despise from Jiang Chen. In his mind, only he could despise others. He never allowed anyone to look down on him, it was an insult to him.

“Looks like in term of combat strength, it’s very difficult for us to decide who the final winner is.”

Nanbei Chao said in a cold tone.

“Nanbei Chao, in front of me, what do you have that can make you feel proud? Don’t forget the gap between our cultivation levels, I am only at the Early Divine Core realm, but you’re at the middle stage. Having a draw in a fight when you’re one stage higher than me, haha; it is ironic how you can still be so arrogant; you’re just a shameless man! If my cultivation level was the same as yours, I would be able to kill you with just one finger; just like killing an ant, am I right?”

Jiang Chen’s words were like sharp blades poking into Nanbei Chao’s heart. This was a speech he couldn’t take at all. He was a great warrior, an existence destined to be a ruler. But now, he was being looked down upon by someone else. This feeling was even worse than swallowing a fly. Now, he was really regretting not killing Jiang Chen back in Whirling Sun City. His decision had brought him today’s disaster.

“Jiang Chen, I’ll kill you today.”

It seemed like flames were going to burst out from Nanbei Chao’s eyes.

“Kill me? With what? Those weak skills you have?”

Jiang Chen kept mocking Nanbei Chao. This was a psychological attack; he was attacking Nanbei Chao’s weakness. The mocking words were Nanbei Chao’s biggest weakness.

No one could compare with Jiang Chen’s fighting experience and the ability to judge his opponent during a fight. He knew that with his current combat strength, even if he attacked with all his strength, he could at most have a balanced fight with Nanbei Chao; there was no way he could kill him at all. Therefore, Jiang Chen decided to target Nanbei Chao’s mind, then he would use other skills to attack him, such as the Great Illusion Realm.

“Jiang Chen, I’m sure you know this, there is no way we can find a winner even if we fight for ten days. I, Nanbei Chao am cultivating the Imperious Ruler skill, and I have the innate body of a ruler. A ruler sits high above all, so I’ll use the aura of a ruler to defeat you.”

Nanbei Chao shook his body. With that, a mighty aura turned into a bright beam that shot into the sky. This aura carried the strong will of a ruler, causing those who sensed it to feel like wors.h.i.+pping him.

“Hmph! You think you can become a ruler just by cultivating some mysterious skill? What a joke! I’ll let you know what a true king is like!”

Jiang Chen let out a cold snort, then an equally powerful aura was unleashed from his body as well. Two auras were soaring through the heavens, trying their best to surpa.s.s each other.

Nanbei Chao’s aura was golden, and on the opposite side, Jiang Chen’s aura was blood red, and there were shadows of dragons within.

Nanbei Chao did indeed possess the innate body of a ruler, but Jiang Chen as the once greatest Saint underneath the heavens, he was actually a true king who sat high above all else, looking down on all mortals without anyone daring to disobey him.

“Imperious Ruler skill, merge with my aura!”

With a ferocious look in his eyes, Nanbei Chao was crazily circulating his Imperious Ruler skill. All his focus was on merging with the aura. It caused the aura to look like it had its own life as it soared through the heavens.

Jiang Chen wore a cruel expression on the other side. He was circulating the Great Soul Derivation skill, merging it into his blood red king’s aura.

“What powerful auras! Both auras carry intense pressure, as if two supreme kings are standing right there! It’s even causing my soul to tremble!”

“Nanbei Chao is cultivating the Imperious Ruler skill, causing his entire body to be filled with the aura of an emperor! As for senior disciple Jiang, it feels like he is a natural king, giving me an impressing that his aura of a supreme being is actually coming from deep inside his body!”

“Nanbei Chao’s aura carries a feeling of n.o.bility, but senior disciple Jiang’s king’s aura feels like a king’s innate aura. But at the same time, it also feels like he is someone who has walked step by step and finally reached the throne above all! Both of them are really terrifying!”

“This is a fight between auras! Let’s see who the real juvenile king is!”