Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 255 – Opening

Chapter 255 – Opening

Chapter 255 – Opening

The faces of everyone from the Black Sect and Valley of Happiness turned cold. The Black Formation was their final weapon, and it was prepared to be used at the final moment of the war. But now, Daoist Black had just instructed them to activate it at the beginning of the war. This told them how critical the situation was. The fighting hadn’t even begun yet, how were they going to win?

Granny Feng had a solemn expression as well. She knew why Daoist Black wanted to activate the Black Formation; Nanbei Chao was too strong! It could easily be seen how strong he was from how he knocked Daoist Black away just now. Perhaps even with the combined strength of her and Daoist Black, they will wouldn’t be a match for this abnormal monster. Furthermore, Zhao Chongyang and Duan Jianhong, two powerful warriors would join the fight as well. There was simply no way they could win this war. If war really erupted, it would end just like Nanbei Chao had described it would. Rivers of blood would flow through the land, and they would suffer devastating losses.

Therefore, Daoist Black decided to activate the Black Formation in order to defend themselves. It could help reduce the Black Sect and Valley of Happiness’s losses, and they could also use it to fight back against Nanbei Chao.

Right after Daoist Black finished speaking, all the men began working. All Divine Core warriors from the Black Sect and Valley of Happiness changed their positions, and stood in prearranged spots. After that, they took out golden talismans and held it in their hands.

All of them injected their Yuan energy into the talisman, causing them to instantly shatter. The shattered talismans transformed into golden beams, then they shot up into the sky. These golden beams connected with each other, and waved into a gigantic net. With Daoist Black and Granny Feng as the core, the Black Formation had been activated.

At the same time, all the Heavenly Core disciples hovered underneath the formation. With solemn expressions, the unleashed their Yuan energy and injected it into the formation. With this, the power of the formation would receive a great boost, a tremendous force that combined all the Heavenly Core disciples.

A formation like this was actually quite similar to the Green Sanctuary Sect’s Gargantuan Formation. They were both formations that helped guard the sect, but after being strengthened by Daoist Black and Granny Feng, its power had become even greater.

The Gargantuan Formation could only channel everyone’s energies to a single person, but the Black Formation could actually move the energy anywhere, and focus all the energy to a single spot. This meant that the force of the formation was everywhere. Wherever the enemies attacked, the force would move to that spot.

This formation was created with the help of the underground energy vein, it was the perfect formation to guard a sect.

“Attack now, don’t let them fully activate the formation!”

Zhao Chongyang shouted out loudly.

“We don’t have to. Just let them activate the formation.”

Nanbei Chao laughed grimly, “If they don’t activate the formation, they might still have some strength to fight back. But if they activate it, they will lose all their strength.”

“Young master Nanbei, what do you mean by that?”

Duan Jianhong looked at Nanbei Chao, puzzled.

“If the formation is broken by us, all those Divine Core warriors will suffer the formation’s backlash, especially Daoist Black and Granny Feng who are the core of the formation. At that time, killing them will just be a piece of cake.”

Nanbei Chao said, full of confidence.

“Nanbei, this Black Formation obviously has been modified and improved by Daoist Black and Granny Feng. I don’t think it can be easily broken.”

Zhao Chongyang said.

“Breaking it without actually attack it is better. But, I still want to try and attack it myself, to test its strength. All of you just stand back, don’t do anything; let me check out this formation.”

Nanbei Chao took a step forward. When his feet stamped in the air, the air violently trembled and produced a deep explosive sound, causing the hearts of those who heard it to tremble.

So powerful, frightening mightiness! No one could imagine a young Mid Divine Core warrior with such terrifying combat strength. Furthermore, ever single move Nanbei Chao made portrayed the supreme aura of an emperor.

“Hmph! In front of me, no matter what kind of tricks you use, there will only be one consequence.”

Nanbei Chao’s voice shook the entire scene. Standing high, he forcefully struck out with his palm, unleas.h.i.+ng a bright golden palm which pushed down like a huge golden mountain. Nanbei Chao actually targeted the core of the Black Formation, where Daoist Black and Granny Feng stood.

“Stop him!”

A bright liked leaked out from Daoist Black’s eyes. Together with Granny Feng, both of them unleashed their palms at the same time. This attack had merged with the force of the formation. A bright beam was unleashed, and it shot toward Nanbei Chao.


Nanbei Chao let out a loud shout. The golden palm became even brighter, and under the eyes of everyone at the scene, it crashed into the bright beam in the most brutal manner.


The sky above the Black Sect was violently shaking. If not for the fact that the formation held off most of the energy, this attack alone would have already shattered a mountain.

Nanbei Chao’s attack was simply too terrifying, the entire formation was violently vibrating. But luckily, the formation had merged with the ma.s.sive energy of so many warriors, that’s why even though Nanbei Chao was incredibly powerful, there was no way he could break it with just a single attack.

Bang! Bang! Bang! …

Nanbei Chao was domineering, he kept unleas.h.i.+ng attacks, palm after palm, causing the Black Formation to constantly shake.

“Haha, trying to fight me? The only consequence of doing that is death!”

Nanbei Chao’s grandeur seemed to reach the heavens. His mightiness was beyond anyone’s imagination. On the other side, Daoist Black and Granny Feng’s faces were getting darker and darker. As a result of constant attacks from Nanbei Chao, their auras had become messy.

The faces of all the Divine Core warriors became pale and awful. Nanbei Chao’s mightiness had gone beyond their imagination, it had completely defied their common sense. How could a Mid Divine Core warrior be so strong? If they hadn’t witnessed it themselves, they wouldn’t have believed it at all.

“Hold tight and stabilize the formation!”

Daoist Black shouted out loudly. Now, the Black Formation was their only hope, only with this formation could they defend themselves from Nanbei Chao’s attack. If the formation was broken, it basically meant total annihilation for the Black Sect and Valley of Happiness, it would signify the end of the Qi Province’s current structure, as well as the arrival of a new structure. And, rivers of blood would flow through the Black Mountain Range.

“Nanbei Chao! Nanbei Chao! Nanbei Chao! …”

The spirits of those in the Burning Sky Pavilion had skyrocketed. Influenced by Nanbei Chao, all the disciple from the Burning Sky Pavilion behaved like they had just been injected with some stimulant. They were yelling and screaming like crazy.

Zhao Chongyang who stood back was laughing like a blooming flower. He could see the ending of today’s war in his mind right now. After today, the entire Qi Province would belong to the Burning Sky Pavilion. Also, Nanbei Chao’s mightiness had exceeded his imagination.

On the opposite side, the spirit of the Black Sect and Valley of Happiness had sunk to the bottom. All those Divine Core warriors who were supporting the formations had pale faces as well. The formidable Nanbei Chao had cast an eternal black cloud above their hearts.

Somewhere within the Black Formation, Guo Shan had raised both hands and was supporting the formation. He couldn’t help but look far into the distance. With a bitter smile on his face, he murmured, “Brother, it will be too late if you don’t come back soon…”

At this crucial moment, not only Guo Shan, many people were also thinking about the man who had a one-year fight agreement with Nanbei Chao. It was the only young genius in the Qi Province who could stand up to Nanbei Chao. But, it was rather disappointing that when the Black Sect had reached a point where its very existence was at stake, the man was nowhere to be seen.

There was another old man who stood next to Guo Shan. This old man had a different expression from all the others. There was no worry or hopelessness in his eyes, only excitement. This old man was none other than Fan Zhongtang.

Daoist Black has given Fan Zhongtang too much trust. He trusted him so much than he even let him have control of large area of the formation. Daoist Black never thought of the possibility that he might betray the Black Sect.

The Black Formation was an intact formation, and no accidents should happen at any part of it. Once an accident happened, the formation would break even without anyone attacking it, and all those who supported the formation would suffer a tremendous backlash. The consequences were devastating.


Nanbei Chao was laughing out wildly. With a vigorous spirit, he kept unleas.h.i.+ng powerful attacks.

At the same time, something finally happened back in Inferno h.e.l.l.


A loud explosive sound could be heard from a hundred miles away. The sound awakened all crowds who had been keeping quiet, and caused them to go wild.

“The doorway to the outside world is going to open up. It’s in that direction. Hurry up; we only have ten minutes.”

Xuan Ye reminded.

“Let’s go.”

A look of excitement could be seen in Jiang Chen’s eyes. His group became the first ones to fly toward the portal. With their cultivation levels, travelling a hundred miles could be done very quickly.

At this moment, a pitch black hole appeared in the skies a hundred miles away. Explosive sounds seemed to come out from the hole without end. The pitch black hole was the doorway to the outside world.

“Let’s go!”

With a leap, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow became the first ones to enter the hole. After that, the rest of the people followed them and jumped into the hole, including Huo Yuner. Huo Yuner wasn’t far away from Jiang Chen, but he didn’t go up to him to talk. In just seven days after he had fought Jiang Chen, Huo Yuner’s wounds had almost fully recovered.


Buzzing sounds could be heard in front of them. After that, bright portals appeared. Each of them shone in different colors, and behind each portal there was a tunnel.

“Brother, all these tunnels lead to the different provinces in the Eastern Continent, you guys go first.”

Wu Jiu said.

Jiang Chen threw his glance at one of the portals with a rather faded color; he could sense the Qi Province’s aura from it. Then, he turned around and cupped his fist toward Wu Jiu and Xuan Ye, “Brother Jiu, Brother Xuan, we’ll meet again some other day.”

After finis.h.i.+ng his words, Jiang Chen and his group entered the portal at the same time. Not long after they entered the portal, Huo Yuner also walked into the same portal. He chose not to return to the Green Sanctuary Sect, he instead decided to follow Jiang Chen to the Qi Province.

After that, the rest of the men chose different portals and disappeared from the place. In just a short moment, there were only two men left; Wu Jiu and Xuan Ye.

“Lord Jiu, why wouldn’t you let me invite Brother Jiang to join the Martial Palace? With Brother Jiang’s talent, I’m sure he will become one of the Martial Saint Dynasty’s supporting pills in the future. We should put more effort into cultivating him.”

Finally, Xuan Ye could let out the words he had kept bottled up for a long time. This was something that had confused him.

“He is a true dragon, I don’t want to become his s.h.i.+eld; I want him to walk the road to the top by himself. I do believe, even without our invitation, with his extraordinary talent; he will be able to fight his way into the Martial Palace.”

Wu Jiu indifferently said.

“Now I understand, Lord Jiu wishes for Brother Jiang to temper him. But, he has offended too many powers and men this time, so without the Martial Palace’s protection, I’m afraid he is going to have a hard time.”

Xuan Ye was still worried.

“Don’t underestimate him. Let’s go, the time for us to return has come, it’s been ten years.”

Wu Jiu threw his glance at the portal right in the center. It was the portal that led straight to the Martial Saint Dynasty.