Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 254 – The Mighty Nanbei Chao

Chapter 254 – The Mighty Nanbei Chao

Chapter 254 – The Mighty Nanbei Chao

The doorway to the outside world was not yet open. Everyone were anxiously waiting for the moment where it opened. Jiang Chen and his group stood in an empty field outside Inferno City. The crowds and groups were keeping their distance form this group; it was a group of terror. No one from the crowds had the qualifications to compare with the Combat Soul warrior. As for Jiang Chen, he had become a lord of terror in their hearts.

Jiang Chen’s legend would certainly be told for generations to come within Inferno h.e.l.l. Not only this, when the doorway to the outside world was opened up, and all these people returned to where they came from, what happened in Inferno h.e.l.l would be known by the world. At the point, Jiang Chen’s name would spread across all the provinces in the Eastern Continent.

“Brother Tian, when we return to the outside world, are you going back to the Qi Province, or the Jian Province?”

Jiang Chen asked Tian Yishan with a smile on his face.

“I’ve been away from the Black Sect for nearly two years, it’s time for me to go back and have a look. Besides, if I return to the Jian Province now, I’m afraid I won’t be able to find any safe places to stay.”

Tian Yishan replied.

“That’s right. What happened in Inferno h.e.l.l will definitely spread. Chief Jiang, not only did you kill Yang Shuo from the Myriad Sword Sect, you even killed Shangguan Wei from the Shangguan Clan. These two are the Jian Province’s super powers, and they’re not going to let go off this matter easily. Our relations.h.i.+p with Chief Jiang will be known be them, so returning to the Jian Province is just the same as seeking death.”

Yang Meng said.

“I’ll go where Chief Jiang goes. My life was saved by Chief Jiang, and from now on, no matter what Chief Jiang asks me to do, I, w.a.n.g Heng will definitely not say no!”

w.a.n.g Heng said while patting his chest. He had completely thrown himself at Jiang Chen’s feet with great admiration.

“Alright, if that’s the case, we’ll return to the Qi Province together.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Brother Jiang, you’ve killed too many people in Inferno h.e.l.l this time. Most of the men you’ve killed came from all sorts of big powers in different provinces. Once word about what happened here is known by them, I’m afraid they will all want to kill you. Let’s put side the powers outside the Jian Province; just the Myriad Sword Sect and the Shangguan Clan alone are really difficult to handle. Therefore, when you’re out there, you must be extra cautious.”

Xuan Ye reminded. It seemed like he still had something else to say, when he saw Wu Jiu looking at him, he just held back what he was going to say to Jiang Chen, for the second time.

“Haha, I, Jiang Chen have never feared any powerful enemies, I’m just scared I won’t be able to face any strong enemies. No matter who it is, the Myriad Sword Sect or the Shangguan Clan, they better not come mess with me.”

Jiang Chen burst into laughter. There were no signs of worry on his face. For every single man who eventually reached the top, there would be a path filled with enemies. Jiang Chen was given the opportunity to live a new life, and he was going to walk a path toward the top once again. Therefore, all the enemies he met along the way would just be stepping stone.

“That’s the spirit!”

Wu Jiu gave Jiang Chen a thumbs up and praised. Then he asked, “Brother, why haven’t you asked about my background, or for my help?”

“If you want to tell me, I wouldn’t need to ask. But if you don’t want to tell me, there is no point in me asking, isn’t that so? Furthermore, you’ve already helped me plenty with killing the Earth Devil, and I want to walk my own path by myself.”

Jiang Chen shrugged.

“Haha, good brother!”

Wu Jiu patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder. This young man in front of him not only had excellent talent, overbearing combat strength, and extraordinary courage; he was also a man with wisdom, a very intelligent man. A man like this would definitely achieve greatness in the future. Wu Jiu could imagine; the Eastern Continent wouldn’t be the last stop for a peerless genius like Jiang Chen.


Dong! Dong! Dong! …

Within the Qi Province’s Black Sect, the beating of the war drum sounded out across the entire Black Sect, and echoed far into the distance like a violent thunderstorm.

Right at this moment, all the Heavenly Core disciples and Sect Elders were hovering in the sky above the Black Sect. This was a small army of people from the Valley of Happiness and the Black Sect. Just the sheer force the group unleashed caused the ground to shake.

On the front, Daoist Black and Granny Feng were standing side by side. All Divine Core warriors stood behind them. With determination in their eyes, they stared at the ma.s.sive force standing opposite of them.

On the opposite side, the same imposing aura could be felt from the ma.s.sive amount of enemies. The opposite camp was no weaker than the combined forces of the Black Sect and the Valley of Happiness. On the front of the opposite camp, three men stood side by side. The man standing in the middle wore a golden robe, and his golden hair was dancing in the breeze. An incomparable domineering look could be seen on his face. The man seemed pretty young, but with every movement he made, he portrayed the aura of an emperor, causing those who faced him to feel like surrendering.

The golden haired young man was none other than Nanbei Chao. As for the men who stood next to him, both of them had powerful auras that was no weaker than Daoist Black’s and Granny Feng’s. These two men were the chiefs of the Burning Sky Pavilion and the Heavenly Sword Sect, Zhao Chongyang and Duan Jianhong.

Both of them were the strongest men in the Qi Province, but right now, they just stood next to Nanbei Chao.

“Nanbei Chao, Zhao Chongyang, I know you want to exterminate the Black Sect and the Valley of Happiness, but this is not going to be an easy task, you’ll have to pay a heavy price if you want to break the current structure of the Qi Province! Let me tell you this; today, the Black Sect and the Valley of Happiness will fight till the last drop of our blood!”

Daoist Black’s voice was as loud as roaring thunder. His determination reached each and every single person at the scene.

“A major change to the structure signifies a turning point in history. With every big change like this, blood will be shed. I, Nanbei Chao don’t care how many people will die because of this, I’m only concerned about whether or not the outcome is what I want.”

Nanbei Chao stood firmly with both hands behind his back. His speech about taking peoples’ lives so lightly sent chills down the people’s spines. He was an ultimate ruthless man, and for him, mortals were just tiny ants.

“Hmph! Nanbei Chao, it’s not that easy to change the structure of the history, you are just a junior at the Mid Divine Core realm, and no matter how much of a genius you are, you’re simply thinking too highly of yourself.”

Granny Feng let out a cold snort.

“My approaches are not something you can imagine. Daoist Black, Granny Feng, I’ve given you a chance, and you didn’t know how to cherish it; it’s you who chose to be eliminated. Today, the warriors from the Burning Sky Pavilion are here to destroy everything and level the Black Mountain Range. A river of blood shall flow through this land, and there is nothing you can do to stop this from happening.”

Nanbei Chao said in a cruel and arrogant manner.

“Haha, that’s right! Daoist Black, Granny Feng, you guys really shouldn’t resist any longer, your dying struggle won’t help you.”

Duan Jianhong burst into laughter.


Granny Feng threw her gaze at Duan Jianhong, she couldn’t stop herself from cursing, “Dan Jianhong, you are the Sect Chief of the Heavenly Sword Sect, one of the strongest men in the Qi Province, how you could be so cowardly and surrender to someone so easily? You’re really disgusting!”

“Granny Feng, save your breath. All I did was follow the flow. Right now, the Qi Province’s structure is destined for a major change, and only those who can adapt will survive!”

Duan Jianhong wasn’t provoked by what Granny Feng said, he didn’t even feel slightly embarra.s.sed about his decision to surrender to the Burning Sky Pavilion.

“Nanbei Chao, do you really believe that Duan Jianhong was sincere when he surrendered? He is a cunning man, he just wants to be the man who profits from the way between us. Throw away your wishful thoughts of him helping you with everything he got. If Duan Jianhong doesn’t attack us with all his strength, don’t you think it’s a very childish idea to try and exterminate two big sects at the same time?”

Granny Feng gazed at Nanbei Chao with a grin. All of them knew what Duan Jianhong’s plan was.

“Cut the bulls.h.i.+t! Since we’ve come to this stage, there is nothing more to be said. Let the war begin!”

Zhao Chongyang unleashed his mighty force. His desire to fight was extremely powerful.

“Hmph! Nanbei Chao, let me see what you got! Take this attack!”

Daoist Black’s killing intent was ma.s.sive. With a sway of his body, he leapt forward and struck out with his palm, unleas.h.i.+ng a tsunami-like energy wave that crashed toward Nanbei Chao. He wanted to personally see how strong Nanbei Chao was, and if Nanbei Chao wasn’t his match, then there was no way that Zhao Chongyang and Duan Jianhong, who wasn’t sincerely helping the Burning Sky Pavilion, could defeat the combed forces of the Black Sect and the Valley of Happiness.

“Daoist Black, you’ll fight with me!”

Zhao Chongyang also unleashed his force. Just as he was about to strike, Nanbei Chao stopped him.


Nanbei Chao let out a cold snort, then he took a step forward and gently waved his palm forwards. Although the strike seemed soft and gentle, it actually carried an incredible force. A s.h.i.+ny golden palm appeared, and it shot toward Daoist Black in a formidable manner.


The intense collision produced a huge amount of sparks in midair. Daoist Black’s attack had been shattered by Nanbei Chao. The tremendous backlash from his attack being shattered knocked Daoist Black away, and he could only stabilize his body after traveling a small distance.

“So strong!”

Daoist Black’s expression changed dramatically. He was a peak Divine Core warrior, but he was no match for Nanbei Chao. The mightiness of Nanbei Chao was not something he could handle.

“I told you, my strength is not something you could ever imagine.”

The pride on Nanbei Chao’s face was getting stronger.

“Oh heavens! How can this Nanbei Chao be so strong? Even Sect Chief isn’t his match, how are we going to win this war?”

“That’s right! We are going to have a hard time with just Nanbei Chao alone, and there is also Zhao Chongyang and Duan Jianhong!”

At this point of time, all disciples from the Black Sect and Valley of Happiness felt their hope going down. Their desire to fight had gone down by half, and although they had more warriors compared to their enemies, in terms of strongest warriors, they were no match for their enemies.

“Nanbei Chao really is a peerless genius, he actually has the combat strength to defeat all Divine Core warriors with just his Mid Divine Core strength. Even the two of us are no match for him… looks like we’re in extreme danger today.”

Granny Feng furrowed her brows. She and Daoist Black had expected Nanbei Chao to be mighty, but his actual strength was far behind their expectations. Initially, they thought Nanbei Chao’s would be similar to their. However, the reality was that Daoist Black had been knocked back by just a single blow from him.

Duan Jianhong who stood next to Nanbei Chao had an uneasy expression right now. Obviously, he too had underestimated Nanbei Chao. He didn’t expect Nanbei Chao to be so strong; this was not something he wanted to see.

“Haha, way to go, mighty senior disciple Nanbei! You guys from the Black Sect and Valley of Happiness, just give up your worthless struggle!”

“Just surrender now! Just senior disciple Nanbei alone is enough to kill all of you!”

“Senior disciple Nanbei is the mightiest man, there is no way you can resist his attacks!”

When the disciple from the Burning Sky Pavilion witnessed Nanbei Chao knock back one of the strongest men in the Qi Province, Daoist Black with just a single strike, all of them began cheering. Their spirits had been raised by Nanbei Chao’s mightiness.

“Activate the Black Formation.”

With a solemn expression, Daoist Black shouted out loudly.