Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 252 – Rather Die Fighting

Chapter 252 – Rather Die Fighting

Chapter 252 – Rather Die Fighting

Sensing the ma.s.sive energy contained within the devil soul, a relieved expression finally emerged on Jiang Chen’s face.

“I have gone through a lot in order to get you. Brother Yan, wait for my return, your life will be saved.”

Jiang Chen had a big smile on his face. He could imagine Han Yan once again standing in front of him, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy. He had finally accomplished his goal. Han Yan was his first brother after he had reincarnated, Han Yan’s friends.h.i.+p had touched him. His brave action of protecting Yan Chenyu in a time of dangers, the willingness to sacrifice his own life for his brother’s sake; how many people could do that?

“Brother Jiang, you have become one of Inferno h.e.l.l’s legends this time by accomplis.h.i.+ng something that no one has ever done. Not only have you robbed every single warrior in Inferno City, you even killed the horrifying Earth Devil.”

Xuan Ye said with a smile. Jiang Chen’s accomplishment would definitely be recorded in Inferno h.e.l.l’s history, he would become an existence that everyone would know about for time to come. Also, after what Jiang Chen had done in Inferno City, people getting robbed within Inferno City would definitely happen more frequently, and a major heist might happen as well. This also indicated that Inferno h.e.l.l would become even more chaotic in the future.

“Let’s go, it’s time to return to Inferno City. We’ll wait there for the opening of the doorway to the outside world.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. After having obtained the Earth Devil’s devil soul, the heavy burden in his heart had finally been lifted, and he had nothing else to do in Inferno h.e.l.l. Besides this, Jiang Chen had obtained a lot of benefits in his trip to Inferno h.e.l.l. Not only had he broken through to the Divine Core realm, he also possessed a ma.s.sive amount of wealth that was beyond anyone’s imagination. With his current wealth, he could easily establish a big sect in the Qi Province.

In addition, Jiang Chen had another important element for establis.h.i.+ng a big sect. He possessed an energy vein in Redsun Town. However, Jiang Chen currently had no intentions of establis.h.i.+ng his own sect.


Wu Jiu and Xuan Ye nodded their heads. Both of them had mixed emotions about leaving Inferno h.e.l.l. However, there was no doubt they felt excited. One of them had been trapped in the Poisonous Miasma s.p.a.ce for ten years, and had almost died in there. The other one had been staying in the harsh environment of Inferno h.e.l.l for seven years. For the two of them, Inferno h.e.l.l was like a gigantic jail, and their desire to leave this s.h.i.+thole was much stronger than that of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

Also, Wu Jiu had only recovered to the peak Divine Core realm, and he still had a long way to go in order to return to his peak. Once he left Inferno h.e.l.l, the first thing he would do was focus on restoring his cultivation with all his effort.

“Brother Jiu, here is your halberd. Thank you for helping me.”

Jiang Chen handed the halberd over to Wu Jiu.

“Haha, cut the formalities!”

Wu Jiu laughed as he took the halberd. Then, he patted Jiang Chen on his shoulder.

The group quickly found the exit and left the devil cave. After that, they just flew straight toward Inferno City.

“Brother Jiu, the skill I saw you use just now, it’s the Dao of War, right?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“You’re right. But, it’s really difficult to cultivate.”

Wu Jiu shook his head. He was determined to break through to the Combat King realm and start mastering the dimensional laws. He did understand one thing, the Combat King realm was a supreme realm, and it was really difficult to reach it. It was not something one could rush.

“I noticed when brother Jiu unleashed the Dao of War, you were putting too much focus on the atmosphere of a battlefield. When you struck with your palm, the momentum of the battlefield was really incredible, and you even produced blades, swords, pikes and halberds with your yuan energy. But, if you cultivate these four weapons separately, I’m sure you will obtain unexpected results. All four weapons will have their own respective strengths, and that will make the overall power of your skill become much stronger.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Oh? Brother Jiang also an expert in the Dao of War?”

Wu Jiu looked at Jiang Chen with a surprised expression.

“I don’t know anything about that, I only had some inspiration when I watched brother Jiu use his skill.”

Jiang Chen smiled at Wu Jiu. He had told Wu Jiu the correct way to cultivate the Dao of War. As for whether or not Wu Jiu would take his words to heart, that wasn’t something he could control.

“Haha, good, brother Jiang’s thoughts doesn’t sound bad, I’ll give it a try later.”

Wu Jiu patted Jiang Chen’s should as he spoke. However, the look of unconcern in his eyes couldn’t be hidden from Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen didn’t mind his response, he just replied with a smile.

In fact, Wu Jiu didn’t really pay much attention to what Jiang Chen said. In his mind, although Jiang Chen was a peerless genius, he was just a young man, and there was no way his cultivation experience would be richer than Wu Jiu’s. Besides, Wu Jiu had spent all his life studying and cultivating the Dao of War, he had his own mindset on how to cultivate it, and Jiang Chen wouldn’t know about this.

Because of this mindset, Wu Jiu didn’t break through to the Combat King realm, and he even spent a long period of time cultivating it. One day, when he recalled Jiang Chen’s words, he decided to give it a try, and to his surprise, he actually broke through to the Combat King realm in just a short period of time after doing as Jiang Chen had recommended. After that, Wu Jiu forcefully slapped himself twice, cursing at himself for not doing as Jiang Chen had recommended. Of course, all of this is a story from the future.


Qi Province, Black Sect.

On Guo Shan’s mountain. Guo Shan was wearing a long gray robe, and both his hands were placed behind his back. He stood on top of the mountain peak as he looked far into the distance. It seemed as if he was waiting for someone.

“Brother, why haven’t you come back? Something big is going to happen soon…”

Guo Shan sighed. Not long before this, Nanbei Chao and Zhao Chongyang had given the Black Sect and Valley of Happiness their final warning, telling both sects to surrender to the Burning Sky Pavilion within seven days. The news had spread across the entire Qi Province, creating a huge turmoil.

And before this final warning, the Heavenly Sword Sect’s surrender had startled the entire Qi Province. No one could have foreseen the Heavenly Sword Sect’s cowardly decision, they surrendered just like that, without even trying to fight back.

And now, the same request to surrender had been given to the remaining 2 big sects. Everyone knew that Nanbei Chao had broken through to the Mid Divine Core realm, and was impatient to defeat the other three big sects. Nanbei Chao’s goal was clear, he wanted a complete change in the Qi Province’s structure before going to the Martial Palace to continue cultivating; he wanted to rule the entire Qi Province.

Since his sudden appearance in the Qi Province compet.i.tion, Nanbei Chao had become a dazzling star. He even became the first genius from the Qi Province that the Martial Palace had invited to join. No one knew how strong he had become after breaking through to the Mid Divine Core realm, but everyone knew that Qi Province was going to be in turmoil; the Qi Province’s structure would see a complete change.

The entire Black Sect was covered in a shadow of worry. Even the Heavenly Sword Sect had surrendered; this caused them all too subconsciously feel that Nanbei Chao was really formidable, so formidable that even Duan Jianhong had to surrender.

At this moment, no one from the Black Sect could stop themselves from thinking about the young man in white clothes. He was the legendary man from the Black Sect, but too bad, he had entered Inferno h.e.l.l, and he wouldn’t be coming back for some time.


A man came from afar and landed next to Guo Shan. He was Yu Zihan.

“Zihan, it looks like you’ve gained quite a lot this time, you’ve actually broken through to the Divine Core realm. It’s been quite some time since the Black Sect had a new core disciple.”

Guo Shan glanced at Yu Zihan. A look of joy could finally be found on his face.

“It’s all because of this energy vein’s help. I have been absorbing the source energy from the energy vein for a longer period of time. It has completely improved my physique, and allowed my cultivation to progress with incredible speed. Because of that, I broke through to the Divine Core realm, and since the Black Sect is now facing a disaster, I’ve come back to help.”

Yu Zihan said.

“Do you think Jiang Chen will come back before the devastating change?”

Guo Shan asked.

“I’m afraid that will be difficult.”

Yu Zihan furrowed his brows.

“If Jiang Chen doesn’t come back, the Black Sect will be destroyed. Only he can fight Nanbei Chao.”

Guo Shan said as he squinted his eyes.

“The Black Sect has a strong foundation, it won’t be an easy task for Nanbei Chao to destroy us. Besides, that Granny Feng has arrived at the Black Sect, and she’s currently talking with Sect Chief in order to find a solution. The combination of two big sects is going to prove to be formidable.”

Yu Zihan said.

“Don’t underestimate Nanbei Chao, he is a mighty and ruthless man. Since he has given us 7 days, it means that he doesn’t fear us, even combined with the Valley of Happiness.”

Guo Shan said.

“Sect Elder Guo, if the war truly comes, what will you do?”

Yu Zihan asked as he looked at Guo Shan.

“I grew up in the Black Sect, and I will die in the Black Sect.”

After saying that, Guo Shan turned around and walked back to his courtyard. His words firmly expressed his att.i.tude toward the coming disaster.

“Zihan, if Jiang Chen still hasn’t returned by the time the war arrives, you have to find a way to get Yan Chenyu and Han Yan out from here.”

Guo Shan said in a desolate tone.


Back to Inferno h.e.l.l. After having killed the Earth Devil, Jiang Chen and the group began travelling back to Inferno City. At this moment, many people had returned to Inferno City. Aside from those warriors who didn’t want to leave this place, most of the people were waiting for the doorway to the outside world to open up.

At a wasteland about a thousand miles away from Inferno City, a fiery figure blocked Jiang Chen and group’s path. The man had fiery red hair that danced in the powerful energy waves unleashed from his body. Scorching flames covered his entire body, and an excited look emerged in his eyes when he saw Jiang Chen.

“Huo Yuner?”

When Jiang Chen saw the coming man, he was surprised.

“Jiang Chen, I have been waiting for you!”

Huo Yuner was emitting a powerful desire for battle.

“You can’t defeat me.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“I’d rather die fighting you.”

No signs of fear could be seen on Huo Yuner’s face. He knew he couldn’t defeat Jiang Chen. After he had broken through to the Mid Divine Core realm, he immediately came to Inferno h.e.l.l, filled with extreme confidence as he tried finding Jiang Chen so that he could fight him. But when he arrived, no matter where he went, everyone were talking about the legendary story of Jiang Chen. This was like pouring cold water onto his burning desire.

Reality had taught Huo Yuner a lesson; Jiang Chen’s cultivation was greater than he could imagine. It was impossible for him to catch up for the rest of his life.

Even so, Huo Yuner still longed for a fight with Jiang Chen. With that, he wouldn’t have any regrets even if it would get him killed. In his mind, he died the same day as Yun Can died in the Black Sect.

The decision of fleeing from Jiang Chen that day was the greatest shame in Huo Yuner’s life, it had cast a permanent shadow in his heart. If he didn’t fight with Jiang Chen, the shadow would follow him for the rest of his life, and his cultivation would stop progressing. If that really happened, his life would have no more meaning.

So he would rather fight with Jiang Chen, even if that meant he would be killed by Jiang Chen; he would still feel no regrets. Therefore, Huo Yuner made up his mind, and had been waiting for Jiang Chen at the same spot for quite some time. Just like he said, he would rather die fighting.