Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 251 – Killing the Earth Devil

Chapter 251 – Killing the Earth Devil

Chapter 251 – Killing the Earth Devil

Whenever Jiang Chen circulated the Dragon Transformation skill, he would have a feeling of kins.h.i.+p with the Blood Talisman. This situation had given him even more confidence towards its power. After the Dragon Marks were injected into the Blood Talisman, Jiang Chen had gained full control over it. With a thought, the Blood Talisman turned into a trail of light as it chased after the Earth Devil.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh…

The Blood Talisman was glowing brightly. In an instant, countless silky blood red lights poured down and weaved into a gigantic blood red net. The net trapped the Earth Devil, giving it no opportunity to escape.


The Earth Devil was roaring and struggling, as well as unleas.h.i.+ng tremendous amounts of devilish flames in attempt to free itself from the Blood Talisman’s captivity. But, none of it efforts worked at all. Its fear of the Blood Talisman came from the bottom of its heart. In its mind, this Blood Talisman was the most frightening object in the world.

The blood red lights kept restraining the Earth Devil. No matter how much it struggled, there was no way it could shake them off its body.

“I never thought the Blood Talisman could be so powerful! It actually trapped the Earth Devil, completely!”

Xuan Ye was really shocked.

“I thought we would have to fight a tough battle, but with just the Blood Talisman alone, the Earth Devil is trapped! This is really frightening.”

Wu Jiu said with mixed emotions. The Earth Devil was simply too powerful, and none of them had full confidence in defeating it face to face. There would have to be a difficult battle for sure. However, the Blood Talisman’s power had actually exceeded their expectations, it had completely trapped the Earth Devil.


The Earth Devil had become absolutely enraged. Its devilish and brutal characteristics were completely being unleashed now. With a seemingly endless amount of devilish energies, it kept fighting back, trying its best to break free from the trap.

But obviously, this was something that was really difficult to do. The blood red lights could even force back Combat Soul warriors. Although the Earth Devil was amazingly strong, it would still be hurt by the blood red lights.

Then, the rigid scales covering the Earth Devil’s body were cut open by the blood red lights, and blood began flowing out from the wound.

“Haha, the Earth Devil is going to die, we don’t even have to attack; it’s doomed!”

Big Yellow was laughing out with excitement.


Right at this moment, the Earth Devil let out a wild roar. All the scales on its body shattered in an instant, and at the same time, a strong suction force burst out from its body. It was a mysterious summoning power.

When the suction force appeared, the airflow within the entire devil cave began rolling. The Earth Devil sucked all devilish energies within the devil cave into its body, and even those Evil Devils who were kowtowing on the ground, wors.h.i.+ping it, couldn’t escape from the suction force. The devilish energies in their bodies was sucked out, and went directly into the Earth Devil’s body.

The summoning force was incredibly terrifying, especially in a place like this. The Earth Devil had simply made this entire place its own pool of devilish energies, and as long as it fought in this cave, it could summon the energies of any devil species and make it its own.

“Oh no, the Earth Devil is summoning more energies, it’s going to use the energy to break free from the Blood Talisman’s captivity, then it will definitely flee from here!”

Xuan Ye said.

“The Blood Talisman’s pressure and restraining effects is not something this Earth Devil can run away from. However, since it has an endless supply of energy, it can keep fighting the blood lights. Even if the blood lights can continuously hurt it, it will take a long time before the Earth Devil is completely killed.”

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows. He hadn’t thought that this Earth Devil could actually summon energies from other devilish creatures and make it his own.

“No wonder why the Earth Devil keeps hiding here and doesn’t want to leave. In this land, it is the absolutely king! Looks like we’re really lucky; without the Blood Talisman’s help, there is no way we could defeat it with our strengths alone.”

Wu Jiu said.

“We can’t just keep wasting time like this, we have to strike now.”

Big Yellow said. The Earth Devil was actually using the energies from the entire devil cave to fight the blood lights, and no one knew how long this would last. The doorway to the outside world was soon going to open, and there wasn’t much time left.

“If we want to strike, only brother Jiang can do so. These blood lights only recognize and accept him, so if we get closer to it, we’ll suffer from their attacks as well.”

Xuan Ye said.

“Alright, I’ll attack.”

Jiang Chen strengthened his spirit. They couldn’t just let this go on forever; he had to attack and cause a deadly injury to appear on the Earth Devil.

“No way! Brother, the gap between you and the Earth Devil is too huge! Once the Earth Devil count attacks, you will die!”

Wu Jiu opposed the idea.

“I have a way to do it. Let’s just wait for two hours. This amount of time is more than enough to cause great distraction and anger to its state of mind. At that point, it will have all its attention on the Blood Talisman, and will completely ignore us. I will attack it at that point of time, and I’m sure I will be able to cause injury that cannot be healed to this Earth Devil.”

Jiang Chen said as he squinted his eyes.

“Alright. Brother, take this halberd, use it when you attack later.”

Wu Jiu pa.s.sed the halberd in his hand to Jiang Chen. This was one of the best perfect-ranked combat weapons, and though it still couldn’t compare with a King’s Weapon, it was still not something that those ordinary perfect-ranked combat weapons could compare with.


Jiang Chen didn’t reject it. With this perfect-ranked combat weapon, he had more confidence in dealing with the Earth Devil.

Roar!! …

Time pa.s.sed by, and soon, two hours had flashed by. In these two hours, the Earth Devil had been fighting non-stop against the Blood Talisman, but the Blood Talisman’s suppression ability toward demons and devils was incredibly powerful, so no matter how much the Earth Devil struggled, there was no way it could escape. Besides that, the constant attacks from the blood lights had caused a lot of wounds to appear on its body, and blood to be seen everywhere. But, these kind of injuries didn’t actually cause many negative effects on the Earth Devil’s combat strength. It could still keep absorbing the endless devilish energies in the devil cave while fighting the Blood Talisman at the same time.

Just like Jiang Chen had estimated, after fighting relentlessly for two hours, the acc.u.mulated anger had caused the Earth Devil to be greatly distracted. All of its four eyes had turned completely red, and now, it had placed all its attention on fighting the Blood Talisman and figuring out how it could escape. It had completely forgotten about the humans next to it.

A cruel look emerged in Jiang Chen’s eyes. He grabbed the golden halberd and prepared to attack.

“Be careful.”

Wu Jiu reminded.

Jiang Chen’s lip curved upwards. No matter what situation he was facing, panic could never be found on his face. His mentality was so strong that he wouldn’t be distracted even if heaven fell down. When he attacked, there was only confidence on his face.

As the once greatest Saint in the world, his judgment had come to a stage where no one could compare. Also, he had vast combat experience. He could easily tell that the Earth Devil had completely forgotten all other things, and its mind was fully focused on fighting the Blood Talisman. Therefore, Jiang Chen had already sentenced the Earth Devil to death in his mind.


The golden halberd in Jiang Chen’s hand produced some buzzing sounds. Powerful energies turned into Dragon Marks and covered its surface. In a split second, Jiang Chen disappeared from where he was standing, and appeared within the range of the Blood Talisman.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh…

In an instant, nine identical Jiang Chens appeared at the same time and surrounded the furious Earth Devil.

“What an abstruse movement skills! Unleas.h.i.+ng nine identical copies of himself in the middle of a fight and using them to distract the enemy’s focus and mind, I know of a rare wolf specie that can use this powerful movement skill! It’s really powerful, and it’s good at surprising the enemy.”

Xuan Ye was once again surprised by this. After getting to know Jiang Chen, he had forgotten how many times Jiang Chen had surprised him.

Within the shower of blood lights, the Earth Devil had all its attention fixed on the Blood Talisman, but it was stunned for a second upon seeing so many figures suddenly appearing around it. In extreme anger, it waved its huge palm and slapped a few Jiang Chens in front of it into pieces. But at the same time, the real Jiang Chen’s attack had arrived.


Jiang Chen let out a cruel shout. All 1,000 Dragon Marks in his body began violently vibrating at the same time, giving Jiang Chen tremendous strength. He thrust the golden halberd forward, and without much resistance, the mighty perfect-ranked combat weapon penetrated the Earth Devil’s body. The halberd had hit its vital point.


The Earth Devil became even more furious, and an incredible force exploded out from its body. Jiang Chen’s expression changed as he sensed it. Without hesitation, he pulled the halberd out and began retreating. At the same time, he unleashed the Firethorn Combat Armor.

Even with all that, Jiang Chen was still knocked back by the incredible force, and he could only regain control of his body when he was nearly 3,500 meters away from where he had been knocked back from. His qi and blood was in a messy state, causing him to feel extremely awful, and his face was pale white as well.

Wu Jiu, Xuan Ye and Big Yellow immediately flew to Jiang Chen.

“Are you alright?”

Wu Jiu asked.

“I’m fine. The Earth Devil is done for.”

A grin emerged on Jiang Chen’s face.


The Earth Devil who was trapped by the blood lights was severely injured by Jiang Chen’s attack. A hole could be seen in its chest, and blood was shooting out from the wound. Although the Earth Devil was still behaving brutally, its aura was getting weaker and weaker.

“This is a deadly injury, any man would have died by now. This Earth Devil is indeed strong; it can still fight back with such terrifying combat strength.”

Xuan Ye said with mixed emotions.

“Haha, even so, this big guy is going to die soon. I don’t think it has much more blood to spill.”

Big Yellow burst into laughter.

Jiang Chen had used the halberd to cause an unimaginable injury to the Earth Devil, but since the Earth Devil was so powerful, if it could escape now and find a place to hide, it could still slowly recover. But too bad, it was trapped by the Blood Talisman, and all its strength was used to resist the damage caused by the blood lights, so there was no way it could heal itself.

Another couple of minutes went by, and finally, the Earth Devil couldn’t hold on any longer. Its aura had become incredibly weak, and its aggressive momentum was gone as well. It didn’t even have the strength to summon more energies now.

“The Earth Devil is dying.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. He extended his hand, then the Blood Talisman immediately flew back and fell into his palm.

Jiang Chen stored the Blood Talisman. After that, the group went up to the Earth Devil. The current Earth Devil could no longer pose any threat to them, so without any hesitation, Jiang Chen forcefully pierced the Earth Devil’s throat with the halberd, killing it without any resistance.

After that, Jiang Chen slapped the Earth Devil’s head and crushed it. In an instant, a black devil soul shot out from the crushed skull, and he grabbed it with his hand.