Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 230 – Fighting Knowledge

Chapter 230 – Fighting Knowledge

Chapter 230 – Fighting Knowledge

The entire place was shaking, and the ma.s.sive amount of force caused a mountain underneath the center of collision to collapse. Devilish energies and flames could be seen all over the place. The True Dragon Flames has proved to be the natural predator for all devils; the devilish energies immediately weakened upon meeting the flame, then it vanished just a short moment after.

The Violent Bloodthirsty Devil’s eyes were twitching. When it saw Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Flames, an obvious surprised look could be seen in its eyes, together with a slight hint of fear.

However, the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil only feared Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Flames, not Jiang Chen himself. Besides, its combat strength was mighty, so even if Jiang Chen could attack with the True Dragon Flames, it still didn’t take him seriously.

“Heae kaea yae dea!”

The Violent Bloodthirsty Devil was speaking in the devil language, which Jiang Chen was unable to understand. The devilish flames hovering around its body began rocking back and forth violently, it had finally released the full power of its Late Divine Core strength, which was truly terrifying. All the Evil Devils had begun backing off from the scene; the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil was going to attack alone, and no one dared challenge the devilish dignity of the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil.

“d.a.m.n it! Buddy, this big guy looks really strong, can you defeat it or not?”

Big Yellow stood next to Jiang Chen and said.

“I have to do it no matter what. With my current combat strength, I can easily kill any Mid Divine Core warrior, and I can also fight the ordinary Late Divine Core warriors. However, this Violent Bloodthirsty Devil has the royal devil bloodline, which gives it incredibly strong combat strength that allows it to be compared to any Late Divine Core warrior. I can kill it alone if I break through to the Divine Core realm… But, my True Dragon Flames puts a huge restraint on it, and under such restraints, the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil’s combat strength will be greatly reduced. This is my advantage, and therefore, I might be able to kill it if I use all my strength.

Jiang Chen’s eyes were glowing brightly, he was flooded with a powerful desire to fight. In Jiang Chen’s mind, unless he met an existence that completely overpowered him, he wouldn’t easily back off from a fight.

Jiang Chen dared not show any neglect when facing the grim Violent Bloodthirsty Devil. In an instant, he drew out his golden battle axe and covered it with his True Dragon Flames. He let out a loud shout, then he unleashed the Clap of Thunder. The attack dashed forwards with an incredible speed, and it arrived in front of the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil in a split second.

Right at this moment, a powerful devil weapon emerged in the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil’s hand. It looked extremely eerie, and it was a 3 meter long gigantic devilish blade. On the back of the blade, there were some extremely sharp and pointy thorns.

When the devilish blade appeared, the surround air started violently shaking.


The Violent Bloodthirsty Devil let out a furious roar. With a ma.s.sive amount of devilish energy and an enormous force, it waved the devilish blade towards Jiang Chen’s battle axe without any hesitation.

This was an extreme contest between pure strength. The Violent Bloodthirsty Devil was the devil specie with the mightiest raw strength amongst all devils. As for Jiang Chen, he was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, which made his body as hard as steel, and gave him tremendous strength. This, combined with the True Dragon Flame’s restraining effects on devilish energy gave him the abilities to fight the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil.


The battle axe collided with the devilish weapon. Vast energy ripples swept across the scene, the entire place lit up because of the flame, and devastating energies shattered all mountains underneath and leveled the land.

Jiang Chen was force back a dozen steps before he could regain control of his body. On his opposite side, the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil wasn’t in a good condition either, it too was forced back by the impact.

“Hmph! Although my combat strength can’t match this Violent Bloodthirsty Devil, but because of the True Dragon Flame’s restraining effect, it simply can’t fight with its full strength. Since this is the case, I’ll kill this Violent Bloodthirsty Devil and take its devil soul.”

Jiang Chen inwardly let out a cold snort. The collision had allowed him to find out about the gap between him and the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil. Because of the True Dragon Flames, the gap had become even, and it was now a compet.i.tion of who had the better abilities.


Being forced back by a young human had seriously challenged the dignity of this Violent Bloodthirsty Devil, causing it to let out a ground-shaking roar. The devilish blade produced a violent buzzing sound, and suddenly, the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil extended its gigantic claw and unleashed a dark cloud.

The dark cloud was fully covered with blood red patterns and eerie devilish energies. With an absolutely powerful attack force, it flew towards Jiang Chen like a gigantic mountain.

“True Dragon Palm!”

Jiang Chen shouted out loudly in an explosive manner. He had the purest yang aura leaking out from all over his body, and he had no fear towards these devilish energies.

The gigantic blood red dragon claw was immediately covered by the True Dragon Flames upon appearing, then it grabbed towards the dark cloud in a formidable way.


It was another brutal collision. Suppressed by the True Dragon Flames, the vast devilish energies were pressed down by the force, as if they were meeting their natural predator.

Bang bang bang…

The air surrounding their fight was burnt because of the intense fight. Jiang Chen and the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil were engaged in the most brutal fight. Both human and devil were using all sorts of approaches to fight each other. The Violent Bloodthirsty Devil had an advantage in cultivation, and on the other side, Jiang Chen had an advantage because of the True Dragon Flame. At the moment, the human and the devil were violently fighting a battle where it was difficult to have a clear winner.

“Little Chen has become stronger, I’m sure the divine skill he is cultivating is a mighty divine skill inherited from the ancient era, if not, he wouldn’t be as powerful as he is now. He is only a peak Heavenly Core warrior… if he breaks through to the Divine Core realm, doesn’t that mean he will really be able to kill this Violent Bloodthirsty Devil in an instant? When that time comes, even if he’s only an Early Divine Core warrior, he won’t be able to find any opponents in the Divine Core realm.”

Big Yellow was really amazed. He had always been curious about what sort of skill Jiang Chen was cultivating. He had followed Jiang Chen for quite a long period of time, and Jiang Chen had never hidden anything from him during his cultivation. This had led to Big Yellow being able to make speculations.

Obviously, the divine skill Jiang Chen was cultivating was really powerful, but it was extremely difficult for him to cultivate it as well, as it would require an enormous amount of energies, and he also needed to form Dragon Marks in his body.


The Violent Bloodthirsty Devil became angrier and angrier with each pa.s.sing moment. Fighting with the human in front of him was something really depressing. It wasn’t its opponent’s powerful combat strength that made it depressed, it was the True Dragon Flame’s restraining effect. The feeling of being naturally suppressed was really upsetting the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil, and it was aching to tear this human into pieces and devouring him. But, no matter how hard it tried, it still couldn’t defeat him.

“Perfect, the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil has gone berserk and is going to lose its senses soon, this is my chance; Nine Phantom Wolves!”

Jiang Chen let out a cold shout, then he took a step forwards in the skies. In an instant, nine identical Jiang Chens appeared in the sky. The sudden change had baffled the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil.

A movement skill like the Nine Phantom Wolves was most frightening when used in a fight, it would create an unexpected scenario during a critical moment. No matter how strong the opponent was, it would still confuse them for a moment. This was without any doubts a fact, as after Jiang Chen had inherited the skill, he had used it to surprise his opponents many times.


In the blink of an eye, nine identical Jiang Chens surrounded the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil. All eight phantoms moved exactly like the real Jiang Chen did. They all raised their flaming battle axes high up into the air and chopped down forcefully at the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil.

The Violent Bloodthirsty Devil let out a furious roar. It felt helpless, as it couldn’t tell which of the nine Jiang Chens the real one was. Therefore, it could only divide its strength into nine portions and attack all nine Jiang Chens at the same time.

The Violent Bloodthirsty Devil was restrained by the True Dragon Flames, and because of that, it couldn’t fight at its strongest, and became Jiang Chen’s equal match. If it divided its strength into nine portions, it wouldn’t be Jiang Chen’s match.


The Violent Bloodthirsty Devil’s attack shattered all eight phantoms, but being its weakened state, it couldn’t stop the real Jiang Chen, allowing him to hit it with his battle axe. In an instant, the gigantic Violent Bloodthirsty Devil’s body was. .h.i.t by the attack, and it was forcefully slammed onto the ground, creating a huge crater. Horrible wound could be seen on its body.


The Violent Bloodthirsty Devil was severely wound, and that made it become even more berserk. Without any hesitation, it leapt up into the sky, striking toward Jiang Chen once again.

A grin appeared on Jiang Chen’s face. In such a state, the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil was doomed. Jiang Chen’s fighting experience was simply incredible, he knew very well that a devil king such as this Violent Bloodthirsty Devil existed just for fighting and slaughtering, and they had extremely sensitive senses during battle, and that’s the reason why Jiang Chen didn’t unleash the Nine Phantom Wolves when the fight began.

The Nine Phantom Wolves was a secret killing skill, and he had to wait until the perfect moment before he could unleash it. If he used it immediately when the fight started, the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil would most likely find out which the real one was. Therefore, Jiang Chen just kept fighting and provoking the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil until it had gone completely made. Then, he suddenly unleashed the Nine Phantom Wolves, and the furious Violent Bloodthirsty Devil had no way of finding out which Jiang Chen was the real one.


Looking at the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil who attacked once again, nine identical Jiang Chens appeared once again. After being seriously injured, the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil became even more confused, and had simply no way of telling which one the real Jiang Chen was.


Nine identical Jiang Chens shouted out loudly at the same time, then they all forcefully chopped the battle axe down from above. The Violent Bloodthirsty Devil let out many wild roars. With the bad experience just now, it didn’t divide its strength into nine portions this time, it instead focused all its into one attack towards one of the Jiang Chens.

It was worth mentioning that the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil was indeed the most brutal existence amongst all devils. It was actually putting its life at risk by doing this, it was gambling everything it had on this strike, hoping it would strike the real Jiang Chen with a winning ratio of one to nine.

If its guess was correction, the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil would be able to find out the secret trick behind the movement skill, and then it would strike with everything it gotten, never allowing Jiang Chen the opportunity to counter.

But too bad, today was just not the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil’s lucky day. The attack that contained its full strength only shattered one of the phantoms.

When the phantom was destroyed, the real Jiang Chen’s attack had fallen onto it at the same time.


With a grin on his face, Jiang Chen’s razor sharp battle axe hit the center of the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil’s head. From top to bottom, the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil was slice in half and killed on the spot.

With a quick and swift motion, Jiang Chen without hesitation grabbed the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil’s devil soul with his hand.

“Buddy is really smart when it comes to fighting.”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but praise Jiang Chen. A man who could always remain calm was really frightening, especially during a fight.


After killing the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil, all the other Evil Devils immediately let out wild roars. The roars had called more and more Evil Devils toward the scene, and countless Evil Devils began storming toward their direction. A vast amount of devilish energy covered the entire sky above. Jiang Chen saw at least 5 Late Divine Core Evil Devil das.h.i.+ng towards him and Big Yellow.

“Buddy, we can’t fight them this time!”

Big Yellow said.


Without hesitation, Jiang Chen immediately sprinted towards his left. Big Yellow didn’t dare slow down, and he instantly followed.