Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 229 – Violent Bloodthirsty Devil

Chapter 229 – Violent Bloodthirsty Devil

Chapter 229 – Violent Bloodthirsty Devil


The flames were dancing around, and the strong wind was blowing through the scene. Jiang Chen looked like a Fire G.o.d that had just descended from the heavens as he fought dozens of powerful Evil Devils all by himself, burning these creatures and making them let out miserable roars. Not long after that, all of the Evil Devils were burning to death, and their purified devil souls were stored within Jiang Chen’s storage ring at once.


But, just as the battle ended, more furious roars sounded out from many different Evil Devils. Countless devilish energies shot up into the skies, and devil flames could be seen from where the roars sounded out. Once again, countless Evil Devils had appeared in the men’s sight. But this time, there were more than a hundred of them, and even more were coming from behind.

“Heavens! Why are there so many Evil Devils here? This really is a devil cave!”

Tian Yishan opened his mouth wide in shock, all the other men’s faces turned pale as well. There were so many Evil Devils in front of them, and once the battle begun, Jiang Chen would for sure not have any time to pay attention to them. Without Jiang Chen’s flame, they wouldn’t have an effective weapon that could defeat these Evil Devils, and once they were surrounded by them, it would mean an endless fight for them. Even if they survived the attack, they would die from depleting their own yuan energy.

“What should we do?”

w.a.n.g Heng’s expression became awful.

“The number of Evil Devils will definitely become greater and greater, this place is their colony. Senior disciple Guan, let’s split up right now, you and the rest of the men walk along the outer perimeter of this place, I’m sure you’ll be able to leave the devil cave that way. Big Yellow and I will walk in a straight line and cross this land. Not only can we help attract more attention from these Evil Devils, I can also run through this place and find out about the whereabouts of the Earth Devil. The danger will be greater is you guys keep following us, and I won’t be able to take care of you all later.”

Jiang Chen said.

“What? Junior disciple Jiang, you’re going to cross the devil cave? This is too dangerous! I’m sure there are some mighty Evil Devils residing in this colony, it will be extremely difficult for you to deal with them!”

Guan Yiyun worriedly said.

“I’ve made up my mind. Besides, we need to have someone stay back to attract the attention of these Evil Devils, only then can the rest of us have a chance at escaping. If we run in a group, we will all become targeted by these Evil Devils.”

Jiang Chen left no room for objection.

“Fine, if that’s the case, just be extra cautious. Junior disciple Jiang, I’ll meet you back in Inferno City.”

Guan Yiyun said as he patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder. Jiang Chen’s words were correct, the battle just now had alerted and attracted the colony of Evil Devils. If they chose to run around in one group, there was no way they could escape from the Devil Cave. Someone needed to stay back and fight these Evil Devils, only then could the rest of the men take the opportunity to run away. But more important, Jiang Chen was in the search for the Earth Devil. The Earth Devil and the Evil Devil were both devils, and he might be able to find out about the whereabouts of the Earth Devil in this colony of Evil Devils.

The formidable Evil Devils were approaching quickly like a tsunami, it was a dreadful scene, and any ordinary man would be scared to death by just the scene alone.

Guan Yiyun and Tian Yishan brought the rest of the men and backed off from the scene. They were going to walking along the outer perimeter of this land and leave the place. As for Jiang Chen, none of them had any worries about him. It was useless for them to worry about him. Jiang Chen was going to search for the Earth Devil in the deeper area of Inferno h.e.l.l, and all of them would just became a burden for him.

After the group left, Jiang Chen finally had no more worries. In an instant, his momentum became like a raging wave. The golden battle axe appeared in his hand, then he unleashed some True Dragon Flames, covering the entire golden battle axe with flames.

The golden battle axe had turned into a flaming battle axe, and it kept producing cracking sounds.

“Big Yellow! Let’s kill to our heart’s content today!

Jiang Chen shouted out loudly.

“Kaka, good, this master dog likes it!”

Big Yellow was extremely excited. A layer of golden flames emerged on the surface of his skin; it was his innate ability, one he have had since the moment he was born. Although its strength couldn’t compare with the True Dragon Flame, it was still a powerful flame. Besides that, the strength of this flame would keep increasing together with his cultivation level.


The Evil Devils kept letting out wild roars. The devilish energy unleashed by the hundreds of Evil Devils had flooded the place. Each of these Evil Devils were over 3 meters tall, and the momentum of this specie was simply too brutal.

“Haha, all of you, die!”

Jiang Chen burst out into laughter as he raised the battle axe in his hand high up into the air and forcefully chopped down in front of him, unleas.h.i.+ng a razor sharp axe energy that carried the True Dragon Flames. The axe energy landed in the center of the approaching Evil Devils.


The ground was shaking, and the air was burning. Jiang Chen’s attack had killed instantly killed five Evil Devils. Three of them were chopped in half, and the other two were killed by the tremendous formed.

Bang bang bang…

On the other side, Big Yellow behaved savagely as a tiger. Using his head, he rammed around within the crowd of Evil Devils, causing blood and broken limbs to splash everywhere. These Evil Devils were actually really strong, many of them had broken through to the Divine Core realm, and some of them were even Mid Divine Core monsters. If any ordinary warriors faced them, their ending would only be tragic.

But too bad, their opponents were Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. Both of them were extraordinary existences. Once they unleashed their full strength, they simply didn’t care how many enemies were in front of them. More importantly, Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Flame was really efficient in dealing with these Evil Devils and give them huge pressures. Under such pressure, none of these Evil Devils could unleash their true combat strength.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh…

Jiang Chen was extremely aggressive, he had turned into an ultimate Evil Devil killer as he kept chopping and slas.h.i.+ng with the battle axe in hand, and burning everything with his intense flames.

Every time Jiang Chen waved his axe, an Evil Devil would die. Under the powerful attacks from Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, the overbearing Evil Devils had transformed into tame sheep just waiting to be slaughtered.

“Kaka, awesome!”

Big Yellow kept laughing out loudly as he rammed into the Evil Devils, he really enjoyed this kind of excitement; he loved the pleasant feeling brought to him by slaughtering.

The Evil Devils’ roars seemed endless. They were the cruelest and most ruthless existence, all of their eyes turned red, and without any fear of death, they kept das.h.i.+ng towards Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, like moths flying into the fire.


The battle seemed eternal, and each roar was actually the Evil Devils calling for more reinforcements. More and more Evil Devils were flying out from the inner area of this place, and storming towards the battlefield with great speed.

“d.a.m.n it, there are so many Evil Devils here! Buddy, we can’t just keep slaughtering like this, they just won’t stop coming!”

Big Yellow said.

“I’ll kill every single one of them. Their devils souls is like tonics for me, and I need to maximize my gains in this trip to Inferno h.e.l.l.”

There was no fear on Jiang Chen’s face. He knew better than anyone else the difficulty in cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill. It was a process that consumed an enormous amount of energy. He needed a ma.s.sive amount of energy. And therefore, all these Evil Devils in front of him were actually the energy that Jiang Chen needed. It would be really difficult for Jiang Chen to encounter a rare opportunity like this in the outside world, that’s why he wanted to kill as much as he possibly could.

With the True Dragon Flames, Jiang Chen could completely suppress these Evil Devils. Even if there was a powerful Late Divine Core Evil Devil here, Jiang Chen wouldn’t feel scared at all.

“Fine, then let’s kill all we can!”

Big Yellow’s brutish nature was completely ignited. He kept letting out ferocious roars as he rammed in Evil Devils in all directions with his majestic body. A pure yang aura was emitting from his body, together with flames that covered his entire body. He too was an Evil Devil killer.

“Big Yellow, we have to push forward while slaughtering. The Earth Devil is the first devil specie to come into existence, and the devilish energy here is incredibly strong. I believe the Earth Devil isn’t far from this place, we have to cross this place and go further.”

Jiang Chen kept waving the battle axe in his hand, killing a large amount of Evil Devils, and harvesting a huge amount of devil souls. An Earth Devil was the most supreme existence amongst all devils, so the place where the Earth Devil they were hunting lived would be filled with vast amounts of devilish energies. But, with the pride of the Earth Devil, it wouldn’t be living together with these Evil Devils, and therefore, Jiang Chen would need to venture deeper into the Devil Cave.

Flesh and blood were flying in all directions, and scorching flames soared into the skies. This was truly a h.e.l.lish battlefield. The cruel aura of slaughter spread all over the place, and soaked into all the living beings who stood on the edge of life and death.


Right at this moment, a vigorous roar sounded from far. In the next second, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow saw a nearly 10 meter tall gigantic devil running towards them.

The gigantic devil seemed different from the other Evil Devils. Not only did its body seem more majestic, its skill was fully covered with blood red patterns, and it had a much more violent devilish energy compared to the Evil Devils.

“d.a.m.n it, I knew there was a terrifying existence here! This big guy has reached the Late Divine Core realm, he isn’t easy to handle.”

Big Yellow suddenly trembled.

“This is a Violent Bloodthirsty Devil, a king among the devils. I never expected I would see one here.”

Jiang Chen was shocked by it as well.

“Violent Bloodthirsty Devil, it sounds ferocious.”

Big Yellow kept staring at the approaching gigantic devil.

“This Violent Bloodthirsty Devil, just like its name implies, always thirsts for blood. It only knows how to kill, and it will even drink the blood of Evil Devils once it becomes mad. This Violent Bloodthirsty Devil has reached the Late Divine Core realm, and it won’t be easy to deal with.”

A serious look emerged in Jiang Chen’s eyes.

“d.a.m.n it! Buddy, can you deal with it or not? If not, let’s hurry up and run away!”

Big Yellow said.

“Unless I can break through to the Divine Core realm, I won’t be a match for this Violent Bloodthirsty Devil. But, since my True Dragon Flames is the ultimate weapon against all devils, it will also pose a great threat to this Violent Bloodthirsty Devil. I’ll try using my flame to fight it, and if I can kill it, the benefits will be huge. The Violent Bloodthirsty Devil’s Late Divine Core devil soul is worth more than all the devil souls of these Evil Devils.”

Jiang Chen’s fighting spirit was extremely high. He didn’t feel any fear, even when facing such a formidable opponent. There was nothing that could stop him from moving further.

When the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil started running towards them, all the Evil Devils immediately backed off and made way for it.


The Violent Bloodthirsty Devil extended its gigantic hand and unleashed a black beam towards Jiang Chen. It was an attack formed entirely from chilly devil energy, and its power was so tremendous that no ordinary warriors could resist it.


Jiang Chen let out a loud shout. In an instant, he unleashed the True Dragon Flames without any restrictions, then it turned into a 6 meter long fiery red flame dragon. Jiang Chen grabbed the flame dragon’s tail and slammed it into the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil’s attack.


The dragon flame collided with the dark beam, producing a huge amount of sparks that splashed all over the place. The True Dragon Flames burned the dark beam and made it vanish in an instant!