Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 22 – Forming the Qi Sea

Chapter 22 – Forming the Qi Sea

Chapter 22 – Forming the Qi Sea

Mu Rong Zhan’s eyes were flickering; he was antic.i.p.ating the arrival of the Lee family. The Jiang family will meet their doom once the Lee family arrived. And then, Fragrant Sky city will belong to his Mu Rong family.

“Hao’er, your revenge is almost here. That little b.a.s.t.a.r.d Jiang Chen will have a miserable ending.”

Mu Rong Zhan’s expression was ruthless. He hated Jiang Chen to the core, and he wished he could devour his flesh. Because of the incident when fetching the bridegroom and the most recent death match, the Mu Rong family’s honor had been ruined by Jiang Chen.

Furthermore, Jiang Chen could defeat young lord Lee who was at the Early Qi Hai stage, while only being a ninth level Qi Jing warrior. His potential was like a needle in Mu Rong Zhan’s heart, and if he allowed this genius to continue growing, it will only take a few years before the Mu Rong family was forced out of the city.

Thank G.o.d Jiang Chen offended the Lee family, giving Mu Rong Zhan an opportunity to kill with someone else’s hand.

As for now, he just needed to wait. Then he will pick the ripe fruits without doing anything.

Contrary to the calm Mu Rong family, the Jiang family was very busy. The Jiang family’s core members were being led by Jiang Zhen Hai and Zhou Bei Zhen. They were gathering all of their forces and waiting for Jiang Chen’s command to defeat the Mu Rong family.

Jiang Chen had become famous; his reputation was even greater than Jiang Zhan Hai who currently even treats Jiang Chen like their commander.

While the whole Jiang family was busy preparing, there was one place that was very quiet… Jiang Chen’s home. Jiang Zhen Hai had said that no one was allowed to come within 100 feet of Jiang Chen’s home.

Jiang Chen was cultivating in his home, benefitting a lot from his battle with Lee Chang Hong. Although Lee Chang Hong’s skills never posed a threat to him, Jiang Chen was still a Qi Jing warrior.

Jiang Chen had reached the peak of the Qi Jing realm, and he was only one step away from forming his Qi Sea in his Dantian and thus reaching the Qi Hai realm. What he needed was an opportunity. He had used all of his powers in the fight today, and he had also used the Single Solar finger which consumed all of his power. This was what permitted him to break through the bottleneck, finally allowing him to reach the Qi Hai level.

Qi Jing was a foundation level that every single warrior needed to go through. Qi Jing allowed warriors to sense and understand the Qi power in this world, and absorb that Qi power into their bodies to create Yuan power to cultivate with.

However, the Yuan within a Qi Jing warrior was not concentrated. It was scattered throughout the body. When a warrior reached the ninth Qi Jing level, he could attempt to form a Qi Sea within their Dantian. Once the Qi Sea was formed, all of the Yuan power within the body will gather and concentrate in their Qi Sea.

Jiang Chen sat on a big, green rock with his legs crossed. The blood colored Dragon Mark within his Dantian was vibrating, making the Yuan power in his body restless.

“It is time. Qi Sea, open up right now!”

Jiang Chen’s eyes brightened as he shouted, and the Dragon More started vibrating even more than before. It unleashed waves of red light which were actually his Qi and blood.


His Dantian started buzzing; because of the vibration of the Dragon Mark, his strong Yuan power had become like snakes, bas.h.i.+ng around in his Dantian.

The Yuan power and the Dragon Mark were like tools working in synchronization within his Dantian. Soon, they opened a crack in his Dantian.


When the crack appeared, the Yuan power immediately rushed through it. The Dragon Mark, like the general who was leading millions of troops, led all of the Yuan power through the crack forcefully.

Slowly the crack widened, and an empty s.p.a.ce opened up.

Streams of Yuan power formed an invisible typhoon, sucking in all of the surrounding Qi.


Jiang Chen was like a bottomless hole because no matter how much Qi he absorbed, it was not enough to fill him. As he absorbed more and more of the surrounding Qi, the invisible typhoon exponentially grew eventually causing the airflow above the Mayor’s mansion to change as well.

Vortexes of wind formed above the Mayor’s mansion as all of the Yuan power was heading towards Jiang Chen’s home, consolidating into a gigantic whirlwind.

“What happened? Why did the wind suddenly become so strong?”

“The surrounding Qi is being depleted from the air. Look, that’s the direction of young master’s home. It looks like young master is about to break through to the Qi Hai level!”

“That’s right, young master entered closed door training earlier… I can’t believe he is reaching the Qi Hai level so fast, he is just amazing!”

“Young master is only 15 years old, a 15 year old Qi Hai warrior… This is insane, it’s the first time I’ve ever witnessed something like this!”


Everyone in the Mayor’s mansion was excited. The change in the atmosphere was easily sensed by Jiang Zhen Hai and Zhou Bei Zhen who were talking. They were both at the Qi Hai level, and they knew this change was a result of someone advancing to the Qi Hai realm.

“Young master is breaking through, haha, this is great!”

“A 15 year old Qi Hai warrior, even that genius in Red City can’t compare with him… Young master is truly a remarkable talent!”

“Haha, good, this is just great! My ancestor’s tombs must have exploded!”

A 15 year old Qi Hai warrior, this shocked everyone. Tears started flowing down Jiang Zhan Hai’s face.

It didn’t take long before all the Qi in the surroundings was absorbed by Jiang Chen.

“It is far from enough to form the Qi Sea, I still need the mortal restoration pill.”

Jiang Chen took 3 mortal restoration pills out and ate them, and with the help of his Dragon Transformation skill, the pure energy of the mortal restoration pills started rus.h.i.+ng towards his Dantian.

The cultivation and development at the Qi Hai realm determined the potential success of a warrior, and Jiang Chen desired nothing but the best foundation.


Following the consumption of the mortal restoration pills, another b.l.o.o.d.y red Dragon Mark started forming slowly within Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea, this was his second Dragon Mark.

The energy from the 3 mortal restoration pills were consumed fast, but Jiang Chen had a feeling that his Qi Sea was like an unrepentant and unsolvable bottomless chasm.

“A normal warrior only needs to depend on the Qi in the atmosphere to form their Qi Sea, and even those geniuses with great potential will just need 1 or 2 mortal restoration pills. I have used 3 pills, but it is still far from enough… Looks like this Dragon Transformation skill is really powerful… This is good news for me, as the more it consumes, the better my potential will be.”

Jiang Chen said to himself as he grabbed another 3 mortal restoration pills. Luckily he had prepared a lot of pills before this; if he hadn’t, then he would be in a lot of trouble.

The more Qi consumed, the greater the potential. But this really made Jiang Chen speechless because if this was the amount of Qi he needed to consume while only trying to break through to the Qi Hai realm, it was hard to imagine how much Qi he will need to consume in the future when forming his Mortal Core, Heavenly Core and Divine Core. How much Qi and pills will he need? Cultivating with the Dragon Transformation skill was like burning money; the greater his potential was, the more money he will have to spend.

In just an hour Jiang Chen had consumed 10 mortal restoration pills before he finally broke through. The Qi in the atmosphere had returned to normal.

Jiang Chen opened his eyes.

Inside Jiang Chen’s Dantian was a bright Qi Sea, and within the sea of Qi, his Yuan power flowed like water in the river. Two vividly blood red Dragon Marks floated in the middle of his Qi Sea, and next to the two Dragon Marks was a faded third Dragon Mark.

With a single thought, all the Yuan power in Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea flowed into the Dragon Marks fluidly, and with another thought, the Yuan power flowed out from them and was circulated into every part of his body.

“The third Dragon Mark is 50% done, this is much more than I had expected… Right now I have the strength of 25,000 Jin.”

[TL: Yea, I’m just going to leave it as Jin.]

Jiang Chen smiled, his strength and Yuan power were now equal to a normal High Qi Hai warrior. Although it still can’t compare with the absolute peak experts like Jiang Zhen Hai and Mu Rong Zhan, if he combined all of his skills, then even if they cooperated together, they couldn’t defeat Jiang Chen.

Not only was the Dragon Mark concentrating his Qi and blood, the cultivation of the Dragon Transformation skill will also help Jiang Chen enhance his body. If he reached the maximum level of cultivation, Jiang Chen’s body will be as formidable as a real dragon.

“Wait. I can use Divine Sense?”

Jiang Chen was surprised, he discovered that he could use Divine Sense. With a thought, an invisible force was unleashed from his mind, scanning the whole compound. With this invisible mind force he can have complete control of everything, even the gra.s.s and flowers around him.

“A normal warrior unlocks his Divine Sense when he forms his Mortal Core, only then can he use his Divine Sense. I never expected that I would unlock my Divine Sense just as I formed my Qi Sea… The Dragon Transformation skill is truly remarkable.”

Jiang Chen was surprised. As the once greatest Saint in the world, no one was more experienced in cultivation than him. It must be because of the Dragon Transformation skill that he could use his Divine Sense at the Qi Hai level.

The more Jiang Chen thought about it, the more he felt that the Dragon Transformation skill was an extraordinary skill. This skill was an invincible skill inherited from an ancient era, no ordinary skill can compare with it.

After breaking through to the Qi Hai level, Jiang Chen didn’t exit from his home. Instead, he raised his head and looked up towards the sky. It was noon, and the sun was s.h.i.+ning bright.

“The surroundings are filled with solar power right now, it’s perfect for me to cultivate the Six Solar Fingers. I can absorb the solar power in the surroundings, and it will provide great benefits to my body as well.”

Jiang Chen pointed his finger as if it was a sword and started training the Six Solar Fingers. Immediately, rays of solar power flowed into his finger and then his body. Jiang Chen cultivated the Dragon Transformation skill which gave him a strong yang body. The Dragon Marks in his body were one of the most powerful yang powers in the world. If he can absorb more solar power, then he will reap huge benefits.


The golden light on his finger intensified, accompanied by a buzzing sound. Slowly it reached an uncontrollable stage.


Suddenly, Jiang Chen shouted and pointed his finger in a direction. A huge golden beam, like a sharp sword, shot out; it was different from before when it was just a golden beam.

The friction between the giant golden finger and the air produced fire sparks. Once its speed reached the maximum, it struck a huge green rock as tall as an adult.