Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 217 – Guan Yiyun’s Shock

Chapter 217 – Guan Yiyun’s Shock

Chapter 217 – Guan Yiyun’s Shock

Even in Inferno h.e.l.l, crystal cores were the most valuable items. Every single warrior who came to Inferno h.e.l.l in order to cultivate was longing to b.u.mp into Nine Life Crystal Beasts, but at the same time, they were also scared of b.u.mping into Nine Life Crystal Beasts.

The Nine Life Crystal Beast had nine lives, and it was extremely difficult to kill. Without being in a group, it was almost impossible for an ordinary man to kill a Nine Life Crystal Beast at the same level as himself.

After all, only a few people were abnormally strong like Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, not everyone had the abilities to deal with a Nine Life Crystal Beast. Usually, most warriors would become exhausted after fighting just one.

Also, after a warrior obtains a crystal core, he would usually just absorb it to increase his cultivation level as quickly as possible. To survive in Inferno h.e.l.l, strength was always the number one priority.

Jiang Chen calculated the total number of crystal cores he had. There were over 50 of them, but out of these 50 crystal cores, only 10 of them were Divine Core crystal cores, and most of them came from Yang Shuo’s storage ring. It was extremely difficult to obtain a crystal core, and aside from using it to cultivate, people usually wouldn’t keep one for long. Only a powerful chief like Yang Shuo could have such a large amount of crystal cores.

The Heavenly Core crystal cores were not much help for Jiang Chen.

Then there were 6 Mid Divine Core demon and devil souls in Yang Shuo’s storage ring. This combined with all other demon and devil souls found, there were over 200 Souls altogether. But, just like the crystal cores, most of them were Heavenly Core souls. This was because all Divine Core demons and devils were incredibly powerful, making them extremely difficult to kill. All demons and devils were much more ferocious compared to the ones in the outside world, and without extraordinary combat strength, they were really difficult to handle.

Including the Shamanic Fire Ape and the other three Early Divine Core demon beasts Jiang Chen previously killed, he had a total of 7 Mid Divine Core souls, and nearly twenty Early Divine Core souls.

“The more I cultivate the Dragon Transformation skill, the more energies I will require to form new Dragon Marks. But, the energy contained within these demon souls is huge, if I can absorb them all together with these crystal cores, I’ll be able to break through to the peak Heavenly Core realm. There is no problem with me having 750 Dragon Marks, but I can’t just use this method to further improve my cultivation. If I just keep pus.h.i.+ng towards a higher level, it will eventually affect my foundation. Once I absorb all these demon and devil souls, I’ll have to stop for absorbing souls for a while and break through to the Divine Core realm with my own effort. Only with this will my cultivation be able to settle down.”

Jiang Chen thought to himself. He knew the Dragon Transformation skill was not a skill that could continuously go at full speed. If he kept leveling up quickly with this method, he wouldn’t be able to achieve great results in the future. Therefore, those who cultivated the Dragon Transformation skill needed great willpower, he would need to withstand the temptation of quick gains.

Looking back how Jiang Chen had advanced with his cultivation, he had mostly been using this method. However, since he had the cultivation experience of a Saint, he knew what to do in order to not damage his foundation, and that’s the advantage he possessed.

“Since I have these crystal cores, I’ll absorb all these souls and increase my combat strength once again.”

Jiang Chen picked up a devil soul and covered it with his True Dragon Flames, purifying it. Then, he began absorbing it while circulating the Dragon Transformation skill.

This time, the speed in which Jiang Chen absorbed it became slower. He wanted to tidy up his yuan energy while absorbing the demon and devil souls, causing his cultivation base to become even more solid.

At this moment, the effectiveness of the crystal cores became obvious. They strengthened his foundation, so while absorbing it together with the demon and devil souls, Jiang Chen’s foundation wouldn’t suffer and risk becoming damaged.

If Tian Yishan and Guan Yiyun watched how Jiang Chen was cultivating, they would definitely be frightened and kneel down in front of him. They didn’t know that demon and devil souls could be absorbed directly with this method, it was simply astonis.h.i.+ng.

On the other side, half an hour after having consumed the Resurrection Pills, Guan Yiyun and the other five men awakened. They opened their eyes, and although they felt pain all over their bodies, they had completely regained their consciousness.

“So comfortable, I can feel my soul being nourished… what kind of pill is this?”

“I thought I would die, I never thought I’d wake up again! There is a powerful medication in my body; I can feel my injuries quickly healing!”

“This feeling, it’s like good rain after a long drought, so refres.h.i.+ng! Who was it, who saved us?”

The few men, struggling, sat up on their beds. They felt shocked upon sensing their bodies were flooded with medicines. They knew how badly wounded they were, and they were prepared for death. They had never thought they would wake up again.

“You guys were fed with Resurrection Pills, personally concocted by brother Jiang! In just three days, you will be able to recover to your full form! Also, you will experience an improvement in your cultivation levels.”

Tian Yishan said.

“Chief Tian, you saved us all? This is great, I knew Chief Tian wouldn’t leave us behind! Wait, we’re still in the same stronghold?”

Someone said with a surprised expression.

“It was Jiang Chen who saved you all. After I escaped from the stronghold, Yang Shuo sent his men to hunt me down, but I b.u.mped into Jiang Chen while running for my life. It was he who arrived here in time and save you all. Also, he concocted Resurrection Pills for all of you. From now on, I’m not your chief anymore, Jiang Chen is the new chief.”

Tian Yishan said.

“Senior disciple Tian, where is junior disciple Jiang right now? Oh right, where is that Yang Shuo? Why did he let us go?”

Guan Yiyun asked. The arrival of Jiang Chen had really surprised him. Back in the Black Sect, he really liked this little junior disciple of his.

“Yang Shuo is dead, and everyone from his group has been killed. It was boss Jiang who got revenge for us.”

Tian Yishan told them, and he had changed the way he addressed Jiang Chen. He said it just now, from now on, Jiang Chen had become their boss.


Guan Yiyun exclaimed, he felt an extreme shock in his mind, “Impossible! When I left the Black Sect, junior disciple Jiang hadn’t even reached the Heavenly Core realm, and that was only two months ago! No matter how fast his growth is, there is no way he could be a match for Yang Shuo!”

“Chief Tian, don’t tell me that your words are true? That Yang Shuo is dead?”

“That’s right, chief Tian, tell us quickly, how did Jiang Chen save us all, and how did he kill Yang Shuo?”

These few men’s injuries were recovering extremely quickly. While they were talking, their conditions had become much better than when they had just awakened. When Jiang Chen attacked, all of them had entered comas dues to severe injuries, that’s why none of them knew what happened afterwards. Only Guan Yiyun saw Jiang Chen before he pa.s.sed out.

Therefore, all of them had great interest towards their savior, Jiang Chen. No matter what, he was the one who saved their lives.

“Alright, let me explain to you all what had happened…”

Tian Yishan had an excited expression on his face as he told these men how he had met Jiang Chen, how Jiang Chen had saved his life, how Jiang Chen had come to Inferno City and saved their lives. As they listened to the story, grateful expressions could be seen on their faces, especially Guan Yiyun. Aside from feeling grateful, Guan Yiyun also felt gratified. He knew Jiang Chen had done all this because of him.

After that, Tian Yishan told them how Jiang Chen had slaughtered all his opponents, and how he fought Yang Shuo, with all details. Their blood was boiling, and they felt regretful that they couldn’t witness this heart-pumping battle.

“This is awesome, chief Jiang is really a peerless genius! With only his Late Heavenly Core cultivation level, he actually killed Yang Shuo! If chief Tian hadn’t told me personally, I wouldn’t have believed it at all!”

“He’s not only a peerless genius, he is an abnormal monster! d.a.m.n it, Yang Shuo and his men deserved a thousand deaths, too bad I didn’t have the chance to witness their deaths, what a waste!”

“Chief Jiang is our savior! From now on, my, Yang Meng’s life belongs to chief Jiang!”

“That’s right, I didn’t think chief Jiang would be from the Black Sect as well! I’m sure that one day, the Black Sect will reach great heights with the help of chief Jiang!”


Guan Yiyun was sitting on the bed with mixed emotions. Jiang Chen had changed tremendously, and the speed of his growth was simply incredible. It was so fast that he couldn’t even imagine it.

“I don’t even think peerless abnormal monster is enough to describe him, there is something that perhaps none of you know about.”

Guan Yiyun said, then he took a deep breath.

“What is it?”

Tian Yishan asked, the other men looked at Guan Yiyun as well.

“Junior disciple Jiang only joined the Black Sect two months ago, but that isn’t the point… the thing is, when he joined the Black Sect, he was only an Early Mortal Core warrior.”

Guan Yiyun said.


Guan Yiyun’s words caused storms to appear in these peoples’ minds. Even Tian Yishan was so shocked that his eyes widened to their limits. As a core disciple of the Black Sect, an ultimate genius, he had more pride than anyone else. But, after listening to Guan Yiyun’s words, he didn’t even feel worthy enough to be called a genius in front of Jiang Chen.

In just two months, Jiang Chen had broken through from the Early Mortal Core realm to the Late Heavenly Core realm. This was a huge leap that could make anyone speechless. Not only was his growth speed insane, he also had incredible combat strength. He was able to kill a Mid Divine Core genius with only his mere Late Heavenly Core cultivation base! Is he really a human?

Even the peerless geniuses from the Martial Palace weren’t this monstrous! The appearance of Jiang Chen had put countless geniuses all over the world to shame!

“I told you, junior disciple Jiang is a rare genius that can’t be found even through thousands of years, his name is destined to be heard for many generations to come. I’m sure his future achievements will be limitless. I have never judged a person wrongly, and right now, junior disciple Jiang even saved my life. This kindness is too huge.”

Guan Yiyun still had mixed emotions. He recalled the scene where he stood out and helped Jiang Chen back in the Whirling Sun Square. Jiang Chen was only a Mortal Core warrior back then, and he was being bullied by Nan Bei Chao. However, in just two months, their roles had completely switch, it was now Jiang Chen who stood out and saved his life.

“Don’t think too much about it. Junior disciple Guan, all of you, take a good rest. In just three day, you’ll be fully recovered. Boss Jiang is in secluded cultivation right now, let’s not disturb him and wait until he finish his cultivation. You’ll be able to meet each other once he finishes.”

Tian Yishan said.

On the other side, Big Yellow was sleeping like there was no tomorrow. A golden barrier appeared outside his body, covering him like a coc.o.o.n.