Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 216 – Nine Leaf Resurrection Grass

Chapter 216 – Nine Leaf Resurrection Grass

Chapter 216 – Nine Leaf Resurrection Gra.s.s

Jiang Chen’s eyes were blazing like torches as he carefully examined all six men, including Guan Yiyun. The result made him furrow his brows.

“Brother Jiang, can they be saved?”

Tian Yishan worriedly asked.

“As long as they aren’t dead, there is no one in this world whom I cannot save.”

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone, “However, Guan Yiyun and the others had their sources seriously injured, it’ll be extremely difficult for them to recover, and the Revival Pill won’t help them much. If we can mix Six Solar Holy Water with the Revival Pill, the healing effect will be much greater. If we can mix it with the Nine Leaf Resurrection Gra.s.s, the Revival Pill will turn into a Resurrection Pill, a pill that can quickly restore their sources. In just three days, they will be able to fully recover to their peak form.”

“Nine Leaf Resurrection Gra.s.s, although it’s a priceless herb, it still exists in Inferno h.e.l.l. I have one with me now.”

Tian Yishan flipped his palm and retrieved green gra.s.s with nine leafs from his storage ring. Although it was only as big as an adult palm, it looked lively, and its smell made anyone who smelled it feel refreshed, and their souls would become extremely comfortable.

“That’s right, this is the Nine Leaf Resurrection Gra.s.s. Unfortunately, there’s only one, so I can only concoct one Resurrection Pill. There are six men here, so we need another five Nine Leaf Resurrection Gra.s.ses.”

Jiang Chen said.

“What should we do then? The Nine Leaf Resurrection Gra.s.s is rare, and I only got one by accident. There is no way for me to find another five of them.”

Tian Yishan furrowed his brows.

“You don’t have it, but that doesn’t mean that no one else does.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face.


Tian Yishan’s eyes lit up.

“You’re truly slow-witted. It’s obviously Yang Shuo. He had such a big group, and your wealth can’t be compared with his. Hurry up and open his storage ring, I’m sure there are a lot of treasures within. You shouldn't have any trouble finding the Nine Leaf Resurrection Gra.s.s within.”

Big Yellow Dog kept thinking about those storage rings in Jiang Chen’s hand, he long wanted to know what kind of treasures were containing in them.

“Big Yellow’s words are correct, we need to go through their inventories before concocting the pills.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He flipped his palm and retrieved over 20 storage rings, each of them producing endless buzzing sounds.

“d.a.m.n, I’m sure there is a ma.s.sive amount of wealth in these storage rings!”

Tian Yishan couldn’t remain calm any longer. He knew very well how big Yang Shuo’s group was. This guy had been in Inferno h.e.l.l for a long time, so Tian Yishan refused to believe that he didn’t have any precious treasures.

With a thought from Jiang Chen’s mind, all items in these storage rings fell out, instantly filling up the room with all kinds of colorful lights.

Mortal Restoration Pills, Earth Restoration Pills, demon souls, devils souls, crystal cores, combat weapons, combat skill manuals, all kinds of herbs and natural essences… All kinds of items were piling up like a small hill.

“Wow, we’re rich!”

Big Yellow’s eyes started glowing brightly. He immediately dashed into the pile of items, opened up his mouth, and devoured a huge chunk of natural essence.

“d.a.m.n dog…”

Jiang Chen was speechless.

“Buddy, all of this unexpected wealth… Since you kill this master dog’s human pet, if you do not let me eat until I’m satisfied, this master dog will fight you till the end!”

Big Yellow didn’t even turn his head towards Jiang Chen, he just kept eating without any care for what kind of natural essence he was consuming. He even swallowed some of the Mortal Restoration Pills.

While eating, a faded golden light began glowing on Big Yellow’s body. This really surprised Jiang Chen.

“This is a sign that Big Yellow is going to break through! I think he’ll need a ma.s.sive amount of energy in order to break through to the Divine Core realm.”

Jiang Chen was extremely happy. As long as Big Yellow could break through to a new realm, Jiang Chen wouldn’t feel any pain no matter how much Big Yellow ate.

The Mortal Restoration Pills were still pouring out from the storage rings. There were so many of them that the entire room was almost fully packed. Jiang Chen immediately stored them away.

“There are still many Mortal Restoration Pills stored in these rings. If combined together, there are at least a few million of them in total. Also, there’s quite a number of Earth Restoration Pills as well. Such a ma.s.sive amount of wealth… brother Tian, here’s 500,000 Mortal Restoration Pills, take them and use them for your cultivation.”

Jiang Chen casually tossed a storage ring to Tian Yishan. He had put 500,000 Mortal Restoration Pills within. Many of these storage rings belonged to Divine Core warriors, and the hidden wealth of a Divine Core warrior was truly ma.s.sive.

Tian Yishan retrieved the storage ring, overwhelmed by the unexpected amount of loot. 500,000 Mortal Restoration Pills, it was a huge amount of wealth, even for someone like him.

“Brother Jiang, all of this belongs to you. You saved my life, and I am really grateful, so I cannot accept these Mortal Restoration Pills.”

Tian Yishan said.

“Just take it. You’re a man, so no need to behave like that.”

Jiang Chen said in a carefree manner. He wasn’t a stingy man, and if not for him having a huge demand for Mortal Restoration Pills, he would have given Tian Yishan even more.

“Alright, if that’s the case, I’ll take them.”

Tian Yishan didn’t hesitate, he took the storage ring. On the other side, Big Yellow was still happy eating all he could.

“Wait, there are two Nine Leaf Resurrection Gra.s.ses!”

Tian Yishan’s eyes lit up when he saw two Nine Leaf Resurrection Gra.s.ses amongst all three items. Without any hesitation, he immediately pulled them out. So far, they had gotten a total of three Nine Leaf Resurrection Gra.s.ses, they only needed three more.

“We haven’t examined Yang Shuo’s storage ring yet.”

Jiang Chen took out the last storage ring, which belonged to Yang Shuo. The wealth contained within was far beyond the wealth in the other rings.

Jiang Chen scanned the ring with his divine sense. When he glanced at all of Yang Shuo’s wealth, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but feel astonished.

Within the huge s.p.a.ce, Jiang Chen could see pills everywhere. There were at least 3,000,000 Mortal Restoration Pills within, and nearly 100 Earth Restoration Pills. An Earth Restoration Pill was equal to 10,000 Mortal Restoration Pills.

Next to the ma.s.sive amount of pills, there were a lot of herbs and natural essences piled up everywhere. With just a single glance, Jiang Chen could see 6 Nine Leaf Resurrection Gra.s.ses within.

“Haha, this Yang Shuo was a really rich man! The wealth contained within his storage ring is simply amazing! There are 6 Nine Leaf Resurrection Gra.s.ses! We finally got what we needed!”

Jiang Chen flipped his palm and retrieved the Nine Leaf Resurrection Gra.s.ses.

“This is perfect! Junior disciple Guan and all the other men are saved!”

Tian Yishan was pleasantly surprised.

“Let’s delay no more, I’ll concoct the Resurrection Pills right now and help them recover. Brother Tian, please make sure I’m not disturbed while concocting the pills.”

There were still other treasures in Yang Shuo’s storage ring, but Jiang Chen didn’t spend his time checking them out one by one. His priority now was to save these men.

“Will do.”

Tian Yishan replied.

Big Yellow had eaten all the herbs Jiang Chen had taken out from the storage rings. Not only that, he had also devoured 200,000 Mortal Restoration Pills. After a satisfying feast, Big Yellow let out a pleasant burp, then he happily laid down on the floor and began sleeping.

Tian Yishan was startled upon seeing him go straight to sleep after the big meal. How was he a dog? Big Yellow should actually be a pig!

“This is Big Yellow’s unique method of breaking through to next levels. You’ll get used to it.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. He felt really happy, as he knew Big Yellow was going to break through to the Divine Core realm. When he awakens from his slumber, he would experience an enormous transformation.

Soon after, Jiang Chen took out all the herbs needed, as well as the Six Solar Holy Water that he had previously prepared for this moment. After that, he began concocting the Resurrection Pills.

Concocting pills was extremely easy for Jiang Chen; concocting 6 Resurrection Pills at the same time was just a piece of cake for him. In just an hour, he had successfully concocted six Resurrection Pills.

“Brother Tian, please feed Guan Yiyun and the other men these pills. They will wake up in about half an hour, and it’ll take them at most three days before fully recovering. Besides this, after absorbing the medicine properties contained within the Resurrection Pills, their cultivation levels will improve as well.”

“I’m sure all of them will be grateful to brother Jiang!”

Tian Yishan cupped his fist toward Jiang Chen. He felt that his meeting with Jiang Chen was the luckiest thing that had ever happened in his entire life. If not for Jiang Chen, he would be dead by now, Guan Yiyun and the others as well.

“After my intense fight with Yang Shuo, I’ve learned something new, and need to enter secluded cultivation. I’ll let you handle everything in this stronghold. I don’t believe there will be any ignorant guys who will come attack us now.”

Jiang Chen said.

“That’s for sure! Brother Jiang has shown everyone how mighty you are today, even Yang Shuo was killed by you! Therefore, who would have the guts to come here to wreak havoc? Isn’t that equal to seeking death?”

Tian Yishan said with a smile. The violent fight between Jiang Chen and Yang Shuo had shaken all powers and alliances in the outer perimeter of Inferno City. The death of Yang Shuo had stunned every single one of them. Before Yang Shuo was killed, none of the powers and alliances had dared challenge him, so it was only obvious that none of them would want to challenge Jiang Chen, who was even more ruthless.

Jiang Chen carried the sleeping Big Yellow and carried him to a quieter room. As for Jiang Chen, he chose a room next to Big Yellow’s room and begun cultivating.

Jiang Chen sat down on the floor with both legs crossed. He had actually suffered some injuries during his fight with Yang Shuo. The Great Illusion Realm had affected his mind, and forced him to throw up a mouthful of blood. It had even caused his source to tremble. If not for the Great Soul Derivation skill, his injuries would have been more severe.

“Yang Shuo was truly strong, if it wasn’t for me cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill and having all kinds of powerful skills, I wouldn’t be his match at all. That Great Illusion Realm was also pretty terrifying.”

At a critical moment while he was still within the Great Illusion Realm, if not for him experiencing a violent change in emotions and merging with the aura of his previous self, there was no way he could have pressured Yang Shuo with his eyes, much less stun him with his gaze alone.

“But, the fight with Yang Shuo did help me reap some benefits. An intense fight like that made my cultivation level more solid, and once my foundation is stabilized, I’ll be able to continue absorbing demon souls and forming new Dragon Marks, allowing my cultivation base to further improve.”

Jiang Chen thought to himself. He completely understood that in Inferno h.e.l.l, strength was the capital for survival. Six hundred Dragon Marks had indeed given him enough combat strength, but it was only enough for him to establish his authority in the outer perimeter of Inferno City. He was still far from being able to plant his roots in the middle area and center of Inferno City.

However, his harvest was ma.s.sive this time, he had obtained quite a number of Divine Core demon souls. There were around 6 Mid Divine Core demon souls in Yang Shuo’s storage ring, and three Mid Divine Core crystal cores. The crystal cores were the things Jiang Chen desired the most. If he wanted to absorb the demon souls and increase his cultivation level, he would need help from the crystal cores. With the crystal cores, he could ensure that his foundation wouldn’t be affected by absorbing the demon souls.

But there was a flaw in this apparently perfect scenario. Although Jiang Chen had found a large amount of demon and devil souls, he had only found a small amount of crystal cores in these storage rings. The Nine Life Crystal Beast was extremely difficult to kill, and most cultivators would use the crystal cores for their own cultivation upon obtaining one.