Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 213 – Great Illusion Realm

Chapter 213 – Great Illusion Realm

Chapter 213 – Great Illusion Realm

This was an incomparable sword, the ultimate sword skill of the Myriad Sword Sect, and everyone feared its power. Yang Shuo was a cruel and brutal man, but he did possess strength that allowed him to be arrogant. This sword was more than enough for him to stand on top of many powerful men.

Everybody held their breaths, no one knew how this young man in white was going to defend himself from this Myriad Returning Swords attack.

Although he was able to withstand the 108,000 Swords, it didn’t mean he could do the same with this attack, as it was simply too powerful. It carried momentum that could pierce a hole in the skies. Jiang Chen, however, retracted his Firethorn Combat Armor, then he stored the combat weapon into his storage ring. This decision made every single spectator puzzled.

“What is that young man doing? Why is he giving up on his own defense and weapon at this critical moment? Is he going to surrender because he thinks he’s unable to defeat his opponent?”

“Impossible, that man is no idiot! He has incredible combat strength, and even if he can’t defeat Yang Shuo, I don’t think he would just give up and surrender!”

“I heard Yang Shuo call him Jiang Chen just now. I’m curious what power or alliance he came from? He’s a genius who defies everything I thought I knew, but if he is killed by Yang Shuo, that would be a real pity.”


Many people couldn’t understand what Jiang Chen was up to. If it was any ordinary man, they would definitely pour in all their strength, and combined their strongest attack and defense when facing the Myriad Returning Sword unleashed by Yang Shuo. But not only did Jiang Chen retracted his Firethorn Combat Armor, which gave him tremendous defense, he also stored away his high-ranked combat weapon. This was no different than seeking death in the eyes of these people.

Amongst all the people in Inferno City’s outer perimeter, Big Yellow was the one who behaved the calmest. Although he didn’t know what Jiang Chen was up to, he knew one thing; Jiang Chen was no idiot. He would never do something he wasn’t completely confident about.


The Bloodthirsty Sword produced a thunderous hissing sound as it locked down on Jiang Chen’s aura and started forcefully cras.h.i.+ng down towards him.

Jiang Chen could feel the ma.s.sive pressure coming from the Bloodthirsty Sword getting stronger and stronger. At the same time, the golden light glowing on his palms were also becoming brighter and brighter, and all his fingers kept moving swiftly like snakes.

“Six Profound Solar Fingers, Six Solar merge into one!”

Jiang Chen suddenly let out a loud shout, two s.h.i.+ning lights shot out from his eyes and flashed across the skies as he looked at the approaching gigantic sword. Just a moment ago, he had utilized the pressure coming from the Myriad Returning Sword and forced himself to unleash the sixth finger of the Six Profound Solar Fingers.

Jiang Chen was only a Late Heavenly Core warrior, and he hadn’t broken through to the Divine Core realm. Therefore, there was a limitation to the strength of his skills. No matter if it was the True Dragon Palm, or the Firethorn Combat Armor, even if he could block Yang Shuo’s attack, he still had no way to cause any harm to Yang Shuo. However, if he was able to unleash the sixth finger of the Six Profound Solar Fingers, it would be a completely different story.

The Six Profound Solar Fingers was a high earth-ranked combat skill, and if fully utilized, it was much greater than the Myriad Returning Swords. When Jiang Chen cultivated the Six Profound Solar Fingers to perfection, all six fingers would merge into one, which gave it an unimaginable force.


Jiang Chen held up all ten fingers and forcefully pointed them forwards. Six bright huge fingers instantly appeared and crashed forwards like six ma.s.sive pillars. In the blink of an eye, these six fingers merged together and become a single finger. The gigantic finger was about the same size as the approaching Bloodthirsty Sword, but the gigantic finger’s aura was actually suppressing the Myriad Returning Sword.

“What is that combat skill? How could it be so powerful? I think it must be at least a high earth-ranked combat skill!”

Yang Shuo was completely stunned, Jiang Chen’s performance was completely out of his expectations.

“What a powerful combat skill! What kind of abnormal monster is this Jiang Chen?”

“Don’t speak yet, let’s see if Jiang Chen’s finger skill can really withstand Yang Shuo’s Myriad Returning Sword!”

Everyone were shocked by what was happening. They all stared at the scene without even blinking their eyes, waiting for the collision between the gigantic golden finger and the Bloodthirsty Sword. With the speed of both attacks, it only took a fraction of a second for the impact to happen, but to all of these people, it felt like they had been waiting for a long time.


Finally, the Six Profound Solar Fingers and Myriad Returning Sword crashed together. A ma.s.sive explosion sounded out and swept across the entire skies. It filled the air with devastating energy ripples. These energies were so powerful that it covered the entire skies and reflected colorful lights and bright sparks all over the place.

A lot of people had their faces turn pale. Even some Divine Core warriors were shaken by the collision. If it was them who stood in the center of the collision, perhaps they would have been shattered into a million pieces.

Tap tap tap…

Yang Shuo was forced back dozens of steps before he was able to regain control of his body. His face had become pale, and blood could be seen on lips. The Bloodthirsty Sword had returned to his hand, but it was trembling nonstop.

This was the true power of the Six Solar Fingers, even the Myriad Returning Swords was no match for it. Yang Shuo had used up a lot of his mental energy when he unleashed the Myriad Returning Sword right now, and therefore, he had suffered a huge recoil.

“He was defeated, Yang Shuo was really defeated, this is unbelievable!”

“Heavens, where did this abnormal monster really come from? If Yang Shuo is defeated, that mean the structure of all powers and alliances in the outer perimeter of Inferno City are going to reshuffle!”

“This Jiang Chen is really powerful, and he’s not even a Divine Core warrior yet! However, Yang Shuo is still standing firmly! I told you previously that he has other skills that are more powerful than the Myriad Returning Swords, he might be able to turn the tables!”

Everybody in the outer perimeter of Inferno City were immersed in extreme shock. Yang Shuo was an incredible man with incredible combat strength, but even after he had unleashed the Myriad Returning Sword, he had been defeated by this abnormal Heavenly Core youngster. If not for them witnessing it with their own eyes, they wouldn’t have believed it at all.

“Amazing! Brother Jiang has really opened up my eyes.”

Tian Yishan had a rapt expression. Jiang Chen kept showing him miracles through his actions. From killing the Shamanic Fire Ape to the 108,000 Swords, and then the Myriad Returning Sword, he had simply crashed all they way through. Even Yang Shuo wasn’t his match.

High above in the skies, Jiang Chen stood in the wild breeze. He looked like a real G.o.d of war as he stared at Yang Shuo who stood opposite of him with a face filled with shock.

“Yang Shuo, what other tricks do you have? If you have now, then you will now die.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Haha, Jiang Chen, you have truly opened my eyes! However, do you really think that this is all I got? Today, I’ll let you witness my real skills.”

Yang Shuo suddenly let out a loud laugh. Although his Myriad Returning Swords had been defeated, and he had suffered minor injuries, he was still tremendously confident that Jiang Chen would be killed by him.

“Your real skills? Show me what you got.”

Jiang Chen had a light smile one his face. It was a really pleasant and enjoyable fight. Because of Yang Shuo, Jiang Chen had managed to regain control of the Six Solar Fingers’ sixth finger earlier than he was supposed to. In theory, he should have only been able to unleash the sixth finger after breaking through to the Divine Core realm, but now, with only his mere Heavenly Core cultivation base, he was able to unleash it, and the credit for that goes to Yang Shuo.


Yang Shuo let out a cold snort. He slowly put away his Bloodthirsty Sword, and after that, he slightly shut his eyes. He clasped his palms in front of his chest, and soon after, waves of energy began tumbling around him, causing his clothes to flutter back and forth.

Yang Shuo was reciting some unknown words. Numerous symbols began blinking and swimming all over his palms, and slowly, a dreamy energy began leaking out from Yang Shuo’s body.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows. With his experience, he was actually unable to tell what kind of skill Yang Shuo was trying to unleash.

“The Illusion Heart Sutra, Great Illusion Realm, come forth now!”

Yang Shuo suddenly opened both eyes and let out a thunderous shout. He forcefully threw both palms forwards and unleashed a rainbow colored light curtain, towards Jiang Chen.

The light curtain did not produce any noise or energy ripples, it looked like didn’t carry any attacking force, however, there were complicated patterns kept blinking on it, in an instant, it had arrived in front of Jiang Chen.

“Hmph! Let me see what this skill of yours can do!”

Jiang Chen let out a cold snort. He had the experience as the once greatest Saint in the world, he had seen all sorts of skills. Therefore, he had no fear towards Yang Shuo’s skill. Jiang Chen took a step forwards and entered the light curtain.


Right as Jiang Chen entered the light curtain, the scene in front of him completely changed. What Jiang Chen saw was a colorful world that stretched as far as his eyes could see. It looked like a dream; there was no earth below his feet, and no skies above his head, it was only a variegated, beautiful world where everything seemed so illusory.

“It’s an illusionary realm; I didn’t think this Yang Shuo had the ability to unleash a skill like this. Too bad, with my eyes, no ordinary illusionary realms can affect me.”

A grin appeared on Jiang Chen’s face.

“Haha, Jiang Chen, you’ll be doomed upon entering my Great Illusion Realm, you’ll be killed without me actually fighting you!”

Yang Shuo was standing outside the illusionary realm, laughing in great joy.

“What kind of skill is that? Why is Jiang Chen just standing still after entering the light curtain?”

“It’s an illusionary realm! Yang Shuo really did have skills that were even more powerful! He could really create an illusionary realm which can confuse the mind of his opponent!”

“Illusionary skills are really horrifying! I’ve heard about them before, but never seen one, because this kind of skill is extremely rare. Besides, it’s extremely difficult to master!”

Once again, everyone watching were shocked by Yang Shuo’s skill. This was Yang Shuo’s true strength. He was waiting for Jiang Chen to lose his mind in the Great Illusion Realm. After that, he would unleash the Myriad Returning Swords and kill Jiang Chen with a single strike.

Within the Great Illusion Realm, Jiang Chen had a calm expression, as he wasn’t bothered by the colorful world at all. Suddenly, the scene in front of him changed dramatically.

On the peak of a broken cliff that touched the clouds, white fog was everywhere and the wind was extremely cold. A man with a majestic body carried a mighty sword in his hand, looking up towards the heavens. Right at this moment, dark clouds filled the heavens above. Thunder and lightning continuously struck down as if it was the end of the world.

The man with the handsome face looked to be in his thirties. He had black hair that fluttered in the wild wind. The calm expression on his face portrayed an image of solemnity, and his aura alone was majestic enough to rule the entire world.

The man clenched the longsword in his hand tightly. Complicated patterns could be seen on the sword’s body. The sword was emitting violent energies that tore apart the surrounding s.p.a.ce and caused cracks to appear in the dimensions. s.h.i.+vering dark wind blew out from these cracks.

Seeing this man, the previously calm Jiang Chen instantly had a change in expression. Both his eyes instantly became red, and even breathing became difficult for him.

The Saint Cliff! That’s right, this place was the Saint Cliff! The scene in front of him was the exact same scene as the one that played out 100 years ago. This man was the greatest Saint in the entire world; he was Jiang Chen. The sword in his hand was the Heavenly Saint Sword, a name given by Jiang Chen. The sword had followed Jiang Chen his entire life.

Jiang Chen was breathing rapidly, as if he was experiencing the scene himself. It was like a rerun of what happened 100 years ago. He knew what was going to happen, it was the proudest moment of his life, and yet, it was something he never wished to experience once again. He would never forget about this experience.

The sound of thunder wreaked havoc, the dark clouds above the skies became thicker and thicker. Jiang Chen who was standing on the Saint Cliff had a serious expression. His majestic energy swept across the entire place. Slowly, he raised the Heavenly Saint Sword in his hand, and pointed it towards heavens.