Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 212 – 108,000 Swords

Chapter 212 – 108,000 Swords

Chapter 212 – 108,000 Swords

The outer perimeter of Inferno City was shaken, everyone were paying attention to this fight. Yang Shuo had a ferocious reputation in the outer perimeter of Inferno City, many powers and alliances feared him and dared not provoke him. But now, there was actually someone who had the audacity to attack him, and had even forced Yang Shuo to attack him personally. This showed how incredibly the young man was, that’s why Jiang Chen had immediately attracted countless gazes upon appearing.

Tian Yishan seemed extremely worried. Although Jiang Chen’s mighty combat strength had gone beyond his expectations and imagination, Yang Shuo was not someone who was easy to deal with. Everybody knew that he had mastered the Myriad Returning Swords, and somebody even said that Yang Shuo had other skills which were even stronger than this, skills so powerful that even Late Divine Core warriors couldn’t defeat him.

Jiang Chen was after all only a Heavenly Core warrior, there was a huge gap between his cultivation level and Yang Shuo’s. This was not something one could easily compensate for.

“Don’t worry, buddy has many skills and tricks. What you have seen is just a tiny portion of what he has.”

Big Yellow’s tail was wagging as he expressed his extreme confidence in Jiang Chen.

On the other side, Liu Kui was standing in the exact same spot, and hadn’t even moved a bit. He kept staring at the scene above the skies, where the fight was going to begin.

High above the skies, Yang Shuo stood firmly in the wind. He wore a long, blue gown, and he held a buzzing Bloodthirsty Sword. The thick black shone brightly, lighting up the surrounding.

“Jiang Chen, you have offended me, that’s why I need to punish you. I need to kill you to establish my authority. If I don’t, no one will show me respect. However, you are a peerless genius with great talent, I’m sure your future will be limitless, so killing you is a waste of talent. Therefore, I have decided to give you another chance; as long as you’re willing to submit to me and become my slave, I believe that not long after this, we’ll be able to fight out way into the middle area of Inferno City. At that point of time, countless benefits will be shared between us. Jiang Chen, I’ll give you ten breaths of time to think about it. Life or death, you decide.”

Yang Shuo said with a loud voice. Jiang Chen had caused him a huge loss by killing so many of his men, but if he was able to make this young man surrender to him and become his slave, it would really be worth the lives of all his men.

“Because of your words just now, you deserve a hundred deaths!”

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent expression. Just by asking the once greatest Saint in the world to become his slave, Yang Shuo had pushed himself into an abyss of certain death. This was an insult to Jiang Chen; the dignity of the greatest Saint in the world cannot ever be challenged!

“If that is the case, I won’t show you any mercy. I’ll let you taste my Myriad Returning Swords today.”

Yang Shuo portrayed a domineering image and a sky-piercing killing intent. The buzzing sound coming from the Bloodthirsty Sword became even more violent.

“Strike now.”

Jiang Chen had an indifferent expression, he felt no fear.

Yang Shuo’s clothes were fluttering in the wind. The Bloodthirsty Sword flew far away from his hand, and started floating in front of his chest.

“108,000 swords, destroy everything!”

Yang Shuo let out a loud shout and sent the Bloodthirsty Sword forwards. In an instant, the entire sky was filled with countless swords. The swords weaved into a web of swords which looked like a huge curtain covering the skies. It caused the air to violently vibrate, and countless sword energies and killing intents to mix. These sword emitted bright lights which lit up every single part of the skies, causing anyone who saw it to have a difficult time breathing, even from afar.

“Heavens! This strike is called the 108,000 Swords, there really are 108,000 swords in the skies now! Each sword carries a devastating force, this is terrifying!”

“This is an extremely horrifying sword skill from the Myriad Sword Sect, and Yang Shuo has actually mastered it! I’ve heard it can destroy everything that gets in its way, and each sword has its own will! Once they’ve locked onto a target, they will never give up until the target is killed!”

“108,00 Swords, each of them are devastating, and the person who is targeted by them will suffer endless sword attacks! There is no way to escape from it, I wonder how this young man is going to counter it.”


Everyone were shocked by what they saw. Yang Shuo’s strike had shaken the skies as it filled the scene with s.h.i.+ning sword and intense killing intents.


Yang Shuo shouted out lightly. All 108,000 Swords turned into trails of bright beams as they forcefully thrust towards Jiang Chen.

“Good sword skill, good! Only a fight like this can make me feel excited! Firethorn Combat Armor!”

Jiang Chen’s body swayed, and he unleashed the Firethorn Combat Armor which covered his entire body. At the same time, a golden colored axe appeared in his hand. Jiang Chen’s desire to fight was extremely high, a powerful opponent like this had made his blood start boiling.

“Witness how I destroy your 108,000 Swords!”

Jiang Chen unleashed his energy and circulated the Clap of Thunder skill to its maximum, then a bright energy shot out from the axe. With a tremendous amount of force, he chopped towards the middle of the ocean of swords. He was going to shop this sword ocean in half with this attack.

Clang clang clang…

The Thunder Axe crashed into the sword energies unleashed by the Bloodthirsty Sword, causing the skies to shake and produce a myriad of sparks. Jiang Chen’s attack had chopped the ocean of sword in half, and destroyed thousands of energy swords.

“Ignorant, you really thought you could destroy my 108,000 Swords, you’re really ignorant!”

Yang Shuo had a grin on his face.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh…

Sword lights flew all over the place, each of them seemed like they were being controlled by someone as the swiftly flew above the skies and turned towards Jiang Chen. They pierced towards him in a seemingly unavoidable manner.

“My combat strength is like a vast ocean, I will destroy all your sword energies, but there is no way for your attack to break my Firethorn Combat Armor.”

Jiang Chen behaved like a powerful Firethorn Savage as he unleashed a bright golden light all over his body. Countless energy swords crashed into his body, but Jiang Chen didn’t put in any effort to counter them. Each of these energy sword could merely leave a white trail on Jiang Chen’s Firethorn Combat Armor, but none of them could break it. Only the real Bloodthirsty Sword had the possibility of breaking through the defense of the Firethorn Combat Armor.

Since Jiang Chen was cultivating the Great Soul Derivation skill, it had given him extremely sensitive senses. He could immediately sense the real Bloodthirsty Sword approaching him.

Clang clang clang…

Jiang Chen was fighting in a mighty manner. He kept striking out with the Thunder Axe in hand, unleas.h.i.+ng all sorts of attacks, sweeping through the energy swords. Each of his strikes would destroy thousands of energy swords.

“Where did this abnormal monster come from? How can he be so strong? Even the 108,000 Swords couldn’t hurt him!”

“His armor is frightening, it helped him block most of the attacks, allowing him to push his way into the ocean of swords like a fish in the water.”

“He has some really amazing abilities, no wonder he had the courage to fight Yang Shuo! However, this isn’t Yang Shuo’s most powerful skill, the 108,000 Swords skill is just one of the skills from the Myriad Returning Swords skill. The most powerful skill, the Myriad Returning Swords has yet to be unleashed.”


Everyone were stunned by what they were seeing, only experts could tell what was going on. Jiang Chen’s abilities had shocked all those who were watching the fight, making them think that if they were in this ocean of swords, they would be ripped into thousands of pieces. There was no way they could withstand the ocean of swords for such a long time.

“Haha, break everything for me!”

Jiang Chen had shattered more than half the energy swords with his battle axe. After letting out a hearty laugh, he let out a fierce roar and unleashed bright golden beams from the thorns on the Firethorn Combat Armor. This attack was Firethorn Savage’s other innate ability, and it had used this attack previously when attacking the Green Sanctuary Sect.

Clang clang clang…

The golden lights were extremely powerful. They all collided with the energy swords unleashed by Yang Shuo’s Bloodthirsty Sword, causing both attacks to vanish.

After a short moment, all the energy swords had completely disappeared. The mighty Jiang Chen had destroyed all energy swords, he had completely countered Yang Shuo’s 108,000 Swords.

“Brother Jiang is really terrifying!”

A pleasantly surprised expression filled Tian Yishan’s face.

“d.a.m.n it, where did this abnormal young man come from? How could he counter the 108,000 Swords so easily? He is truly amazing!”

“Unbelievable, this is really unbelievable! The thing is, I can sense that he is only at the peak Heavenly Core realm, he isn’t even a Divine Core warrior! If he breaks through to the Divine Core realm, who would be his match?”

“I’m sure Yang Shuo has even more powerful attacks in store, I still don’t think this young man is a match for Yang Shuo!”


Everyone were shocked, no one knew the name of this young man in white, and no one had seen him before. But after this violent fight, if this young man in white didn’t die, he would surely become famous amongst Inferno City’s outer perimeter.

Inferno City was huge, and all powers and alliances were cla.s.sified into different categories. Inferno City was divided into three sections, the outer perimeter, the middle area, and the center. The strength of powers and alliances in the outer perimeter can’t be compared to those in the middle area. And the ones in the middle area are no match for those in the center.

Yang Shuo waved his hand and grabbed the Bloodthirsty Sword. He too had a shocked expression on his face. He raised his head up and looked at Jiang Chen who was standing opposite of him, his killing intent was even higher now.

“Jiang Chen, you’ve really surprised me, but that’s all. Although your armor has an incredible defense, there is no way you can withstand my last attack.”

With extreme arrogance and confidence, Yang Shuo told Jiang Chen.

“Really? I do want to witness the Myriad Returning Swords skill.”

Jiang Chen had the same indifferent expression. He was looking forward to Yang Shuo’s strongest attack.


Yang Shuo let out a cold snort. Once again, the Bloodthirsty Sword transformed, and together with numerous clanging sounds, 108,000 Swords appeared in the skies once again, an ocean of swords. But this time, the ocean of swords didn’t attack.”

“Myriad Returning Swords!”

Yang Shuo let out a thunderous shout. In an instant, all energy swords merged together and formed into one gigantic sword.


An earth-shaking cry came out from the Bloodthirsty Sword, it had become a gigantic sword hundreds of meters long. It floated in the skies, filled with tremendous energies. It caused the air to start violently trembling, it almost caused the air itself to rip apart.

The Myriad Returning Swords was a union of all 108,000 swords which formed into an invincible and devastating sword. This sword could destroy anything that got in its way.

Opposite of this gigantic sword, Jiang Chen’s expression had finally changed slightly. The Myriad Sword Sect’s sword skill was really incredible. If he was still at his peak, he wouldn’t take a skill like this seriously. But for now, he needed to be extra careful.

Yang Shuo was a genius from the Myriad Sword Sect, he was not someone whom ordinary cultivators could compare with. The Myriad Returning Swords skill was a unique skill, and although Jiang Chen possessed powerful combat strength, his cultivation was only at the Heavenly Core realm, and he would need to give it all he had in order to withstand this attack.

“This attack is really powerful, I don’t think the Firethorn Combat Armor can defend against it.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. Right at this moment, he did something that surprised everybody. Jiang Chen put away the combat axe and retracted his armor, then he slowly raised both his hands.