Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 195 – Wish to kill me? Come to Inferno Hell!

Chapter 195 – Wish to kill me? Come to Inferno Hell!

Chapter 195 – Wish to kill me? Come to Inferno h.e.l.l!


The Soaring Heaven Sword streaked across the surface of Jiang Chen’s Firethorn Combat Armor, leaving behind a deep mark. But, that was it, it could only leave behind a mark. The powerful strike couldn’t even break Jiang Chen’s armor, let alone hurt him.


Yun Can’s expression changed dramatically, and he looked at Jiang Chen as if he was looking at a ghost. The current situation would never happen even in his wildest dreams.

The result had once again sent a storm to the audience. However, this time, the storm was even greater than before. Breaking the Doomsday Palm with a bare hand and blocking the Soaring Heaven Sword with only his armor were two completely different concepts.

“By the heavens, what did I just see? What kind of skill is that? It is so strong! Even a high-ranked combat weapon was unable to break it!”

“That isn’t a real armor, it is actually a powerful ability. When Jiang Chen unleashed it just now, it felt like he was a mighty demon beast, and his energy changed completely. This is incredible, even Yun Can was unable to break his defense with a full force attack! An ability like that really defies the natural order.”

“Senior disciple Jiang brings us new miracles every time he fights, he always comes out with new techniques and skills, and each of these skills are extremely powerful and goes beyond our imagination. Just look at that golden armor, not only does it have solid defensive strength, it also gives him an extremely good potential for attack.”

“Haha, this Yun Can is finished, he isn’t a match for senior disciple Jiang!”

“That’s right, he couldn’t even break senior disciple Jiang’s defense, how is he going to defeat him?”


Disciples of the Black Sect once again became excited. Jiang Chen did after all represent the Black Sect. If he could defeat the Heavenly Sword Sect’s core disciple, every single disciple of the Black Sect would feel proud as well.

“What kind of ability is that? Brother Jiang’s abilities are getting mightier and mightier!”

Guo Shan was surprised as well. Big Yellow was flying in circles above him, bouncing around with his tongue sticking out, and his saliva splas.h.i.+ng all over the place. No one really knew what ability Jiang Chen had used, except for Big Yellow. He had seen Firethorn Savage use this innate ability before, and he knew Jiang Chen was cultivating a mysterious skill which allowed him to absorb the bloodline of any special demon beast and inherit its innate abilities.

Judging from what he saw, it looked like Jiang Chen had successfully inherited Firethorn Savage’s innate ability from the golden egg.

Within the Black Sect’s inner area, Daoist Black became even more excited. Jiang Chen really brought him a lot of surprises, and even helped him chase away that dark cloud that was hovering in his mind. He couldn’t help but recall what Jiang Chen had told him before; the Qi Province’s structure was soon going to be changed, but it wouldn’t be because of Nanbei Chao, it would be Jiang Chen who breaks the current structure.

Those men from the Green Sanctuary Sect all carried horrified expressions, they felt extremely familiar with Jiang Chen’s ability, and it made some of them start thinking about Firethorn Savage. However, none of them related the two. After all, in their minds, no human could use the innate ability of a demon beast.

“Yun Can, do you have any other skills?”

With a thought of his mind, Jiang Chen retracted the Firethorn Combat Armor. He stood in the skies with a calm expression, and his razor sharp gazes was thrown onto the terrified Yun Can.

“Jiang Chen, I never thought you would be so strong. Thank you for the experience.”

After saying those words, Yun Can turned around and prepared to flee the scene. At this moment, he couldn’t care about his reputation any longer. He had unleashed his strongest attack, but even with that, he still couldn’t break Jiang Chen’s defense, so there was no point in continuing the fight.

Besides, up until now, Jiang Chen had yet to show any of his brutal attacks. If Yun Can continued fighting, he might end up dying in the end.

Yun Can had no idea why Jiang Chen was so strong, but he had to admit that Jiang Chen really was a peerless monster. He was no match for Jiang Chen. What Yun Can could do now was put this matter aside, wait until he broke through to the Mid Divine Core realm, then come back to seek revenge.

But too bad, when Jiang Chen decided to kill someone, n.o.body could escape from him.

“Trying to run? Too late.”

A grin emerged on Jiang Chen’s face, and in the next second, a ma.s.sive amount of killing intent emerged from his body. With a sway of his body, Jiang Chen caught up with Yun Can using his extreme speed.

“True Dragon Palm!”

Jiang Chen shouted out with a deep voice. In an instant, he unleashed the True Dragon Palm. A huge dragon claw descended from the skies and grabbed towards Yun Can.


The huge dragon claw was cras.h.i.+ng down like a gigantic mountain. Yun Can’s expression changed dramatically upon sensing the ma.s.sive pressure coming from the dragon claw. In an instant, he slashed with his sword and tried to penetrate the dragon claw.

Too bad, his reaction was too slow. The dragon claw came cras.h.i.+ng down with a tremendous force, and it was like a closed cage that captivated Yun Can within.


Jiang Chen shouted out loudly. The True Dragon Palm squeezed with an enormous force, and everybody could hear a terrifying scream coming from within.

Blood mist floated and hovered in the skies. When Jiang Chen retracted the True Dragon Palm, what was left in the skies was a lump of blood mist and a sword.

Jiang Chen extended his hand, then a powerful suction force shot out form his palm and pulled the Soaring Heaven Sword into his hand. This was a rare high-ranked combat weapon, and he couldn’t let it go to waste.

In the blink of an eye, the arrogant Yun Can had been crushed by Jiang Chen. He was completely gone from this world, he had a miserable ending.

The disciples of the Black Sect didn’t feel too shocked about this outcome. They had all witnessed how brutal and fierce Jiang Chen was. Not only Yun Can from the Heavenly Sword Sect, Jiang Chen had even killed his fellow disciples in the same manner.


After killing Yun Can, Jiang Chen swiftly threw his gaze towards Huo Yuner. Sensing the killing intent coming from Jiang Chen, Huo Yuner’s heart trembled. Right at this moment, all off Huo Yuner’s arrogance and maliciousness had disappeared, and his hot temper was annihilated. No matter how much confidence he had in himself, he simply didn’t have the courage to fight Jiang Chen right now.

“Huo Yuner, what are you waiting for? I’m here for you to fight!”

Jiang Chen shouted out loudly.


Huo Yuner was furious. For the first time in history, he was being looked down upon by someone else. Jiang Chen’s gaze was really p.i.s.sing him off. But still, he didn’t have the courage to fight Jiang Chen now.

“Kaka, red haired ghost, are you scared? Are you going to p.i.s.s your pants? If you don’t have the courage to fight, take your a.s.s back home right now and drink some milk, come back whenever you’re tired of milk!”

Big Yellow was indeed a cruel being, he would never let go of a chance to provoke a person.

“Come on, fight now! Huo Yuner, I seem to recall you being extremely arrogant just now, so why are you just standing there without moving?”

“Aiyoyo, so this is a core disciple from the Green Sanctuary Sect! He doesn’t even have the courage to fight! This is disappointing, go back and take care of your baby!”

“Fight now, if you don’t, you’re just a coward! It was you who came and challenged Jiang Chen, but now you’re backing off!”


All the disciples of the Black Sect were yelling and shouting. w.a.n.g Yun and Huang Zheng were bouncing around. At this moment, the men from the Green Sanctuary Sect could only stand there with dark faces. Qing Styx felt like he had gone too far to turn back. Today’s events had really shamed them, but if they insisted on letting Huo Yuner fight Jiang Chen, it was no different than asking him to die.

All of them had clearly witnessed the fight between Jiang Chen and Yun Can. They mighty Yun Can was defeated by Jiang Chen with just a single strike, he was killed in an instant. Therefore, Huo Yuner had no chance at defeating Jiang Chen either.

“Fine, I’ll fight with you!”

The furious Huo Yuner shouted out. He couldn’t stand the provocations any longer. Never once in his life had so many people looked down upon him at the same time, he couldn’t stand it any longer. He would rather die fighting than keep getting insulted.

“Huo Yuner, don’t overreact.”

Qing Styx pulled Huo Yuner back, and a few Sect Elders surrounded him at once. It was too stupid to fight a certainly lost battle.

“Jiang Chen, you truly are a peerless genius. Return Firethorn Savage’s demon soul to me, after that, all scores between the Green Sanctuary Sect and you will be settled.”

Qing Styx told Jiang Chen with a loud voice.

“Qing Styx, I have already absorbed the demon soul, can’t you see that I have just broken through to the Late Heavenly Core realm? Besides, I left you Firethorn Savage’s body, so don’t be too greedy.”

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone.

“What? You absorbed its demon soul? Impossible! With your abilities, I don’t think it’s possible to completely absorb Firethorn Savage’s demon soul in just two days.”

Qing Styx’s expression changed. He never gave up the idea of getting Firethorn Savage’s demon soul. When he heard Jiang Chen say he had absorbed its demon soul, he felt extremely bad.

“I don’t want to listen to your bulls.h.i.+t. I don’t care about settling scores with you, the Green Sanctuary Sect means nothing to me. Huo Yuner, come here and fight me.”

Jiang Chen had a domineering att.i.tude. He never cared about Qing Styx’s words. Without saying anything else, he unleashed his Six Solar Fingers, causing a huge golden finger to pierce towards Huo Yuner in an overbearing manner.


Huo Yuner roared out loudly. The insulting look in Jiang Chen’s eyes was an insult to him.

Qing Styx casually waved his hand and unleashed a beam of energy which shattered Jiang Chen’s Six Solar Finger. He was a peak Late Divine Core warrior, Jiang Chen was far from being his match.

“Jiang Chen, hand over Firethorn Savage’s demon soul, now!”

Qing Styx couldn’t hold his killing intent any longer. He unleashed a huge phantom hand which grabbed towards Jiang Chen.

“Hmph! Qing Styx, how dare you a.s.sault my disciple in front of the Black Sect? You’re seeking death!”

Daoist Black flew out from the Black Sect with an imposing aura. With a palm, he shattered Qing Styx’s attack.

“Qing Styx, although you are from a big sect, you better not mess around here! Look carefully where this place is, either you let Huo Yuner fight Jiang Chen today, or you get the h.e.l.l out of here. If not, I’ll attack you all with every single one of the Black Sect’s forces. I think, except for you, Qing Styx, everyone from the Green Sanctuary Sect will die if that happens.”

Daoist Black immediately warned them.

“Huo Yuner, get the h.e.l.l out my sight. In the future, hide as far away from as you can when you see me, you do not have the qualifications to fight me. If the Green Sanctuary Sect will wants to kill me, come seek me out in Inferno h.e.l.l.”

Jiang Chen portrayed an image of incomparable grandeur. He showed his mighty character which resembled a peerless lord. He continued, “I’ll say this today; Heavenly Sword Sect, Green Sanctuary Sect, and even that bulls.h.i.+t Burning Sky Pavilion, if anyone of you want to kill me, come seek me out in Inferno h.e.l.l!”

Translated by XianXiaWorld