Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 194 – Firethorn Combat Armor

Chapter 194 – Firethorn Combat Armor

Chapter 194 – Firethorn Combat Armor

Hearing what Qing Styx said, although Huo Yuner wasn’t happy with the decision, he couldn’t deny Qing Styx’s order. He simply let out a cold snort, then he returned to Qing Styx’s side.

“Sect Chief, why did you concede? Why don’t you let me kill that Yun Can first, then after that kill Jiang Chen? If Jiang Chen is killed by him, doesn’t that mean we also won’t be able to retrieve Firethorn Savage’s demon soul?”

Huo Yuner said in an arrogant manner.

“Don’t worry, I’ll step in before Jiang Chen dies, then I’ll get back the demon soul. It is better to let the core disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect kill Jiang Chen, he can save us the ha.s.sle. Besides, Huo Yuner, do you really have the confidence you can kill this Yun Can?”

Daoist Styx looked at Huo Yuner.


Huo Yuner let out a snort, then he turned his head away. Obviously, although he didn’t fear Yun Can, it was also impossible for him to kill Yun Can right now. A core disciple from a big sect was no easy target.

“I have a suggestion, since both of you have come from afar, why don’t you attack me at the same time? I’ll fight both of you alone. Besides, I won’t want people to say I’m bullying you.”

Once again, Jiang Chen spoke with an indifferent tone. However, what he said almost made both geniuses die from extreme anger.

“Kaka, senior disciple Jiang is really mean, if they are currently competing amongst themselves, I’m sure neither of them are senior disciple Jiang’s match at all.”

“They better be p.i.s.sed off! Just look at how arrogant they are, I really wish I could leave my shoe mark on their faces.”

All the disciples from the Black Sect burst out into laughter. They got very excited whenever Jiang Chen fought someone who wasn’t from the Black Sect.

“Hmph! Us two fighting you alone? You really think too highly of yourself! You’re just a mere Heavenly Core warrior, I could kill you with one hand!”

Huo Yuner let out a cold snort. He had become so arrogant that even his father wouldn’t be able to recognize him.

“Jiang Chen, enough of your bulls.h.i.+t, come up here at once and face your death!”

Yun Can’s energy climbed to its maximum.

“Little Chen, enough wasting time, hurry up and kill them so we can go back for some drinks.”

Big Yellow said as he shook his head. His words were even more provoking than Jiang Chen’s.


Jiang Chen nodded his head. With a sway of his body, he arrived in front of Yun Can.

“So you’re Yun Can? I’ll beat you until stars glitter around you head!”

Two fierce rays shout out from Jiang Chen’s eyes. At the same time, his energy was rising quickly.

“What powerful energy! He has broken through to the Late Heavenly Core realm!”

Liu Hong who was standing far away had a change in expression.

“This guy was able to kill an Early Divine Core warrior when he was only a Mid Heavenly Core warrior, and now he has broken through again, I think it will be even tougher to defeat him.”

Another Sect Elder was shocked as well. He witnessed how strong Jiang Chen could be. Now, judging from the energy Jiang Chen unleashed, he was shocked that Jiang Chen had broken through again. This meant that Jiang Chen had become even stronger, and with the incredible abilities of this man, perhaps neither Yun Can or Huo Yuner would be his match.

“Face your death, Doomsday Palm!”

Yun Can instantly struck out with a mighty combat skill, the Doomsday Palm. Just the name alone was enough to scare people. This was an extremely powerful combat skill, and once it was unleashed, it would carry a devastating force that would break its target apart.


An explosion sounded out, and in the next second, a gigantic silver palm taller than 3 meters suddenly appeared, and it caused endless airwaves to sweep across the place. The ma.s.sive force even caused the air to produce violent cracking sounds. The palm carried a really devastating momentum as it forcefully thrust out towards Jiang Chen.

“So strong! This is a Mid Earth ranked combat skill, it’s so frightening! If I was the one who had to face this palm attack, I’m sure I’d be torn to pieces in an instant and die a horrible death!”

“The previous number one genius from the Heavenly Sword Sect is really incredible! I think those ordinary Mid Divine Core warriors would be seriously wounded by this attack!”

“I wonder how senior disciple Jiang is going to handle this. He looks so calm right now… When I think about it, I’ve never seen him panic before… I really wish to know why he can have such high confidence!”


When a skillful warrior strikes, everyone could tell whether or not he had possessed great skill. When Yun Can struck with the Doomsday Palm, he immediately shocked everyone present, even Huo Yuner couldn’t help but start taking Yun Can seriously.

With both eyes s.h.i.+ning brightly, Jiang Chen stood firmly right in the middle of the skies. If this happened before he broke through to the Late Heavenly Core realm, Jiang Chen would definitely choose to dodge Yun Can’s attack and have a hard time defending himself, but now he had over 400 Dragon Marks in his body, and that gave his combat strength a significant improvement compared to before. Now, he was not someone Yun Can could mess with.


Jiang Chen let out a cold snort, and he didn’t move. Right as the gigantic silver palm was about to hit him, he suddenly forcefully struck out a punch. His fist was covered with blood red dragon scales, and there were even some dragons flying around him. He had unleashed a ma.s.sive amount of energy.


Jiang Chen’s punch carried a powerful force that could shatter a mountain, the force of a few million jins. Nothing could stand still when faced with this ma.s.sive attack. In an instant, Jiang Chen’s fist slammed into the Doomsday Palm.


A cracking sound could be heard from the gigantic silver palm as countless cracks appeared on it, and in the next second, it shattered, turning into bits of sparks that disappeared into the thin air. As for Jiang Chen, he was still maintaining the posture of punching, and his body wasn’t moving at all.

What happened brought a storm to the entire crowd, n.o.body could maintain their calm when witnessing this. Numerous shocked gazes locked onto Jiang Chen’s face, even those disciples who were super confident in Jiang Chen became stunned. They knew how mighty Jiang Chen was, but they didn’t think he’d be this mighty. His opponent was after all Yun Can.

“Oh heavens, what did I just witness? Jiang Chen just shattered the Doomsday Palm with his bare hand, this is really frightening!”

“What kind of monster is this? How can a man gain so much strength so quickly? He just came to the Black Sect not long ago…”

“Sigh… This is what a real genius is like… Compared to Jiang Chen, no one can call themselves a genius. In the entire Qi Province, I’m afraid only Nanbei Chao can compare with him.”


Every time Jiang Chen attacked, he would certainly bring a storm to the crowd. It had already become the norm, and most people were already numb to it.

“What a strong man, how could the Black Sect have such a monster?”

Qing Styx’s expression changed. With his experience, he could easily tell how powerful the Doomsday Palm was. Initially, he had thought that even if Jiang Chen was able to withstand the attack, it would take him some effort. However, he had never expected that Jiang Chen would shatter the attack with just a punch. The mighty Doomsday Palm couldn’t pose a single threat to him, and this really shocked Qing Styx.

“His muscles strength is extremely high! I can sense he has a ma.s.sive amount of qi and blood, and his raw strength is like that of a dragon. He is just like a beast in human form!”

Liu Hong widened his eyes in awe. Two days ago, he was still able to suppress Jiang Chen, but now he felt that if he were to fight Jiang Chen again, he would most likely die.

Even Huo Yuner’s expression changed. He couldn’t help but reduce his arrogance a bit.

Above the skies in the Black Sect, Daoist Black had witnessed what just happened. He was in shocked as well, but at the same time, he had a bright smile on his face.

Yun Can was the most terrified person actually, his eyes had turned red, and he forced himself to reevaluate Jiang Chen. Yun Can had ultimate confidence in his Doomsday Palm, he thought he could smash Jiang Chen into meat paste with this attack alone, but to his shock, not only was Jiang Chen not turned into a meat paste, he had even shattered his attack.

“You are just a mere Heavenly Core warrior, it’s really surprising that you could have such incredible combat strength. It looks like I really underestimated you.”

Yun Can was really surprised.

“Yun Can, don’t say I didn’t give you a chance. Hurry up and unleash whatever powerful skills you have. Since I decided to strike just now, this day will be your doomsday. Before I kill you, I’ll give you the opportunity to attack with whatever you got.”

Jiang Chen portrayed an image of grandeur. His body was glowing in a bright, golden light which made him look like a war G.o.d.

“What a shameless boaster.”

Yun Can’s killing intent was extremely high. In an instant, he retrieved a bright longsword. It was a rare high-ranked combat weapon. The sword was covered with mystical patterns which made it look amazing.

After the first attack, Yun Can had stopped looking down upon Jiang Chen. He was getting ready to unleash his ultimate attack and kill Jiang Chen on the spot.

“Jiang Chen, take this, Soaring Heavens Sword!”

Yun Can once again adjusted his energy to its highest level. The sword in his hand began producing a swoos.h.i.+ng sound, and the 2 meter longsword transformed into a 30 meter long sword.

The longsword looked like a rainbow slicing the skies, the mystical patterns on it was glowing and emitting s.h.i.+ning colors. In an instant, it forcefully slashed towards Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen praised the attack. The skill was considered, ‘not bad’. He was about to counter with his Six Solar Fingers. Right now, Jiang Chen was able to unleash the fifth finger, and with its powerful strength, it would certainly defeat Yun Can.

However, Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up, and he suddenly decided not to use the Six Solar Finger.

“I could use this opportunity to test Firethorn Savage’s innate ability, let me see how powerful its defensive strength is.”

When the sudden idea popped up in his mind, a golden colored light barrier suddenly appeared around Jiang Chen’s body. The barrier made some cracking sounds, and in that instant, gigantic thorns appeared on the barrier. All these gigantic thorns were connected to each other, and they soon weaved into an armor with a razor sharp surface.

This was a full armor which even covered Jiang Chen’s head, and it emitted a glorious golden light. Jiang Chen had inherited this innate ability after he absorbed the golden egg, but since there was no information about this ability, Jiang Chen simply gave it a name, Firethorn Combat Armor.

“What skill is that? Why does it look so familiar?”

Far from the fighting scene, Qing Styx’s expression changed. Jiang Chen’s skill gave him a feeling of familiarity, but he couldn’t recall where he had seen it before. Actually, this was Firethorn Savage’s innate ability, so of course Qing Styx was familiar with it. However, no matter how hard he tried to think about it, he just couldn’t relate it to Firethorn Savage, as he did not expect a human to actually use the innate ability of a demon beast.

“Come on!”

Jiang Chen shouted out with extreme vigor. He stood firmly, and he didn’t try dodging or blocking the attack. By channel all of his energy into the Firethorn Combat Armor, Jiang Chen clashed directly with Yun Can’s attack.


The mighty high-ranked combat weak collided with Jiang Chen’s Firethorn Combat Armor, and the sparks from the collision instantly turned the place into an ocean of flames.

Jiang Chen’s Firethorn Combat Armor, not only did it have incredible defensive strength, it also carried a ma.s.sive attack ability. By clas.h.i.+ng into the Soaring Heaven Sword, the ma.s.sive attack force of the Firethorn Combat Armor countered most of the Soaring Heaven Sword’s force. As for the rest of the force, it could only leave a faded mark on the armor, it was completely unable to harm the armor.

Translated by XianXiaWorld